Lijiang Inn petal eye, which has a recommendation

Read online countless inn reservation strategy, you may pick flowers, book inn as long as according to their own feelings and preferences, and then combined with the public eye can find their own satisfied inn and hotel, Lijiang, a lot of inn architectural style is Naxi Farmhouse courtyard, but the internal decoration and layout of the different style only, when you book the inn online, you need to see is the inn's interior decoration and style is not what you like, and then decide whether or not to book.

When booking the inn on the Internet first look at how the environment of the inn, the distance from the main line is around how far it is related to the convenience of you go out to play around looking for food to find, these must pay attention, if you do not know How to read, you can open the address of Baidu map input inn, and then view some of the details around, you can understand that you choose the inn is not what you need.

Listen Huatang private garden inn

Many times to Lijiang, often live in a inn (listen to flower hall), not for anything else, just for the garden here and love the owner of the flower, home service makes me very comfortable, tea and flowers every day, which girls do not love.

Exterior of the inn

When you approach the flower hall, there is a yard surrounded by flowers. Open the window in the morning just facing the rise of the sunrise looking at the blooming bustling courtyard, sitting in the evening in the hospital, and beloved people play in the flowers, leaving the lens the most beautiful memories, this is not our life chase What?

Inn interior

Run to this, how much you are tired, listen to flower hall are carefully taken into account this point, open the door of the wood, pay attention to the layout of the tables and chairs, simple and stylish environment, relaxed atmosphere blowing. Inn flowers for the United States, but can not ignore her inner quality, like a beloved butler service, exquisite room design, everywhere you see the owner's intentions.

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