Xi'an ancient capital guide

The ancient city of Xi'an is located in the central area of Xi'an. It is one of the most complete ancient urban wall buildings in China. It forms one of the landmark scenic spots in Xi'an with the moat and the ring city park. The changing ceremony and cycling tours are two major bright spots of Xi'an city wall.

Traffic Guide

  1. Subway: Take Metro Line 2 to "Yongning Gate" stop, that is.
  2. Bus: Take 6,11,12,16,23,26,321,323,402,405, K600 Road and other buses, get off at the "South Gate Station", get off, from the South Gate wall.

Play guide

  1. Tour time: Xi'an 7,8 two months is too hot, not suitable for excursions, if it is summer, try to choose the ancient city walls in the morning or after sunset.
  2. Performance: There are also some unique Xi'an city wall performances, such as the performance of the ancient opening ceremony of the City of God, the walls of folk performances, performances are located in the South Gate (Yongning Gate), the specific performance time can refer to the official website: http: // www. xacitywall.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=lists&catid=83.
  3. Dengcheng Floor: Xi'an City Wall, East Gate (Changle Gate), South Gate (Yongning Gate), West Gate (Andingmen), North Gate (Anyuanmen), Light Gate, Wenchang Gate, Peace Gate, Suntech Gate, Visitors can choose to visit the city point. Among them, the south gate is the welcome door in Xi'an City and also the gate to which tourists choose the most. In 2006, when the former U.S. President Bill Clinton visited Xi'an, he went to the city from the south.
  4. Biking Excursions: There are rental bicycles on the four doors of East, South, West and North, and bicycles can be returned at any of the above gates after riding.
  5. Sightseeing car: These four doors also provide sightseeing car surround service, you can take a sightseeing electric car, around the city walls around the whole about 50 minutes.

Ticket information

Dengcheng 54 yuan, children under 1.2 meters and the elderly over 70 years old (certificate) free, 1.2-1.4 meters children, primary and secondary students and 65-70 years old (voucher) half-price concessions.

Rental fee: single bike 40 yuan / 100 minutes; double bike 80 yuan / 100 minutes, a deposit of 300 yuan. Take a sightseeing electric car around the city wall 80 yuan / person.

Opening hours

South Gate, North Gate: 8: 00-22: 00 throughout the year;

Light-filled doors throughout the year 8: 00-17: 30;

The remaining gate points: April 1 - April 30 8: 00-18: 00, May 1-October 31 8: 00-19: 00, November 1-March 31, the following year 8 : 00-18: 00.

Nearby attractions

  1. South Gate neighborhood College Cultural Street, Beilin Museum;
  2. Shangdemen located in the north of the city wall, opposite the Xi'an Railway Station, 15 minutes walk from here to the Eighth Route Army Xi'an Office;
  3. East Gate into the city, the immediate front of Xi'an is the most prosperous East Street, the history of this street can be traced back to the Sui and Tang dynasties;
  4. In the light-filled sections of the city walls, light-containing door museum site, there are the Tang Dynasty Changan Imperial City wall site;
  5. Wenchang door outside a free garden: Kibi really prepared to commemorate the park. Kibi real equipment, is the legendary founder of Japanese Katakana, Tang has twice been appointed.