Three days depth tour of Xi'an, swim out different Chang'an City (with food Raiders)

Xi'an ancient emperors, the old city has died, but the historical background still in. A six-year time finally got the Xi'an "green card" of the southern girl, and three young young people in Xi'an, is committed to dig the most taste of Xi'an characters and stories, and finally polished out a fresh and refined "three Day depth tour of Xi'an ".

One, a southern girl of Xi'an small Zha

"In the south of the rain, north of the train gallop all the way across the Sichuan Basin, across the rugged Qinling and Huaihe River, Changan atmosphere as old as ten years ago as old and kind, perhaps the northern city of tolerance, Perhaps it is the dignity of the ancient capital, Xi'an like a huge magnet, tightly attracted people
from all corners of the globe, such as me, dragging heavy luggage from the train, in Xi'an land, blink of an eye, is six years.
From the school to seek employment, traveled the corner of the streets of Xi'an City, met a different Xi'an, Xi'an, and finally come, is a soul with the depth of Chang'an City.

Day1, the old is Xicang, fragrance is back Square

① Xicang "visit when the child"

Four weeks a week on the West warehouse Lane, Xi'an famous bird and bird market, back to the local people called this market as "when the child", when the market, selling birds, selling flowers, selling crickets, Selling fish, selling rabbits, selling pigeons, selling dogs, selling all kinds of snacks will gather over, is the radiation radius of two kilometers of lively big market, as if a belongs to Xi'an, "Qingming River map." Walk through the Xicang Lane, the last century 80's old Xi'an image and looming, this is the experience of the old Xi'an life to open the door. 

[Highlight]: As the crowd is highly intensive, crowds, to the thief to provide a good chance of committing the crime, so valuables must be properly kept.
Address: Lianhu District in the northwest corner of the temple in the middle of the street northbound
ticket prices: free

② food in the back Square

Xi'an food has always been tempted to countless visitors of the stomach, from the mutton steamed mutton garlic to the meat Rouga wax juice, from the ice peak to sour plum soup, taste complex Xi'an inclusive from different areas of the patrons of the stomach. Hui Street as the most concentrated spots of Xi'an snacks, is the Chinese and foreign tourists to Xi'an will hit one of the cards, the streets on both sides of the selling sound of a pressing, people crowded behind the smoke in the streets, but There is always a kind of street in the commercial street feel, if you want to experience the most authentic taste of Xi'an, then back to the back of the street some of the "fly museum" is the best choice, there are often Xi'an local people get together The place.

On the bubble steamed
bun four kinds of eating:
water siege (a circle of soup, the middle of the bun and meat pile was slightly higher, like the soup a little more on this kind of)
soup (fast to the last time, the bowl there is only one soup)
dry shaver (no soup steamed)
single take (a bowl of soup, a bread, tugging eating)
eat steamed pay attention:
steamed: must be handmade steamed bun machine pressure tight unnatural , Hand steamed there is a natural air eyes, followed by steaming only seven or eight mature, half a life and a half cooked hand steamed bread can guarantee the taste of both tendons and not Nang out;
breaking steamed bun: from the middle apart, and then a quarter, then the middle It is very important;
meat / soup: choose a good Qinchuan yellow beef, must be fat, meat fat To soup incense;
fans: hand to play the fans, still can not use the mechanism, because to ensure that taste ribs.

  [Return visit recommended]:
fruit Yuan Zhai meters bubble steaming Museum
Address: Lianhu District, Xi'an, 277 North Guangji Street,
Liu old bubble steaming Museum
Address: Lianhu District, North Guangji Street 101 (near West Avenue Parkson)
Ma Feng fried Beef and mutton steamed bun
Address: Lianhu District, North Guangji Street
Liu Xin beef and mutton steamed bun steamed fried
Address: Lianhu District Sprinkle the bridge
on the barbecue

