8 ways to open the Lijiang, Fun size attractions ~

Into Lijiang, into a wonderful journey. Follow the "dear inn" swim Lugu Lake, feel the Mosuo style; walk "Aventure Capital" Lijiang Ancient City; enjoy the ancient Shuhe ancient town, quiet, experience Naxi style; view Zhang Yimou director's impression "Impression Lijiang"; and the Jinsha River Zero distance contact, feel the breathtaking stimulation of the Tiger Leaping Gorge; enjoy the "Three Parallel Rivers" spectacle
lugu lake boating

First, open the 8 ways of Lijiang

1, daughter country, Joseph Locke mouth fairy living, boating Lugu Lake

About Lugu Lake:
Lugu Lake is the "mother lake" of Mosuo people who still retain the tradition of matriarchal society today. It is also the paradise of countless traveler's dreams. I think many people have seen "dear inn," then, talking about Lugu Lake is even more familiar, or you are because of "dear inn" did not know the Lugu Lake, Lugu Lake know, or even Lugu Lake , It is not important, it is important that the Lugu Lake is really worth your slow down, feel the sacred place of life, where rippling, clear water and blue sky, as inlaid in the mysterious summit of the "plateau pearl."

Lugu Lake play not to be missed eight experience:

(1) Rafting Lugu Lake
enjoy the fun of the landscape surrounded by the light boat lake, the boat slowly slipped into the lake, listening to Mosuo singing melodious folk songs, floating in the landscape between the islands in the lake in various shapes, slim, green Picturesque, Qin cool wind clean, comfortable, long boat, light swing.

(2) viewing platform overlooking the Lugu Lake
To say the best place to shoot Lugu Lake, of course, is the Lugu Lake observation deck, the observation deck at the edge of the road to the Lugu Lake car can be directly to the viewing Taiwan does not need to buy tickets to buy tickets, said the photos taken here will be more beautiful than you can see the scenery, you can personally feel it gives you a visual feast.

Lugu Lake

(3) walk the wedding bridge, enjoy the sea of
grass seagrass vast waters, reeds, poultry fishes diving. Aqua is changing in the middle of the day, where waterfowls drift. You can stroll the wedding bridge, see ducks swimming, reeds and the lake connection, blue waves, really beautiful.

Lugu Lake go to the wedding bridge

(4) Da Luo Shui Cun Appreciation Performance:
Tourists to Lugu Lake basically live in Da Lok Village, where the air is fresh, the sky is blue and the lake is clear. In the down the water village, along the lakeshore are Mosuo people's wooden house converted into a hotel, just a lot of rooms facing the lake are lake view rooms, the environment is very good. And by night, the local Mosuo people will wear traditional costumes and performances singing and dancing. End enjoy, you can also go to the lake to support the tent to barbecue.

Lugu Lake characters

(5) In the island than the exploration of the virgin forest forests:
in the Belgian island is a natural pier, the side of the island for stalagmites, a winding path leading from the pier directly to the top of the island, as well as Tibetan Buddhist temple ratio Temple, the island has a white tower. In contrast to the trees on the island, due to the abundance of nutrients and moisture, all kinds of plants can grow into giant trees as long as they grow here. When people go ashore by boat and enter the forest, they walk into the primeval forest. This is a particularly good experience.

Lugu Lake in the island than the island

(6) Gum Ladies Mountain Peak ride cable car appreciation Lugu Lake
Godmother Goddess Mountain is the highest peak around the Lugu Lake, elevation is 3754.7 meters. The cave in the top of the cave has a natural figure of female stone stalactites, so in the Moso myths and legends, this mountain is the embodiment of the goddess Gam. You can take the cable car from the village of Nissai to the Goddess of the mountain half hole, the cable car can also enjoy the panoramic view of Lugu Lake. If it is encountered during the mountain festival, Mosuo people have goddess of worship on the goddess of the goddess. From the hills to the foothills, the teams turning to the mountains form a colorful dragon, "Goddess Song" resounded sky. China's famous mountain into ten hundred, goddess of Gmu Mountain to "harmony between man and nature" unique style.

Lugu Lake Gemu God mountain goddess

(7) to see the sunrise Lugu Lake: Lugu Lake
early in the morning the United States is beautiful, the lake white fog around the sun before the mysterious and quiet, Lugu Lake grassy sleepy eyes as the first ray of the sun gradually wake up in the mist, the lake Little black ducks are floating in the water, from time to time there are wild ducks gently swept up, cut open that piece of tranquility.

