"Splendid" Raiders: The Illusion of Yangshuo

The success of “Impression of Liu Sanjie” is the result of the joint efforts of Yangshuo Landscape (natural resources), Liu Sanjie’s culture (cultural resources) and Zhang Yimou’s influence (celebrity resources). Of course, this factor of opportunity cannot be denied.
photo lijiang river by wu xiao meng_da8f8f

From Guilin Liangjiang International Airport to Yangshuo County, 82.5 kilometers. Taxis hit the table for around 200 yuan and the journey takes approximately 70 minutes. Take the airport bus to downtown Guilin, take a taxi to the bus station, and then transfer to Yangshuo bus. The cost is about 40 yuan per person, but wait and wait. The budget is two and a half hours. Another option is the private car from the airport to the Yangshuo Line. You can book in advance and you can find a large number of drivers on the Internet. It is also possible to randomly locate the Yangshuo license, which will be held there, at the cost of 120 yuan.

In Yangshuo, there are a large number of tourism transport operators, some are running at the airport, others are smashing hotels, and others are picking up customers at the entrance of attractions every day. They pull two or three jobs a day and they can make ends meet. Some drivers’ business is handed over from individual tour guides, and the daily status of individual tour guides is to help the inn’s owner to woo the network’s visitors and set up rental bikes at the intersection. The inn also provides car rental, ticket booking, tour guides and other related services. The entire tourism industry chain of food, accommodation, transportation, and travel is accessible from any link.

Photo: Yangshuo. By Teacher

This is not unusual in the mature tourism areas. It is only in Yangshuo. They have asked me the same question more than once: Do you want to see “Impression of Liu Sanjie”?     

To eat farmhouse meals, the village mouth to buy packs of cigarettes, the boss asked the money to find the gap asked: To see "impression of Liu Sanjie" it? After the meal, I took a walk in the foot of the mountain, Tanabe, and the village. I walked to the farmer and the villager, who lived on their way to life. Zhang mouth asked: “Impression Liu Sanjie”? In the specialty shop, the CD of “Impression of Liu Sanjie” was placed side by side with the movie “Liu Sanjie”. This is actually more than ten minutes of promotional video clips and interviews with the media. The producer emphasizes on-site viewing. It is doing the ticket business and has not produced any high-definition audio and video products. Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, Fan Yue, and Mei Shuaiyuan, these cultural names that created the “Impression of the Third Sister Liu,” shook his ears from time to time, as if anyone could speak several paragraphs. Although this was a running performance, it was actually surrounded by large-scale information before entering the work situation.  

Photo: Yangshuo. By Da Shu Dad

The world of Yangshuo, our bank

In the southeast of the county, the junction of the Lancang River and the Yulong River is a smooth, steady stream. There is a fan-shaped land in the middle of the river, and it is facing the 12 peaks that surround it. In the meantime, it was nearly two kilometers of unobstructed open water. Linshui is a cliff and there is no beach.

The piece of fan is the open green terrace terrace of “Impression of Liu Sanjie”, selected by Zhang Yimou from Guilin Shunjiang River. The Qingshan and Jiangliu rivers that are in sight are the source of livelihoods for bamboo rafts and cruise ships during the day. At night, it is the stage.

The "impression of Liu Sanjie" starts at 198 yuan, and there are 320 yuan and 680 yuan at the top. The higher the price, the higher and farther the location is, the better the view, and the panoramic view. The ticket source has been distributed to every sweat hole in the city via multi-level agents. Therefore, before the performance every night, a step should be carried out at the entrance of the theater: The top-level agents will each raise a bamboo basket, collect the ticket receipts distributed and the corresponding guests. The bamboo poles were marked with a marker on the top of the pole. Someone was hung kitty. Someone was hello kitty. The captain I followed was a gourd.

At 7:00, we entered the "group exchange office" inside the theater. After getting the official ticket, the transaction is completed, the gangs, and the respective activities. At 7:15, the sky was dark and the audience was scattered around the bamboo forest, the river bank, and the Fengyu Bridge. The actor started waiting and played an English pop song to warm up. At 7:30, the sky was almost completely black. Looking around, more than 70% of people were seated. At 7:45, the show officially began. The 3,700 seats were suppressed by the black and only one or two gaps occurred by chance.

