Shanghai 24H 丨 how to arrange the trip in a limited time Fun magic are?

Shanghai this city, has its own unique charm. Of course, if you want to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, then perhaps Yunnan, Tibet is more suitable for you. But in Shanghai, that is enchanting urban style, there are signs of the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of history. Whether you are deliberately to, or a trip on the way to transit, the Shanghai day trip Raiders, will inspire your travel inspiration!
lu yao in nanjing road pedestrian street

Is it better to arrange your trip only one day?

If you want to use a day to play through Shanghai, a little bit difficult. After all, so prosperous Shanghai also has hidden in the Shanghai-style alley in the history. But 24 hours, enough for you to punch the most representative of Shanghai.

Play the proposed route map, Shanghai day tour map.

Free and casual runaway family, to the scene that go on the trip

If you are a physically energetic young, like public transport and riding, but try the route in the picture above.
Bite the roadside shop to buy fried chicken through the People's Square   .
Into the Shanghai Museum feel the history of change  .
All the way to eat and eat through the Nanjing pedestrian street  .
By the way in the M & M flagship store to buy a lovely souvenir   .
Take the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel into the bottom of the Huangpu River .
Enjoy a romantic afternoon tea on the Oriental Pearl's revolving restaurant .
To the pier ride Riverside city unique ferry back to the other side, to the temple to enjoy the ancient buildings .
Finally in the Shiliupu wharf ride luxury cruise, night tour Huangpu River .
A day after the runaway, you will not have any regrets when you are paralyzed on the bed of the hotel or on the sleeper.

Poor physique or easy to get lost little partners should choose how? Look at this ↓

If you are a relatively weak person, or with children and the elderly, and even into a mall will be wrong direction. Then the way to runaway is not suitable. Day time, and not runaway, how can a reasonable finish so many landmark destination? The answer is: on! sea! one! day! tour!

Now most of the young people will be with the way the group tour some resistance, may be childhood and parents participated in too many on the train to get off the camera to take pictures of the fly shopping group. But with the travel industry in the past few years of wanton development, compared with the year has been greatly improved. As long as you are in the platform to buy a certain reputation of the product, the experience will not be bad. After all, the platform has a better regulatory system, the service is not good you can complain about it ~

What is this specific look, play what?

Just simply make clear the line, for the first time to come to you, will still be confused. What is the temple? What are the shops on the pedestrian street? What is the sightseeing tunnel? Oriental Pearl to tickets? Why is the Shanghai Huangpu River night play one of the attractions? This series of questions, immediately announced for you.

1) Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

This is one of the top ten famous pedestrian streets. A hundred years ago, it was called "Parker get", until 1865 was officially renamed "Nanjing Road." This is a total length of 1.2 km on both sides of the pedestrian street, both fashion shops for girls to buy buy, there are hundreds of years old food for diners. If you are worrying about what gift to go back to the home of the children or girlfriend, Nanjing Road M & M flagship store you have to go and see it!

Stare strajectory taken at Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street M & M flagship store

take the subway lines 1,2,8 line in the "People's Square" station, starting from the 6th exit, over the sink square to the pedestrian street west of the starting point;
take the subway line 2,10 to "Nanjing East Road "station, starting from the 1,2,4 port, that is, the starting point of the eastern foot of the pedestrian street.

2) The Bund + Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

The 52 buildings on the side of the road are known as the "World Architecture Expo" complex is the essence of the Bund . In addition, across the river from the tall buildings of the Lujiazui economic circle is also very attention. As I personally, prefer the night of the Bund, we can root their own arrangements to decide.
And take the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel arrived on the other side is the most unique mode of transport, after all, here is China's first cross-river pedestrian tunnel, a total length of 646.70 meters. You can of course choose the subway, bus and other most convenient means of transport, but as the first visit to tourists, take a Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is still very interesting.

Do not say I did not tell you Oh, in advance to buy the package is a great discount! Especially the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel and Oriental Pearl Tower tickets to buy, buy a lot cheaper than the split!

