Hotel control must be 丨 wanted to sleep quietly in Nanxun night!

Nanxun, once the most affluent Jiangnan town, and now this low-key and elegant town is slowly into the public's vision. Perhaps this will be the southern town of the only six of the pure land, has not been fully commercial town still maintained a traditional human life, quiet and peaceful is the most true portrayal of Nanxun. Choose a fine inn, live in a hundred years ago, large families, will be my most looking forward to!

Which inn deserves you to sleep quietly for one night?

Compared to other towns such as Wuzhen, Nanxun not too much modern business hustle and bustle, some are very nostalgic maltose, mottled stone road and winding small river. Nanxun town are basically aboriginal people, they live here, life has not changed, the river in the wash, the river's morning tea, are a modern civilization in a spring. Night Nanxun no other town of the "feasting", quietly like no earthly fireworks.    

47% of visitors choose to live in 【hundred rooms floor】

100 House is by far the most complete preservation, and leave the traditional style along the river community. 100th floor of the inn by the river, green tile wall, is to experience the best accommodation Nanxun characteristics. This area there are many hotels along the river built, commonly known as "pillow river home", very characteristic.  

23% of the tourists choose to live in [small lotus]

Xiao Lianzhuang is one of the five Ming Park, Nanxun, adjacent to the famous Ka Yutang library. Nanxun attractions are concentrated in this area, stay here is also very convenient to visit the tour. Little Lotus Village near the family hotel, there are more modern business hotel, to meet different needs.

One, falling old house inn 丨 private possession of fine museum

【Key words】 high-end boutique, quality of life, flower carved bed, romantic round bed, private courtyard, antique
[recommended index] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
and the old house of the old house will feel the beauty of Nanxun, before want to Nanxun are not on the appointment, the original is a crew here shooting, this is what kind of inn? Can actually accommodate a crew in this viewfinder?

Falling old house has an ancient tile eaves, opened the red iron door, the first will see the zodiac legislation, but also left the moss marks the stone is very gas field, a see it I think This old house must be extraordinary. Front desk living room layout of the antique, placed in the above objects both beautiful and elegant, it is worth watching carefully.  

If you prefer Chinese style, would like to feel the luxury and elegance of Jiangnan residential, it is more suitable for a stucco bed with elegant furnishings, courtyard room from decoration, carving, to painted all reflect the traditional Chinese culture, It is a pillow in the dream of the water.  

Stay in the inn, let me surprise is that it also possession of such a beautiful garden, slowly through a small door, unknowingly opened a cultural tour. And the inn separated by a wall of the Xun Gu Tang personal collection, is a Jiangnan mansion, which showed the master decades of careful collection of rocks, antique, bonsai and other large treasures.  

Second, the appreciation of jade Court Hong incense hotel 丨 Republic of China Western architecture

【Key words】 luxury exquisite, hot spring, the Republic of China, Western-style buildings, boutique hotels, antique
[recommended index] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★    
opened in 2014, the hotel is said to be built according to five-star hotel standard configuration. The cultural theme of the Republic of China, plus hot springs resort hotel, the hotel seems to still apply to join the world's small luxury hotel. The building of the hotel itself is one of the eight cattle from the Meijia Western architectural courtyard converted from the main building was L-type, 2-storey, decorated style coherent Chinese and Western, unique mood, exposure to them, smell incense, tea , Do literati.  

As for the building before what is doing, I asked three people have three different answers. The hotel waiter said that the former residence of the plum, roadside hawker owner said before a school, scenic small restaurant enthusiastic boss said before the plum textile factory. This should not be a very old building, probably during the Republic. The specific no detail, because the lobby manager is also unknown.  

Hotel is not large, the landscape is also very limited, may be close to the relationship between the area, plus itself is the old house, inconvenience to do too much change. On the second floor there is a big box can be eaten, the outside is a seemingly fine small landscape, suitable for taking pictures.    

Surprise is the hotel with the toiletries are L'Occitane in France. In addition to a small refrigerator in the snack and snacks are already in the room inside the oh Bathroom supplies are Kohler.

Third, Yue Yu Tang villa hotel 丨 Lin River courtyard villa

【Key words】 Linhe villa, fine small courtyard, family parent-child, comes with the kitchen
【Recommended index】 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★    
inn is a single-family villa, located in Nanxun ancient town scenic area as the street, Go out a minute walk can go into the town of Nanxun inside the area. Sit in the living room can be staring at the Millennium town of small bridges, water, people. 100 meters away, Nanxun famous private garden - small lotus village; famous private library - Ka Yipang library, "Jiangnan first house" Zhang Shiming giant house waiting for.

Inn decoration is mainly all kinds of logs, so named Yue wooden hall. The owner is a fine life home, the inn of each room design are embodied in the master's efforts, every detail is carefully crafted. The inn offers free fine breakfast, cash coffee, kung fu tea and so on, free of charge, as well as large kitchen for self-help.

At night, you can walk along the river wandering in the water through the quiet path, feel the town of the night quiet; can also be a few steps away from the BAR "1899" to enjoy the passion of the melody; more comfortable to stay in the Yue Yu Church, In the light of music, rose fragrance to read, tea, or to a flower SPA.  

Four, stay shade Inn 丨 booking by grab

【Key words】 the late Qing Dynasty ancient house, garden courtyard, cost-effective, carved large bed, antique
[recommended index] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   
Nanxun shade house built in the late Qing Dynasty, is the ancient town of a private garden House. Guzhen's tour guide is the shadow of the shade of the house, Zhaizi also filmed many film and television works. Located in the ancient buildings of the ancient buildings, love the antique architectural style bee bee we must choose here. Mahogany carved large bed, bamboo shadow whirling garden, quiet after the garden, will be to live the bee bee is not the same experience.  

Stay in the town of Nanxun hundred buildings, on the edge of the canal, the shop is not big, it is easy to miss, pay attention to the door hung with red lanterns, into the yard is a cave, old-fashioned Jiangnan houses, Old wooden furniture and so feel good, although the yard is not a lot, but was pavilions, flowers and hills decorated into a garden, a little home feeling, although the houses, the room is very clean, independent bathroom, also equipped with a hair dryer, Toiletries and so on. Outside the inn is very beautiful scenery, canal, stone bridge, promenade, willow and other interpretation of the south of the bridge, water, people.  

The light on both sides of the town reveals a warm and warm temperature, like to make up for the cool days of the night, gently touch everyone. Night Nanxun no visitors, it is particularly quiet, only the light of the yellow light in the town of tiles. If you think Wuzhen too crowded, Zhouzhuang too downtown
that you may wish to come to this famous little town, where the Chinese and Western cohabitation of the old house must let you linger.

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