This is May 4, the beginning of the tourist season, the May Day holiday just passed. Since the official performance in April 2004, each year, except for the winter season, the winter season, the most low season, and the spring and summer floods add up to less than 20 days, the performance is carried out every day, during the peak season two times a day. Everyone buys a group minimum price of 150 yuan and a daily rate of 80% attendance. There will be 440,000 box office tickets and 880,000 tickets a day. Then one-year box office receipts will be at least 150 million yuan, and if you let go of it, it will exceed 200 million yuan. Continue for 7 years. The original investment, including the land, was less than 100 million. The government gave a policy of only 50,000 yuan per mu, which is a mere 110 acres. The legendary land price has turned 20 times. More than 600 actors are mainly students from the surrounding fishermen and Zhang Yimou Qijiang Art School. There are no stars and no professional actors, which means that the labor cost is not a market price that rises...

 The song “Singing Folk Songs” rang, and Liu Sanjie got on the boat. A few hundred bamboo rafts lit torches along the two rivers and rivers. The crowd who lived in the city was amazed, and countless cameras were lifted up. Hear a giant printing press and started running.      

The entrance to the theater is facing the roof of the parking lot somewhere. A large-scale advertisement of the Yangshuo Rural Cooperative Bank is established. The book is Yangshuo of the world and our bank. When he got off the train, he saw him and he was still talking with fellow travelers about the "world" feeling of Yangshuo. At this time, I think of this precision as a custom "SMD advertising", the point is "bank".      

A fateful game

“My name is Mo Guicai, who is a fisherman from Mushan Village. It is a fisherman here. During the day, I play fishing, planting land, and planting fruit trees. I come here at night to perform for everyone. Some friends call us, actor. I am very happy.”

"My dad is fishing. My family raised six ospreys. Every night my dad took them to fish, and raised the fishing lights. Everybody called it and the Minjiang fishing boat. I heard that many guests like to watch fishing. It is even more beautiful than the stars in the sky. Thank you for your praise! Tomorrow, welcome you to my house, drinking and eating fish."  

When a fisherman wearing a hat is barely able to understand the heavy accent, when a little girl dressed in a national dress of silver is dressed in a childlike voice, she can speak indifferent to the Yi language, and then translate it in Chinese to you again. The applause began to skyrocket. Other appetizing sections include: fishermen rowing rows of bamboo, using red silk to simulate the night fishing habits of local “ten fishing boats”; bring a real buffalo, then lift up many real fish eagles, countless boats in the Jiang Xin Baifan little; nude girls dancing on the "moon", a group of little sisters bathed in the river, and then put on the wedding gown, boarded the groom's boat, this shows the wedding customs of northern Guangxi; the final call, fishermen raised The flags of the respective villages pass by the audience, like athletes entering the stadium, indicating their own "units." 

“Where there is any high-tech, it is clearly the original ecology.” Next to a small returning couple sitting in the financial industry in Shanghai, they expressed satisfaction after watching, but they are not even excited to analyze. Indeed, the contrasting performance of high-tech real-life performances has been overwhelming, and the sound and optoelectronics of these seven or eight years ago seem to be simple and pleasant. As the originator of domestic live performances, the “impression of Third Sister Liu” not only did not make people feel tired, but on the contrary, the box office climbed year after year, indicating that its moving place may be exactly the word “simple”. There are no plots, no core figures, no Anigo nor Mo. The Dai songs do not understand, fishermen line up irregularly, and their speeches often shout. However, foreign tourists who do not understand Chinese have cried when they watched it. They said that the picture of the life depicted in the performance is different from that of modern civilization. It is so beautiful that Yangshuo's landscape is so beautiful that it has never seen or taken away. Well, it may be the idyllic pastoral which is far from memory and far from reality.

“Actually, the first thing this project wanted to do was the real opera “Liu Sanjie” and the “Blue Danube River” rehearsed. I guess it may be inspired by Zhang Yimou’s “Turandot” at the Taimiao Temple. Fortunately, it was later rejected.” Liu Hongfa, Director of the County Tourism Administration and deputy head of the “Impression Liu Sanjie” project leading group, is now one of the jobs that the team leaders from all over the country who came to Yangshuo visited to give a lecture: “Impression Liu Sanjie” is an economic and social development for Yangshuo. The promotion and impact. He said that each time this "luckily fortunate" word is mentioned, students can find a smile in the audience. Things "foreign" may attract local people's eyeballs, but tourism is not oriented to locals. It is universally understandable that the nation is the world.

