Scary Mount Langya Glass Bridge, you dare to go up?

When it comes to Langya Mountain many people think of the movie "Langya Five Warriors", yes, that is because of five warriors who lives in the cliff and famous Langya. Now Langya also have a thrilling place, you dare to challenge it?

This place is Langyashan glass plank. From the sky to see Langya glass path along the cliff is not terrible, Langyashan glass path built on the top of the mountain, completely supported by the bottom of the pillar of the glass path and glass round table, full-height all-transparent, you have guts.

Presumably many people will feel scared to see, not up legs are soft, are there? Challenge your courage oh. But to tell the truth, looking really terrible, let me try or really want to think about it.

The main structure of the glass viewing platform is constructed of high-quality high-strength steel and high-strength steel cables. The countertops are made of multi-layered crystal glass and are crystal clear and solid. The suspended platform in the middle is 466 square meters and can accommodate more than 200 people. It should be safe to say that there is no problem.

Looking down from the bottom of the hill, a few steel frames support the circular glass platform, really admire the then construction workers, China's engineering technology is quite powerful.

There are five warrior memorial towers, red agate cave, beautiful countryside, hundred gardens, water park, ski resort and so on more than ten scenic spots, scenic spot ticket 80 yuan, but also courage and challenge Can enjoy the scenery, want to stimulate what you are waiting for!