Just three minutes, the fastest tour of the latest lake Lugu Lake Raiders!

Travel, can be said to go away. But Raiders, must be ahead of time! I do not remember this is the first few times to Lugu Lake, and can be called a half of Lugu Lake live map, and all aspects of this situation are more understanding. So according to their own experience summed up the following a tour of the lake tour, hoping to help later small partners.
rige village by by the wind 818

Lugu Lake is located in Sichuan Yanyuan County and Yunnan Ninglang County at the junction of Sichuan is the first natural freshwater lake, known as "plateau pearl," said.  

Not only that, Lugu Lake Mosuo people living in the world is the only matriarchal clan, still retains the "men do not marry, women do not marry, combined with voluntary, discrete freedom," this mysterious and romantic marriage customs, and therefore Attracting a lot of young men and women. I was one of them, the first leg of college graduation travel, did not hesitate to choose the Lugu Lake, from the deep love of it, and fascinated by it.

Mosuo houses BY Shunz straight son

Second, Lugu Lake is necessary to the lake?

The answer is yes, need! And I think it is necessary, for the following reasons:
1, according to incomplete statistics, Lugu Lake Sichuan on both sides of a total of five islands, four peninsula, a long island, 14 Lake Bay, Dazu village, Bo tree village, Sai Village, the size of the village, Riga village nearly 20 natural villages, of which 85% of the attractions in the lake around the line (except the lake island)
2, the most important thing is that the lake around The most efficient use of time, do not go back to the road. If you want to stay in Lugu Lake for a few days, once the experience of the lake, to know where is their favorite place, so that the purpose of the second time to clear.
The above two points, the answer is obvious, the lake is very necessary, but this is only for the first time to a small partner to Lugu Lake Oh. If you are the second, third, fourth ..... then please go directly to the destination it!

Third, what are the essence of the lake (exclusive lake summary)

A bridge: take the bridge

Must visit the attractions, the proposed tour duration 40-60 minutes. Lugu Lake on the only one bridge, its meaning is not only convenient for cross-strait passage, but the Mosuo culture "male and female marriage do not marry" an important carrier of marriage customs, for the Mosuo men and women dating place, the bridge can be rented Mosuo people clothing Photography photography.

Take a trip to the bridge

early morning and sunset, shoot out the best results, a small partner is best not to miss this time point yo!

A beach: Valentine's Beach

Must visit the attractions, the proposed tour time 20-30 minutes. Accurate to say, Valentine's Beach has two, Sichuan one, Yunnan one, the lake for the two provinces were jurisdiction, one get one, it is not surprising. Sichuan's Valentine's Beach, located between the Dazu pier and the wandering pier, about 500 meters, Yunnan's Valentine's Beach is more open, they all have the same meaning, on a poignant love story, with the tour to choose more First, self-help you can visit friends.

Bay: Goddess Bay (Zhaojiawan)

Goddess sunset

Important attractions, the proposed tour time is 30-60 minutes. Goddess Bay is a quiet lake in Lugu Lake, because of the name of the gods of the gods named, because here lived surnamed Zhao Han people, so called Zhaojiawan, a lot of photography enthusiasts say, here is Lugu Lake View sunset sunset the best point of view, but also Lugu Lake scenery one of the most beautiful location.
There are rituals, in the Mosuo people turn the mountain, turn the sea line, where the condescending, Lugu Lake and Kamiyama panoramic view, Mosuo people worship mountains and rivers of the Holy Land. Tour Goddess Bay, sacrifice God can not fall Oh ~

God god bay trestle sunny day

In addition to this to enjoy the beautiful scenery, you can also taste the "good snack", not only his home Lugu Lake dishes worth a try, but also because of the lake leaping tourists to the water surnamed Zhao big brother respectable. Their home can be a la carte, but also by their side dishes, 30 yuan full yo, it is recommended products are: pine mushroom stewed fish, pine mushroom stewed chicken.
The shop is less than 200 meters from the lake, in the goddess of the road must be very conspicuous, the lake dining, their home is a good choice
Address: Goddess Bay 17 Group 28

Good people snack BY illusory fairyland

A mountain: Gum goddess mountain

Important attractions, tickets 90 yuan with cableway, it is recommended to visit 2-3 hours. Gem goddess called the Lion Hill, is located in the Lugu Lake, a Mosuo Mountain, considerable Lugu Lake panoramic view, spectacular scenery, time allows friends to go.