To Xi'an did not eat barbecue, and did not eat lamb steamed bun as shameful thing, if not eaten back to the barbecue, it must be a very regrettable thing. The reason why the barbecue on the back of the famous, in addition to the unique flavor of the sauce, there are a wealth of species can choose. Red willow is a long plant in the desert, with red willow bursa meat to bake, skewers will have the aroma of red willow. Whether it is the South tourists or the North tourists, probably should have a good taste of some of Xi'an's barbecue.
[Back Square recommended]:
Jia three friends barbecue, Ma Nan barbecue, Xiping barbecue, beard text Wen barbecue
Address: Lianhu District, Temple Street
on the meatballs Hu spicy soup
in Xi'an back Square, Hu hot soup is meatballs Hu hot soup , Different from Henan Hu spicy soup. Xi'an Hu spicy soup and Henan Hu spicy soup the biggest difference in the choice of materials, Xi'an Hu spicy soup characteristics in the meatballs, Henan Hu spicy soup is diced; Xi'an Hu spicy soup in addition to meatballs, as well as potatoes, lotus white, cauliflower Vegetables, Henan Hu spicy soup is to use kelp, vermicelli, fried tofu as ingredients. In addition to the choice of materials, Xi'an meatballs Hu spicy soup on the taste of a prominent "Ma" word.

[Back Square recommended]:
Lao Li beef and mutton bubble steamed meatballs Hu spicy soup
Address: Lianhu District Sprinkle the
old bridge Liu Yi Yi Xiang meat pills Hu spicy soup
Address: Beilin District, the large hospital No. 89
Liu Long Hu Huotang
Address: Lianhu District from the new Lane (New shop)
Li only meatballs Hu spicy soup
Address: Lianhu District Sprinkle Jinqiao No. 130

③ high family compound

North courtyard halal snack street, and from the noisy commercial street atmosphere is completely different, high courtyard is more like a hiding in the city of the hidden. Xi'an, the most complete protection of the Han residential courtyard, full of deep cultural heritage, the first door plaque on the "second place and the first" four characters will permeate a "school Pa" courage, the door of the ancient furniture, traditional Folk art couplets and brick art and other art to restore the Ming and Qing dynasties architectural style, in addition, folk paper-cut, old photos, porcelain and some artwork mounted this courtyard.
In the high courtyard from time to time there are shadow play or Shaanxi performance, dim light bulb, rectangular white curtain, with the "rattling" music sounded, Guanzhong unique bowl bowl, light and delicate. Qin cavity of the high-pitched rough, gently Liao a voice, it will reveal the nature of Shaanxi people straightforward.

: 8: 30-22: 00
Ticket Price: 15 yuan (you can see the shadow and the Qin cavity, the other charges)
Transportation: travel to the Drum Tower Get off at the station

④ Bell and Drum Tower overlooking Chang'an

Bell and Drum Tower is divided into bell tower and Drum Tower two parts, standing on the bell tower and the Drum Tower overlooking, is not the same as the prosperity of Chang'an.

Xi'an city where everything happened to the clock tower and the heart of the high-speed rotation, as the landmark of Xi'an, the old bell tower hanging on a clock, for the alarm time, now become a well-known tourist attractions, some features Then disappeared, but the festive bell still sounded to pray for peace, of course, the clock tower is also a literary youth darling, especially at night when the clock tower, the scenery is very nice.
Recommended Time: 1-1.5 hours
Hours: 8: 30-21: 30
Ticket price: 35 yuan, 70 years old and students under 18 free admission voucher, bells and drums two floors ticket 50 yuan.
Traffic: Metro Line 2 Station

Drum Tower

Once the drum tower for the drum when the newspaper, built in the Ming Dynasty, Drum Tower and the bell tower relative, are the ancient city of Xi'an landmark building, the building with different periods, different styles and different uses of the drum, every day at six o'clock , Drum tower on the 24 gas drum ring, sound loud, momentum rainbow.
When used: 1 hour
Ticket price: 25 yuan, 70 years of age and the elderly and under the age of 18 primary and secondary school students free of charge to visit, bell and drums on the second floor package 50 yuan.
Opening hours: 8: 30-18: 00,17: 30 stop booking

Day2, hit the terracotta warriors, late at night to cup "drunk Changan"

① fight terracotta warriors and horses

"As a" world's eighth greatest miracle ", it is still a foreign tourists to Xi'an tourism will hit one of the land, not to the terracotta warriors do not come to Over Chang'an City.
Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, including the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum and Qin Shi Huang mausoleum two parts, the figurines are created in real life based on the creation of characters rich expression, carving techniques delicate and smooth, lifelike. Before the tour of terracotta warriors, it is necessary to first understand the relevant historical knowledge, it will not appear when the time do not understand and feel boring feeling.
Terracotta Warriors and Horses currently have four pit positions, of which No. 1 pit is the largest, No. 4 pit has no pit, the general tour order is No. 1 pit-3 pit-2 pit. Scenic area there are sightseeing car, 5 yuan per person.

