A Raiders Take you Fun Lijiang Ancient City 丨 attached 1-2 tour lines

As the core city and transportation hub of tourism in northwestern Yunnan, Lijiang is a transit point for the Silk Road and the Ancient Tea Horse Road. Northwest direction is Shangri-La, Pudacuo, Meili Snow Mountain, northeast to the Lugu Lake, south of Dali Erhai, half an hour's drive up to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lashihai, Guanyinxia, ​​major cities from the aircraft routes, railway networks, highways Network everything.
lion hill overlooks by  xiao shashi teacher

First, overview of Lijiang


July-August is the rainy season throughout the northwestern Yunnan Province, and during the summer months, many tourists are not personally recommended. Other seasons are suitable for excursions, different seasons will have different beauty.
From February to March, you can go to the farmland to see the rape flowers or go to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The maximum / minimum temperature is about 15 ° C / 5 ° C. We suggest to wear sweaters and windbreaker.
April is the most beautiful time in the ancient city of Lijiang and Dali. It is also the season when the maximum / minimum temperature is about 20 ° C / 10 ° C, sunscreen and rain gear, summer and autumn clothes are ready.
May - June is the whole season of northwestern Yunnan, from Shangri-La to Lijiang, from Lugu Lake to Dali, are good scenery, but pay attention to sunscreen. The maximum / minimum temperature is around 25 ° C / 15 ° C.
September-October autumn is also excellent, rich color is extremely suitable for photography. The maximum / minimum temperature is around 20 ° C / 10 ° C.


(1) External Traffic
There are non-stop flights in Lijiang from all provincial capitals and major cities in Yunnan Province. From the time saving point of view, if there is no accidental recommendation direct flight.

(2) Internal Traffic
The main modes of traffic in Lijiang City are taxis, buses and chartered buses. Lijiang City, before the series outside the main concourse chartered and bus. The ancient city can only walk. It is worth mentioning that the ancient city is a bumpy stone road, trolley case may encounter difficulties. Of course, if there is a boyfriend, MAX guy to help carry the whole process, when I said nothing.

Second, how to spend money in Lijiang when not to eat the goods

Lijiang characteristics of food

(1) Wild mushrooms
Lijiang Plateau grows with a variety of wild mushrooms. 6-7 months is the best season to eat wild mushrooms. Beautiful wild mushrooms and high nutritional value, whether it is soup or hot pot is the best.

(2) Watery
flowers blooming Yangbian flawless, while the plants are in the water, the flowers due to the waves and drifting, water-based Yang Hua is growing in Lijiang lakes in a wild vegetable, silky taste and mellow taste, must not taste!

(3) butter tea + Lijiang crisp
butter tea and Lijiang scallions, are divided into sweet and salty taste, the two eat more flavor. Sweet butter tea smell heavier, the first taste best savory start. If you just want to taste, you can first half a barrel, for the first time to drink, the first taste will feel weird, but if you insist on re-drink, you can appreciate the mellow.

(4) Paraffin
wax ribs practice is not complicated, the material is simple, the public taste, but pickling a long time, production conditions stress the weather conditions, Lijiang, the most suitable for the production of ribs fried ribs, so this dish is also unique Lijiang delicious .

Wax ribs BY @ artemis8

(5) Chickpea gizzard
Chickpea is the signature food of the ancient city of Lijiang. Chickpeas is a unique kind of beans in Lijiang, made of jelly it is called chickpea jelly. It has two ways to eat cold and eat hot. Cool summer to eat, winter to eat fried, with different spices, color and taste.

Chickpea jelly BY @ Dunmi rice

Where to eat the most suitable

Dashiqiao Lijiang Old Town, Chung Yeung Market, Sifang Street snacks are concentrated. Among them, Sifang Street is a famous snack in the ancient city of Lijiang. There are dozens of small restaurants on both sides of the narrow streets.
Lijiang Metro food mainly gathered in Qixing Street, Huadu Trade City, Xiangshan Market, Flower Street, Kincaid Plaza several places.
Overall, the most recommended is the loyalty market, which is close to the ancient city of Lijiang, a large farmers market, with the most authentic way of life in Lijiang. Here you can buy the freshest ingredients, you can also eat cheap and delicious Lijiang snacks.

