Huizhou classic play, Huangshan, Hongcun, Tunxi classic trip on the 7th large-scale analysis

This ancient town famous for "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" reminds us of the unique charm of the Hui-style architecture! It is definitely worth spending your time on a small holiday here

Huangshan best travel time

Although Huangshan all year round, distinctive. However, Huangshan best travel season is the spring and autumn, the best photography season is winter, summer and golden week is not recommended. This is my visit to the autumn in November, less tourists, sunny day rain, saw two Huangshan, it is fortunate!
The best photography season: from the end of November to the end of February.
If photography enthusiasts, go to Huangshan best winter. Huangshan generally December 1 to February 28 belong to the off-season, ticket cable cars and so have a discount. At the same time, few tourists in winter, more unique snow and fog wonders spectacle, very suitable for scenery shooting. In addition Huangshan winter cold by the cold, the most likely to form a spectacle of the sea of ​​clouds. However, the frequency of traffic in Huangshan in winter is reduced and climbing is more difficult. Many key scenic spots such as the Tiandu Peak and the Grand Canyon of the Western Sea will be closed.
Travel Tips:
1, March to April Huangshan is a large garden, spring apricot red, golden rape, roadside plants of all colors is very attractive.
2, mid-June to early July is the Huangshan rainy season, if you choose to travel at this time, take good rain gear, damp da da ready everywhere, this season is most suitable to find a inn near Xidi or Hongcun, feel About the misty Jiangnan.
3, 7, August is the peak period of travel, because many children go summer vacation, many tourists, if you need to Huangshan accommodation, it is best to book a week in advance accommodation.
4,9 in September just drifting, and then to avoid the summer peak Huangshan
5, mid-October to autumn in November autumn Huangshan red, it is worth seeing in
June and November after entering the winter landscape, you can see the top of the fog Sea of ​​clouds. Huangshan winter landscape recommended index: five stars

Huangshan travel frequently asked questions

Q1, how to reach Huangshan?

Aircraft: Huangshan has Tunxi International Airport, a taxi to the urban area 50 yuan. Huangshan scenic airport to take a taxi 200, but personal advice Huangshan train station or bus station can take the shuttle to the Huangshan Scenic Area, 20 yuan / person, a
train every hour : the major medium-sized cities have Huangshan train to the train station to Urban hotel taxi within 15 yuan of any hotel.
Car: The car is divided into two stations, one is the Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou Station), and the other is the Huangshan Tunxi station, if you want to directly reach the scenic area, it is recommended to buy direct access to Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou) tickets . Taxi to the urban taxi 10 yuan, 2 yuan can take the bus.
High Speed ​​Rail: High Speed ​​Rail Line (Urban Line) 2 yuan direct access to urban areas. Taxi 50 into the city.

Q2, how to distinguish between Huangshan City and Huangshan Scenic Area

To explain the traffic Huangshan, light "Huangshan" a lot of knowledge on the word. First, we must distinguish between the three different "Huangshan" refers to:
Huangshan City (Tunxi District): Huangshan City, also known as Tunxi District, is the train station, airport and Tunxi coach station is located. There are more than 80 kilometers away from Huangshan Scenic Spot, one and a half hours by car.
Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou): Huangshan Scenic Area strictly speaking, is a large area with two doors to the north and south, and the Tangkou is the southern gate of Huangshan Scenic Area. But because more than 95% of tourists are up from the soup mouth. So in general, Huangshan area refers to the soup mouth.
Tangkou Bus Station has long-distance buses to and from Hangzhou, Shanghai, Huangshan (Tunxi), Hongcun / Juxian and other places, but the frequency will be much less than that of Tunxi Coach Station.
Tangkou to Ciguang Pavilion (formerly Hill, Yuping cableway) 6 km to Yun Gu Temple (Back Mountain, Yun Gu cableway) 10 km.
Huangshan District (Huangshan Huangshan District): Huangshan Huangshan North Gate from the north 16 km, the general direction of driving over in Hubei, North Gate from the mountains just need to go through here. Huangshan city center (Tunxi District) is 110 km away.

Q3, Huangshan rain how to do? Does it affect climbing?

