Hongcun for the first time, what should I play?

Hongcun, a village featuring Huizhou architecture, is located in the northwestern corner of Shexian County and is famous both at home and abroad for winning the Academy Award-winning movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It is known as the "village in Chinese painting." Due to the aerial overhead view like a big buffalo lying in the field, also known as ox-shaped village. Without further ado, here is my new native with a taste of ink Hongcun it.
nanhu by  chase the kite

Two plans to understand Hongcun

Hongcun is located in the northeast of Huangshan City, Huangshan City, Anhui Province and is located at the northwest corner of Juxian County, 65 kilometers away from Tunxi, 11 kilometers away from Shexian County and 19 kilometers away from Xidi.

Hongcun not to be missed attractions and routes

Hongcun attractions are many, from south to north, recommend a classic route for you: South Lake - South Lake College - Cheng Zhi Tang - Moon Marsh - Wang's Ancestral Hall - Tree Hall - Taoyuan Habitat - old trees .    

Hongcun has a gate, and many wickets, the main gate has a parking lot, ticket office, toilet. Tickets and online tickets at the gate of the ticket office to buy or receive scenic ticket and ticket is 24 hours someone into the area when the ID card and tickets need to be up. If you need a scenic area and then into the area, ID card and tickets can be brought in and out of the area many times.

South Lake

  "Boundless rain wet spring mud, smell the fog when the birds cry .Willow with peach peach smile, while Yinqiao painting West," said this poem is the main gate into the first attraction is the South Lake. Known here as "tripe", the lake has a stone arch bridge, called painted bridge, built in Hangzhou Pinghu Qiuyue built at a glance to the brick wall of the head of the horse reflected in the crystal clear lake, as if exposure to the paradise between.
Time reference : 30 minutes       

South Lake by @ baobao

Nanhu College

Nanhu College by @ forgotten no trace.

Through the bridge will reach the South Lake College, here is the village of Hongcun, Huizhou merchants, "Jia and Confucianism," has always attached importance to education, Nanhu College has created a generation of Hui Merchants. The interior decoration of Nanhu College was damaged during the Cultural Revolution, and what we now see is the restored building. 
Time reference : 25 minutes  

Nanhu College by @ peppermint8965

Chengzhi Hall

Cheng Chi Tong by @ vv_ Li Jianwei

20 minutes walk from Nanhu College to Chengzhi Hall. Known here as "Folk Forbidden City", it was built by the local salt merchants Wang Dinggui and built around 1855. The whole building is of wooden structure. The interior of the house is decorated with bricks, stone and wood carvings. At first glance, it looks magnificent. The beams of the main hall, the arches, the flower doors and the woodcut on the windowsill are exquisite. Each person has different demeanor , Called Huizhou "four carved" art of wood products. In addition, Guan Jiaoyuan a brick exceptionally beautiful, when we personally tasting yo.
Time reference : 40 minutes  

Cheng Zhi Tang by @ hyacinth!

Moon marsh

Moon Marsh by @ snow there - Lei Zi

10 minutes walk from Cheng Zhi Tang to the moon marsh. Because of the shape of the moon like a half moon, it is named, located in the center of the village, equivalent to the central city, while 1982 landscape stamps which Huizhou architectural drawings are also selected here.
Time reference : 15 minutes   

Moon Marsh by @Zoezz

Wang's ancestral hall

Wang's ancestral shrine located on the edge of the moor is the place where the ancients handled the affairs of ethnic minorities and sacrificed their ancestors. Here is a typical Huizhou Sanjiangyan building, the current third progress has been destroyed, the existing two into the "one into" family meetings to deal with the size of the place and the "binary" worship pioneer tablets. Knock blackboard! Draw emphasis! Among the forerunners, the only one in Huizhou dedicated to male ancestral temples is Hu Zhong, who presided over the construction of Nanhu, but a great local person.
Time reference : 25 minutes  

Wang Ancestral Hall by @Five

Tree Hall

From Wang's ancestral temple walk about 10 minutes, to the tree hall, the name of "ten years of trees, a hundred years of tree" meaning. Hongcun is the only building in the village to retain the then official. The outside gate is the gate of the Shizi gate, with the hanging railings inside, symbolizing the majesty and playing field of the government. It represents a once prominent position.
Time reference : 15 minutes  

Taoyuan home

Taoyuan Habitat by @ UFO

Walk about 5 minutes from Shu Ren Tong to Taoyuan. Taoyuan Habitat built in Xianfeng 10 years, covers an area of ​​270 square feet, here is a three-room houses, the first into the living room, two into the master bedroom, three for the elders of the home. In addition, there is the most beautiful carved door in the village, it is worth seeing yo.
Time reference : 15 minutes    