Third, how to choose Inn in Lijiang Old Town

In fact, Lijiang has two ancient towns. The first is the ancient city of Dayan, which is commonly known as the ancient city of Lijiang, the development of earlier shops in the ancient city of lush, is a good place for shopping. The other is Shuhe Ancient Town. It is a small town on the Ancient Tea Horse Road under the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It has well-preserved ancient roads, markets and waterways. It has a rich cultural atmosphere and is developed relatively later than the Dayan Old City. . Both sides are suitable for accommodation.

(1) Dayan Old Town - Sifang
Street Sifang Street is the center of the ancient city of the universe, surrounded by restaurants, bars, shops everywhere is crowded. Famous for its unique street scenes of colorful stone paving, clean water washing streets, Japan-China cities and twilight shopping malls.
(2) Dayan Ancient Town - 51 Street
Sifang Street east is the 51 Street, 51 Street is a street full of petty bourgeoisie, all kinds of shops, coffee bar, rich literary atmosphere. Along the Wuyi Street passing ancient Dashiqiao, at night there singer-song singer, but also put the river girl.
(3) Dayan Ancient Town - Qiyi Street
Qiyi Street Located in the southeast of Sifang Street and south of Wuyi Street, it is close to Mufu and Sanjingjing. Whether the day or night are the hottest ancient city streets. Streets on both sides of the distribution of the ancient city of more than 40% of inn shops, fierce competition in the flow of people, but also created the overall quality of the inn and service are good.
(4) Shuhe Ancient Town
looked up overlooking the Yulong Snow Mountain, bowed his head down to the mottled stone road, his ear is the murmur of Longquan, I think living in relatively quiet Shuhe Ancient Town is the most enjoyable. If Dayan ancient town accommodation features Naxi small courtyard, popular alley and lively Bar Street, then the main Shuhe Ancient Town is the snow-capped mountains and luxury hotel.

Fourth, Lijiang will experience the ancient city

1. Experience "Wood House situation"

There are "North Forbidden City, South Wood House," said the Wood House is located in the ancient city, Mufu is Naxi people built the pattern with reference to the Forbidden City, is the TV series "Mufu situation" viewfinder. Mufu both the northern architectural solemn, there are the splendid southern architecture, it is worth a visit.

Wood House BY @ Tutu

2. Lion Hill overlooking the ancient city

The view of the whole Lijiang Lion Rock is really special. In the morning, take a look at the panorama of Lijiang. Look at the fog on the mountainside rising to the top of the mountain. In the evening, look at the lights of the ancient city at this location.

3. Stroll Quartet Street

Sifang Street is the ancient city center, connecting seven one Street, 51 Street, Xinhua Street and East Main Street four strips. Around the snack restaurants everywhere, you can eat a lot of Naxi specialties of food. Every morning, a lot of people dance in the Naxi dance here. People around the campfire night jumping pot village. Next to the Xinhua Street is Lijiang's famous Bar Street, brightly lit night, visitors.

Square Street BY @ call me a small Miao

4. Lijiang eternal love

Song City, the eternal love group to build the Lijiang program, the scenic area has "Lijiang eternal love" and "Love Song in Lijiang" as the representative of the ten performing arts show. Lijiang showcases thousands of years of cultural and historical style of song and dance performances, is a through the time and space, the ancient city of the Tea Horse.

Lijiang eternal love BY @ fish Ying children

5 visit Shuhe Ancient Town

Shuhe ancient town is the Tea Horse Road Longquan village, the ancient town of the back of the mountain is towering Yulong Snow Mountain veins, the Dragon River runs down through the village. Here you can feel a high degree of unity between man and nature, tourists who come here are all impressed by the beautiful scenery here. Personally think that is more beautiful than the ancient city of Dayan place.

Beam River town BY @ adrian

Five, Lijiang will be playing around

1. Lashihai

Lashihai is the largest lake in Yunnan, migratory birds paradise, landscape matched, surrounded by Green, the scenery is very beautiful. Sunset scenery more pleasant.

Lashihai BY @ see

2. Goddess of Mercy

Guanyinxia not just look at the gorges, but set landscapes, lakes, canyons, forests and other natural landscape and Tea Horse Street, Naxi village and other cultural landscape as one of the scenic area.