I was Huangshan climbing with my friends last year. Our first day when the mountains have been raining, the fog is particularly large, basically can not see anything around, the impact on mountain climbing is not that big. Fortunately, the next day it was fine to see the sunrise. Recommended raincoat, umbrella is too much trouble. And sunrise sooner or later, the sunset will be colder, need to bring thick pieces of clothes. If walking is very strenuous, it is recommended to prepare some chocolate, Red Bull and other additional physical fitness. And if you walk, then the knee will be very uncomfortable, you can bring some bruises and other treatment ointment, knee massage at night massage.
Huangshan rainy day is da da da, may not be able to see the scenery, but if you are lucky, you can see the sea of ​​clouds. There is also a secret: in Huangshan day, clouds and sunrise are not compatible. The sea of ​​clouds is bound to be invisible to the sunrise and sunset, see the sunny sunrise and sunset, certainly can not see the sea of ​​clouds.

Q4, sunrise is not the best look at the top light? (Peak accommodation recommended)

Bright Summit is indeed the second peak of Huangshan, many people stubbornly choose the location to see the sunrise and sunset, but you know, we all know this truth, so people choose to live in the clouds are certainly more, was July and August Peak season, I watch the sunrise early the next day, I saw only a dark mass, the second night, chose to live in the hotel rooms Pai Yun, after some conversation with the experienced ALICE, did not know each There is a viewing platform near the hotel, so if you choose to stay in Huangshan see the sunrise, you can choose to close the hotel after the mountain or front of the Yuping floor hotel. Wait until the small off-season when Baiyun will be a good choice.
[Recommended Hotel]
A. Most Recommended: Beihai Hotel, Lion Hotel
Route Traffic: 4-star
Beihai Hotel and the Lion Hotel in the North Sea, the two meet only 5 minutes away. They are not the best choice from the point of view of route planning. Because living in the North Sea, and from the West Sea or Tianhai, then Pai Yun House Beihai Hotel Road (20 minutes) is certainly going to repeat. However, there is also a benefit that if the cable car from the back mountain, it is very convenient to package first stored in the North Sea hotel, and then light travel to browse other places in Huangshan attractions.
Sunrise: 5 stars
If you want to see a beautiful sunrise or a photo enthusiast, staying in these two hotels is a breeze, and in the morning you can sleep for half an hour more than people living in other parts of the country. Chongxinfeng near the hotel, lying Yunfeng, stalagmite 矼, cool Taiwan, the sea of ​​view of the monkey are Huangshan top sunrise viewing spots.
Sunset: 3 stars
Although they see the sunrise convenient, but the sunsets have to take 20-30 minutes to Pai Yunting see. Flying rocks, peaks these sunset view point farther.
Facilities: 5 stars
Both are four-star hotel. Among them, Beihai Hotel has hosted more than 100 national leaders, international dignitaries and celebrities and enjoys the reputation of "Huangshan State Guesthouse". Lion Hotel is Huangshan photography base, landscape photographer gathering place. Lobby perennial scenery showcase, many of them work hotel staff, is really Crouching Tiger!

B. highly recommended: Xihai Hotel, Pai Yun Lou
Road traffic: 5 star
West Hotel, Pai Yun Lou from the West Sea, Tianhai, Beihai are close to the main attractions. From the travel planning point of view is the most convenient, most will not go back. Especially the first day of the morning before the mountains, the sea afternoon stroll Tianhai just to the hotel to rest, in the evening to see the sunrise nearby. The next morning in the West Sea, the afternoon after the tour, can be said to be the perfect route and accommodation point.
Sunrise: 3 stars
up in the morning to climb a 15-20 minutes to the nearby Danxia Peak to see the sunrise, but to go to the cool Taiwan, before the letter peak these top sunrise point to see more than 40 minutes.
Sunset: 5
minutes next to the Paiyun Pavilion, to fly to look at the stone is 20 minutes, very convenient.
Facilities: 4 Star
Hotel West Sea is a foreign four-star hotel, Pai Yun Lou is three-star, first-class facilities.

