What is worth playing in Qiandao Lake?

Qiandao Lake, a national 5A-level scenic spot, is located in the territory of Chun'an County, Zhejiang Province, and is known as the “back garden” of the Yangtze River Delta. Thousand Island Lake has 1078 islands dotted around it. It is the largest lake in the world. It is more than 200 kilometers southwest of Ottawa, Canada. It is called "The Three Thousand Island Lakes of the World".
qiandaohu central lake district by yanleec kipper_3707ef

2 pictures to understand Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake, a national 5A-level scenic spot, is located in the territory of Chun'an County, Zhejiang Province, and is known as the “back garden” of the Yangtze River Delta. Thousand Island Lake has 1078 islands dotted around it. It is the largest lake in the world. It is more than 200 kilometers southwest of Ottawa, Canada. It is called "The Three Thousand Island Lakes of the World". The island here is as small as a snail, and the big one is a thousand ambitions. There are beautiful scenery comparable to the scenery of Guilin, and the vast momentum of the Taihu Lake.

Qiandao Lake is located in the western suburbs of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (partly located in Qixian County, Anhui Province), 129 kilometers east of Hangzhou and 130 kilometers west of Huangshan Mountain. It is the famous city and famous lake of “Hangzhou-Thousand Island Lake-Huangshan Mountain”. A bright pearl on the famous mountain gold tourism line.
Nearby attractions : West Lake, Huangshan, Putuo, Wuzhen, Hengdian, Sanqingshan

Qiandao Lake is mainly divided into six tourist areas, namely the Southeast Lake District, the Central Lake District, the Northwest Lake District, the Southwest Lake District, the Northeast Lake District and the Fuxi Lake District. However, the Qiandao Lake scenery we now refer to mainly refers to the Central Lake District, the Southeast Lake District and the rural tourist attractions. . The Central Lake District and the Southeast Lake District are included in the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area and need to take a boat to “play” the island. At present, other lake areas have not yet been fully developed, relatively small, and generally need to travel by car.

Central Lake District: the most popular

Qiandaohu Central Lake District by @YanLeeC kipper

The central lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake is civilized with “mountain green, water show, cave odd, stone strange, beautiful people”. The lake is wide, the harbor is densely covered, the mountain scenery and scenic spots and historical sites complement each other, including Meifeng, Yule Island, Longshan Island and Lake. The bay is deep and colorful, and the distant mountains are picturesque. It is the most popular lake area in Qiandao Lake.

Meifeng Range Rover: Overview of the Islands

Meifeng Island @YanLeeC kipper

Meifeng Island, which is not on the Meifengguan Islands and does not know the true colors of the thousand islands, is the most famous island in Qiandao Lake. On the Meifeng Observation Deck, you can view more than 300 large and small islands. The small islands like the Matcha cake float on the lake. It is the best place for Qiandao Lake to climb the Range Rover. In the mountains, the infinite scenery is in Meifeng." Therefore, some people say that after climbing Meifeng Island, I have seen the most beautiful Qiandao Lake. At the same time, this is also the location of the film "There is a happy event 2009".

Tickets :
1 sightseeing cableway: adult round-trip ticket 60 yuan, adult one-way uphill 35 yuan, adult one-way downhill 30 yuan; children round-trip 30 yuan, children one-way uphill 20 yuan, children one-way downhill 15 yuan.
2 sliding grass: 20 yuan
3 sedan chair: round-trip 50 yuan
time reference : 1-1.5 hours

Fishery Island: entertainment and leisure in one

Yule Island by @YanLeeC kipper

The fishery island is actually a veritable “entertainment island”, which can be regarded as a “consumer island” of commercial atmosphere. Very interestingly, all the facilities here are in the shape of a fish. In addition, there is a large stage on the island of Qiandao Lake to watch performances. The water world can enjoy water sports boats such as jet skis, bumper boats, floating water, banana boats and so on.