He summed up the success of "Impression of the Third Sister Liu". It was the result of the joint effort of Yangshuo Landscape (natural resources), Liu Sanjie culture (cultural resources) and Zhang Yimou's influence (celebrity resources). However, some trainees commented to him that the opportunity is not obliterated. Otherwise, Zhang Yimou has done a number of "impressions" since then. Why isn't it all right? Chen Kaige and Feng Xiaogang have all performed live performances. Can they all be so successful? It always takes the right time, the right people to run into the right mix of resources, and government support, mature operations, too much chance.  

"Actually, I also think that the success of this project has its chance, although it eventually also has a variety of inevitability. Investors have changed several, the banks refused to make loans, and several times could not do it. Someone took it in full decent He gambled, and some people even went to jail, and Zhang Yimou had been unable to start for five years, during which he took a picture of "Heroes" and finally even took photos of the "League-faced ambush" before joining Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. It has been repeatedly revised more than 100 times, after the audition was a buzzing sound, held up until the second year's wind direction turned.” Liu Hongfa watched the birth of “Impression of the Third Sister Liu”, and today still talks about it. "So, all the analysis was an afterthought. No one at the time thought that it could be such a fire. The government didn't understand it. The investors did not understand it. Zhang Yimou didn't understand them, or they didn't take up any shares."      

In this project, the Yangshuo County Government and the "Impression Triangle" have no shares. From the money point of view, the biggest winner is the controlling party Guangxi Vinylon Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Guangwei Group”), a chemical fiber chemical company with outstanding local benefits. Before them, there were at least two investors in Hong Kong’s Skyworth and Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town in the gap that they once took over. It is said that Skyworth has injected hundreds of thousands of yuan, and held a press conference in Beijing, and later withdrew because of various reasons. A high-level internal and high-ranking Guangwei and Mei Shuaiyuan are classmates, but occasionally chatted, but contributed to the shares. Afterwards, the capital chain broke, coupled with the lack of profit prospects, the suspension of cooperation, and the discovery that the dispossessed chickens were later taken away by OCT, the oldest domestic tourism and cultural industry. Unexpectedly, at the same time, the news that the “richest man” Liu Yonghao, who was also the author of this landscape idea, would like to spend 1 billion yuan to buy 50 years of operating rights in 303 acres of the most elite section of Yulong River in Yulong River caused a sensation in the country and was quickly halted. Sensitive sections are not far from the theater's upper reaches. This has caused OCT eventually to turn northward and develop Beijing Happy Valley. However, the capital crocodile's culprit allowed Guangwei and the local banks that once refused loans to regain confidence and immediately activate the project. "At that time everyone was gambling, and we were. If you don't understand it well, you may not be able to come to us (Guangdong)." Performance operator, Guilin Guangwei Wenhua Tourism Wei Zhiwen, deputy director of the Office of China Industrial Co., Ltd., also agreed that the accidental existence. This company has a registered capital of 30 million, which is the first fund that Guangwei decided to make after capital injection. It is already half of the entire group's annual profit for the year.  

Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue also experienced accidents. It was through this project that Zhang Yimou began his contacts and cooperation. After the completion of the "Impression of the Third Sister Liu" rehearsal, we first invited Guangxi, local officials, guides, and media to observe and correct, and we got almost all negative comments. "A star is not, not even a laser, what is this thing?" "Not a big director, please Song Zuying to sing our 'Singing folk songs'!" It was 2003, the concept of the original ecology is still away from the public far away. "Cultural people simply gave us both a meeting and said: 'You two, you don't know about us in Guangxi! We didn't sing that song, how couldn't Mo and Ah Niu call Sanjie Liu?'" "" Too slow, there was no drama conflict, but the story did not look at the story. I couldn't read it!''There is no high technology, and it does not reflect the spirit of the Chinese people at the moment!' They were very angry when they were reasonable, they were very sad. Everything said was correct, and it was all right when it was published on the editorial. Both of us talked about it. It was really embarrassing. It took a long time to perform and it took a whole year of hard work. Everyone was offended."

Speaking of the pressures and pains of the year, two of you spoke in one sentence and memorized. However, they have long had a tacit understanding of the rebellion. They believe that artistic innovation is fundamental. If you want to succeed, you must challenge the public's existing ability to take risks. Later they talked about a whole boarding house and finally decided to insist on it even if there were more actor per day than the audience. Because “guides don’t really have aesthetic standards, the tastes of this generation are bred by parties, or by juggling and bamboo-dance performances. There is no chance to enter theaters and go abroad to see truly good performances. Besides, people outside are watching this landscape, and they have been bored since they were young, so the locals can't be used as a measure. We are all professional old directors, and have done so many things. Bad will not lose judgment."

