Namtso Raiders 丨 with practical information and scenic spots

40 million years of mountain lakes, the world is only one Namco. In different seasons, different locations, showing a different blue flame, as long as you stand in the lake for a few minutes, she can be due to the clouds of the surging and waves of waves for you staged blue psychedelic variations , That wave can wash each person's soul, as long as the person himself is willing.
nam co and the surrounding lake picture from the network

One of the natural beauty of the wood

Spring and summer lake frozen, the earth and the mountains as snow-capped, heaven and earth are full of solemn; spring lake melting, blue water began to gentle rippling; summer, the lake island habitat tens of thousands of migratory birds began breeding, , Wild flowers contests, full of vitality; into the fall, the lake showing a fantastic blue, contrasting with the golden grassland strong, large color combination of the impact of your line of sight ... ...

1. She is a typical representative of the plateau lakes

From the map, there are a large number of lakes scattered around Nam Co, which appear to have scattered on the plateau, and there seems to be some connection, and the geologist's test proved that the lakes were connected as one, and in ancient times was a super Great Lakes, known as the "ancient Qiangtang Lake".

Namco as a typical plateau lake, along the lake out, you can clearly delineate the 4-6 Lake shoreline, the highest height from the lake 150 meters, which is the lake grows in the earth carved ring, clear mark The sea level that had been mistaken.

Glacier kingdom

Nianqing Tanggula peak BY A five

The Nyainqentang Mountains are located in the south-central part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, in the South Asian monsoon warm and humid air into the plateau of the channel, the concept of the development of many modern glaciers, the "glacier kingdom," said, Short distance of the piedmont area, directly into the lake, is the main water source added Namco, so in May-June into the south bank of Namco can see numerous streams of different sizes washed out of the shoal.

3. The goddess of the braids - Namco river

On the north side of Nyainqentanglula, the south bank of Namco is flowing with countless small rivers and streams, and in the western part of Namco, there are swamps and larger rivers, which are good pastures. Which the root song out of the river that is out of the river, the rainy season, the rain washed a lot of red sand, the root song are dyed red, will be in the river into the mouth of the lake to form a red waters, A strong pen.

4. Plateau flowers - flowering Namco

Namco River is the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau alpine meadows and the Qiangtang grassland transition area, the lake, the stream side of the good conditions of the shady slope and more than 5200 meters above sea level mountain areas distributed alpine meadows, and sporadic alpine shrubs and swamps grass.
Namco scattered around the distribution of a large number of natural pastures, as early as the Songzan Gambo period, is its hatching horse hills.

Plateau plant (picture from the network)

Tips: a
lot of tourists to the plateau travel, want to see the plateau season, then go to Namco flower the best time and what time? According to the characteristics of flowering period, can be divided into three categories:
① early flowering plants - the end of May to early June flowering, mid-June end of the flowering period, such as paddies plum;
② between early flowering plants and late flowering plants - June into the flowering period, the flowering period continues to the end of July, early August, such as Potentilla, Artemisia scoparia, Takayama humilis;
③ late flowering plants - July after entering the flowering or flowering period, To late August or late September, such as different leaves of blue and blue, possession of West Feng Mao, weak fire velvet grass, purple sturgeon.

5. Wild Lake - Lake Biology

In the song valley, living a lot of waterfowl, summer evening, often see them play in the lake, mainly brown tigers, spotted goose, red duck, autumn sand duck and so on. In the marshes on the west side of Nam Co, but also live in black-necked cranes, is the only cranes of Nami marsh marshes, but also the national level to protect animals. Because of the birds and small mammals, so the region also out of wolves and foxes and other carnivorous animals, forming a diverse biosphere.

2. Human landscape 丨 Lake miracles

Namco, four 18 mountain 18 island, which is only the most visitors stop the Tashi peninsula, is the 2800 immortal residence, the story of three days and three nights can not finish, I only pick up the most famous below a few overview.

Nam Co Travel Map BY Polar Tianhe

1. Tashi Peninsula, Tashi Dorothy Temple

The Tashi peninsula is the most concentrated place in the religious activities of Nam Co, the Taji Temple on the peninsula, still cigarette-filled, Peninsula of the road, there is a large cave, known as the lotus hole, it is said that the hole has a natural generation of lotus pagoda. Along the peninsula to the lake, the first to see the roadside welcome stone. Countless long Zhaxi Peninsula welcome stone long streamer from the top of the mountain down, the boulder dress colorful.

Yingbin stone is two pieces of dissolution stone, also known as husband and wife stone, is the door of the door of the door, according to legend, Namco goddess in charge of the wealth of the northern Tibet grassland, so when the traders go out to do business, must come here to pray for the door god, The consent of the pilgrimage before the meal, to protect business is booming.  

Zhaxi Peninsula Lakeside BY two orange meaning

2. Gul'qon Whitema Temple

By the ancient as Lu Yijian Zan founded in the park 8th century ancient Qiongsi Temple, early for the Nyingma faction, and later in the Mongolian Gushi Khan sent troops conquered Tibet destroyed, after several years of repair, the sect was changed to prevailing Sakya faction, and later by the Aga Lama to Ningma faction. Twists and turns of the sects change, so that the temple has a rich cultural relics, Thangka and teaching aids. The temple is surrounded by picturesque and melodious.  