C. General Recommendation: Guangming Ding Villa, Baiyun Hotel
Route Traffic: 3 stars
live in the sea, then the traffic arrangements is not very convenient, if you want 2 days after reading the front mountain, the West Sea, the sea, the main mountain attractions, then live this properly to be Go a long way back, but still on the downhill turn around Oh. Of course, if the hill from the former Hill Ciguang full climb, then it is recommended to live here.
Sunrise: 2 stars
Although the bright top can see the sunrise, but unless there is a sea of ​​clouds, or the bright sunrise than those in the mountain after those places are still quite a lot of space Kuang, so the lack of prospects. If you live here, it is recommended to watch the sunrise to the peak of the fish, more beautiful.
Sunset: 4 Star
Top There is a sunset, but the same with the sunrise landscape is not particularly shocking. It is best to watch the sunset go half an hour to fly to the top of the stone or peaks.
Facilities: 4-star
three-star hotel, good facilities.

Of course, accommodation should also be based on their own itinerary, and whether to watch the sunrise, whether to like photography, etc., can not be generalized.
Above, thanks bee Bee @ Thomas look at the world  

Huangshan, Hongcun, Thousand Island Lake seven-day classic itinerary recommended

Line Profile:
D1 Tunxi - Old Town of Pixian - Baojia Garden
D2 Baojia Garden - Tunxi
D3 Tunxi - Thousand Island Lake - Tunxi
D4 Tunxi - Hongcun - Tunxi
D5 Tunxi - Huangshan Scenic Area
D6 Huangshan Scenic Area - Emerald Valley - Tunxi
D7 Tunxi - Huashan Mysterious Cave
Because Huangshan itself is not very big, so there are two accommodation for your reference, without frequent replacement of the hotel
1, Huangshan Eastern International Hotel (affordable, not far from the city center, Tuen Mun light from the turntable very close, Tiandu Boulevard 9)
2, Tunxi District Huangshan International Hotel (Huangshan five-star hotel, forced a higher price, reliable, from the streets and bus terminals are very close)

D1 Tunxi - Old County Shexian - Bao Garden

Morning from Tunxi to Lixian County (40 minutes by car) Tun Tun Tun Tun Tunxi Juxian County from the bus, you can also take the bus terminal to Juxian County Bus at a cost of 10 Yuan inside / person.
【Ancient City of Pixian County】 One of the four ancient cities in China, the ancient city of Pixian and the ancient city of Lijiang, the ancient city of Pingyao, and the ancient city of Langzhong are also known as the four ancient cities in China. Scenic ancient residential layout of the elegant, ancient pagoda Gudao, Ancient Street Ancient Lane, Ancient Pagoda ancient intertwined with the ancient style, like a magnificent historical museum. White walls and black tiles in the city, brick paved, paddy place, is still the place of Huizhou for generations to live, walking which, such as history and shoulder, there is a thick sense of historical vicissitudes and heavy. There are several major scenic spots in the ancient city, the ancient city pass includes the cost of these attractions.
Huizhou Ancient City Scenic Area the most representative of the six attractions: Oriental Arc de Triomphe - Xu State Shifang, Huishang Garden - New Monument Park, Taibai Lou, Jiangnan First Street - Doosan Street, the source of merchants - Yuliang Gap, Huizhou Grand View Garden - Huiyuan, the national patriotism education base - Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall. After the ride can take a bus or taxi directly to Baoxian County Bajia Garden Hotel occupancy, personally think that the hotel's cost-effective and the environment is the best Shexian. If you need to stay in advance, oh. Before the day is scheduled to go to ask the front desk whether there is free room, because there is no other accommodation around this hotel.

