How much to travel to the ancient city of Phoenix? (With travel tips)

Many people ask, how much money to travel to the ancient city of Phoenix? A few days suitable? How to play worry and save money? As a professional travel planner, today I will eat, live, travel, play and other aspects to you to analyze what the ancient city of Phoenix travel about how much it costs. Will also give you some real suggestions, so that everyone how to spend the least money to get the best enjoyment.
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One. About the ancient city of Phoenix eating consumption

Meal on the meal to remember the choice of eating a real meal dining. Recommend everyone to the Phoenix people to eat places to go. Do not consider the ancient city near the waterfront, this you know, expensive rent, coupled with less weight, part of the ancient city restaurant zaka is not normal.

Phoenix ancient city consumer price list

Recommend everyone to save some money here, delicious, cheap Miao characteristics, a la carte general point. Specially recommended Wanmuzhai, Miao people Hongqiao first stoves, as well as outside the town of Jinniu restaurant three restaurants, and now use the map navigation can be very easy to find.

Two. About the ancient city of Phoenix accommodation costs

I personally still recommend online booking in advance. Especially in the high season, such as the summer vacation, Golden Week, remember to book in advance, but do not be too cheap to set the price is too low for the inn, easy to have a pit.

Milan home real map

Off-season can not book in advance, but the ancient city of Fenghuang is the stone road, alley and more, not open to traffic, whether it is dragging luggage or carrying a bag to find accommodation, are very hard, and temporary housing may not be able to find Satisfied with the house. After booking online room, after all, a large website guarantee, any disputes are easy to handle.  

Phoenix ancient city accommodation price list

Here to recommend a good price for the inn, this is the ancient street back to Longguang Milan Villa Inn inn. Because the inn location is more unique, in the Mid-levels, the roof has a large viewing terrace, overlooking the ancient city and Tuojiang, because the inn was newly renovated last year, health conditions are not bad, it is recommended Oh!

Three. About the traffic around the ancient city of Phoenix prices

Whether Jishou, Huaihua or Tongren line cars are to Phoenix North Bus Station, the need to transfer to the ancient city. In particular, we should emphasize that there are some cattle posing as government officials in the car now. Some high-priced tourist products are recommended in the car and the service is not guaranteed. Therefore, we must carefully scrutinize them so as not to be deceived.  

If it is with the elderly and children, a large number, can not wait for a variety of lines such as car change, it is recommended to nest in the hornet's nest more comfortable car carpool service, the price per capita also okay, but also to the ancient city, very convenient.

Traffic around the ancient city of Phoenix table price list

Four. Phoenix attractions on the price

Many tourists go directly to the scene to buy, not only expensive, and it is easy to be some soliciting and cattle flock to some garbage scenic spots, resulting in unpleasant experience.

At present, some Phoenix Phoenix inn also has some attractions ticket sales, some of the inn does not make room to make money, but first with low prices to attract everyone to stay, the boss and staff were generally warm and friendly people, and soon be able to mix with guests, unwittingly The newspaper group, Miaozhai day trips, shopping, eating and other consumer sales out.

Good conscience word of mouth Inn, push the quality of the consumer most of the better The price is reasonable, pub tourists win. This does not oppose you stay, anyway, happy. However, some black heart should be careful, recommend a very expensive Miaozhai day tour, recommended black car black group, the recommended counterfeit silver products abound, absurdly hide in the hands.    

So I still recommend all attractions tickets are set in advance online, the price is much better than the scene, but also security.

Fenghuang ancient town attractions consumer price list

V. Phoenix City tour guide price

Miao A Mei take you to visit attractions

Phoenix City tour guide price is generally between 100-300, according to service hours, tour guide level of price difference. Please guide is to better experience the customs of the Phoenix, the tour guide can also be in advance to you before the parking and basic traffic to get Phoenix, so you use the most peace of mind to play the Phoenix.

Tips: It is
strongly recommended to the regular travel agent booking tour guide, do not drink with the street "tour guide", was pit to complain about the door.

VI. What is the ancient city of Phoenix? How much does it cost?

1. Phoenix nine King + sidewalk performances day trip

Eat: Three meals a day
stay: One night accommodation
Tickets: Tickets Phoenix Phoenix scenic and sidewalk tickets Tickets
Small traffic: Phoenix nine Kingview all in the ancient city, the whole tour can be, Biancheng show ahead of the prehistoric nest booking free shuttle service.
Approximate cost: 208-288 yuan / person  

2. Phoenix nine King + Biancheng play + Miao two-day tour

Eat: breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively;
stay: a night stay;
Tickets: Phoenix nine King tickets, sidewalks performances tickets, Miaozhai tickets;
small traffic: the ancient city of nine walking tour, the city performances and Miao Village free shuttle.
Approximate cost: 380-500

3. Phoenix nine scenes + edge + Miao Village + rafting three-day tour

Eat: breakfast, lunch and dinner were three;
live: two nights accommodation;
tickets: Phoenix Nine King tickets, the city performances, Miaozhai tickets, Ximen gorge adventures;
small transport: walking tour of the ancient city of nine scenic sidewalks, Miao Village, Simon Gorge rafting are free shuttle car.
Approximate cost: 700-900 yuan / person  

VI. Phoenix Ancient City Travel Notes

1. Do not trust any street soliciting. Whether it is accommodation or a day trip or do not want to eat all do not listen.
A word let each other give up. If you are traveling by car Phoenix, then when you enter the Fenghuang County, you will encounter a lot of enthusiasts who come for you to guide and provide help, most of them are men riding a motorcycle, the woman get off the window for your guidance . If you want to say no, you can tell them that everything is arranged so that they do not end up hitting the porcelain. Unpleasant things often start like this. 
3. Do not petty cheap, there is no free lunch in the world, this sentence is very popular in the Phoenix.
4. Shopping Most things you can bargain, this grasp on their own, I feel reasonable on it, at any time can not have the so-called lowest price.
5. Do not bring coins, Phoenix basically do not charge, while the other public toilets are basically one to two dollars.
6. No matter what you buy, what to eat, be careful not to follow people behind (sometimes deliberately close with you, let the boss think you are together), they will secretly tell the boss that you are her guests ( The boss does not know), then they eat kickbacks. Rebates of course, the boss added to your body it!


Although there are some small tricky when traveling in Phoenix, but in general there is nothing to be particularly worried about, and will not affect your travel mood, the provincial money province, the flower money, there is any problem at any time Consult me ​​oh!

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