Surrounding is also wonderful, Fenghuang three features outside the ancient city of scenic spots

Came to the Phoenix, visit the town at the same time do not ignore the town around! The outer periphery of the town also has a good view and characteristics.

Magical Cave - Qiliang Cave

Although not the highest quality cave in Qiliangdong, stalagmites, stone columns and stalactites are also common in the cave. However, due to the quiet river, the scenery in the cave becomes very special. Before entering the cave to visit Fang Miaozhai gate, there will be two "Miao Han" carry soil gun with each tourist photo, photo voluntarily purchased at their own expense.
After the formal hole, the most noteworthy "Underwater World", Miao Wang training places and promenade, will let you feel the beauty of the cave and profound.

Bai Ling Dao Ditch: At the top of the cave, the yellow and white layers of limestone caves are reflected on the surface of the underground river, forming a narrow and long deep trench landscape. In fact, the water depth here is only a few meters, only because the river mirror, the top of the cave reflection and wonders.

Stone coral: On the surface of stalactites or stalagmites that are structurally loose, calcium carbonate chemical deposits, such as sponges, are gradually formed as pores due to the exudation of capillary water.
The stone corals in Qiliang Cave are well developed, and the view of the coral reefs in the world is beautiful. The shape, elegance and pleasing appearance of the stone coral are the essence of stalactites.

The peach peach meeting: The top of the stalactite clusters in clusters, such as the size of a single, fresh peach, according to legend, the Queen Mother of peach meeting held here, the bridge can see all the gods look forward to longing, food, longevity.

Heart and soul.

Address: Qiliangqiao Township, Fenghuang County (about 5 kilometers north of Fenghuang Ancient City)
Tickets: 60 yuan (3 yuan insurance, student ID, half price, except for graduate students)

Embracing Fenghuang ancient town - South Huashan National Forest Park

South Huashan National Forest Park crescent-shaped embracing Fenghuang ancient city, clear the Tuojiang River water through the city, the natural scenery of the park echoes the ancient city landscape, set ancient Pu, Qingxiu, elegant, magical in one.

South Huashan Jiufeng Qixi, the most famous Huwei Peak, Furong Rock, Shen Congwen cemetery, monument of stronghold, Temple of Heaven and so on. There are more than 500 kinds of animals and plants in the mountains, of which more than 30 kinds of rare animals and plants. The grass on the mountain is deep in Lin Mao, wild flowers are everywhere, the springs are beautiful, and the mountains are beautiful. It is the crown of the eight ancient landscapes of Phoenix.

Address: No. 38, Hongqiao Middle Road, Rongjiang Town, Fenghuang County
Tickets: RMB 128/person

Characteristic cultural attractions - Miao Village

You Miaozhai is a popular part of the Phoenix journey, the current government has three lines, of which [ Mountain Miao Village - Miao Valley] day trip due to the integration of natural beauty and the Miao culture, relatively popular .
First enter the Miaoren Valley scenic area, climbed Miaowangdong, and then officially entered the Miao village after two ships. You Miaozhai seems to have formed a fixed pattern, that is, into the Miaozhai door first barricaded wine (low glutinous rice wine), and then to the Miao Museum (Miao Wang - Miao Wang Long Yunfei's residence) to visit Miao costumes; then to Miao The square in front of the church looks at Miao ethnicity and dance, thrilling steel knife show, and participates in interactive games such as jumping bamboo poles.

If you have plenty of time, you can also look at the towers and the walls, although now the ancient legacy of the defeat, but confirmed the mountain had a strong military Miao Zhai defense function.
Come here, with the whole group to explain can make you more in-depth understanding of Miao style, but more compact and not free; if still want to find honest Miao Feng, perhaps alone to take advantage of this market, there will be pleasantly surprised.

This set of Miao costumes is the costume worn by the Miao serviles during festivals, festivals, and marriage. It consists of the crown, pectoral, necklaces, jewelry, silver clothing, pleated skirts, flowers with skirts, flowers, embroidered shoes and other components, the body of silver up to more than 50 pieces. This costume contains two state-level intangible cultural heritages - the Miao silversmithing skills and Miao embroidery, and a provincial intangible cultural heritage - the Miao nationality.

In the Hmong-specific service culture, these beautiful and colorful costumes from generation to generation come from the hands of women and continue to be inherited by them and their daughters. Women are not only producers of Miao services, but also important forces that create and inherit Miao culture.

Miao to the surrounding traffic inconvenience, usually in the local Miaozhai day trip.

San Francisco in the ancient city of San Francisco, must go to the surrounding, visit Miao Village and landscape.

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