D2 Bao Garden - Tunxi

[Pixian Archway Group] is located in the beautiful Shek Tong Tsuen village, from the ancient arch, ancient ancestral halls, ancient houses, Bao Jia Garden. A tour guide, the family moved to settle down since the Southern Song Jian Yan, stretches for more than 800 years. From the two ends to the middle of the stone archway, which is the core of "loyalty, filial piety, festival and righteousness", it is arranged in a semicircular shape. From west to east, they are Bao Canxiao, Fangxiao Lifang, Bao Wenling's wife Wang's Festival Xiaofang, Square, Bao Wenyuan wife section Xiaofang, Bao Fengchang filial piety Square, Bao Xiangxian Shangshufang. Seven palaces solemn dignity, even into the line, standing.
[Baoxian Baojia Garden Scenic Area] Baojia Garden, which is an inter-symbiotic relationship with the arch community, is based on the private garden of Huizhou merchants and the theme of the Huizhou bonsai, bringing together the essence of the bonsai art of Huizhou and the bonsai of various schools in China Representative works, is a high quality bonsai viewing base. Park bonsai variety, diverse forms, exquisite and lively. Large landscape combination, and some interesting, elegant and leisurely, and some Yao Rong Li Zi, fighting wonders Yeon. Stump bonsai demeanor, peculiar nature, bonsai stone vigorous, magnificent. Worth a reward.
According to the introduction of hotel staff, the scenic area is a national key cultural relics protection unit, declared by the World Cultural Heritage Site, and a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. It is also the "Top Ten" tourist attraction in Huangshan City. After visiting Bau Garden, you can return to downtown Tunxi by car (30-40 minutes drive). After returning to the downtown hotel, you can drop your luggage and take a short break to continue shopping in the downtown area.
[Old Street] Tunxi Street is located in the center of Tunxi, a total length of 1272 meters, is a small river on the Qingming, Old Street building with ancient Huizhou architecture, on both sides are a variety of specialty shops, you can here with Some souvenirs go home, but remember that bargain Oh. Street at night is more do not have a flavor.

D3 Tunxi - Thousand Island Lake - Tunxi

Qiandao Lake Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou, Qiandao Lake in Kingston, Canada and Xinshi Island in Huangshiyang, Hubei are also called as "the three Qiandao Lakes in the world." 1078 islands just like a jade emerald Zhengzhangyoujiao, small as Lo Dai a pill, the big Bi Xiu Chihiro. Qiandaohu totally beautiful, both comparable with the landscape of Guilin beautiful scenery, but also over the Taihu Lake Dongting the vast momentum. Qiandao Lake's clear water, due to the Qiantang River, Fuchun River, Xin'an River 逶 迤 phase, the benefits of long and magnificent. That aqua, thick light, shallow depth, shallow like green silk, deep as the blue sea. Into the Thousand Island Lake foreigners, eye pupil dyed green first, the heart is also intoxicated, "Nongfushangquan, a little sweet." There is no more slogan to describe the taste of the Thousand Island Lake.
Although not part of Qiandao Lake, Huangshan Lake, but are interested, then you can participate in local FIT FIT mission, feel the day's water trip. After the end of the bus can follow the city back to the hotel.