Lugu Lake sunrise

(8) shoot Lugu Lake Star:
Luguhu the sky is very bright, the night of the Lugu Lake starry, pick a good weather, enjoy the Lugu Lake, the sky is definitely a rare experience.

Lugu Lake sky

Luguhu tickets: Yunnan to enter: 100 yuan / person; Sichuan to enter: 80 yuan / person
Luguhu best season: March-May, September-November. Spring and autumn, is the best time for tourism in Lugu Lake. Not to say that the scenery in other months is not good, but relatively speaking, because the scenery of Lugu Lake is very attractive all the year round. 6-8 months is mainly the rainy season, if the weather is good, then of course it is not to be missed; if you choose the winter to Lugu Lake, relatively speaking, is relatively cold, keep warm on the line.

2, stroll Yan Yuzhiju • Lijiang Ancient City, to a beautiful encounter

Why call the ancient city of Lijiang "Aventure Capital", I think as long as you go to the ancient city inside, you can have a deep feeling, stroll the Old Town of Lijiang, this is full of love and adventure of the ancient city, carrying full of emotion and sensibility ; Ancient city is full of very literary, interesting slogans, such as: "From tomorrow ... to be a happy person, chopping wood, feeding the horse around the world, I have a house facing the snow-capped mountains," "simple Complex life is easy to complex, from complex life to simple and difficult, people are only the most lovely, "" the ancient city of Tea Horse, Aventure Kingdom "" lovers get married "," I am waiting for you in Lijiang, where are you " Etc ... Take the time to Lijiang, drink a cup of coffee, drink a glass of wine, listen to a song, where you meet yourself, forget the past.


Old Town , Lijiang Ancient Wei fee: 80 yuan / person (children and the elderly over the age of 70 free)
Best Old Town of Lijiang season: all seasons. Spring flowers in full bloom, summer cool summer ride, autumn autumn, winter sunshine, after all, a good choice.

3, Secret legend "Tian Long Ba Bu" viewfinder • Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool Park English name is called "Yuquan Park", in Lijiang Square Street about a kilometer walk, a pool of clear water from the ground gush, clear thorough, elegant scenery. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the distance reflection of the lake, we can see "Snow Mountain forty-eight thousand Zhangzhang, silver screen at the bottom of deep" wonders. Half Xiangshan also reflected into the water, so that there is water in the Black Dragon Pool, water mountains, landscape matched, the scenery is extremely beautiful.

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool Park Tickets: free (need to check the old ancient city of Victoria Payou bill, a month effective). 7: 00-9: 30 in the evening is completely free of charge.
Heilongtan best season: all seasons. Spring flowers in full bloom, summer cool summer ride, autumn autumn, winter sunshine, after all, a good choice.

4, enjoy the ancient Shuhe ancient town, quiet, experience the pure Naxi style

Shuhe ancient town is known as the hometown of springs, Shuhe ancient town relative to the lively Lijiang more quiet, simple, the ancient town of the rhythm is very slow, but also more suitable for living, but accommodation is better than the ancient city of Lijiang. Shuhe River is one of the earliest settlements of Naxi ancients in Lijiang Bazi, and is also an important market town preserved on the ancient Tea Horse Road. Just like a quiet friend can stay here for a night, to experience the pure Naxi style.

Shuhe ancient town

Shuhe Ancient Town Tickets: 40 yuan / person
Shuhe Ancient Town best season: all seasons. Spring flowers in full bloom, summer cool summer ride, autumn autumn, winter sunshine, after all, a good choice.

