Photo enthusiasts will go to Yangshuo Highest TV Tower

The Yangshuo TV Tower is a commanding height in Yangshuo County and climbs to the highest peak, allowing you to see the entire surrounding area of ​​Yangshuo City. The West Street, Lancang River, and Yangshuo Park offer a panoramic view.


1. Guilin to Yangshuo direct bus 30 yuan, Yangshuo North Station Block 5 road 1 yuan car to get off at West Street 2 hours, now the road is much slower!

2. Xingping to Yangshuo 10 yuan, Yangshuo South Station bus Get off at West Street for 30-50 minutes. The

correct hiking route is: Enter Tianma Lane next to the postal bank opposite Yangshuo Park. Follow the lights and you can find the way up the mountain. The road is a cement step and it's a good walk. (Remember that it is not the postal bank opposite the West Street.) The TV tower is not an attraction, but there are gatekeepers who must give 5 yuan to enter. The most beautiful scenery is on the roof of the slope, must go up!

Detailed arrival method

1. From the post office of the farmers’ market opposite the Yangshuo Park, there is a junction (Tenma Lane) next to it and walks along the intersection.

2. After entering, it is the front door of the Agricultural Bureau. (If you can't find the mobile navigation positioning first, Yangshuo Agricultural Bureau will be found.)

3. See directions to numerous hotels and turn right

4. Keep walking along the intersection

5. Turn right

6. There is a small crossing left

8. Turn right

Go straight is the way up the mountain (Turning off the lights after 6:00, turn off the lights and ask for the road, Shenshou does not see fingers, must go uphill before 6 o'clock in the morning, find this entrance.)

90% is a bad stone road, there is no handrail, the mountain must bring lighting. Be careful walking. The road to climb is relatively steep, it will be very tired to walk up.

Note that there are stone steps in the whole course. Do not walk without stone steps. There is an iron gate near the end of the line. Someone is charging for it in the morning and put 5 yuan into it. It used to be 5 yuan per piece of water to enter. Now it is 5 yuan. There is no water. (Private forbidden land)

In general: Yantao Road China Postal Savings Bank (general storefront) next to the alley (Tianma Lane) to enter, after entering the front is the Bureau of Agriculture Bureau, toward the left side of the door to extend the stone steps up, the road is the only if you encounter home There is another way to go (middle way there is a flat slope), the stone steps are the middle slope (for bicycles), both sides are first-order and first-order, and the front end is the home, but the external wall of the room has The stone steps are on the mountain road and reach the top about 30 minutes. Please note that there are stone steps throughout the journey. If there are no stone steps, do not go. There is an iron gate near the end point, but it does not pass, and the iron gate is closed to another iron gate and must wait. The staff of the engine room can only open the door (about 10 or his opening price) to open the door (for privacy reasons). If you can't catch up with the sunrise in the early morning, wait until the afternoon to go up, because the light will help the viewing and taking pictures.

This is the highest point of Yangshuo, overlooking the mountains and rivers, photography enthusiasts must go!

To Yangshuo, Guilin, I think the most romantic thing is to take you to the Yangshuo TV Tower to watch the sunrise and bring your little hand down together after the sunrise.


1. To see the sunrise, there is a light at the junction before 6 o'clock, and the light is turned off at 6 o'clock. When there is no street light when going up the mountain, you can barely see the road before dawn. Bring a flashlight and other lighting equipment. If you have a trekking pole, it's better to take 25% less energy.

2.Sunset and sunset time can be viewed online, you can calculate a good time and then go uphill (for example, the sunrise in early August is generally 06:40, 05:40 days before sunrise began to shine, count 50 minutes of climbing the most Slow time, so climbing at 5:00 will ensure that you will not miss the sunrise.)

3. Because of the steep mountain road, pay attention to wearing and non-slip. Usually there are fewer people on the mountain, and both sides of the road are luxuriant, deep forests and old forests. Girls are best to go together and pay attention to mosquitoes. There are still several graves on the side of the road. Be careful when you walk. You can also wait at the entrance to the mountain. There are people who go uphill and go with them.

4. The top of the hill is mainly sunrise and sunset. In the morning, the backlighting beats the sunrise and the afternoon is Shunguang. Students who pay attention to photography should pay attention.

5. Look at the sea of ​​clouds. According to the locals, it is easy to see in the morning after a fine day after the rain. This is a great deal of luck!

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