D4 Tunxi - Hongcun - Tunxi

【Hongcun】 Hongcun is located in the northeast of Juxian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. This ancient town hidden in "Peach Blossom Valley" is famous both at home and abroad for its Oscar-winning movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. But more people know it because of the reputation of "village in Chinese painting". Only because of its highly representative Hupai buildings, the towering horse wall, lake Qinglian, rainbow arch bridge, like a painting into the hearts of many people.
Hundreds of ancient houses in the village are paralleled. Among them, "Chengzhi Hall" is the most perfect ancient dwelling house in Yixian County. Its main hall has wood carvings on beams, brackets, flower-doors and windows and doors, with fine craftsmanship, complicated layers, numerous figures and different people Face, face different gods, called Huizhou "four carved" art of wood products. Visitors to this visit at home and abroad, all for dumping.
[Xidi] Xidi was first built in the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor Youyou years, so far nearly 960 years of history, was included in the World Cultural Heritage in 2000, the "world's most beautiful village", "ancient residential buildings treasure house," the reputation. Xidi preserved hundreds of ancient Ming and Qing dynasties houses, paved with marble and pavement construction, two springs through the village, 99 high walls so that tourists alike labyrinth. Landmark is the village of three four-fifth floor of the Green Stone Archway, built in the Ming Dynasty Wanli six years (AD 1578), towering towering, sophisticated structure, is the emblem of the prominent family status of the Hu. Built in the village of Kangxi Lifu Church and the doctor waiting, are the classic Xidi buildings. The village of various households rich house, delicate garden, black marble made of the door frame, drain window, stone flower exotic flowers, birds and animals, brick pavilions pavilion figures, beautiful wood carvings, colorful painted, murals , All highlight the essence of ancient Chinese art.
Proposed to go to Xidi, go to Hongcun, because from Tunxi to Hongcun tour bus will stop in Xidi, about 5 minutes; also starting from Hongcun, in the village by bus to Pixian bus station, Fare 2 yuan / person, then travel by bus to Xidi, fare 4 yuan / person
【Hongcun】: adult tickets 104 yuan; ant honeycomb price of 94 yuan / person. Recommended online purchase.
[Xidi Tickets]: adult ticket 104 yuan; ant honeycomb price of 90 yuan / person.
About transportation:
If starting from Huangshan to Xidi, Huangshan City Bus Station can be transferred to the Pixian shuttle, every 30 minutes, the fare of 12 yuan, the latest 17:30 minutes, arrived in Pixian County and then take the shuttle to the west Delivery, every 20 minutes, fare 2 yuan, the latest 17:30 points. The whole car traffic is very convenient, do not need a long time waiting for the car.
If you start from Hongcun to Xidi, from Hongcun to Xidi have two routes, one is by Hongcun - Tunxi tourist bus. Morning in Hongcun South Lake parking lot 8,9,10,11 points and afternoon 1,2,3,4 points each class, the ticket is 2 yuan, about 20 minutes after can reach Xidi. Another aspect is the old village entrance (horns) location in Hongcun take Hongcun - Juxian bus, every 20 minutes, a ticket 2 yuan a person. About 20 minutes later arrived in Pixian County, after getting off a bridge to the left is Pixian bus station, the bus station to the Xidi it, every 2 minutes a train ticket 2 yuan.
If you start from Tunxi to Xidi, starting from Tunxi to Xidi, you do not have to go to Shexian county to get off, there are signs to Xidi, a small bus, tricycle ride; Tunxi Bus Station Road 1 Tour bus to Hongcun, passing Xidi village, starting from Tunxi about an hour to reach Xidi village.
Last October to climb Huangshan, and then down from Huangshan Lu Village, Hongcun, Xidi, feeling very good. Are Huizhou architecture. Asked a lot of people, read the online introduction that Hongcun more worth to go, but after I went to the field, I feel Xidi more humane environment, and the number of visitors is not much, more peace and quiet, and slowly taste Ancient history, feel the culture of Huizhou. I admit that Xidi commercial development is not a good village, but it is this that attracts me, I think the old thing or to be authentic, better, less modern things, the best is still as usual, let People have a feeling of crossing. The feeling that Xidi brings to me is much better than going to Hongcun! Of course, a short period of time in Xidi certainly can not feel good, it is best to find a farmhouse hotel stay one night, of course, looking for retro decoration hotel better, better able to experience the past feeling, and not hurry to stroll, and more Can discover more than those who also rushed to the impulse of tourists can not find the scenery or interesting things!

D5 Tunxi - Huangshan Scenic Area

If you are traveling by car if the car is not directly into the area, you need to park the car at the transfer center Tangkou, then take the transfer center of the scenic
car to reach the scenic ticket office if it is by bus, then 7:00 You need to go to Tunxi Coach Station, take the "Tunxi - Tangkou," the bus, because I want to return to the city by train, so the luggage will be stored in the hotel front desk, of course, there are Yamaguchi luggage storage place, but May need to charge. After reaching the soup mouth, you need to walk to the transfer center, five minutes to go. Yuping cable car cable car and Yungu Gondola, I booked the Yungu Gondola, so ride directly to the Yungu Temple. Because this is June, but good luck, playing this day are very awesome, may come earlier, people are not many, the row of ten minutes to get tickets smoothly into the mountains. The reason why I chose to go from Yungu Temple is because I was close to my scheduled stay in the mountains and the best spots were concentrated in the back hill. The road is very good mountain walk, are paved stone steps, as all the goods up the mountain are manually transported, so the price is high, it is best to bring their own foot food and dry food.
Huangshan scenic spots before and after the mountain. The former mountain area is from the foot of the Cixue Pavilion, after the Tiandu Feng, Yuping House, Lotus Peak, has been extended to the end of the peak of fish. All the way a ray of day, hundred step ladder, squirrels jumping sky, turtle serpentine ladder and many other beautiful scenery, very exciting.
While doing my homework, I learned that the front of the mountain and the sky, but the core of Huangshan scenery, we must pick a good focus of the weather tour.
Former Hill refers Ciguangge to carry light, namely spa, Jade Screen, Tianhai scenic area, the main attractions are welcoming song, semi-Temple, Heavenly Capital Peak, Yuping floor, Lotus Peak, Sky, fishes peak and so on;
the mountain can not Missed several attractions: the Grand Canyon West Sea, Lion Peak, cool Taiwan, the sea of ​​view of the monkey, dreams pen flower, flying stone, eighteen Lohan and other South China Sea. The lighthouse on the Lion Peak is the best place to watch the sea of ​​clouds and sunrise.
There are 2 lines in the Grand Canyon of the West Sea, because they live in the North Sea, so my route is: Paiyun Pavilion - West Grand Canyon (North Entrance) - "One Ring" - "Ring" - Grand Canyon - Service Station - West Grand Canyon (South Entrance) - Buxianqiao - West Sea Yantai - Tiezhesong - Tianhai Scenic - Guangming Ding - flying stone - Xingzhi Ting - Paiyun Pavilion. If your stay is Baiyun Hotel, you can always go forward, do not go back.
[Huangshan tickets]
off-season (December 1 - the end of February next year) 150 yuan;
peak season (March 1-November 30) 230 yuan;
each cableway and cable car one-way fare: 80 yuan in high season, off-season 65 yuan
[Yungu Temple cable car ticket] 80 yuan / one-way
tour After the return to the hotel while resting while waiting for the sunset, the specific sunset time can ask the reception, until almost the time, you can go out to cool the stage.