The goddess of gem

A boat: pig trough boat

Must tour the project, usually 30-60 minutes long tour. Pig trough boat is the canoe, Mosuo said "date", has always been the only means of transport in the lake. Because its shape is like a long pig trough named Now with the protection of the ecological environment, do not deforestation, the original pig trough has been less and less. Even a little boat was fitted with a propeller. To the Lugu Lake, this is still must experience the project, the locals can sing and dance, rowing enjoy the time, and then for everyone to offer a few words, so that physical and mental pleasure, and instantly do not want to go back to the big city friends.
Every village in the lake has its own pier. Sporadic households, it does not matter friends. At present, Sichuan's Bo tree village terminal, five ferry terminal, Luo Wa terminal, Yunnan's large water wharf by the village committee unified management, each ship, according to the amount of reception into. Visitors have to take the boat from the designated pier, or as a violation, visitors and rowing Mosuo people have to be accused and punished by the villagers.

Porcine Boat Experience BY Kaka

Price reference:
Bo tree village / five branches of the dock - grass sea, the cost of 50 yuan / person, 3-4 people per boat, about 30 minutes.
The cost of 100 yuan / person, each boat 2 people, about 100 minutes long
Luo Wa Pier - Lianghai + Deng Fei Island, the cost of 70 yuan / People, about 60 minutes long.
Dahuang Dock - Lake area, the cost of 30-50 yuan / person, 3-4 people per boat, about 30 minutes.
Big water dock - lake area + boarded the island, the cost of 50-80 yuan / person, or 300 yuan / boat, about 100 minutes
Lige Bay - Lake area, the cost of 10-30 yuan / person, each ship 3-4 people, about 30 minutes.
Rige Bay - Lake Bay Area + Denhe Wawa Island, the cost of 50-80 yuan / person, or 300 yuan / boat, about 100 minutes.
Cross-regional, such as Yunnan fall into the water - Sichuan five Luo / Luo Wa terminal, the cost of about 80-100 yuan / person, the line is too long, are not willing to draw the

 above description is part of the classic pig tanker line, locals Is also very flexible, will be based on the number of visitors on the same day the amount of accommodation, the appropriate reduction in costs or increase the tour time. There are many scattered in the lake retail, they also have a boat, but for safety, it is recommended not to take the ride.  

Two sea: grass sea, bright sea

Lake on the west side of the lake, commonly known as the left sea, also known as the sea, is said to be under the blue sky and white clouds, especially bright reason. Lake visibility is high, can reach 12 meters, than many Southeast Asia's island visibility are even higher The lake is rich in fish and shrimp, there is a unique Lugu Lake aquatic plants, called leaf salad, its stems can be up to 3-4 meters, the sun out of the lake when the white flowers, no sunshine Flowers in the water, into a piece of white flowers floating on the water, like a stars. Every summer, the most exuberant, it is said that it is an average three times a day, it is also known as "water-based Yang Hua."

Jingwei clear grass sea and bright sea BY sunny day

Water-based Yang Hua BY Xia Wei Yue

water-based Yang Hua it can not only watch, you can also cook, is a special food Lugu Lake yo! We go to Lugu Lake, must not miss!