Recommended: 2-3 hours
Recommended traffic: the east side of the railway station take the green 306 road travel line up to 20 yuan fare, terracotta warriors and horses in Xi'an Lintong District, from the main city of Xi'an far away, can be the best car.
Ticket price: 150 yuan / person, off-season 120 yuan / person, student card to enjoy half-price concessions. (Instructor can be invited, 100 yuan or so)
Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00

② Huaqing Palace in the case of Royal

According to Chuanqing Palace was Yang Guifei bathing place, Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei in this love lingering, the last century, "Xi'an Incident" event again made Huaqing Gong world famous. As one of China's four major royal gardens, the scenic area contains Tang Yu Tang site museum, Xi'an accident site, flying frost hall and other famous attractions, Huaqing Palace away from the main city of Xi'an, located in Lintong, can be considered a good place for summer, August Xi'an temperature is really scary.

Visit the Huaqing Palace can also go to climb Lishan, beacon towers, soldiers Jianting, old mother hall are more famous attractions, "Lishan night photo" is known as one of the eight in Guanzhong. Of course, up and down the mountain has a cable car, very convenient, one-way fare of 30 yuan per person.
When recommended: 1-2 hours
Recommended traffic: Railway Station East Plaza, take the 306 bus in the "Huaqing pool" stop; by car along the west high-speed forward, with half an hour or so.
Ticket price: the full price of 150 yuan season, off-season price of 120 yuan, "Everlasting Regret" performance costs ranging from 218-988 yuan.
Opening hours: 7: 00-18: 30

③ under the walls of a glass of wine

Most people know that Xi'an has a famous bar street "De Fu Lane", the night, the boys and girls who began a drunken nightlife, the whole street lights, lively hustle and bustle. However, for the long-term experience of Xi'an life of foreign tourists, the more recommended atmosphere is relatively quiet Shuncheng Lane, located in the walls under the bistro close to the city's skin, blowing a cool evening breeze, Drink a few glasses of wine, enjoy the city quiet after the pleasant rhythm.
The pub recommended one: it is Lijiang bar

Recommended reason: literary youth feelings of the land, if you read the story of the ice book, if you long for Lijiang, here should be the most suitable bar in Xi'an to choose, no one. Store features Yunnan plum wine, singing at 9 o'clock in the evening will be singing on time, suitable for songs here, suitable for drinks, but also for thinking and venting.
Consumption level: because of personal preferences only love in the store plum wine, 30 yuan a cup, so always ignore the price of other alcohol.
Address: Beilin District Shuncheng South Road, No. 3
pub recommended two: soy milk soup rooftop bar

Recommended reason: both the brigade, but also the theater, but also the bar, such as the name of the shop, there is a big rooftop, for the band to use the stage, from time to time there will be band performances, across the street is the distance between the walls and the door (To commemorate Mr. Jing Do not screen), wine cabinet placed around the world of brewing beer, as well as the most unique Spanish snacks in Xi'an.
Consumption level: According to the amount of personal alcohol and like different, it is said that there are spicy lobster shop.
Address: No. 1, Wangnan East Gate, Beilin District

Day 3, with calligraphy roots, with the ancient city tour

① Yu You Ren Calligraphy Art Museum

Mr. Yu Youren is the Kuomintang veteran, known as the "Kuangcao grass holy", this museum is the only one in the world to show Mr. You Ren's calligraphy works mainly museum, nature is private, open free, the museum There are different forms of calligraphy works, banners, vertical axis, bucket side, fan, questionnaires, couplet, epitaphs and so on. In this way, the depth of understanding of Mr. You Ren's calligraphy, but also for Mr. You Ren I have a more comprehensive and more three-dimensional understanding.

Tickets Price: Free
Address: No.6, Qunxian Road, Yanta District, Jindi Garden, Simon
Visiting Time: Monday to Friday 10: 00-14: 00, Saturday and Sunday 11: 00-13: 00
Bus: 36 , 230,409,510 bus to Jinyuan new century district

② College gate

Such as the name of the academy door, here is the most Mexican Mexican flavor of the place, the four treasures, the pieces of the antique gathered here, and even a few full of youth hostel stationed here, generally can be Amoy to the favorite brush, Calligraphy works or rubbings, the price varies. College door, including one of the four Ming and Qing Dynasties College - Guanzhong College, as well as the former residence of the former president of the old, the College door like a white fluttering old man, the legacy of this stand alone with the ink recorded history.