Yule Island by @YanLeeC kipper

There is also a giant pot placed on the island of Yule, which is called “the first pot of Qiandao Lake”.
Time reference: 1-2 hours

Longshan Island: strong cultural atmosphere

Longshan Island by @YanLeeC kipper

Longshan Ancient is a famous scenic spot in western Zhejiang, and the folks of Chun'an are known as “Tongqiao Iron Well Xiaojinshan, Shixia Academy Living Longshan”. The main feature of this island is to understand some of the ancient architectural features of Chun'an, which is the iconic cultural attraction of Qiandao Lake. There is a sea gong on the island. This flying horn, simple and elegant building is built to commemorate the generation of Qingguan Hairui. In addition, the Ninggu Bell Tower can be used to ride the clock, and you can also look at the lakes and mountains. You can see the rare scenery of the world in the thousands of islands.
Time reference : 1-2 hours

Southeast Lake District: the essence of natural scenery

Southeast Lake District @七妙

The green lake in the southeastern lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake, the lake is quiet and the stone forest is the essence of the natural scenery of Qiandao Lake. It is also the earliest scenic spot for the development of Qiandao Lake.

Huangshanjian: Overlooking "the world is the public"

Huangshanjian by @七妙

Located in the Huangshanjian of the Pearl Peninsula in the Southeast Lake District, the scenic spot features “water show, island wonder, and scenic view”. It is surrounded by blue waters and beautiful scenery. It is the highest island in the Pearl Islands. Compared to Meifeng Island, there are fewer tourists, so it is considered that one of the most worthwhile islands in the two lakes of Qiandao Lake is not. On the foothills of the mountains, more than 90 islands have a panoramic view, in various poses, and dense and dense, like a string of pearls scattered on the lake, forming the word "the world is the public", natural natural, wonderful.

Huangshanjian by @七妙

Tickets : Huangshanjian has a cableway up and down the mountain
. Round trip: adult 60 yuan / person, child 30 yuan / person
One way uphill: adult 35 yuan / person, children 20 yuan / person
one way down the mountain: adult 30 yuan / person, children 15 yuan /person
Children under 1.20m height free
reference : about 1 - 1.5 hours

Tianchi Island: Suitable for both young and old

Tianchi Island by @七妙

Tianchi Island, also known as “Gem Mountain”, has seven stone pools formed by quarrying on the top of the mountain. There are water and fish in the pool, which is the essence of Tianchi Island. The tea garden stone here is excellent in texture, so there is also the saying that "the world is beautiful stone tea garden".

Tianchi Island by @七妙

In addition, there is a zoo-like bird park, known as China's largest bird cage, with a variety of birds, a bird show, a parrot promenade, a bird park, an ostrich garden, etc., which is very suitable for family fun.
Time reference : 2-3 hours

Mishan Island: Bihu Qingshan Tibetan Ancient Temple

Honey Mountain Island by @七妙

Honey Mountain Island is a small island full of Zen in Qiandao Lake. There is a honey mountain temple on the top of the mountain. We heard the story of “three monks without water” from childhood. Since ancient times, Mount Meshan has been a Buddhist resort. The devout men and women are gathered and the incense is flourishing. Now it has become a uniquely beautiful lake on the Xianyuan.
Time reference : 1 hour

If you want to play two lakes, you can buy tickets at the scenic spot and then go to the next day for the next day. If you only play a Lake District, it is recommended to buy tickets online, without queuing, saving time and effort to save money.

Country tour

Thousand Island Lake Forest Oxygen Bar: Gift from Nature

Thousand Island Lake Stone Forest by @七妙

The sprawling green, the creek flowing down the stream, the humid air still carried after the rain, this is the largest and best forest scenic spot on the Qiandao Lake - Qiandao Lake Forest Oxygen Bar. The vegetation here is lush and the air is fresh, which is a good place to breathe oxygen and wash the lungs.

Thousand Island Lake Stone Forest by @七妙

Address : Huangzhu Prince Mountain, Qiandaohu Town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (2.4km away from Hangqian Expressway), adjacent to Provincial Highway
Tickets :
Fishing: 50 yuan/person, fat boat speed plan: 40 yuan/person, small boat: 40 Yuan / person, desktop barbecue: 60 yuan / person, field expansion training: 800 yuan / field. Day, there are also tea room, coffee bar and farmyard and other leisure places.
Opening hours : 8:00-17:00
Time reference : 1.5-2.5 hours

Qiandao Lake Stone Forest: The First Stone Forest in East China

Thousand Island Lake Stone Forest by @七妙

Qiandao Lake Stone Forest combines the characteristics of “secret, fan, strange and dangerous”. It is famous for its stone scenery and is a unique natural landscape scenic spot. The peaks and forests in the scenic area are unique in shape, with various pictographic stones, or like humans, or objects, or birds and beasts. It is known as the “Natural Animal Museum”. Its area is large, the scale is large, and the landscape is strange. It is in East China. It is a must, known as "the first stone forest in East China."

