Have a chance to walk on the glass bridge of Langya Mountain, let you frightened!

Langyashan in Baoding, Hebei, China, Chinese elementary students have heard the courageous deeds of the Five Spirits of the Langya Mountain. Although many scenic areas in China like to build transparent glass plank roads in recent years, such as the glass plank in Zhangjiajie Scenic Area opened this year, it attracted a lot of tourists. But came to Langya glass path along the cliff will give you a different experience.

Langya has breathtaking mountains and majestic beauty, on the other hand has a beautiful woman like the beautiful mountains and rivers, and Langya Mountain area has also built a five warrior memorial tower, red onyx cave and so on more than a dozen landscape. People in the red revolutionary areas not only understand the ancestors of the tragic story of the year, but also close contact with nature, personally understand the Majestic momentum majestic.


When it comes to the glass path of the Langya Mountain, it is built on top of a mountain and is only open to tourists this year. This large viewing platform is completely supported by large pillars at the bottom. All materials are made of glass. From top to bottom, it is a valley of several hundred meters, which tests the courage of tourists. Why would a sudden whim want to build such a landscape? It is said that the local government in response to the "Heroes Hill" and "spike Jingxiu" this theme so that tourists remember the significance of the area to Langya Mountain.


Came to the middle of the disc-shaped glass viewing platform, a feeling of suspension in the air arises spontaneously, making many visitors can not help but shout, but the experience of tourists still feel quite exciting. However, there are also a small number of "timid" tourists on the railing unwilling to take a half step forward. However, there is still a courageous tourist walking back and forth on the glass path, but also specially crouched down to admire the scenery at the foot of the valley, as if to give him a rope he can swing the rope into the valley to visit some.

We have time to be sure to not miss this red revolutionary attractions, bring children and their own parents, to join the revolutionary baptism, but also challenge their courage!