Take you to Tianjin

Tianjin is a very special city. He is a bit like Chengdu or Sichuan, but it is different from Southwest.

"We are at the end of the iron rice bowl, the hand is a steel rice shovel,
want to eat a few bowls to eat a few bowls. Do not want to eat home smoking rolls."
- This describes Tianjin people should be more accurate

Tianjin is a very special city.
He is a bit like Chengdu or Sichuan
but different from Southwest

Tianjin. It is unique!

1. Haihe Loop (central section)

This is one of Tianjin's more classic running routes. Starting from Haihe Square in Tianjin Railway Station (Laodong Station), the coastal river runs back to Tianjin. Most of the time, this line can run on the hydrophilic platform along the Haihe River. The road is flat and the car is isolated and safe. However, the line is mostly stone brick pavement, the foot feels slightly hard, and the greening along the way is small trees, running very dry during the day. There are a number of free toilets along the way, but there is almost no water to sell, so be sure to prepare enough water.

Scenic food

As the mother river of Tianjin, there are many famous scenic spots on both sides of the Haihe River. During the running process, you can enjoy the scenery of Jiefang Bridge, Italian Style Street, Old Culture Street, Dabei Temple, Shizilin Bridge and so on. In the evening, you can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Haihe River, the cruise ship passing by from time to time in the river and the night of the famous Tianjin Eye.

Breezy by the river, watching the green trees and flowers, naturally want to calm down and have a cup of coffee and snacks. 禧花绣咖啡牛牛's House, rustic style, this environment is warm and romantic, sitting by the window, the tree's small lights are like the stars in the sky, flashing, lazy nest on the sofa, chatting with friends, Look at the beautiful scenery outside the window, it is not too romantic and too petty.

Run-up strategy

Location: Tianjin Heping District, Hebei District
Route: Haihe Square - Century Bell Plaza - Haihe Central Square Park - Austrian Style Music Park - Li Shutong's Former Residence Memorial Hall - Jin Gang Park - Tianjin Eye, full length 11 km
running time : Evening

2. Minyuan Square

Located in the center of Wudao Avenue, Minyuan Square was formerly built in 1920. It was once the first comprehensive stadium in the Far East and the first light football field in China. The transportation is convenient, the venue is open and the environment is beautiful. It is also a perfect place for running and fitness. You can choose to brush along the 400-meter standard runway in the Folk Square, or you can take the earthquake-resistant monument along Chengdu Road, Guilin Road, Machang Road, Hefei Road, and finally return to the earthquake-resistant monument through the Nanjing Road.

Scenic food

It is soaked in rich European style. It has more than 2,000 garden-style houses with different national architectural styles built in the 1920s and 1930s. It enjoys the reputation of “World Architecture Exhibition”. In this run, you can enjoy the most complete preserved buildings in China, and you can also see the former residences of Zhang Xueliang, Hoover's former residence and many other historical celebrities.

Feel the twentieth-century style, do you want to feel the authentic Tianjin pancake fruit? Delu Zhai Pancake Fruit (Wu Avenue Store) opened in the pancake fruit shop next to the folk garden. The shop is simple and clean, wooden tables and chairs. Its pancake fruit tastes very good. The main thing is that it is a family that can sit and enjoy this slowly. The local specialty pancake fruit shop, which makes many people remember and linger.

Run-up strategy

Location: No. 83, Chongqing Road, Heping District, Tianjin
Route: 400 meters from the runway of the People's Court Square, about 3.9 kilometers in the outer circle.
Best running time: early morning, evening

3. Meijiang Park

Meijiang Park is adjacent to Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center and has a large water area. It is currently the largest urban park in Tianjin. The park is very elegant, quiet in the middle of noisy, small trails, lush green, and the air quality is much better than other places, it is a good choice in this running. However, due to the proximity to the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, it is necessary to understand the exhibition situation in advance and avoid the peak of people's flow during the exhibition.

Scenic food

The sparkling lake reflects the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center and the surrounding high-rise buildings as well as the lush, verdant trees on the shores of the lake. At dusk, the setting sun shines on the lake, and there is amber light, which is very pleasant. It makes people feel relaxed and happy.

When the weather is very good, I really want to smash it. The kind of mouthful of meat and the swig of drinking is the most comfortable. Yanji Fengmao Chuancheng is located in the commercial center of Meijiang Dadao. The variety of barbecues is complete. The mutton is delicious and the fleshy taste makes the people who are visiting are mouth-watering and full of appetite.

Run-up strategy

Location: Youyi South Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin (near Meijiang International Exhibition)
Route: Along the Jiangwan Road, Yingbo Road, Yanbo Road, and Minjiang Road around Meijiang Park, the whole journey is about 6 km.
Best running time: early morning, Evening

4. Nancui Ping Park

Nancui Ping Park is the predecessor of the Heshan Park. Although the space is very small, it can attract many runners to check-in every day, because there is a plastic track marked with distance, there are mountains to practice climbing, and various fitness. The device can be exercised. Surrounded by moat-style waterways, Huanncui Park is surrounded by lush trees and has a good view. There is also a place for drinking tea and playing on the island. It is a rare corner of the city. It is worth noting that the park's 22-point street light is off in the summer and 21 o'clock in the winter. The runners who run this night must make reasonable arrangements.

Scenic food

As the most characteristic natural landscape park in downtown Tianjin, there are mountains and lakes with children's worlds. In this place, people can not only enjoy the natural landscapes that are rare in the city, but also enjoy the elegance of Asakusa. There are hundreds of evergreen plants that meet the needs of people all year round.

In the "fifties and zeros", there is an independent and very farmhouse-like house in the scenic area. There are water surfaces, promenades, pavilions, huts, etc. Outside the house, there are corn and blessings in the outside of the small bag, and the corridor is still high. High hanging red lanterns, very rustic, full of farmhouse style. Come here to visit and enjoy the scenery, very comfortable and free.

Run-up strategy

Location: 200m west of the intersection of Water Park West Road and Hongqi South Road, Nankai District, Tianjin
Route: Park inner ring runway, full 1.5 km.
Best running time: early morning, evening

5. Water Park

The water park is one of the ten scenic spots in Tianjin, Tianjin. It is close to the Tianjin TV Tower. There are two routes to choose from in this run: one runs from the east gate of the park along the East Lake, which is lined with trees. The flowers are red and green, and you can really feel the charm of "Longtan Floating Cui". The other is running along the outer ring road of the park. The total length is about 6 kilometers. The route is square. There is no intersection. It is suitable for fixed speed and planned speed running and LSD (long distance jogging) practice. Signal lights interfere, but it should be noted that more restaurants in the northeast corner of the park should pay attention to the vehicles.

Scenic food

The trees are shaded, the flowers are red and green, and the birds in the woods are not afraid of people. They fly leisurely and fly. In this run, the atmosphere and the scenery are very charming. The lake and the water are fascinating, and you can enjoy the north while running. The unique charm of the West Lake, the four seasons on the water. South Dormitory South Africa tastes the early morning tavern, is a very interesting small shop near the water park, relatively petty bourgeoisie, many people like to come here to drink small wine, taste the special dishes of his family. It is the style of Xiaoyanglou Villa, and the environment is extremely beautiful. Its avocado rainbow salad, sashimi chicken, angel pasta prawns and other dishes are very delicate and delicious. This will make your senses and tastes satisfied at the same time.

Location: No. 48, Water Park Road, Nankai District, Tianjin
Route: Run along the East Lake Lake in the water park, about 2.5 km in a circle; run around the outer ring road of the water park, about 6 km in a circle.
Best running time: early morning, Evening

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