This insistence is 7 months. Eventually, foreign, city and even outside world demand and word of mouth convinced locals. To deal with these surges, Yangshuo is completely busy. The people who had been unable to survive on the gamble finally breathed a sigh of relief and, in any case, bet on it.       

Who is the "father of Liu Sanjie"

There are many people who have changed their destiny by "Impression Liu Sanjie". There are also many people who have changed the fate of "Impression Liu Sanjie". At the earliest, almost all people only saw Zhang Yimou. "Impression = Zhang Yimou = human tactics = square art = color games" is the usual cognitive logic. "Zhang Yimou" has become a symbol. The eyes of ordinary people in China are the first major guides. The highest rate of return on capital in the heart of capital is the first choice for the government to engage in cultural industries. Yang Shuo found him. At first he came out of a similar idea. He said that if he nodded his head and joined, he thought that things were half successful. If you really want to go smoothly, instead of performing several dramatic repetitive iterations later, the importance of other people and influencing factors may not be obvious.

It was not Zhang Yimou that proposed the concept of "landscape real performance" at the earliest, but Guangxi writer and writer Mei Shuaiyuan. In 1998, Guangxi proposed the goal of creating a "culturally advanced province" and focused on making breakthroughs in cultural development and innovation. At that time, Yangshuo was also looking for large-scale cultural projects in order to break through the bottleneck of tourism development. It also made a preaching in Beijing, but it was nothing. Cultural people in Guangxi's literary and art circles are also taking this opportunity to make suggestions. Mei Shuaiyuan, who heads both Guangxi Zhuang Opera Troupe and the Acrobatic Troupe, specially went to Broadway to see classic musicals such as “Cat”, “Miss Saigon” and “Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway. The high ticket prices and enthusiasm of the audience were deeply shocked. They also learned that the profits of the US cultural industry can actually be close to arms and banks. When I think of writing scripts, I live in the riverside of my hometown, sing fishermen singing outside the window, smoke, trees and osmanthus, and terraces. The buffalo grazing on the grass leisurely. Several osprey caught together and caught a big fish. If the scene continues, The millennium is still moving. If you can do a performance in such a context and let more people appreciate the style of Guangxi, will it be a worthwhile attempt? He wrote this idea as a plan and submitted it to the Guangxi Cultural Office. The leader was very much in agreement and quickly passed the project.

The earliest name, called "The Second Scene of the Minjiang River," envisages a real "Ocean" opera. Later, it was changed to the form of “foreign”—opera with the theme of “earth”—Liu Sanjie, Guilin Landscape, and a combination of Chinese and Western cultures. Mei Shuaiyuan went north to the capital and said that Zhang Yimou was the general director. In 2000, Zhang Yimou Lijiang Art School was established in Guilin and soon began advertising and enrolling students under the brand of Zhang Yimou. In 2001, the Guilin Municipal Government and the Guangxi Cultural Department held a grand press conference in Beijing. The news of Zhang Yimou’s attempt to engage in local ethnic operas has led to considerable media discussions. At that time, the creative lineup was composed of composer He Xuntian, dancer Jiang Qing, playwright Zhang Rensheng, and Zeng Li. Due to repeated investment later, most of them left the crew. Zhang Yimou himself was once held in a position of awkwardness and instead focused on the movie. As for the first promoter, Mei Shuaiyuan, he resigned from his post, invested personal savings, and even lost his family. He was ridiculously jokeed by others, and some people questioned whether this was a scam and it took a number of them. year. If Guangwei's investment is unintentional, then Mei Shuaiyuan is completely devoted to planting flowers. Today, investors and cast members still have deep feelings about Mei. Fairness is his blood. What's interesting is that when they talk about Zhang Yimou, they often think that the reason why Lao Mozi joined is because he has feelings for Guangxi. Because Zhang’s first job was to “came a camera” at the Guangxi Film Studio. It is said that personnel files are still hanging there.

