Practical Guide to Cycling in Qinghai Lake in 2018

In Qinghai Lake, there are no fewer than ten times. In my case, this is a kind of spirit, an attitude, a feeling, and an approval. Every time you ride a bicycle, you can ride on the road that leads directly to the horizon. Someone always asked me why? I said: Only the lake around the lake can see the real Qinghai Lake. When my body and mind are riding on the road, life will start again.
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No matter how windy or rainy, why do so many people choose to ride Qinghai Lake without hesitation? Click on the real shot video ▼ to see what kind of experience is Qinghai Lake riding? Video duration is about 4 minutes

Why is Qinghai Lake a riding resort?

1. Beautiful scenery and good environment

Qinghai Lake, the Tibetan name "Tuwenbu", means "blue sea", ranking first in "China's five most beautiful lakes." Along the Qinghai Lake, you can see the pastures of cattle and sheep in the grassland, desert, pastoral area and flower sea. Indulge in the vast prairie, look at the snow-capped mountains, the blue sea and the blue sky, the scenery is magnificent and shocking.
Qinghai Lake has an average temperature of 15 degrees during the summer season and is a natural summer resort. In July, the rape blossoms will be in full bloom. The Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Tournament will be held here. This is the top and largest bicycle race in Asia. It can be held in Qinghai Lake, which is also enough to prove the weight of Qinghai Lake in the riding world.
Official report: The 2018 Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Tournament is scheduled to be held from July 21st to August 4th.

2. The ride is moderately difficult

When it comes to cycling, everyone’s impression is a tough sight. In fact, riding around Qinghai Lake is not so difficult. As long as there is a certain long-distance riding experience and no problem with physical fitness, you can come to challenge. Of course, if you have experience or lack of physical strength, you can bring a support car or team to ride.
The cycling around Qinghai Lake is 360 kilometers a week. The regular four-day riding time is very full. The average person speed is 8-15 kilometers per hour. It is a very suitable way to ride while riding. Cycling enthusiasts or endurance is better, it only takes three days to complete.
The riding route is basically a flat asphalt road. There are no mud and potholes, and there is very little uphill. On the first day, Xihai Town is about 10 km from the gentle slope, and the last day is about 5 km steep. The other can be easily handled.  

3. Full of ritual and commemorative meaning

Qinghai Lake is a holy lake in the hearts of Tibetans. Every year, Tibetans worship their long heads and worship the lake. This is a blessing ceremony. Cycling 360 kilometers a week and 360° circumference, with a complete commemorative meaning, on the way, we unconsciously emptied ourselves, let the soul come to a quiet, whether it is for love, family, Work, or a trip to graduation, means a complete conclusion. 

4. Cycling is the best way to travel

Cycling is slower than driving, faster than walking, free to travel, riding while playing, especially in the beautiful Qinghai Lake, every step is a landscape, only slow down the pace will not be wasted. Cycling also allows the body to get exercise. During the tourist season, people are crowded, and they can't feel the true charm of the holy lake and the changes of the scenery. The ride is free from traffic jams and is free.

Qinghai Lake Bicycle Rental

Xihai Town is the base camp of Qinghai Lake, and there are no fewer than 20 bicycle rental shops. After you arrive in Xihai Town, you can choose your own. The price of the car is between 50-120 yuan. The main vehicles are Giant, Xidesheng, Merida and Trek.
There are very few bicycles along the way along Qinghai Lake. Road vehicles are rare. If you only ride for four or five days, you can rent an ordinary one. There are also rentals of essential equipment such as camel bags and helmets in the rental store. Seats, locks and repair tools are also available.
As far as I know, in 2015, Qinghai Lake has reached more than 4 million people riding around the lake. More than 20,000 bicycles in Xihai Town have been rented out in one day. There are also many self-contained cars. It can be seen that the heat of Qinghai Lake has been erupted. .

On the way to Qinghai Lake, I encountered a storm. The map is on the Qinghai-Tibet Highway.

The best time to ride around the lake

Qinghai Lake is suitable for cycling from May to October. The rape season in July and August is excellent. It is the best season for cycling, but this time is the peak season for tourists. Traffic jams, queues, accommodation and transportation are special. Expensive, the road is also a lively group of riders, it is difficult to clean down, May, June, October is the time of Jingmei people, low prices, fewer tourists, no obstacles, snow mountains can be seen everywhere.
Friendly Tip: If time is sufficient, it is recommended to travel at the wrong peak.

