Riding a bicycle 丨 with a wheel to measure the plane under the Shanghai

20 years ago, Shanghai is everywhere Phoenix Bicycle. With the development of science and technology, fewer and fewer bicycles, private cars and other public transport more and more. In a lot of people think that the next is to open the plane by car to the occasion of the advent of the streets once again appeared in the bike figure. Sharing the bike so that we travel more convenient, then why do not we take a ride to it?
huangpu river by jinshui

Magic, a trendy and retro coexistence of the city

Shanghai, people called magic are destined not simple.
In Lujiazui, you can enjoy the bustling international metropolis;
in Wukang Road, you can feel the vicissitudes of Shanghai a hundred years ago.
Here, you will never feel nothing to do, go to the Bund brush night, to Xuhui District to find beautiful old houses, in the old Shanghai Lane feel the history of precipitation, or completely indulge a, to Hengshan Road Bar Street to drink carnival.

Want to play well, you want to shuttle freely

The touch of the city is that, in addition to the surface of the flashy, there are hidden in the streets of the classic. If you want to feel the most real of Shanghai, riding may be the best choice. With a wheel to measure every inch of land, from the high-rise building shuttle to the private car can not enter the Indus alley, docked in the shade, into a cafe or bookstore spent leisurely afternoon. Perhaps this is the life of Shanghai.

Sweet love the corner by mimidot to go far

Bicycles are essential

If you live in Shanghai and happen to have a comfortable bike, it will be better. But if you just come to Shanghai to travel, whether it is regrettable to miss this way? of course not! We have a big Shanghai shared bicycles ah! And sharing the bike is a big advantage is that you can stop at any time, do not worry about someone stealing your car

Then the next, revealing two different styles of the ride line of the show, is about to kick off ~  

International city route - board the Oriental Pearl

Shanghai, the international metropolis, then to a shuttle in the high-rise buildings in the city trip is essential.
People's Square - Madame Tussauds Wax Museum - Bund Mans - cross the river ferry - Oriental Pearl - Lujiazui
This is a walk through the lively streets above the route, we still have to pay attention to safety. As for how to arrange to "work and rest", then continue to look down slightly ~

The first stop: I eat fried chicken in the People's Square

13 years a "I am in the People's Square to eat fried chicken" cured how many people? "I am eating fried chicken in the People's Square, and now where you are now," feelings in the need to give up when the magnanimous face, time will always cure all your pain. In addition to the feelings of this song point, as a tourist attraction here may not be too much worth seeing. But next to the square is the famous Shanghai Museum Oh ~

Shanghai Museum by Mr. Xiao Qiang

Shanghai Museum is a large Chinese ancient art museum, set up 12 thematic showroom, especially in bronze, ceramics, calligraphy, painting features. Which collects the pottery of the Jiangnan most of the boutique, prehistoric times Liangzhu culture fine engraving pottery, for rare products.
Tickets: None (access can be used)
Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00,16: 00 Stop admission

The second leg: Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and star side by side

There is a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on the Nanjing West Road, not far from People's Square. Starchaser is not easy, run the course to listen to the concert is not everyone can do. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is a good solution and hope that the same box with the stars (laughs). If it happened to be a rainy day, may wish to come and see it.
Tickets: Adults 190 yuan; student tickets 150 yuan; children / old votes: 140 yuan
opening hours: 10: 00-21: 00 (stop ticketing time: 20:00)
If the wax museum is already part of your trip, of course Online ticket purchase in advance more cost-effective.

The third leg: riding, walking on the Bund is the correct way to open

The Bund by the small child of the child

If you want to ride, then need to go to the North Bund. Starting from the Russian Consulate in the North Bund, along the Suzhou River can be very smooth ride, especially the south bank of Suzhou River, the traffic lights rarely ~ the
real Bund is prohibited riding, so the next may wish to walk on the Bund. Some people say that the story of the Bund is the story of Shanghai, the essence of the Bund is 52 different styles are known as the "World Architecture Expo" Bund complex. Walking among them, you may be more able to feel the charm of the city.
Yes, the Bund's night is more beautiful, so remember to come back at night Oh ~

The fourth leg: ferry across the Huangpu River

Big river above the sea, only the boat is the most authentic way of transport it So we stopped and we went to the other side by boat

Jinling East Road Pier to Dongchang Road Pier

Ferry 15-20 minutes, 20 minutes to reach the other side . And one-way only need 2 yuan Oh ~ cheap cost-effective, for many inland city tourists will be a novel experience it

Fifth Station: Oriental Pearl on the revolving restaurant

Across the Huangpu River, looking for a bike ride, riding a landmark to Shanghai - Oriental Pearl it. Up to 467.9 meters of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located in Pudong New Area, Lujiazui, adjacent to the Huangpu River, and the Bund across the river, is a great place to watch Shanghai night. There are air revolving inside the restaurant, the development of exhibition hall, science fiction and so on.