Huang Shouxin, a Nanning person who has spent the first decade in the United States, is the first commercial trader of “Impression of Liu Sanjie”. He was the head of the propaganda department of the Nanning Communist Party Committee of the Communist Youth League. He was then the head of Rong Xiaoning, the head of Guangxi Cultural Affairs Department. When he was the president of Shanghai Jieying Advertising Co., Ltd., who had a million salary, he was impressed by the real opera “Liu Sanjie” project because of an encounter with the airport at the time of 2001. He finally joined with 6.3 million people. At that time, Mei Shuaiyuan, a literary thinker and not well-operated, was in trouble and even had plans to emigrate overseas, and the student school of the art school had no end in sight, only encouraging support. The role played by Huang Shouxin in the birth of "Liu Sanjie" is irreplaceable: Persuading the government to take the land at low prices, persuading Guangwei to inject capital, requisitioning land from nearby loss-making factories, and introducing developers to develop "Yangshuo Dongjie". The return of the "Impression of the Third Sister Liu" sister-in-law, "The Fairy Twilight River", was just the "Impression of China." When the “Impression of Liu Sanjie” was really successful, Huang Shouxin had already retired. “Yangshuo Dongjie” is at the entrance of the theater. As part of the “Liu Sanjie” project, the intention is to make a “Zhuang Township Street”. It is constructed with traditional Qingshiban, Qingbo, Qingwa roof, and wooden flower gates. Ancient rhyme streets, performances of folk costumes, bronze drum embroideries and a kind of folk customs, and the "Foreigner Street" West Street. But then the developers did not insist on this idea, in addition to a few star hotels and a small number of restaurants, today's East Street was deserted during the day, many of the facades have not been rented out, compared with the bustling traffic at night. However, after the initial development, the roads and bridges to and from the theater were completed, and the crew office, staff accommodation house, and Zhang Yimou Minjiang Art School school building moved to Yangshuo, as well as 8,000 square meters of squares and parking lots, were established here. Or a farmland, wasteland.

Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, who had previously been active in the field of stage plays and evening parties, only joined in 2002. With the invitation of Mei Xieyuan, the old partner took the position as the general director of the closing ceremony of the Boao Asian Tourism Forum held in November 2002 in the foot of Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin. He experimented with Mei Shan's landscape realism. The performance was named "Happy River", and tourism officials and practitioners from various countries gave a high rating after watching the scene. Today, in several classic scenes in "Impression of the Third Sister Liu", the red silk of the fishermen and the Silver Link of the Third Sister Liu used exactly the same creation. What they didn't expect was that Zhang Yimou also had the ambition to be an audience silently on the scene, and they agreed to meet them on that night because it was exactly the performance he had always wanted. The director of "Impression Liu Sanjie" finally tied up the names of the three people. Actually, the specific design of the dance and the arrangement of the program are mainly completed by Wang and Fan.     

In Yangshuo, there are many jingles related to Zhang Yimou. For example: "The hope of the stars, hope the moon, and finally hope that the old plans to engage in audio and video." Another example: "For the head of Cao Cao to break the head, not as good as Zhang Yimou." In 2008 the old Moss with Wang Chaoge, Fan Yue directed the Olympic Games After the opening and closing ceremonies, people in Yangshuo said “deja vu” after reading, because they borrowed a lot of “Impression of Liu Sanjie”. Since the beginning of "Hero", Zhang Yimou has become caught up in the "quilt" cycle while his reputation has been rising. "Criticizing Zhang Yimou" has become a substitute for public opinion and high transmission rate, and even criticizes China's movies and critics. However, the "impression of the Third Sister Liu" driven, but it is "consumer Zhang Yimou" of the new upsurge of cultural tourism. “The landless Yangshuo peasants have taken great strides on the international stage of Zhang Yimou.” Liu Hongfa said that there have been comments in the media and it is still cited by Yangshuo. "Laomouzi saved us a lot of advertising fees." Wei Zhiwen said more real.