Carina in the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, where there is a dog in the sightseeing tunnel? The The

Scenic area official fare:
50 yuan / one way, 70 yuan / round trip
opening time:
May 1 - October 31: 8: 00-22: 30 (Monday - Thursday), 8: 00-23: 00 Friday - Sunday);
November 1 - April 30 the following year: 8: 00-22: 00 (Monday - Thursday), 8: 00-22: 30 (Friday - Sunday).
351 Zhongshan East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (underground level ticket gate)

3) Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Up to 467.9 meters of the Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the signs of Shanghai, most of the Shanghai trip will not be less of this station. Take the sightseeing elevator on the rapid upward, on the transparent plank overlooking the magnificent Shanghai. If it is a small partner, is really scared screaming it
Oriental Pearl Tower from top to bottom by the size of 11 balls in series, the tower there are development exhibition hall, science fiction city and other different exhibition hall, want to see more, of course, to buy more expensive package can.

Oriental Pearl Rotary Restaurant official price

Here is a great place to watch Shanghai night view. The night comes, with the other half of the beloved, in the 267-meter-high air revolving restaurant to eat a romantic dinner, say some pleasant love words. Your feelings will be rapid warming ~  

Opening hours: 08: 00-21: 30
Ticket time: 09: 00-21: 00
Remember the sightseeing tunnel in front? If you are interested, then remember to buy online in advance Oh, will be more favorable. Or otherwise with the Huangpu River night boat is also very cost-effective ~

Zhang small box road in the Oriental Pearl radio and television tower

4) cross river ferry

If you come from the inland city, rarely see rivers and lakes. Then cross the river ferry for you, it will be a more novel way of transport. Only need 2 dollars, you can use 10 minutes across the Huangpu River.

Yillia Gulu taken on the Bund

Departure Pier: West Bank - Jinling East Road Pier, East Coast - Dongchang Road Terminal Departure: 12-15 minutes
Opening Hours:
Starting Point Station No. 07: 00-22: 00
Terminal End Time: 07 : 00-22: 00

5) Shanghai Temple

In this Raiders introduced in the attractions, the number of Temple is the most traditional and most lively. Those who want to come to Shanghai to play, must think of the Temple. In fact, most of the population in the temple contains the old temple, Yu Garden, as well as shopping and other small commodities such as small areas. In addition to the old garden with a history of more than 400 years - "Yu Garden", and said it is said that prayer for God is very efficacious - "Old Town God Temple" need to purchase tickets, other places can be free to enter. There are a lot of traditional crafts and local snacks, if here is your last trip to Shanghai, may wish to buy some hand ceremony. But if this is the starting point, or else to buy it elsewhere.

Baby Mi photo in the old town god temple tourist area, Temple God Oh, little partner Come yo!

What is the old snack in Shanghai? Of course, is the famous dumplings friends , dumplings foreskin thin stuffing juicy full, the taste is always that is good, very authentic, but the cottage varieties of choice, passing friends do not miss.
Recommended: crab dumplings, fresh meat cages, egg soup, soup shrimp balls, small ravioli, wild cages

Old Temple Tickets: 10 yuan / person
Opening hours: 8: 30-16: 30
Yuyuan Tickets:
season (Apr 1 - June 30 September 1 - November 30) 40 yuan;
low season (July 1 day - August 31, December 1 to March 31) 30 yuan.
Opening hours: 8: 30-16: 45

6) Huangpu River night boat

The main event, has always been to put in the last. The end of the day, if you would like to see Shanghai fantastic night, please be sure to try the Shanghai Bund Shunde Pujiang night boat! Shanghai this city unique enchanting feeling, only when you visit the top of the Huangpu River to feel the most thorough. Boarded the luxury cruise, panoramic views across the Taiwan Strait. One side is full of exotic country buildings, one side is the tall buildings of the modern city night. In fact the cruise on the night, is already one of the many cities will experience the project.
Whether you are looking for a 60 minute route or 90 minutes. This trip down, will let you fall in love with the city of luxury and romance.

And before you teach the same, the network ticket more advantages. Basically 70-90 yuan or so you can buy a ticket friends. So if you really intend to experience the night boat, we must remember to arrange ahead of schedule tickets. Similarly, in the product selection as much as possible to choose a large platform on the Kaopu business, to safeguard their own interests.

All casually taken in Shanghai Huangpu River night

Scenic area official ticket: 120 yuan / person
boarding pier: 16th shop dock (No. 551, Shandong Road)
flight time: because it is the night boat, so are the evening began. Basically 18:45 start a cruise ship starting, after every 25 minutes.

Shanghai trip, all the way downwind

Above is my painstakingly prepared for everyone on the day trip in Shanghai, hoping to give you the journey to bring enough help. If you have any questions, please consult me. After all, my ultimate goal is to let you have a worry and worrying trip to Shanghai. Shanghai, there is me, you feel at ease.

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