D6 Huangshan Scenic Area - Emerald Valley - Tunxi

The second day of the sunrise is the same place, Huangshan sunrise and sunset give a different kind of quiet, gentle.
Watched sunrise breakfast, continue the next trip.
Tianhai and Qian Shan attractions: Guangming Ding, first-line days, 100 stepping ladder, Lotus Peak, Welcome Song and so on.
After the tour, the afternoon returned to the soup mouth near two o'clock, and then take the bus to reach the Emerald Valley.
[Emerald Valley] Emerald Valley, also known as Valentine's Valley. Is composed of the size of dozens of pools. Different levels of water in the sun, pan-blue, orange, green, blue, yellow, white and other colors. Is also the famous movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" shooting place, known as the best Lishui in the world, a beautiful love of the Holy Land, Huangshan fifth absolute reputation.
Even without going to Jiuzhaigou, but also to see this romantic pool, the distribution of the canyon hundreds of large and small pots, the largest pool area of ​​nearly 1000 square meters. There are filled with "love" stone to attract lovers stop, in addition to looking at the real high-altitude tightrope walk; like to explore the backpacker there Hui Qing Road can be trekked. The surrounding Huizhou village is more like sketches and photography friends love.
【Emerald Valley Tickets】 75 yuan (1.1m below the children free of charge), ant honeycomb price of 62 yuan, it is recommended that online reservations in advance.
Tour return to Tunxi city

D7 Tunxi - Huashan Mysterious Cave - Tunxi

[Huashan mystery cave] Huashan mystery cave formerly known as "ancient Huizhou caves," dating back more than 1,700 years of history. Because of no historical records, the excavation age, use, the whereabouts of stone, the identity of diggers and so on are still a mystery. Huashan charming cave grottoes are not natural cave, but the ancient artificial underground underground palace group. Strange layout with color light and shadow effects, so that the atmosphere inside the cave a little dramatic effect. When sparsely populated, a bit like a martial arts martial arts practice / shelter.
From the urban area about 20-30 minutes by car, Tun Tun Tun Tun can do direct bus, ticket within 10 yuan. Huashan mysterious cave is a unique artificial cave, Dongnuanxialiang. 8: 9 am departure, 3,4 pm will be able to return to the city.
Tickets 91 yuan (including tour guide fees, student tickets 50 yuan); the ticket can visit the largest hole; ant honeycomb price of 80 yuan, it is recommended to buy in advance.
The above trip can be based on their physical strength and time to choose to play, after the end of fun return to Tunxi, end of a pleasant trip to Huangshan.