To this day, no one can tell who is more qualified to claim to have created “Impression Liu Sanjie”. In fact, regardless of Mei Shuaiyuan, Huang Shouxin, or Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, Fan Yue, they have taken this opportunity to open up a new world of their own business, and tacitly agree with the word “impression” to maintain a close connection with high-profile or embarrassing. Mei Shuaiyuan successively planned "The Zen Songs of Shaolin Music Festival", Kaifeng "The Great Song Dynasty Tokyo Dreams", "The Chinese Taishan Sealing Ceremony", Zhangjiajie "Tianmen Fox Fairy, The New Liu Hai Chop," "The Jinggang Mountains," and Hulunbeier. Various realistic performances such as “Genghis Khan”, “Taoist Dujiangyan”, Chengde’s “Dingsheng Dynasty, Kangxi Grand Duke”, etc. have been transformed from screenwriters that do not have national reputation to one of the most prestigious performance planners in China. Huang Shouxin was transformed from a professional manager to an entrepreneur. He planned "Impression Beibu Gulf," "Daimei Tang City," "Dream Xiangjiang," and "Nanhua Zen Clock," focusing on tourism real estate where performance relied. Among them, “Impression Beibu Gulf” has attracted a lot of attention because of Feng Xiaogang’s joining. Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue of Zhang Yimou, who called the “Impression Triangle”, established the Impression Innovation Art Development Co., Ltd. in Beijing in 2006, and successively created Impression Lijiang, Impression of the West Lake, and Impression Hainan Island. , "Impression Da Hong Pao", "Impression Putuo" a total of 6 "impressions." Because "own" Zhang Yimou, known as genuine "impression." In addition there are dozens of cottage impressions that are spontaneously titled in each area, as if "impression" has become synonymous with real-life performances. Wang Chaoge said that she sometimes feels annoyed and even angry at this, because negative emotions such as “impression” becoming popular, similarity-like criticisms, and doubts are often concentrated on her and Fan Yue. From another point of view, it is also the people who enjoy the “extreme impression of the Third Sister Liu” and have the maximum extension effect.     

Welcome to my house to drink fish

The stage of “Impression of Liu Sanjie” seems simple and flat during the day and it is not unusual. It is said that Zhang Yimou’s earliest attempt was to lift the underwater stage and let the girls step on the water. To this end, they even visited a submarine manufacturing company in Tianjin, and later gave up because they needed to piling on the river bed to touch the environmental protection floor. This idea was finally realized in the West Lake. The official wording of the final version of the theater now is that the audience who watched the performance at night would revisit during the day and feel like a dream. Although this is a folk-inspired story, the illusions that nighttime scholars often wake up to wake up. But applying it to this realistic version is indeed appropriate.

“You see that number 113, that is my bamboo raft.” The owner of the electric bamboo raft-shaped cruiser I was riding at the moment, “Mekong”, was the actor in the “Impression of Third Sister Liu” at the evening, responsible for arranging bamboo rafts and pulling red silk.

"Yonggong" is quite young, 25 or 6 years old, and is not far from the shore of Mushan Village. During the day, this "bamboo row" is held on the shore, carrying visitors to patrol the river and seeing hundreds of blocks. Two or three days a day in the off-season, the peak season will have to be more. It will work tirelessly, and it will not work. The income will be decent. After dark, they drove home. After dinner, at 7:00 pm, they walked down to Shutong Mountain to enter the backstage. They changed into a costume and put on a brawl. They didn't have to put on make-up, put on bamboo rafts, and when the music sounded, they switched to the actor's role. At 9 o'clock, the show was over, the curtain call was over, go home, or meet with a friend and go to West Street for a drink and soak up. This state covers most of the year. During the peak season, the show will be played and the end of the show will be nearly 12 points. The advantage is that there will be overtime wages. On average, there will be about eight to nine hundred monthly income. This is impractical for Yangshuo, which has an annual household income of more than 100,000 yuan. Even if the "bamboo row" gains relative to the day are not large numbers. However, "Yonggong" is quite happy and has been doing it for 6 years. "Anyway, I don't delay things during the day. I'm still idle at night." In his opinion, the vanity of the stage performances has been used up for a few years. Because there is no single line of speech, it is impossible to highlight oneself, so there is no fame that can be used to do your own thing. Coupled with a mild personality, do not love to come, but also stable. There are about 160 fisherman actors like him, from 5 natural villages involved in the demolition of the nearby theater. Fishermen from other villages want to participate but they are ineligible and have no vacancies. If he withdraws, there will be candidates for replacement camps. In addition, there is a labor contract, so the liquidity is not great.

It was his fellow village who introduced me to this boat. Another actor in the “Impression of the Third Sister Liu” was Mo Guicai. It seems that the age is even lighter, but the facial features have disappeared. There are quite a few flashes in the city. The speech is also sophisticated. Iphone4 is always held in my hand. One question is QQ. In the words of “Yigong,” he said, “He can mix much better than we do.” Originally, Mo Guicai played a role in the performance of the announcement. There was a line of speech that was the first sentence of the beginning of the performance. It contained his first name. There were also several other actors who made the announcement together, two at a time, and there were rotations. At other times, he and the unspoken fisherman actor together, row bamboo, red silk, every day.