5, Feel the experience of Tiger Leaping Gorge stimulation, zero distance contact with the Jinsha River

Tiger Leaping Gorge has always been dangerous, strange, male, said with a strong, Jiang Xin has a 13-meter-high stone - tiger jumping stone, boulder like a solitary peak, stand alone, river and boulder fight with each other, , You can walk down from the entrance, step by step closer to the Tiger Leaping Gorge Observation Deck, enjoy the thrills of the Canyon, and the distance between the Jinsha River, feel the sun, feel the boulders, feel the shock Tao Sheng, Tiger Leaping Gorge, you will lament the gods of nature, if you are tired, you can also take the local human power sedan, back to the entrance.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge Tickets: 65 yuan / person (opening hours: 9: 00-16: 30)
Tiger Leaping Gap best season: April-June and September-October best. These two time slots are suitable for Tiger Leaping Gorge trekking excursions. In late spring and early summer, the temperatures are moderate, the meadow is full of flowers and the scenery is charming. About 20 days after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the plateau is full of autumn scenery, which is also the highlight of Diqing Plateau. From June to September, it is the rainy season of Diqing Plateau. Before the trip, we should pay attention to the weather conditions. After October, the temperature is very low, so wears warm clothing.

6, arrived in the First Bay of the Yangtze River, enjoy the "Three Parallel Rivers" wonders

The First Bay of the Yangtze River in Shek Kwu Town, Lijiang County, about 45 years from the Lijiang Convention about the rolling Pentium Yangtze River is blocked by the Hailaoshan Cliff, had to turn a "Ⅴ" -shaped bend, turn off to the northeast flow This "Ⅴ" shaped bend is known as the First Wanli Yangtze River Bay. The water here is in a hurry, but as the river is wide, it looks as if the river is calm and gentle. The green willow on both sides of the riverbank, white clouds faint mountains and the blue sky, not far away is a uniform field of land, smoke curl of villages and towns, in such a plateau as Jiangnan Water Village in the general view, people amazed. You can view the viewing platform in the Yangtze River Bay, enjoy the "Three Parallel Rivers" wonders.

First Bay of the Yangtze River

Tips: The
first bay tickets the
Yangtze River : Free The first best in the Yangtze River season: Dongnuanxialiang, seasons.

7, high-altitude Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, view director Zhang Yimou works "Impression • Lijiang"

(1) Jade Dragon Snow Mountain:
4680 meters above sea level, cableway to the top of the mountain, the summit due to high altitude, so colder, the mountain can rent cotton coats and buy oxygen bottles, in the Peak can see the beautiful scenery of the snow-capped mountains, with seasonal changes and climate change , Sometimes cloud steaming Xia Wei, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain when the hidden, and sometimes blue sky clouds, peaks crystal dazzling.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

(2) "Impression Lijiang"
Zhang Yimou tour guide performances, Yulong County, Yulong County, Lijiang Ganyu Blue Moon Valley Theater, "Impression Lijiang" to the snow-capped mountains as the background, learn the world of Reiki, take natural Dacheng, folk Culture as a carrier, with generous handwritten, 3100 meters above sea level in the world's highest performing venues, bring your soul shock. The performance of a total length of 1 hour, enabled the advanced water engineering and smoke effects engineering, and each other to create a stunning visual effects. Let every immersive viewer truly feel an emotion never experienced before.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Package: Large Yulong Pass: 190 yuan / person (including into the mountain fee, Dongba Valley, Yuzhu Qingtian, Dongba God circle, Jade Shui Zhai, Yufeng Temple, Only recommended Dongba Valley and Jade Shui Village, Yufeng Temple); Jade Dragon Snow Mountain FIT Tickets: Into the mountain fee: 80 yuan / person (large Yulong 6 attractions can buy a single point); Glacier Park Cable: 182 yuan. Yunshan Ping small cable: 55 yuan. Maoni Ping cable: 60 yuan. Glacier cable car + sightseeing car is 180 yuan / person.
Note: Cableway business hours from 9:30 to 16:00. It is recommended to quell at seven o'clock to half past eight.
"Impression Lijiang": Ordinary ticket: 190.00 yuan VIP ticket: 260.00 yuan (opening hours: daily: 09:00, 12:00, 14:00)
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain best season: November - the following March the best, Can view the snow. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the best spring and winter snow season, the weather is dry and sunny, snow-capped mountains, whether it is to play, or photography, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at this time are the most touching.

8, tours "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" viewfinder • Lenin 18 Bend viewing platform

Lijiang to Lugu Lake has been repaired a new road, a lot better than the old road, time also shortened, after passing the 18 bend, before the old road will be bent in 18, the following is the Jinsha River. In the gorge along the Jinsha River just 20 kilometers away from the altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level, forming a famous eighteen curved wonders in 2005, directed by director Zhang Yimou, "Riding Alone for Thousands of miles" in this viewfinder.