Hematemesis recommended three Huizhou cuisine

To Huangshan and Hongcun, taste of the characteristics of Huizhou cuisine is a must, the following is three kinds of special recommended! Mao tofu and stinky fish can go to Hongcun to eat, Huangshan Shaobing can be bought in the soup to bring the mountain when the dry food.
1, Mao Tofu
Mao Tofu is the Huizhou area (now Huangshan City, Anhui Province area) Han traditional dishes, is by artificial fermentation, so that the surface growth of tofu layer of white hair. Tofu fermented by the plant protein into a variety of amino acids, so after cooking taste fresh.
2, stinky stinky stinky stinky
stinky fish also known as stinky fish, barrels of fresh fish, barrels of fish, pickled fish, is a traditional Han dishes, one representative of Huizhou cuisine, in Anhui Province in Huizhou (now Huangshan City, Anhui Province ) The so-called pickled fresh, local language in Huizhou stinky meaning. This "flavor mandarin fish" smell smelly, taste fragrant, fresh meat, mellow and refreshing, to maintain the original taste of mandarin fish juice. Common name stinky catfish. Unique system of law, food was fragrant.
3, Huangshan Shaobing
Huangshan Shaobing, also known as "crab shell yellow biscuits", "Save the drive biscuits", "Huangyin biscuits" is a traditional Chinese emblem of Huizhou in Anhui, prevailing in the ancient Huizhou area and the surrounding parts. The above fine flour, net fat pterygium, plum dry Lai, sesame, salt, vegetable oil and other handmade respectively skin, stuffing, the instant noodles, kneading noodles, rubbing crisp, pick billet, leather, stuffing, shut, roll cake,饴, sprinkle hemp, baking, etc. made of more than 10 processes, the baking department in a special furnace, the internal combustion charcoal, the cake paste affixed to the inner wall of the furnace, the baking, stewing bake, and the fire retreat net After baking, before and after a few hours. Because of charcoal fire after baking, shaped like a crab back shell, color such as crab, it was the name of its sesame seed layer and thin, thick shape, taste sweet, spicy, crisp, crisp. Yip's words as evidence: "thin as the moon, shaped like a full moon, scattered beads scattered jade, entrance memorable."

Huangshan photography suggestions (Huangshan gold shooting point)

Huangshan Night has two kinds of shooting method, one is the theme of stars and the moon, the ground to do embellishment. This filming requires that the filming point and the foreground be in upward looking relationship so that they can be integrated into the stars and the foreground at the same time.
This method of shooting, I know there are three places is very easy to film.
1) Viewing platform near the flying stone, take the flying stone as the foreground sky (star orbit, the moon)
2) Ahead of the fish hole Avalokitesvara , where you can look up to the Lotus Peak, with its star sky for the future.
3) Haizong Songtao Lookout in the North Sea, with the sky near the peak of Pine Hill.
Another is the use of night shooting slow door to the ground peaks and mountain lighting facilities for the main screen, if there is cloud (sea), then shoot it will be very beautiful. I've studied two places in this way. 
1) Gongyang Mountain (that is, Huangshan 701 launch pad, in the middle of the bright top and Baie Ling antenna that there is a place)
2) light top
[sea of ​​clouds]
sea ​​of ​​things can be met, if encountered, then quickly find Climb up to the peak, the bright top, Lion Peak, before the letter peak, peak group, Gong Yang Mountain, Lotus Peak are excellent cloud photography.
If it is specifically to make a sea of ​​clouds, then winter and spring for several days after the first sunny days after the rain is 90% out of clouds, you can pay close attention to the weather forecast.
Sunrise There is no cloud is very important, there are clouds, ashamed, and even a few clouds, the light top, the monkey concept of the sea, before the letter peak, fishes peak astronomical, ultra-wide-angle to take the clouds on the line.
No clouds, wide angle shot is not spectacular and lack of vitality, the prospects of the telephoto foreground silhouette of the sun more easily out of color, explore the sea pine, stalagmite 矼 are easy to find cedar strange place.
Pai Yunting, group peak, flying stone is Huangshan three sunset sunset view point.
Huangshan photography tips
1) The hotel will have sunrise the next day and view the sunrise probability, you can refer to.
2) In the morning, there are more people who watch the sunrise on the light roof and the cool platform, and try to avoid these two places. Peak season in the other view sunrise and sunset is also best to get the best early position.
3) the mountainous climate change, often east of the sunrise on the west side of the rain or instant cloud open fog, if the bad weather do not be discouraged, out of luck than sorry total missed.
Above, thanks bee Bee @ Thomas look at the world  

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