Even so, it was enough to make him famous. From CCTV to Guangxi local newspapers, reporters often followed him. A celebrity with a jerky posture, it is so trained. Speaking of his overnight fame, Mo Guicai’s answer is quite artistic: “I’ve been thankful for the author of my CCTV “Factual Speaking” column for the entire time. If it weren’t for Cui Yongyuan’s show, I may not have it today. But in the end it’s my own. Work hard, otherwise they will not approve me."

In 2007, Cui Yongyuan used the theater of "Impression of Third Sister Liu" to perform a special program of "Celebrating the 17th National Congress of the CPC, Harmonizing China: Going into Guilin," and wanted to find out the Yangshuo New Farmers who had been changed. Fishermen generally have no culture, and the candidates recommended by the crew do not feel right. The program director asked around and learned that Mo Guicai had also opened a farmhouse restaurant at home, graduated from high school and read a technical school, went to Shenzhen to get through the world, talked well, and put him on stage. At that time he had just entered the crew, the trial period has not yet passed, lonely and unknown, suddenly jumped to the master planner, producer Mei Shuaiyuan and TV on the old face of Choi in front of it, opened the way to do the actor, but also by the way The restaurant advertised its own restaurant, and it is indeed a bit of a "change of fate" dizziness.

Photo: Yangshuo. By The Good Man

It was also by chance that I knew him. The night before he wandered around the theater, he saw an extraordinary amount of billboard information on the roadside: Mo Guicai (formerly ***) farmhouse, CCTV honestly speaking, and a number of news media reports from Phoenix TV. In the two big pictures, the restaurant owners were in the same stage with Cui Yongyuan, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Vice President Gao Xiong, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Huang Gesheng, He Jing, and Mei Shuaiyuan. The size of all keyword words is stressful. The slogan "Welcome to my house for drinking and fish..." is the line in "Impression of Sister Liu Sanjie". Not far next to it, the big poster of “Mr. Lao Farm House” can also be equal. And this Mogui only had to do a good job on the signboard and then deliberately obliterated the ***, which is clearly the word “Mo”. This Master Mo was originally a young man of the landlord who was oppressed by the legend of Liu Sanjie. He was used by the people to sing and dance with Taiwanese mountains. How did he develop tourism? Full of curiosity, they went down. It was found that there was a bookboy hill just across from the theater. The performance sounded clear.

It was Mo Guicai’s mother who met us. The slovenly rural women looked like they were warmly and skillfully written on their faces. I do not know that I am a reporter. Only when I am an ordinary diner, I have already asked my son to talk about his son's growth history. The "Mr. Lao Farmhouse", which was closer to the junction next door, was opened by the uncle of Mo Guicai. In the early years, the brothers separated their families and the homestead immediately followed. The nephew in the "Truth to Tell" in the "Mr. Lao Farmhouse" called out of the name, anti-uncle was hung up ahead of the card, the family changed the two words from now on, no longer come and go. Because they are using their own houses, the location is set, Mo Guicai simply made a signboard with his own name, posing as a gesture of defeat. After a few years of high income, the farm house was refurbished into a three-story building. The restaurant was renovated and a floating restaurant was added. There is a family hotel upstairs and most of the guests are foreigners.

At approximately 8 pm, Mok said that Mo Gui played at the theater on the other side of the mountain and returned at 9 o'clock. So eat and wait. Mr. Liu Hongfa, who had met in the afternoon, called and said that some of the information related to “Impression of Liu Sanjie” had been given. If you know this farmhouse house, you have to send it. I do not know whether Mr. Liu’s dress was official and did not wait for me to notice that Mommy got up and welcomed it. After listening to our conversation, Zhi Zhi was the media. After Liu quit his speech, he asked me about his status as an official title. It was nearly 10 o'clock when Mo Gui came back. He made an appointment with his friend to finish brushing the night, and half of the drink was called back by Momo's phone. Seeing that the speech has been somewhat broken, they will meet and linger for the next day. Sure enough, noon the next day, wearing a pair of slippers riding a motorcycle, he appeared in the city.

“Mei always values ​​me and encourages me to read more and enhance my culture. Only then will I have great development. I went to a correspondence college for Guangxi Normal University and graduated. I didn’t go to school for a few days at school. How can I learn anything?"

