Fenghuang ancient city three summer cooling lines, a good place for summer leisure

Travel and summer has always been a very hot tourism project. In front of the ancient city of Phoenix is ​​the mother river Lijiang River, backed by Nanhua Mountain, and the riverside temperature in summer stays at around 22 degrees. The inn that faces the river in the ancient city is like living in a natural air-conditioned room and covering the quilt at night. More and more tourists choose to visit the ancient city of Phoenix for summer tourism.
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I am also repeated by many tourists repeatedly asked the same question: Where is the most cool Phoenix Mountain? Phoenix where summer? To this end, I deliberately collected the ancient city of Phoenix less beauty of the summer, after reading, where to stay cool!

Casual and comfortable, preferred by the side of the Li River

The Lancang River runs through the city and the riverside temperature is a few degrees lower than the street. The average temperature during the day is around 20-24 degrees. In the evening, the temperature is low. The riverside temperature is between 17-21 degrees. Summer is the most suitable. It's The scenery of Yishanbangshui really makes people feel comfortable. In the ancient city of North Gate tower Tuojiang River where there is an open place, in the evening a lot of people in the river cool, it is cozy! Hunting in the Tuo River water is completely free Oh.

Tuojiang is to reach the place where the Phoenix must go. Living in the ancient city, many inn are Tuojiang both sides, can see the beautiful scenery Tuojiang. There is a different flavor between day and night. I think it is the best attractions in the ancient city of Phoenix. The ancient city lies on both sides of the river, and the beautiful city is surrounded by the Lancang River. It is such a feeling.

If you want to take a boat to appreciate the Lijiang River from another point of view, then you will need to purchase the Gan River rafting ticket for 80 yuan/person. The Lancang River night scenic spot will open at 19:00-23:00 and the rafting time will be around 30 minutes. On the north side of the North Gate Tower, the ship goes east to the Wanshou Palace and disembarks. You can enjoy the scenery of the Li River in the middle of the river, cross the Hongqiao Bridge, and watch the hundred-year-old Diaojiao House. The fantastic night view will make us fascinated and there will be Miao Jiaa. Girls sing folk songs, very good to hear it, this game is suitable for leisure like tourists, in the ancient city, without the car, that is to walk. Tickets in the hornet's nest now also can be directly booked, ID card directly into the park, very convenient oh! 

Tuojiang rafting is to come to Phoenix must play, we must ride the boat. Beautiful scenery in the early morning, some people washing clothes in the waterfront vegetables, the boat crossed the bridge, a sister wearing a blue dress on the boat with an umbrella, waving to us, the United States and the United States. The boat is very stable, and it's easy to draw a stroke of water. The boatman also sings across the air, all the way to see the river house, Aoyama Guta, great feeling.

Exciting passion, rafting in the Ximen Gorge

Simon Gorge Rafting

Summer is the fun thing to do with water. Many young people like to play rafting, especially during the rainy season. Participate in drifting, Splashes, waves repelled boat, do not experience the absolute regret! Ximen Gap drifting in the valley which is pure natural drifting, scenic entrance in Jixin County, Fenghuang County, 22 km from the ancient city, about 30 minutes by car. Ximen gorge drifting 6 kilometers, the general drifting play time of 60 minutes, about 40 minutes in the rainy season, a boat can take 6 people, the boatman is responsible for paddle control of the hull, we just seize the firm hold, there are shouting, Enjoy it.  

Different from the previous rafting, the Ximen Gorge rafting is a boatman, so the highlight is the water battle, despite his understanding do not know, pick up the water scoop and other people on board each other, there are several gaps also large Very exciting, very fun ~

At present, there are no direct buses to Ximenxia Scenic Area from Phoenix to Phoenix. You need to take a bus to Jixin Town from the North Bus Station of Phoenix City first. After you arrive at Jixin Bus Station, you can take a 8-minute walk to Ximenxia Drifting Scenic Spot. Ximen Gap Scenic Tickets are 188 / person, advance booking price online is 150 / person. At present, there are activities on the hors d'oeuvre, 148/person including tickets to the Ximen Gorge also return shuttle service, the price is good.

Explore Canyon Falls, Valley of Flying Water

  Fledgling sedimentary rocks and clear translucent Hongliu stream, which rise and fall in the Feitui Valley, form more than 10 different types of waterfalls due to the difference in elevation, rapid or gentle, or magnificent. Falls to the bottom of the DFS is a surprise that flows from the cliffs of more than 100 meters to fly straight down the splash of water to make it more than ten meters can also feel its wet and cool, It takes about 2.5 hours, because the Feishui Valley is in the deep mountains, plus there are many waterfalls in the middle. Even in summer, play inside is also very cool.

The scenery is beautiful, the original ecological, the entire Feishui Gu scenic play not tired, a number of small burst, and one of the largest Feiguogui Falls, drop more than 100 meters, standing on the air glass on the path to watch the spectacular, value Attractions!

At present, Phoenix has no direct bus to Feishui Valley. You need to take a shuttle bus from Phoenix Bridge to Allah Town at Tuqiao Interchange in Fenghuang County (direct way to No. 2). The fare is about RMB7, and then take a motorcycle or chartered to Feishui Gu Scenic. Scenic tickets are 68/person. Transport needs several times transit, but the cost will be much more expensive. It is still advisable for everyone to participate in a day trip. Participation is generally the morning to play DFS, Miao Wang Miao village in the afternoon, itinerary is still very reasonable.

Concluding language

Phoenix into the weather in May gradually heat up, stroll in the ancient city for a long time will feel very hot, this time you should find a place to enjoy cool leisure cool summer, whether it is leisure and leisure Tuo River rafting, or exciting Ximen Gorge rafting, or Is the winding path of the Drifting Valley are very good choice, we can choose according to their own needs for their own.

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