Impression of the ancient city of Xi'an

Xi'an ancient city walls, known far and wide, is one of the few large-scale, well-preserved, has a long history of the ancient city wall.
xian ancient capital

The most complete watchtower in China

 Xi'an's ancient city wall was established in the Ming Dynasty, around Xi'an (then Chang'an) a total of four gates: East Changle Gate, Dingding door, Yongning South, North Anyuan. There is only one city in Xi'an that has such a complete reservation of the wall in the country.

Best time to visit

Xi'an City Wall as a unique symbol of history, closely around the heart of the ancient city, with its heavy, simple temperament, tells the day after day, year after year winter to spring. It is reported that the city's best tour time is evening, crimson sunset rendering of the watchtower, exceptionally quiet, but also settling the faint of sadness to see changes throughout the years.

There are many historic buildings around the South Gate

The existing walls of Xi'an are left over from the Ming Dynasty, each of which has a historical atmosphere. City wall, generally recommended from the South Gate. Due to the south gate around the antiques market, more historical buildings, so more flavor. Surrounded by urban walls, walking may be too tired, it is recommended to rent a bicycle ring wall.

Around the inner circle

Xi'an is not a period of the city walls, is a circle ~ the equivalent of a circle around the inner city of Xi'an ~

The wall thickness is greater than the height, ancient military training Jia Department

The wall is quite towering and heavy. A rectangular, more distinctive point is: the thickness of the wall is greater than the height of the city wall, which means that the walls above is a very wide flat, ancient city used to train troops.

The station tower overlooking Xi'an

Built in the Ming Dynasty, it is the most complete ancient wall in China. There are 19 gates that can ascend to the building. The largest is the south gate. It is located above overlooking Xi'an and nearly 14 kilometers a week. A bike or take a car battery.