The most beautiful inn in Luzhi ancient town丨 Jiangnan six ancient town of the last poetic!

The same water and home, the same bridge water, the same willow Yiyi in the waterfront, this season, the new green Jiao Hong decorated like a fine ink like the ancient town. Pure, elegant, gentle temperament, which is the first impression of all people see Luzhi. Jiangnan town roughly the same, see more, it is inevitable that the original "was stunning", but rather there is a kind of old acquaintance between the tacit understanding.

One, why is the most beautiful inn?

That is the most beautiful inn, really is not exaggerated, stay in Luzhi so small half a day, our stay in the museum is the longest time. Pro out of the museum when we watch the old Yan said that the composition of the museum, is the essence of Luzhi ancient town scenic spots.  

200 years old house became inn

In the town of Lu town south of the city under the 15th Street, near Wang Tao Memorial Hall, right Wansheng rice line, more importantly, and Ye Shengtao Memorial across the river, there are different buildings, this is Feng Bin composition museum.  

This museum has three major collections, one for each period of primary and secondary school textbooks, two for the same age is the primary and secondary school diploma, the first for the Guangxu, Xuantong years of the certificate, three for all kinds of old-fashioned items.  

Up to the Guangxu years, "Nanyang Public School Mongolian textbooks", "the latest elementary school textbooks" and so on more than 500 years of primary and secondary school textbooks. There are the first Guangxu, Xuantong years of Suzhou City, nearly 500 primary and secondary school students diploma. As well as Mr. Ye Shengtao in the Republic of China during the 45 kinds of books, as well as Xia Mianzun, Feng Zikai and other literary books and so on, all collect here. It is precisely because of these books collection, full house book taste, so that Feng Bin composition of the museum became a special presence on the town.  

Museum in the design style is also unique: modern and classical combination of culture and life combined. There are ancient cultural walls, the traditional combination of the traditional river farm stove; there are hundreds of years of history plaque and the old shop signs, there are heavy dignity of the ancient gate of Pingyao; Guangxu old wells, there are street mails ... ...  

Feng Bin Written Museum Inn

Inn is the place where a person's life is the shortest stay. Perhaps the conditions here are no better than the star hotels you have lived. But if you love literature, and it is also a sensible person. So here, along the history of Chinese literature masters of the imprint, you will have some unexpected gains.  

In Luzhi town life for a few days, close to feel the existence of the next master, infiltration in the inn book stack, smell the moss fragrance, listen to mosquito singing, look at the spider hunting ... ... everything is poetic, very Beautiful!  

Second, Luzhi other accommodation recommended

Xinghua spring rainy alley, Indus drizzle dusk, small bridge water people, Lu straight with alcohol is Jiangnan water features. The taste of the town in the morning and evening to get the most concentrated, it is recommended to live in the town one night. Whether it is a luxury residential area, or for backpackers family inn, have a very strong town style.

1, Suzhou Luzhi Water Village Youth Inn

Inn location is very good, on the river, very good to find, the boss warm, accommodation can also be, the boss will be arranged in a small courtyard, the inn from the various attractions are very close, very convenient, evening and early morning when most When the tourists are away, enjoy the water to bring the quiet very comfortable.

2, Suzhou Luzhi ink Jiangnan Hotel

Inn is located in Jiangnan Cultural Park, is located in the town of Lu town town center, elegant environment, complete facilities. The inn building retains the traditional style of Jiangnan Water Village. It is simple and elegant. It is elegant and elegant. It is decorated with courtyards and buildings. It is small to the decoration of the doors and windows and the corridor. It presents the authentic nature of Jiangnan Water Village and provides a quiet place to rest. Inn outside the environment is also good, in front of the bridge water, so you enjoy the charm of the water. The disadvantage is that the room sound is not good, the facilities are relatively old.

3, Suzhou Luzhi City Hotel Ramada Hotel

Ramada Hotel is a 10-minute walk from Luzhi Guzhen Town. Parking is free of charge and is recommended to walk to the town. Hotel rooms are large, the pool is good, very clean, there are children's parent-child paradise, suitable for families with children to stay.

Part of the picture source network invasion

Jiangnan Water Village unique quiet and quiet, the ancient town of unique years of heritage and cultural influence, wandering in the town, there is always a corner to let you slow down. In Luzhi town on the old street, Gallery shed, according to the water and built rows of houses. Blue stone road on both sides, sitting a lot of aborigines, they have a ride did not take a chat to chat with the days, showing a kind of self-satisfied tone.

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