Opening hours: All day
Tickets Price: Free
Use: 1-2 hours

③ Xi'an Forest of Stone Tablets Museum

Shaanxi to create the earliest museums, collection and display of ancient inscriptions, epitaphs and stone and other series of cultural relics, regarded as China's unique museum, is also the only one in China to the inscription of art as the theme of the museum, the museum has more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics , For calligraphy lovers, here is simply the art of the ocean, swim in the calligraphy of the ocean, such as fish drinking water, birds go to the forest, can be called "calligraphy circles of Jerusalem."

When the time is recommended: 1-2 hours
Ticket price: 75 yuan (explain about 200 yuan)
Opening hours: 8: 00-17: 30
Address: Wenchang door three school Street 15 (Xi'an South Wall Wenchang door)
Bus lines: 14 , 23,40,118,208,214,221,223, 232,706,402,512,619,704,800, tour 6, five dragon line bus arrived

④ Gallery

The hostess is a freelance artist and an illustrator, has her own training school, and runs her own private dining room. In her words, these roles are full of love, not cross the border, but also for friends to do the elegant set, we gather together to drink, painting. And all the good together to be worthy of "wasted" time.

[PS]: fly in the ointment is that this museum is private, detailed information is not available, you can call the message, you can call customer service steward, you can click the link below to learn more.

[Food recommended]: three original old Huangjia
three original old Huang is Mr. Yu Youren home hometown of the most famous restaurant, in the local and Xi'an quite prestigious, including gold line oil tower, bubble cake, pimple face, etc. Is more famous for Chinese and foreign. These snacks both contain a long three Qin culture, but also condensed with Mr. You Ren's thick nostalgia, taste three original old yellow snacks, eat is not only a delicious, it is a hard to go to the art of patriotic feelings.

Per capita consumption: ¥ 63
Business Hours: 10: 00-22: 00
Address: Beilin District Cultural Road Tianlun Spirit 5F (Friendship East East 200 meters east)

Five, on the foreign tourists on the five confused Xi'an

① summer 7-8 months to Xi'an attractions is not the kind of people crowded?

A: tell true 7, August which spots are not crowded, Hui Street, bell tower, terracotta warriors and so on are more people, especially this season, Xi'an is simply hot bombing, but, in order to live up to their own love that love Love the heart of freedom, squeeze squeeze does not matter.

② Xi'an live in which area, play the most convenient?

A: Recommended East Avenue, reason: 1. From the clock tower, back to the square and so will go to a few attractions, walking up to. 2. Convenient transportation, where the car has. 3. From the train station near, if you are by train it will be very convenient. 4. Airport bus, super convenient.

③ how to go to the clock tower?

A: This question is really brilliant, since not to say where they are in the position, then I can only irresponsible to answer the students "taxi or drop it." But after reading this Raiders, we can see my extremely responsible attitude has been infiltrated into every sentence, so since it can not accurately answer this question, then I will list all the possibilities it:
A: coordinates Airport, take the airport big bus line, after 2 stops, arrived at the West Bus Terminal, about 140 meters walk to reach the Seoul Road Station, take the Metro Line 1, after 5 stops to reach the North Street Station, take the Metro Line 2, after a stop, arriving zhonglou station;
B: coordinate HSR station, subway line 2, through the station 10, reaches the Campanile;
C: coordinates of the station, there 251,611,201,603 direct bus path.

④ to participate with the tour with Xi'an tour, there is no suitable travel agency recommended?

A: Asked a question in the heart of children, A Park trip is committed to the depth of travel in Xi'an, has developed a food route, bar routes, calligraphy routes, non-line lines, ancient papermaking routes, etc., each line experience time concentration For 4-6 hours, the number of each group is limited to 6 people, "Xi'an pass" travel division division led, are small and fine travel experience.

 '¢ seeking easy leisure leisure trip three days Raiders?

A: faint smile, it is recommended to slide up the mouse to look at this article.

Six, Postscript

Travel is a practice, in this end without the end of the practice, to abandon the shackles, abandoned the yoke, with simple heart to comprehend the true meaning of travel, on the way with the beautiful things meet, and explore more possibilities, met More purely oneself.
No matter where your trip is, no matter what your final destination is, you are willing to return to the beginning of every practice journey, return to freedom.
Finally, or return to the familiar station station broadcast language: "visitors friends, welcome to the ancient city of Xi'an ... ..."