If the ride is also the other half of the love to participate, it may wish to spin in the Oriental Pearl restaurant to eat a romantic lunch (late) meal. Enjoy the food at the same time, the two sides of the river scenery is also glance.  

The sixth station: Lujiazui business district elite

And the Bund separated from the river Lujiazui, has long been the world's leading financial business district, Shanghai is the most attractive place. It brings together the Oriental Pearl, Shanghai International Convention Center, the World Financial Center and other high-rise buildings, the skyscrapers people seem to be in a city forest.
Wait until the lanterns, you can take the cruise on the Huangpu River to enjoy the surrounding along the night. But the pier on the left bank (in Shandong Road No. 551) , if just live in the west side of the Huangpu River is also good The east side of some toss, it is better to turn today's trip ~ ~

Into the celebrity home in the time machine line - Wukang Road

Shanghai Library - Wukang Road - Yuqing Road - Hengshan Road , good physical strength, simply ride to sweet love way how?
This is a very leisurely line, along the European-style houses, celebrity hometown, the old Shanghai style panoramic view.

The first stop: the culture of the Shanghai library

Shanghai Library was built in July 1952, the site is located in Nanjing West Road, No. 325, after moving to Huaihai Road 1555. On December 20, 1996, the new library of Shanghai Library was officially opened to the outside world, becoming a large-scale comprehensive research public library, among the top ten libraries in China.

Tickets: 10.00 yuan (in fact, for the temporary reading card fees, with ID card)
Opening hours: 08: 30 ~ 20: 30 (17:00 to stop reading card)

Shanghai Library by OO wandering mind

The second station: enrich the Shanghai century modern history of Wukang Road

If you read the "color" ring, then you actually have a long time ago to appreciate the style of Wukang Road. Because Tang Wei played Wang Jiazhi is in the "Fu Kaisen Road 99" and Tony Leung played Mr. Yi trysts ~ This is known as "condensed Shanghai modern century history" celebrity road, it is worth your taste.
More on the contents of Shanghai Street, you can view the "Shanghai's most sophisticated five street, feel the real old Shanghai feelings!" " This Raiders.

The third leg: Huaihai Road, Soong Ching Ling's former residence

Shanghai Soong Ching Ling House by Chhukha ch

Huaihai Road is located in the middle of Wukang Road and Yuqing Road. Riding, you can turn over to see. This is Soong Ching Ling long-term living and living place, she is engaged in national activities, an important place. The former residence left a lot of precious historical moments and a lot of cultural relics.

Tickets: 16 yuan
Opening hours: 09: 00 ~ 16: 30

The fourth station: formerly known as Ai Tong Road Yuqing Road, there are so many stories

Yuqing Road is not long, only 700 meters. Yuqing Road is very narrow, the width is only about 15 meters, but does not prevent here to become one of the most classical features of the streets.
Yu Qing Road, formerly known as "love Tong Road", was a French Concession. Now, the road is still on both sides of the proper maintenance of the garden house and the new Lane Lane, there are high wall compound after heavily guarded troops. Summer afternoon, riding here, will there be a sense of crossing it?

Hengshan Road by morning flying

The fifth station: mix and match to the school of Hengshan Road

Indus, shade, euro architecture, these words will let you think of what? Exotic, bar, what will happen It is two different styles of it, but these are breed Hengshan Road.
Here is the French Concession, there are many European-style houses. It is also a bar street, with noisy night. To a Shanghai, do not miss Hengshan Road.

Ride, let us know more about a city

Today's traffic is very diverse, private cars, buses, subway is indeed very hard. But want to find the direction of freedom in the building, want to be in the old Shanghai-style alley in the shuttle freely, maybe only riding can meet you. More than two Shanghai riding routes may not be the most comprehensive, if you want to understand a city, then ride on the car, to find the truth of it

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