Lenin 18 bend

Lenin 18 Ends Tickets: Free
18-Bein Best season: all seasons

Second, to Lijiang and Lijiang attractions of the transport

1, the way to reach Lijiang:
You can choose the plane or train: Lijiang Airport opened the domestic routes and Hong Kong and Taiwan routes, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, Mianyang, Xishuangbanna, Xiamen, Hong Kong, all have arrived in Lijiang flights; Lijiang Railway Station, Kunming, Dali, Qujing, respectively, from the Lijiang train station trips.

2,  the way to reach the Lugu Lake:
You can choose to enter the car from Sichuan or Yunnan: From Sichuan into, there are now the latest news shows that: December 29, 2017 Chengdu opened direct flights Lugu Lake route, just 1.5 hours, greatly shortened Time spent on the road. It is learned that Ninglang Airport is about 50 kilometers away from Ninglang County and about 25 kilometers away from Lugu Lake Scenic Area. If you go from Yunnan, you will need to transfer your car from Lijiang, about 3.5 hours. To the Lugu Lake area, all attractions and the village are not far away, can be walking or cycling, but also chartered Lake. Each inn can ask for car rental information.

3, the way to reach the Tiger Leaping Gorge:
You can choose to take a direct train at Lijiang Coach Station and Shangri-La Coach Terminal, you can also choose to rent a car or chartered to the Tiger Leaping Gorge about 89 km away from Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge area is a hobby Holy Land, if you are tired, you can also choose to take a local human sedan.

4, arrived in the First Bay of the Yangtze River way:
You can choose to take the bus to Lijiang County Passenger Terminal to go, you can also choose to rent a car or chartered to the First Bay about 50 km from the downtown area of ​​Lijiang, Lijiang County Passenger Terminal Station daily fixed Shuttle bus to Jinzhuang, ZTE, and other places will go through Shigu town, about 2 hours by car, fare 15 yuan / person. Carpooling: There are many private minibuses traveling to the First Bay of the Yangtze River near the Jin Kai Square in Lijiang. The fare is about 20 yuan / person. Chartered: Lijiang Ancient Town chartered to the Tiger Leaping Gorge can play along the Yangtze River First Bay, chartered costs 300-400 yuan.

5, arrived in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain way:
You can choose to chartered or take a special bus or bus to the scenic traffic more convenient, Lijiang to Yulong Snow Mountain shuttle in the Red Sun Plaza, take the 7 Road, 15 yuan a person.

6, the way to reach the 18th bend of Lenin:
You can choose to chartered or car rental, Li Ning 18 bend away from about 30 km in Lijiang City

7, arrived in Lijiang Ancient City, Shuhe ancient town, Heilongtan way: the
ancient city of Lijiang, Heilongtan, Shuhe town are in downtown Lijiang, traffic is very convenient, you can chartered directly in Lijiang Airport or train station car or shuttle to .

Third, "tongue on China" Lijiang recommended gourmet food

Lijiang six food

1, pig meat
Lugu Lake Mosuo people is very unique a delicacy, is the Mosuo meat stored in the food, usually want to eat when cut off a piece, if there are guests at home, but also to use hog meat to entertain guests . Pork meat eat very much, you can cook, can be fried, steamed, can be tasted in the Lugu Lake.

Pork meat

2, Lijiang
Steam Boiler Chicken Steam Boiler Chicken is one of Yunnan's famous dishes, is dedicated with a large casserole stir cooking for about four hours so that steamed dumpling boiled meat rotten bones, tender soup, the most delicious Maintain the original flavor and nutrition of chicken, you can eat in Lijiang.

Lijiang steam chicken

3, Lijiang stewed rice
Stewed rice is a unique Yunnan specialty snacks, bean stewed rice with beans as the main material, the main way of cooking stuffy stuffing, Yunnan Province, such as spring, perennial fresh vegetables. Winter season green broad beans, green peas and other vegetables on the market, the so-called green broad bean beans that are not yet fully mature green beans in the growth period, stripped of two shells, leaving the meat kernels, natural green fresh sweet. During the Spring Festival every year during the listing of green broad beans or green peas, bean-flavored rice to do new practices can be eaten in Lijiang.