3. Duojia Temple

Duojia Temple built in the Namco west of the island of Dagalu a cliff, the temple chisel and built, mountain water. Legend of 1879, the son of the emperor of the Central Plains west of the Buddha, to Lhasa, when the Dalai Lama granted his Dharma edge in Namco, so he came along with the Canadian island, the construction of the Duojia Temple, Duojia Temple Living Buddha. Now, the world only know his name is Bal Sangbo.

4. Chado and the elephant door

Vientiane door fly

There are many naturally formed images on the rock wall, and people give these images a religious meaning and a sacrifice. Once the practitioners came here, in the cliffs on the cave for many years of practice, so later people here to build the Chodo Temple.
Chidolangka Island is located just opposite the Nyainqentanglula Mountains, there are two towering pillars, one of which there is a hollow, like an elephant, hence the name of the elephant door. Shengzhutianmen is Nianqing Tanggu La and Namco marriage gate, read qing Tanggula every time come to Namco by this door through, from this point of view Namco, is a superb view.

5. Four gods bath door

In addition to the monastery, Namco around the four gods bath is also legendary, northern Tibet winter, the temperature in the minus thirty or forty degrees Celsius, Namco lake frozen three feet, but the four gods do not freeze the ice. They are the east of the Zhaxi God bath door (located in a corner of the island of Tashi), the south of the Ramo East God bath door (the foot of the mountain at the foot of the Gala), west of the God of God bath door (near the Duojia Temple , Also known as Doha God bath door), the north of the river god God bath door.

The goal of the elephant door and the Nyainqentangra is Kawagebo

in the step by step gods of Tibet, in fact, do not have to deliberately looking for every trace, fluttering the stream will tell you where they are, if you find the above four god bath any one, please remove the burden , Holding the water blowing, or drinking a mouth, or bring back a bottle, wash away all the body and mind unclean.

three. Namco play a comprehensive analysis

The usual sense of Namco, has been replaced by Daxiong County Tashi peninsula, 90% of tourists from Lhasa, to the Tashi Peninsula day or two day tour, can only stay area for several hours, at most, be "to This tour ", tasted only. Here we come to unlock the correct answer.  

1. arrived at Nam Co traffic

Namco navigation map BY polar Tianhe

① by car: from Lhasa by car to Namco, there are two roads, namely G109 and S202, Qinghai-Tibet Highway G109 is the Tibetan material transport artery, coaches, large trucks focused on this, heap Longqing County to Yang Bajing between this road often There is a temporary inspection, and the vehicle is too large, the road is likely to cause a narrow traffic jam. S202, often asked me whether this passage can pass, although it is to go to the famous heat Zhen Temple after all the way, but Lin Zhou and Dangxiong between the sections are gravel Panshan Road, can not normally pass.

② bus: from the eastern suburbs of Lhasa passenger station, every day to Dangxiong county bus, but after the arrival of Dangxiong, there are 60KM scenic road, this road can only choose Dangxiong passenger station near the local chartered, Good driver's luck to see the character, the price in a one-way trip around 500 yuan. If you want to miss the night or in the depth of travel, the price will be doubled, it is not recommended to take the bus to Namco.

③ car / carpool: the season of Lhasa, all the places where visitors can find a small car ads, a 5 city SUV prices in the 800--1500 / day range, but in line with the principles responsible for their own, must Consider whether the vehicle has travel qualification? If not, what is the sparsely populated place in Tibet to protect your safety? Is the driver familiar with the road? In the trip encountered differences, peer partners can live in harmony?

④ train: often asked me if you can not train from the train under the train to Namco, and then from Dangxiong train back to Lhasa, so that you can only in the song and Dangxiong between the chartered. This is absolutely not feasible! Tibet is not convenient as the mainland, in the song can not chartered arrived Namco, the train in the male will not stop, occasionally for the wrong car will not open the door to stay.

If your time is limited, can only choose "to this tour" type, in view of the inconvenience of public transport in Tibet, in fact, the easiest way is to participate in 1 day with the tour in Lhasa tour.

2.2017 how to play around the lake?

Namco lake section road conditions BY target is Kawagebo

Namco lake total of 320KM, of which 270KM for the gravel road, 2017 due to road construction, closed the elephant door to the east of the road section, it can only from the scenic gate of the No. 1 camp clockwise arrived at Camp No. 3 (as the door) , After the night in the elephant day door back to Lhasa, one way 465KM, 12 hours or so, which is more conventional way. If the car or by car, without considering the cost of the case, you can first the first day of the Tashi peninsula, the next day before sunrise to the door, visit the back to the Tashi peninsula, the third day from Namco Lhasa , So the time to play more fully.

In the past year there is no road closure, from the Nami Township to the Holy Land is often counterclockwise direction, 2 hours Namco Township - check bitter asphalt road +3 hours check bitter to the elephant door of the dirt road, 5 hours or so from the entrance to the area The elephant elephant door, the road closures in 2017, had a chance to arrive at the door of the Buddha, but the vast majority would be repatriated. The method of insurance was still clockwise. Moreover, it would be possible to see more of the scenery. The journey is long.

