Phoenix ancient city cuisines, a taste of local flavor

Fenghuang ancient city is one of the most famous ancient town, gurgling water, unique stilts floor, as well as colorful night are fascinating. What food here can impress us taste buds?

Tuo River fish king

See comments on the very top ranking to eat, the taste is not bad, the components are more adequate, you can pay for the phone. Right next to the water truck, the location is still relatively easy to find.

Signature dishes, stone pot fish.

Small shrimp, taste super good, shrimp is very fresh! ! !

Live shrimp are fried

On the election in the Tuojiang near a fishing king, I feel this light is bright, shrimp looks very fresh. Forgot to shoot fried shrimp cake, anyway, it is delicious.

Shrimp really quite fresh, lively, fried delicious taste.

Auntie to the yellow pickled yellow beef powder

Inn boss recommended ~ not in the main street, it is easy to miss, after the bridge that can take the car up the stairs, the left hand side is next to the parking lot.
Ordered a bacon a beef ..., accompanied by the flour and the taste of fine powder is still quite good, very tasty ~ meat weight more foot, but also not the kind of fat or side dishes filled with the kind of ... ...

Fire ginseng fruit

Fire ginseng casserole bought casually, cool, not too sweet, purely painted a fresh, personally do not like this taste.

Junzi Hotel

Go far far to find this hotel, are in the ancient city of the edge of the ~ more than seven in the evening we go, not many people, the waiter more than the customer. It may also be because it is low season now. The weight of the dish is still very full ... how to say it, because this store is basically on the verge of the ancient city, so it is mainly for locals doing business, so the price of taste or something more real.

Picked a pickled fish a flipper, flipper this vegetable has not eaten before, I feel very novel, there is a kind of grass that grass feeling ~

The flipper looks a bit like the spinach, but the taste is totally different.

Pickled fish, did not put pepper.

Ali hill tribute tea

In that free Tian's ancestral hall, you can see the stairs. Inside the ancient city is one of the few looks a little formal, on the grade, not the most prevalent tea shop.

Head office old house powder Museum

Also on the public comment on the top of a family, the owner also recommended the hotel, just across from the Junzi Hotel. Location relatively far, near the edge of the ancient city, walked from the snow bridge for about a quarter of an hour, are the main road, but also more convenient, and the road is approaching the powder Museum is a very feel the road, but also a red lantern, and Bluestone, and now people are not many people off-season, super camera feel ~

Taste super invincible like, even if it is not hot is also delicious, soup are drank powder ~ meat inside the meat is very full, but also a few slices of vegetables, color is also good-looking ... beef quality is good, not the kind Flour to do, sliced ​​thin, nor old ~ wide powder allows the owner to the same white and green flour half as wide, mix up ... the

boss said they are mainly local or local business, so the price is fairly affordable, and The boss also always asked us enough weight ~ boss super good, he said he wanted to move inside the ancient city, but the paper leaves left by the wall can not move away, so has not been moved ~ simply too good. But also can buy, price conscience, call for the old house call ~

Hongqiao that more expensive, nor is this a branch, they do all of the ... ... or recommend this one, walking is not far away, the taste Ye Hao, the price is better ~

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