"May always give me the opportunity to let me go to his other projects to exercise, not only as an actor, but also to learn to do dance. But my mother and the shop need me to take care of it, so I still came back." There is a lot of fighting between the actors here, probably I can't see the limelight. I don't really like that salary, just need this platform."

“May always take me out to inspect. The hotel is a five-star hotel. The five-star hotels are all quasi-five stars, and the national leaders are staying there. I have a brother who has a lot of shares. Do you want to experience it?”

“This is my girlfriend, is it beautiful? I can only give you If you look at photos, you can't let you photograph her. She's very shy. Here's not letting us fall in love, but how can everyone be young? She's not like us. It's art. When you're finished, you leave.

” I do not like The life of a big city is very fast, and I like to travel to Yunnan, Guizhou, and other parts of Guangxi. The casserole, bamboo chicken, and roasted whole lamb I make are not local practices. I learned all from outside. of."

Perhaps it is accustomed to the world. Although it is only a small county with a population of 300,000, Yangshuo's accession to the WTO and the fast-paced and information anxiety that is comparable to those of urban people have made me unexpectedly natural. However, this farmer’s children still do not know whether they are deaf or not, and how old and how they learned from them can still make it difficult for me to adapt. The plum total that he hangs is Mei Shuaiyuan. That is his nobleman. He has nothing to do with the “Impression Triangle” of Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, and Fan Yue from another team, but he can tell many stories. As to which of the leadership styles in the Guangwei dimension is concerned, what kind of interests and disputes the shareholders have, they can also make false assessments. However, you cannot possibly doubt its authenticity, because it soon became clear that he did not even know where his office was.

Photo: Yangshuo. By NINI Forest

He and the other team of actors participating in the performance, Zhang Yimou's students at the Qijiang Art School - most of them from Guizhou and the little girls in the remote mountainous areas of Guangxi, get along very well. "They think that I am not the same as other people (fisherman actors)." Think about it, older brother older, with culture, fashion, multi-gold and well-mixed, always appealing to little girls. Ye Hao reveals some simple and youthful things that belong to his age, which makes people feel less heavy. It was a pity that he told me shortly that it was his sideline to help the actor “plan” for real-life performance projects that are now blossoming all over the country. Going to the art schools of small places to move to the more impoverished mountain villages to recruit, to these little girl's hometown strokes, never know each other, but the "impression of Liu Sanjie" and Zhang Yimou's name is always invincible. There is a difference of more than ten days and there are small tens of thousands of credits. He has two mobile phones, two numbers, a working phone with a long standby time and an iphone that is learning to play, a global pass, and a Unicom 3G. He really was very professional and his temperament was close to that of a real estate agent in the city. Only after he learned what he meant by the "platform".    

Under Mo Guicai's arrangement, I took his brother's van to a wild stand on the side of the theater. It was only after a chat that this man was an actor. The wild stands are probably the greatest inventions of the Yangshuo farmers. They have a set of logic: It is precisely because they watch live performances and rely on landscapes for food to take for granted. Such stands concealed in the mountains and rivers around the theater, and they can win six or seven hundred thousand tourists during the most spectacular time. Looking out from where I was supposed to be, the Best View Wild Stand, the performance can only be guessed, mosquitoes fly, but it does not prevent more than 20 guests and 70% attendance.

Hear the little girl and said, "Welcome to my house for drinking and eating fish." The first reaction is - advertising language. I wonder if the people who applaud now find out that the restaurant that is “drinking fish” will continue to rejoice once again. “A performance changed the lives, destiny, identity of the Yangshuo peasants and the values ​​handed down from the millennia ago, turning them into tourism practitioners and even literary workers.” Liu Hongfa wrote in a specially sent lesson plan. I believe. Only this change is a happy one. How should we judge?                      

Photo: Yangshuo. By Dreaming

This article first appeared in the June 2011 issue of “Jinxiu” magazine, which is the Yangshuo article of the topic “China Travel” of “Impression” and has been authorized by “Jinxiu” magazine.

At the same time, the senior journalist Yan Xiaolin and chief photographer Luo Jian followed the staff of “Impression”. They spent about half a month in March and in the north and east, writing ten articles and retaining a number of image data. This group of panoramic tactical articles on the series of impressions was considered by the “Impression” official as “no one has passed so far”.

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