This section of the dirt road on the vehicle through the higher requirements, but in addition to the chassis is too low, the family can not go outside the car, the other models can basically pass, if the car to the proposed off-road vehicles. Or a full price, the old driver led the worry trip, is also a good choice ↓ ↓ ↓

3. Namco trip along the lake accommodation

Zhaxi Peninsula color steel house camp BY polar Tianhe

① Tashi Peninsula: in Namco, the Tashi Peninsula's accommodation is the best, every day from the male food to ensure that the island's tourists and residents of the supply, Zhaxi Peninsula camp is like a large compound, the middle is parking Field, surrounded by color steel plate built 1-2 layer hotel. As the Nam Co is a salt lake, all the water on the Zaxi Peninsula, are trucks every day from when the male shipped, so please do not complain about the island only three public toilets, hotels can not wash things like.

Tips: the
island on the best conditions are two hotels are: God Lake Namco photography inn (0891-6110388) and Nam Co God Sheep Hotel (0891-6110339), but to choose the sea view room had to choose the road side of the hotel, such as snow Domain Inn (18990710607). Every year in December - the following year in March the hotel on the island closed, 3 - May, 10 - December bed fee 50 - 80 yuan / person, every year from June to September, bed 100-150 yuan /people.

② lake three camps: One Hao camp is located in the entrance area, the second camp is located in a multi-Buddha Temple, 3rd camp located Dekor day door; three camps are composed of tents, Dekor to see the most beautiful days of the door, Nianqing Tangguera sunrise, it is recommended to live in the north shore of Namco Lake No. 3 camp. Accommodation here is 60 - 90 yuan / bed.

Camp 3 (picture from the network)

Other things to note

① high anti : Namco place in the northern Tibet Plateau, 4750 meters above sea level, is the most serious areas of the most serious areas of Tibet, must be fully adapted in Lhasa after the go, otherwise the high will make you completely kneel down In front of beauty. It should be noted that we must pay attention to keep warm, do not catch a cold, go before the preparation of commonly used drugs, such as hash (headache, low fever), Huoxiang gas solution (anti-vomiting, chest tightness), glucose oral solution (add strength) The
② climate : plateau climate change, 7-8 months of the rainy season Although the air permeability is not as good as other season, but after the rain often rainbow, double rainbow, sun halo and other plateau wonders.
According to the Qinghai-Tibet Highway G109 section from time to time there are all kinds of temporary inspection, ID card or to carry, if the follow-up to the need for border areas, ID cards need to stay in Lhasa for the most Good to the Public Security Bureau to open a proof of identity, in short, Tibet tourism in case in case, it is best to account, student card, driver's license, teacher card and all proof of identity documents to carry, to prepare for contingencies.
④ other : shooting yak, Tibetan mastiff, horses, Ngau Tau and stakes and other obscure still life are to be charged, the general 20 yuan a project, please do not chill with the chances, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. 

Nam Co scenic area door BY courage

on the tickets:
Nam Co scenic spot every year on May 1 - October 31 tickets 120 yuan / Zhang, November 1 - the following year on April 30 60 yuan / Zhang. Only the peak season for the special crowd half price policy, the specific content is as follows ↓ ↓ ↓
half votes object: 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) - 15 years old (including 15 years old) minors; full-time undergraduate and below diploma student card (Including 60 years of age) - 70 years old (excluding 70 years old) of the elderly; active military personnel; disabled soldiers; with 1-4 effective disability certificates of the people.
Free of charge: 6 years old (including 6 years old) or 1.2 meters below the height (including 1.2 meters) of children, 70 years of age (including 70 years old) of the elderly.

Must not be missed

1. Must see a sunset

Namco sunset afterburner photographer Zhong Sijie

Zhaxi Peninsula in the evening of the lake, always gathered a large number of guns and short guns, photographers facing the Namco constantly shot, Xiaguhi change soon, the most beautiful wonders often always flash, skilled use of equipment Under the premise must be wide open eyes to grasp every light and shadow, do not let travel leave regret.

2. Must see a starry sky

The silver arch of the mountain of the Tashi peninsula

You must not miss the stars, do not look at the stars of Tibet you are equal to miss half of Tibet. In my other Raiders in detail how to record the magnificent magnificent stars in Tibet, technology control children's shoes can refer to the "Tibetan sky shooting the Bible"

Tibet is a star of the Holy Land, easier to reach in addition to Namco, absolutely can not miss is the Everest base camp, from Namco directly to the ring line to Everest base camp, two night sky tour, in the mileage can save at least 1 day time.

V. Conclusion

Namco beauty is thrilling, close contact with her, a brief thought that he is God, you can forget to roll Red. Read the gods and read God, you may even believe in heaven there are days, mountains and mountains.
I think that everyone should have such a moment, all around is not familiar with their own look, facing the days of the lake that Wang blue, say the hearts of fear and love, and then put them down, continue to move forward ... ...

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