Autumn Snow Mountain and Qinghai Lake Riding

Qinghai Lake Lake cycling route recommended

As the map shows, the circle around the lake is a circle, and it is best to follow the Tibetan people's beliefs in a clockwise direction. The reasonable four-day cycling route is recommended as follows:
Day 1 Xining-Xihai Town (residence)
Xihai Town is the starting point for cycling around the lake. It is recommended to ride the base camp on the first day and let the body adapt to the plateau environment. Don't worry about action. Xining Railway Station (car station) has a bus to Xihai Town, 25 yuan / person, 2 hours drive, the first class is 7:30, the latest class is 17:30, if you bring your own car, the bicycle can follow The driver negotiated to put it in the trunk of the bus and needed to remove the front wheel.
Day 2 Xihai Town-Hudong Desert-Qingzang Highway-Jiangxigou (residence)
Xihai Town, marching clockwise along the East Lake Road, starting from 10 km uphill, this is the first challenge to us. It’s not a shame to ride the cart uphill. The key is not to give up, all the way through the Jinsha Bay, Qinghai-Tibet Highway, to reach the Jiangxi Ditch accommodation, a total of 97 kilometers, this day special attention in the riding Slopes and motor vehicles along the way.
Day 3 Jiangxi Ditch - Heimahe - Shinaihai / Chaka Salt Lake (Living)
Starting from Jiangxi Ditch, all the way is flat, along the south bank of Qinghai Lake, where the rape blossoms flourish and ride to Shi Naihai. There are 55 kilometers of riding on the 109 National Road. The mileage of the day is the least, only 75 kilometers. The reason why the route is planned is because the West Lake Road is the most original section of Qinghai Lake scenery. You can take a close look at the lake in the afternoon. The scenery is daze, and the West Lake Road (Hima River) is only 80 kilometers away from Chaka Salt Lake. Because it is early in the afternoon, you can consider carpooling to Chaka Salt Lake. It is not recommended to ride to Salt Lake, and go back and forth. It’s going to be over the mountains and the scenery is average.
Day 4 Shinaihai-Qinghai Lake Sunrise--Gangcha (live)
Morning morning to see the sunrise of Qinghai Lake, the left hand cattle and sheep in the grassland, the right hand of the vast Qinghai Lake, all the way forward, this day is mainly flat road section. Arrived in Gangcha, a total of 101 kilometers, the longest mileage on the day, but basically no slope.
Day 5 Gangcha-Atomic City-Xihai Town-Xining (Living)
The last day of the trip is also relatively easy, the whole journey is 90 kilometers. After arriving at Ganzi River, there is a good Han slope about 5 kilometers, also called the desperate slope. It is a little desperate to see the long slope of the head. However, riding is like life, there is downhill on the slope, climbing After the slope is completed, it is all the way downhill, until the town of Xihai, very good, the journey is perfect, the challenge around the lake is successful, and the car returns to Xining.

Riding on a canola bicycle lane
Qinghai Lake Cycling Special Bicycle Trail

How about the road conditions around the lake, how many slopes along the way?

The riding route is basically flat road surface, no mud and potholes, good road conditions, can adapt to road and mountain bike riding, the following will be detailed in the slope of the ride:
1. Out of Xihai Town, Sheung Wan Hu East Road 10 km The position began to rise continuously, the slope is not large, but the stretch is 10 kilometers long, and then all the way downhill, do not pinch the front brake continuously downhill.
2. The 109 National Highway is dominated by flat roads. There are many motor vehicles, and special attention is paid to safety. When there are 5 kilometers left from the Heima River, all the way downhill.
3. There are many uphill slopes in the first 1km on the Heima River. Afterwards, the road conditions are very good. Most of them are downhill and peaceful roads. There is a steep slope of about 2 kilometers around 32 kilometers. After going up, you can go downhill to Shi Naihai.
4. After passing over 140 km from the 140 km section of Harge, it was praised as a desperate slope, and it was basically successful in defeating the desperate slope lake.    

