Tibet pilgrimage, turn the lake back (with the lake detailed arrangements)

Turn the water to the stupa, not for the repair of Health, only to meet you on the way. Cangyang Gyatso's classic poetry "that I" so many people know Tibet, longing for Tibet. In the hearts of the Tibetan people, mountains and lakes are gods, is sacred. Today we come to chatter nibbling nibbling to the lake! Tibet to the lake, you most want to know what?
potala palace

Why go to the lake?

The religious significance of turning the lake

Namtso Lake

People in the Tibetan area think that mountains, lakes, forests and so on are gods guardian, sacred and inviolable, devout Tibetans, believers around the heart of the holy lake walk, pray to the gods in the lake, pray for good luck, can Get immeasurable merit and profound knowledge, give up their own abuse and pain, hoping to use their own devotion to find the soul of the second attribution. As for why the lake, turn the mountain, etc., is said to be left to the Buddha's will, God's children how will not comply?

2. the best time to turn the lake

Horse year to turn the mountain, the sheep turn the lake, the monkey year to turn the forest, so that the best time to turn the lake is the sheep. Every time the sheep year, Buddha, Buddha, law enforcement gods will be in the Namtso set altar Daxing law, the believers at this time to worship, turn the lake read once, better than usual rush to the lake by hundreds of times, monks believers come here especially The During the year there are many believers in the Sakya Dawa Festival to come to the lake. If you run into the Sarah Daya Festival, this time the person is the most.

Sheep Zhuo Yong measures a corner

Second, before the lake to prepare

1. traffic, there is always one you want

Namco wrong in the north of Lhasa, Dangxiong County, from Lhasa is about 240KM. There are three main ways to start from Lhasa to Namtso Lake.
One is to take their own shuttle bus to. Shuttle to the words, we need to ride in the western suburbs of Lhasa passenger station to the song of the car, when the male off. But when the male did not car to Namco wrong lake, the roadside van, get off and the van driver to talk about the price, usually about 600, excluding scenic tickets. (The specific price and consultation with the driver)

The second way is to rent a car, chartered to. Whether it is chartered or car rental, have to determine the number of people, what car, this is also a better offer. If we go to the same time, chartered the price is not the same, different models, the price is different. Like the Prado season is 5 per kilometer, may be price increases, off-season is about 4.

The last one is the most easy, with the group. Lhasa local travel agencies have to Na Mu measures of the trip, such as Na Mu measures 1 day tour, Namtso 2 tour. To participate in the travel agency's trip, the tour guide will contact us one day in advance to determine the good time, the second day we can get up to Namco wrong, halfway without transfer, more trouble.

2. What does the lake need to bring?

1, food: water; high-calorie foods, such as compressed dry food, canned meat, chocolate, candy, instant noodles; fruit; if you feel trouble, along the way the store and teahouse also biscuits, instant noodles, milk tea, butter tea for sale.
2, clothing
【coat】 coat: casual wear, outdoor equipment, sportswear, cotton, etc. are applicable, it is recommended coat double or thick layer. Warm underwear: sweater or warm suit category, cold, weak body can bring cotton or down jacket.
【Pants】 pants: slightly thick points for walking like. Warm pants: warm suit or Qiuku category.
[Underwear] cotton underwear, prepare a set of washing.
[Shoes] hard bottom travel shoes, outdoor shoes, sports shoes.
3, drugs,
fever, fever, anti-altitude sickness drugs, trauma treatment and complex vitamins and other drugs.
4, other
sunglasses (against the plateau strong ultraviolet and snow reflection); umbrella to prevent rain; insulation Cup; lip balm (plateau area, dry climate); sunscreen; crutches (depending on individual physical quality)

Third, open the lake to the main two lines

1. Lake shoreline (suitable for walking)

Before the Tibetan people to turn the lake is to turn the whole Namtso Lake, walking on the whole Namtso Lake takes about 15 days, the time is too long, so now Tibetans are to turn the West Peninsula. We start from Lhasa, along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway all the way north, and soon you can reach Yang Bajing. Continue to the north, had Dangxiong County, about 4 hours after the arrival of Nam Co, stay in the Zaxi Peninsula, and then turn the West Island.

The Tashi Peninsula is the most concentrated place for religious activities in Nam Co, the Taji Temple on the peninsula, still cigarette-filled, It takes about two hours to walk around the peninsula. Along the peninsula to the road approached the lake, will see the door of the door of the door god, welcome stone, continue to go inside can also see good and evil holes, Zhaxi Temple, together palm stone. Walk to the East Zhaxi bath, you can use a clear lake wash a face, carry the tribute to the lake, the local call the treasure.

If you are on foot to the lake, must advance in Bangor County book a good yak or horses, the only way to ensure the smooth completion of the lake. In addition to the lake must turn singular, the local customs is clockwise turn Tashi 13 laps.

Namco wrong, sheep Zhuo Yong wrong is the three holy lake in Tibet, the following is a carefully selected pilgrimage route for everyone, we can test under what.