The east side of the lake, because covered with plants and reeds, according to estimates of 15000 acres, which is 1500 standard football field so big, is worthy of the mu of grass sea. Have not been friends may not know, grass sea is floating in the lake, it is amazing it? Where the water a year old a dry-wing, and no man-made salvage, withered sink, corruption, for the next year's water to provide nutrition, so repeated, after thousands of years of evolution, the formation of today's grass sea. Different kind of fun, stepping on the grass sea, tour about 40-60 minutes. The vast majority of people are lakeshore sightseeing, or through the pig trough when the grass sea through it. According to the local Mosuo friends introduced, the floating layer of thin less than 1 meter, thick up to three or four meters, can support the weight of adults. Winter is too cold, the summer is just, the grass is busy, we have the opportunity to step on the grass sea, rolled pants, feel the grass sea like Shen Shen's fun.
PS. The project also has a certain risk, and can not be large-scale reception team visitors, only self-tour visitors have the opportunity to experience.  

Grass sea by three points

Two museums: Yang two car Namu Museum, Mosuo Museum

Yang two car Namu let the world know the Lugu Lake, know the Mosuo people, know the marriage, the Yunnan government in recognition and reward Yang two car Namu Lugu Lake tourism business development contribution, specially grant her a position is very Good land, by her own investment spent four years to build this private museum. Tickets 30 yuan / person, but unfortunately, a fire in 2015, is now no longer visit.

Yang two car Namu Museum BY sunny day

Mosuo Museum, located in Sichuan Lugu Lake Town, Bo Shu Village, the original Mosuo soil factory site, is the only one in China, the world's only system show Mosuo historical culture and folk customs of the thematic museum. Open to 2014, tickets 30 yuan / person. Interested friends can visit, it is recommended to visit the time 60 minutes.

Mosuo Museum BY zml edge of the wind with the wind

Two Peninsulas: Rige Peninsula, Loa Peninsula

Rige Peninsula, an excellent location, backed by the mountain, surrounded by water, we know the Lugu Lake, the major platform to promote photos, many of them from here. I also particularly like here, the peninsula inn to sit down, brew a pot of Pu'er, to a Ge You trip, see Yunjuanyunshu, the lake sparkling, the boat shuttle, so comfortable! Time enough friends, it is recommended to live here for a night, of course, the price is not cheap yo!

Rige Peninsula BY sunny day

Luo Wa Peninsula, here is a very important dividing line, one side is the famous grass sea, one side is bright sea, here is to watch the sunset, sunrise Oriental excellent location. Every morning, Mosuo people in the lake salvage pig grass, is also a beautiful landscape.

Luo Wo BY Xia Weiyi

I think that Luo Wa dock water-based Yang Hua is a special number, do not believe you on the field to compare more!

Water - borne poplar

Three Lake Heart Island: Princess Island, Mile Island, Black Wo Island

Wang Fei Island, formerly known as Bo Wa Island, Bo Yin Island, is to commemorate the last year of Lugu Lake Princess Xiao Shuming "Tusi Princess House", the scenery is naturally very beautiful friends. Where the lake visibility is particularly high, water-based Yang Hua also looks particularly good, two or three meters long rhizomes are common things.

Wang Fei Island that day pine

Mile Island, located in the south of Lugu Lake, Lugu Lake is the most famous island. There are monks on the island, the temple in the plastic with Sakyamuni, thousands of Goddess of Mercy and other statues. Monastery incense heyday, every Tibetan festival and Buddhist festivals will have local people to pray for worship.

Mileage on the island than on the road BY

Black Wako Island, also known as playing on the island, the locals called snake island, because the summer rain after the island out of the sun's snake particularly named after. Located in the lake, but also to become the island of the island, the island of onions cage, birds cluster, is the north to the north of the migratory birds, ducks habitat. This is also the former Yongning Tusi A Yunshan Explorer of the water palace, he received the American botanist Dr. Locke, and Locke became a good friend, Locke had lived in the island for a full 8 years, and Mosuo people relationship is very good, Mosuo people on the late exotic friends have deep feelings, most people also called the island called "Rock Island".