One-stop service around the lake

The one-stop service of Qinghai Lake Lake Tour originated from the public welfare round-the-lake rescue guarantee. The original intention is to provide passengers with riding safety protection, help solve the unexpected situation, and then develop into a mature club organization, they will provide bicycles and equipment. Arrange for accommodation and accommodation. The whole team will lead the team to provide support and medical care. The suitcase can be placed on the support vehicle. It can be used as it is, and it can be used for rest or physical discomfort (high anti-). Team riding reduces the difficulty of riding, reduces the burden, and eliminates all worries. Many riders choose this way, which is more worry-free and reassuring. There is no need to worry about accommodation along the way, vehicle maintenance, no one leads the way. The success rate of the lake is increased to 95%. If there are any concerns, then choose a club organization to start.

Recommended for cycling routes

The weather in the plateau is unpredictable. It is difficult to stick to the 360-kilometer circle around the lake. It is difficult to maintain the physical strength. One person is worried that the car will not be replenished, and the chain will be stuck with trouble....
If there are any concerns, It is recommended to team up around the lake to ride, the whole car is guaranteed to escort, the team leader takes the road to repair the car, no worries, easy dreams.

Some rides can't stand the strength of the whole ride, just want to experience it, but also want to go to Qilian, Menyuan, Chaka Salt Lake, not only to ride a bicycle but also to take a look at the natural scenery of the original point...
I would recommend the experience type Cycling route.

The whole country is the same. The scenic spots are a little pit horse riding. They are basically taken to ride the tourists horses, and then take a scissors to take pictures. If you take the children out, it is too low, and you don’t want to play the big roadside attractions. It is recommended to ride. Line + horse riding + drifting to you, playing with the feeling of snack jumping

Common problems and precautions for cycling around the lake

What items do I need to prepare?
As mentioned earlier, bicycles can be brought in, can be rented in Xihai Town, or can be provided by club organizations. However, some other personal items that must be provided include: cycling mirrors, sunscreen products, cycling suits (may be optional), jackets (plateau day and night temperature difference, remember!), Gore-Tex, sneakers 2 pairs (in case Rain, please prepare a few pairs of socks), go out living essentials, insulation kettle, charging treasure, camera and so on.
Do I need to book in advance for accommodation along the way?
There are a lot of food and accommodation supplies along the way, don't worry too much about accommodation and eating problems, the club will usually help you arrange. If you act alone, it is recommended to book in advance in July and August of the peak season. Many yurts (that is, felt rooms) can be accommodated along the way, but it is not convenient to take a bath.
Is Qinghai Lake riding high?
Qinghai Lake is surrounded by an altitude of 3196-3300 meters, and there is no particularly high altitude. Those who are healthy are generally not high-reverse, and some are psychologically caused by too much tension. In the team's itinerary, the club's support car is equipped with an oxygen tank, and when it is high, it can absorb oxygen. If you are really worried, take Rhodiola in the 2 weeks before you arrive in Qinghai.
I don't have much riding experience, can I complete the whole process?
According to my experience of more than ten times, it is true that Qinghai Lake is not too difficult to ride around the lake. People who ride bicycles, encourage each other, help each other, and support the car, plus their courage and perseverance. Can challenge success.
What conditions need special attention along the way?
1. There are many stray dogs in the Tibetan area. Everyone encounters a Tibetan dog during the riding process. Don't panic. The more you fear the Tibetan dog will bully you, pretend to be nothing, and pass it quickly. At the same time, there are many brands on the lakeside that go straight to the lake. It is recommended not to go in. It is a fee. You can see the free Qinghai Lake at a closer distance on the West Lake Road.
2. During the two-night trip to Jiangxi Ditch and the yurt, it is recommended not to take a bath. When you first arrive at the plateau and exercise vigorously, the temperature in the evening is close to 0 degrees. The bath is easy to catch a cold, causing altitude sickness. The climate in the plateau is relatively dry and rarely sweats. Do not need to take a bath every day.

Qinghai Lake Sunrise

No ring lake, not youth! I wish everyone can complete the dream of the lake, listen to their own voices while riding, and find a stronger self.  

Video can make you feel the charm of riding around the lake more realistically, and then watch a New World outdoor lake riding video to make you more powerful!

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