Lijiang stewed rice

4, Lijiang 粑 粑
is a unique flavor of the Naxi food, has a long history, well-known in western Yunnan, known as "Lijiang 粑 粑 He Qing liquor," said. Lijiang 粑 粑 is divided into two types of sweet and salty, you can choose according to their own tastes. Its golden color, fragrant smell, eat crisp and delicious, and some plus drink butter tea, but also its flavor, you can eat in Lijiang.

Lijiang 粑 粑

5, grilled mandarin
fish is a specialty of the Lugu Lake is a kind of anchovy, the fish cut open or abdomen cut a small mouth, remove the internal organs, sprinkle with salt, pepper and allspice, placed on the fire pond or iron pan slowly roasted And made, you can eat in the Lugu Lake.

Grilled mandarin fish

6, the crisp Mary alcohol liquor
brewed by the traditional low-alcohol wine, the barley, barley, wheat, buckwheat, barnyard grass, corn, millet and other grains mixed fermentation made. Sister Mary is Mosuo people welcome hospitality. Soup Marjoram orange, low alcohol, mellow taste, rich in amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates, known as "Mosuo beer", you can drink slowly in Lugu Lake.

Crisp Mary wine

Fourth, Lijiang attractions accommodation guide

Lugu Lake accommodation:
Lugu Lake mainly to the inn, represented by large water is generally divided into three parts, as well as the other villages in Lugu Lake and Lugu Lake (small water, Nisai, Sichuan grass seaside).
Big Falls: Inn types are more selective, but also in the lake, the car can be reached directly, many inn has lake view rooms, eat and play are easy to play;
Lige Village: Village in the village of Lige convenient transportation vehicles Can be directly reached the village entrance, accommodation can choose to live in the village, you can also choose to live on the island, but most of the inn is the need to drag the luggage village entrance a few minutes walk to the inn entrance, especially in the middle of the village inn, live on the island You need to take another boat or take more than 10 minutes away to the island, the island is all on the lake view room, the accommodation experience is certainly more comfortable, that is, the price of the room will be relatively more expensive, specific housing prices Depends on the choice of room type, generally more expensive than on the entrance to the village about 3,4 times.
Other small villages have relatively simple accommodation.

 Lijiang accommodation:
Recommended living in the river beam Shuhe Town, Quiet, Lijiang can better enjoy the humanities, the ancient town style.
Most of Lijiang's accommodation is more commercial, will recommend a variety of performances, shows, travel and more.

Five, Lijiang's traditional folk customs

1, a culture: Naxi Dongba culture, including Dongba pictographs, Naxi ancient music, Dongba scriptures, Dongba painting, architectural arts and religious culture, rich in content, profound.
2, a style: the style of Mosuo, living in the Lugu Lake Mosuo people keep the "men do not marry, the woman does not marry" matriarchal marriage customs.
Do not know if you have not heard of Yang Nam Che Nam, she is a typical Mosuo concubine, some say she is a beautiful scenery of the daughter country, and Norwegian diplomat Shi Danwu fell in love for seven years, known as the "International Go to marriage family. "

Sixth, the classic combination of play way

Every hard-won vacation, want to make good use of every trip, want to plan well, every journey in the harvest, will be a growth experience, then the pre-trip understanding is particularly important, the general Lijiang Play rarely only play in Lijiang for a day or two, will bring Shangri-La and Dali, online all kinds of travel information for everyone to see dazzling, the combination of lines is do not know how to choose to better meet their own play experience. Then the following itinerary is the best combination of Lijiang and Lijiang attractions around the most classic line of play, which includes both the essence of Lijiang attractions, but also a combination of "romantic" Dali double corridor and "lost horizon" in the mysterious Shangri-La.

D1 Lijiang a Dali Dali 
D2 Dali Dali an sense of the ancient city of a ropeway a Lijiang
D3 Lijiang a Yangtze River Bay Observation Deck Tiger Leaping Gorge Shangri-La
D4 Shangri-La Pudao cupping a river
D5 Shuhe a Lugu a Luoyang
D6 Lugu Lake sunrise in the village of a village than a gem Goddess a Lugu Lake Star
D7 Lugu Lake a Lijiang

By the way, with the development of tourism, commercialization more and more serious, and then a few years, maybe you see is completely different Lijiang, and now Lugu Lake to Lushu all new roads, What are you waiting for?

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