Rock Island BY Revio

Eight villages: Bo tree, Dazu, Riga, the size of the water, Lujia Bay and so on

The village of information I do not cumbersome it! They are the local several large villages, are in the lake, eat, accommodation, boating, and so are more convenient.

Big fall water village BY wind 818

Rige Village BY by the wind 818

Four, what way to take the lake?

Lugu Lake Lake area of ​​about 48 square kilometers, about 70 km a week around the road, driving at least 4 hours, love to take pictures of slow friends need 7-8 hours. From the Yunnan section of the red child view platform - Rige - small fell into the water - Sichuan Dazu village for the mountain, slope and more corners, especially in the paragraph is more prominent. Other sections can be counted as Ping Road. As shown below: red area for the flat road, yellow mountain road.

Lugu Lake Satellite Map BY mon-FI

Chartered lake

Chartered there are five private cars and seven commercial vehicles (that is, commonly known as the van), are the local residents doing this business, the price is basically the same, visit the lake 150-180 yuan / car, 360 ° Lake week 300- 350 yuan / car, pay attention to chartered when asked, is the car with people go, casually go, one day for their own team service. It is best to make an appointment in advance, especially in the season, the vehicle is not easy to find.

1, can also be cheaper, the premise is that the driver can take more than a single, the guests need to go to the next point when the driver to call, he was to pick up.
2, the lane is not included to the goddess of the Bay, the side of about 5 km, of which about 2 km is the ramp, riding very tired, driving also cost oil, chartered need to add 50 yuan look.

Lugu Lake official flat map by sunny day

The battery is on the lake

A few years ago is very popular, but unfortunately no now! The latest news is that the local government for the safety of tourists, after 2017 in May to completely stop it!

Bicycle around the lake

More than a single car, according to the car 30-50 yuan / day, several major accommodation areas, such as Sichuan Lugu Lake Town (take the bridge fork), Bo tree village, near the five Lo dock, Loewa Peninsula, Big Water Village, Riga Peninsula. During the day the boss will put the car on the roadside, it is easy to identify. It is worth noting that where the car from where to borrow from where also, not a big city to share the bike, everywhere can also want to stop where to stop where.

Walking around the lake

The fastest two days, the soles wear wear it! If your physical strength is not particularly good, time is not very abundant, then the proposal or not! For other ways.

Four kinds of ways around the lake, as the public tourists, the most unrealistic on foot; the bike is very tired, especially in the small fall into the water that period, the battery car security risks, or will not be banned now, and bike battery car sun and rain, In contrast, the best way is to chartered the lake, said go away, said stop to stop, not strenuous, easy to visit.

But the local package of this van and car also has its flaws, mainly the following:
1, vehicle operation qualification problems: their own or the inn to help call the car, encountered a black car, do not have operational qualifications.
2, chartered driver may not have a driver's license: driving the driver may have years of driving experience, nor out of the traffic accident, but the local mountain high emperor far, has not obtained the driver's license "old driver" everywhere;
3, charter costs are not fixed : Taxi people are too small per capita cost, people a little more, a car and no less, increase a car, the higher cost friends;
4, did not buy accident insurance: the local chartered will not have accident insurance, the driver will not May be for you to buy insurance; to
collect the suit: with the group ride the tourist bus around the lake cost-effective victory, regular air-conditioned tourist bus, spacious and comfortable, fixed costs, as well as full-time tour guide all the way to explain and service, drivers are mountain driving experience Rich old drivers, have their escort completely assured, at the same time, travel agencies for all tourists to buy travel accident insurance, more than a guarantee. ↓ ↓ ↓

Five, concluding remarks

Although the individual summed up the essence of the lake and the way around the lake, but because of many attractions in Lugu Lake, different people have different ways to visit and the unique feeling of beauty, Lugu Lake beauty is not a few words can describe clearly. This article can be for everyone's trip to Lugu Lake to provide some reference and help, so that the trip to Lugu Lake easier and more successful!

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