Guanyin Gap BY @ call me a small Miao

3. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain area, in addition to the snow mountain itself, there are Blue Moon Valley, Baishuihe, Gan Haizi and other scenic spots, it is absolutely necessary to have fun.

Yulong Snow Mountain BY @ Yu

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge is divided into the tiger jump, jump in the tiger, the tiger jump three, body into the valley, both sides of the mountain towering up, pouring down from both sides of the river, like a tiger down the mountain, fast paced, the valley roar, very spectacular .

Tiger Leaping Gorge BY @ sea murmured

5. Pudacuo

Pudacuo is Shangri-La signs, flowers here, clear blue sky, beautiful scenery. The scenery is different throughout the year. In the spring, there are flowers and alpine meadows in full bloom. In summer, there are beautiful mountains and colorful scenery. In autumn there are colorful layers of jungle. In winter, you can enjoy a blue lake with white snow.

Pudacuo BY @ Bastet Evita

6. Lugu Lake

Due to "dear inn" Luguhu red how can not? Beautiful natural scenery, natural and original folk customs, this natural lake like a gem, so that visitors enjoy the most beautiful gifts.

Lugu Lake BY @ ink is a dream

Five, Lijiang play recommended around

After visiting the ancient city of Lijiang should focus on these attractive beauty around, then how to arrange itinerary? There are some classic 1/2 departure routes in Lijiang to choose from.

Day trip

(1) Lashi sea
horse riding or stroll Hanada, eat Naxi farm chicken at noon, boating lake in the afternoon, watching the sunset in the evening, a full range of experience the beauty of Lashihai.

(2) Guanyinxia
Morning walk along the glass path to explore the gorge, the afternoon boat to visit the lake and waterfalls, the conditions go to Naxi village, Chama Ancient Street and paddy fields in a walk, feel the local customs and practices.

(3) Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Morning climb the snow-capped mountains play Glacier Park, at noon in Gan Haizi eat hot pot, afternoon tour Blue Moon Valley, experience the beautiful natural scenery.

2 two-day tour

(1) The
first day of Lugu Lake Ride on the first day of Lijiang and Lugu Lake between the 18 Bay, between noon eating in Ninglang County, afternoon came to the beautiful Lugu Lake, or the lake tour, or a person thinking Quietly, start Lugu Lake exclusive wonderful slow life.
The second day to leisurely leisurely life, or watching the sunrise, or take a walk in the colorful Licang Peninsula, lunch, try the local famous hot pot or fish, departure in the afternoon back to Lijiang.

(2) Shangri-La (Pudacocha + Tiger Leaping Gorge + Dukezong + Ira Prairie)
Tour the first day of the magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge in the afternoon and enjoy the beautiful Dukezong Ancient City and a Biwande Ira grassland in the afternoon.
The second day to spend a full day full of fantasy paradise Pudacuo National Park, the afternoon departure to return to Lijiang, if the season is appropriate, the return journey can see the way to the small Zhongdian flowers.

3. How to choose reliable supplier

Many people have played in northwest Yunnan, often appear on a mixed opinion of a scene of the situation. The most typical is the Lashihai, some people think that "wow beautiful ah play well value," some people think it was pit together. The reason is that Lashihai has a dozen racecourses, dozens of different suppliers to provide services! Only by choosing a truly reliable supplier, can really feel the beauty of the attractions. Good suppliers should have the following qualities:
(1) The whole journey is purely non-shopping, does not bring you into the store consumption is the basic requirement.
(2) the hotel will not pay attention to it. For example, the same to the Lugu Lake, live lake view room experience difference is great.
(3) do not engage in meals themselves, and then to the scenic take you to eat high-priced restaurant this one.
(4) provide value-added services. For example, the same play Ila Prairie, take you to see the stars at night this kind of thing not all have.
(5) good reputation, excellent evaluation. Really praise, not by brush will be able to brush out.
(6) A comfortable car is also important. Old van, and the high-end atmosphere of the business car, choose who Needless to say it.


See here, presumably you have this trip to Lijiang in northwest Yunnan axis, there is a rough plan. I wish you all have a perfect trip, leaving a happy memories in Lijiang and northwestern Yunnan!

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