Thousand Island Lake Stone Forest by @七妙

Address : No. 11 Xin'an Street, Shilin Scenic Spot, Shihu Town, Chun'an County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
Tickets : 100 yuan (children above 1.2, free of charge, 70-year-olds and older persons holding a senior citizen's card free of charge; 1.2-1.5 meters for children, please go to the scenic spot to buy children's tickets )
Opening time : 8:00-18:00
Time reference : 1.5 hours

Longchuan Bay: Lake Wetland

Longchuan Bay by @金雕

Longchuan Bay, located in the southwestern lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake, is surrounded by small and large islands. The port is twisted and twisted, forming the “Lake in the lake and the lake in the island”. It is the only lake-type wetland in Qiandao Lake. Call you amazing. Not only that, but there are also many communes, such as the 70 Commune and the 80 Commune, which are easy to evoke memories of that era. What's more important is that there are few people here, so it's good to be in a daze to watch the scenery.

Longchuan Bay by @金雕

Address : No. 538, Shicheng Road, Jiangjia Town, Southwest Lake District, Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang Province (2 km southeast)
Tickets :
High season (from March 1 to the end of November) 100 yuan
off-season (December 1 to the end of February) 80 Yuan
Jingjing District Traffic: 20 yuan (including battery car, painting rafting round trip)
Opening hours : 8:00-16:00
Time reference : 4-6 hours

Traffic tips

Thousand Island Lake Traffic Map by Network

Depart from Hangzhou

1. Self-driving: Hangzhou (through the Hangzhou South Hub-Hangzhou Xinjing Expressway, about 100 km) - Yangxi Hub (Hangqian Expressway) - Qiandaohu Town
2. Long-distance bus: available at Xiaoshan Airport, Huanglong Distribution Center, Hangzhou Auto Take the bus from the West Railway Station, Hangzhou Passenger Transport Center, Hangzhou East Railway Station Square to the Qiandaohu Passenger Transport Center, or Huanglong Distribution Center and Qianjiang Market. Take the bus to Qiandaohu Passenger Transport North Station.

Depart from Shanghai

1. Self-driving: Shanghai (Xinzhuang) [Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, about 141 km] - Hangzhou North Interchange (Qiaosi) [around the northern line of the city, about 46 km] - Hangzhou South Interchange (Yuanpu) [Hang Xinjing (Hang Qian) )High speed, about 129 km】——Thousand Island Lake Town
2. Coach: Take the bus at Shanghai Long-distance Bus South Station (666 Shilong Road)

Departure from Huangshan

1. Self-driving: Huangshan (屯溪) [Huanglong South (Huangtao) Expressway, about 30 km] - Taolin [205 National Road, about 5 km] - Xiashan [about 20 km] - Qikou [淳开路(Millennium line), about 75 kilometers] - Qiandaohu Town 
2. Long-distance bus: Tunxi Huangshan Passenger Transport Station, Yansi Bus Station, Huangshan Tangkou New International Railway Station take the bus directly to
3. Take the boat: From Jixian The depth of the town pier by boat into the Qiandao Lake, every day at 7:40 and 11:40, suitable for the past in the ancient city of Huizhou, or a novel experience.

Depart from Nanjing

Self-driving: Nanjing [Ninghang Expressway] - Hangzhou (Nanzhuang Pocket) [around the city high speed] - Hangzhou South Hub (Yuanpu) [Hang Xinjing (Hangqian) Expressway] - Qiandaohu Town

Qiandao Lake is currently open with 10 buses, the fare is 1 yuan, of which 4 and 7 buses pass through the Qiandao Lake Central Lake District Tourist Terminal, and the 6th bus passes through the Qiandao Lake Southeast Lake District Tourist Terminal, 11 Bus The car passes through the Qiandao Lake Central Lake District Tourist Terminal and the Southeast Lake District Tourist Terminal.

Going to Qiandao Lake, just when this warm flower blooms, only for the green hills, a pool of clear water, a peach blossom.

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