Taoyuan home by @ tea products you

Red and white trees

Red and white trees by @ stream water

Habitat from Taoyuan and walk about 5 minutes to the last stop - red and white trees. Ancient village entrance has two big trees, a maple, a ginkgo. In ancient times, if the old man died in the village turn three times in the ginkgo tree, home weddings around the Maple Leaf turn three times. This is one of the hallmarks of Hongcun.
Time reference : 10 minutes

Accommodation and performances

Boutique Inn: Hongcun Qingtang Wachen

Key words fine courtyard, antique, boutique inn, quiet
【Recommended index】 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   
If you have more time, you can choose to stay look at the night of Hongcun, do not have a taste. Since we have to live for one night, we suggest that you live in the scenic area, there is a scenic area near the inn in Nanhu (into the area after a straight turn right 200 meters, the left hand side is), near the parking lot, Hongcun inside the road , Pulling luggage particularly difficult to pull, so live near the parking lot has special advantages, although the inn is not in the center of the scenic, but also added a quiet. Inn room clean and tidy, the boss a special affinity.

Landscape real performance: "Hongcun Aju"

Choose a night accommodation, then enjoy the landscape at night, live performances, taste the story behind Huizhou. This performance is based on the story of the life of a traditional Huizhou woman who shows the virtuous, industrious, beloved, sons, laboring, loyal and unity of Huizhou women and the new image of defending their homeland. Through the Qishen Lake performances and modern high-tech means of performance to provide a visual feast.
Address : Huangshan Juxian County Hongcun Qishuhu International Tourism Resort
Transportation : Hongcun Scenic Area did not go to Qiche Lake, the car can only fight at the scenic door, about 8 minutes by car.
Tickets : A District 100 yuan / person, B District 200 yuan / person, C District 480 yuan / person
Time : April to October each year, 19:30 to 30:30 (every Monday overhaul), 1 hour and 10 minutes

One hour from Hongcun there is an ancient village with Hongcun parcels - Xidi, Xidi ancient village after the delivery shop (Inn) it named Xidi, and Hongcun at the same time selected World Cultural Heritage, Known as Huizhou dwelling house museum, Hu clan family gathering place, and Hongcun buildings are similar, mainly in residential buildings.   

How to reach Hongcun around

There are no direct departure from Hongcun traffic throughout the general will first Huangshan City, Tangkou Town or Huangshan City (locally known as "Tunxi District") take a direct flight to Hongcun or Xidi, Xidi to Hongcun also have direct access Shuttle.
Starting from Tangkou Town :
Tangkou (Zhaxi Transfer Center) There are 8 daily flights to Hongcun at 7:00, 9:00, 10:20, 11:30, 12:30 and 2:30, : 40, the last class is 4:30, if missed, direct bus can only carpool, to Pixian steam, car in Pixian County to Hongcun. Fare is 20 yuan, about 1 hour by car.
 From Tunxi District :
departure from the Huangshan Bus Station : Bus Station in Huangshan (Tunxi) take a bus to Shexian bus station transfer. The bus from Tunxi to Juxian departs every day from 6:30 to 17:00, and departs every 20-30 minutes. The journey takes about 70 minutes and the fare is 12.5 yuan.
② starting from the Huangshan North Station: Take the high-speed rail to get off at the North Station, then you can Huangshan Tourism Hub on the edge of the North Station to find a direct bus to Hongcun, the first class of 9:35, every hour classes, fares 30 Yuan, 89 km, about 1 hour by car. After 16:35 a class is 18:00. Arrived scenic spot about 50 minutes by car.
From Huangshan Airport: Huangshan Airport, there is no bus to Hongcun, you can take the 19 bus to the bus station (35 minutes), fare 2 yuan, about 30 minutes, take the bus arrived at the Hongcun Bus Terminal . Terminal to the scenic drive about 70 minutes.
Yixian bus station to the Hongcun / Xidi motorbike, fare 2 yuan, full that is open. Hongcun to Xidi about 1 hour by car.

High Speed ​​Rail (Huangshan North Station), Huangshan Terminal, Huangshan Airport Tunxi District in Huangshan City.

Hongcun Daiwa, Fenbi, Ma Tau people intoxicated, bridges people forget, every ancient story and legend gave it cast a mysterious veil. And girlfriends, and classmates, or alone, in the ink village on the bluestone walk, write a wonderful journey!  

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