2. Easy route (suitable for driving)

D1: Lhasa - Yang Bajing - Dangxiong - Nagano - Zhaxi Peninsula - Deqing Township

Lhasa starting, after Yang Bajing, Dangxiong, over the Naga La Pass, arrived in the Tashi Peninsula, and then began to turn the lake. Along the west of the Nyainqentanglula Mountains, the west side of the road is particularly open, but the road is rugged, we can rest in the Ga Lazong East. On the south side of the town of Gala, there is a road to the Buddha, along the road can go to the ancient Qiongsi. After the visit, continue westbound, arrived at the rest of the night, Deqing Township.

Due to local conditions are limited, there is no accommodation, need to bring their own dry food and sleeping bags.

D2: Deqing Township - Qiaoduo Temple - St. elephant door - Nam Co Township - Dangxiong - pull

Morning simple grooming, along the lake to the northwest, to reach the temple, and then 6 km to the valley, all the way to birds and beasts, flowers, vegetation, moire, letters and other groups can be seen all the way. Continue to move forward, after Qiaoduo Nanka Island, rushed to Angba Long Island, a little rest to add physical strength. Leave Anba empty dragon island, after Namco four of the four baths of the extension of Cui Quan bath door, rushed to the Tashi peninsula. Turn the lake has basically been completed, the next is from the original road to return to Lhasa Tashi.

Fourth, other places to turn the lake recommended

1. Magenta's fault

St. Lake Magistrate

It is the highest freshwater lake on the earth and is located in the Alipeland area of ​​Tibet. Tibetan "Ma next" is invincible meaning. Monk Xuan Zang in the "Datang Western Regions in mind," known as the "West Tian Yao Chi" place is here. Holy lake about 60 km, the following is the lake line introduced:

Ma Pang Yong wrong lake

D1: Urumqi to Hall, walking time is 6-8 hours

Get up early, along the lake before the lake in the clockwise direction to go, turn to the north shore of Lake holy, left the lake to the lake to climb the mountain. There are some abandoned caves on the cliffs on the roadside of the mountains. It is the place where the traitors are reclusive. That is, between the black and the Hall of the holy lake between the eight monasteries of the monastery of the temple, the temple is located on the foothills of the nose, so named Lang (Tibetan means "elephant nose"). From Langna Temple to the northeast through the highway, between the slopes of the site of the temple today. To the Hall before going through the vast marshes, try not to go close to the lake, because the more close to the lake marsh siltation is more serious.

Hall is the south of the traffic hub, the town center of the road there are many tents shop, you can buy daily necessities. Can live in the "God Lake Hotel", 25 yuan / bed. Here is also a good place to find a free ride, east to Shigatse, Lhasa, west to the mountain, the lion between the car will be here. Hall is a great place to shoot the Napieron on the other side of the holy lake.

D2: Hall to the hot dragon Temple, walking time for 3-5 hours

When leaving Hall, do not go straight to the shore of the lake, see the lake is not the surface of the holy lake, but a pool of water. This piece of wetland living in a large group of waterfowl, you can see the rare black-necked cranes. In the soft swamp road bounce 2-3 hours later, had a bridge to the color hot dragon temple. Although it is one of the eight holy monasteries, but the temple is very small and not completely repaired. There are only a few families nearby, but the language communication is very difficult, the best is their own tent accommodation.

D3: color hot dragon temple to Chu Temple, walking time is 6-8 hours

After leaving the hot dragon temple, the hillside has a simple road. Walking on it, than those who walked yesterday and soft and land of the sand feel a lot better. But soon have to return to the lake on the path up, or go those sand. Halfway to the place, in a view of the import of St. Lake on the repair of a bridge, you can not suffer from wading. Finally arrived in Chu Temple, night Chu Temple.

D4: Chu Temple to the Urumqi Temple, walking time about 10 hours

In the morning, after eating breakfast, starting from the temple of Chu, to the eyes of the fruit and ancestral temple area, back to encounter a lot of glaciers melt the formation of the stream, automatically composed of a water network arranged on the shore. This is the test at the foot of the footwear shoes waterproof when the good time. After 10 hours of walking, and finally return to the starting point that is the temple. The lake has been completed.

2. sheep Zhuo Yong wrong

Yang Zhuo Yong wrong known as the world's most beautiful water, in the hearts of Tibetans have a "goddess scattered turquoise earrings", because no matter where you are, can not see the whole picture of sheep Zhuo. She is like an earrings inlaid on the hills of the mountain. Different moments of sunlight, she will show the level of extremely rich blue, like a dream in general.

Sheep Zhuo Yong measures Lake line: Ji Jiu Village - Guang Ga Village - East Village - Miscellaneous Village - Zhang Daxiang - Gongbu school Township - Tebula - more but rural - chicken bone check - wave card

from Lhasa car rental or From the Gongga County car rental, along the Gongga Quide Temple in front of the earth and stone road to the direction of the waves to go, turn the post Bara Hill can see Yang Zhuo Yong wrong the southeast corner. This road is no branch, is Gongga county road leading to the East Township, the mountain is Gongga County East Township, down the mountain along the lake along the clockwise direction of the lake about 5 km to reach the East Township The government is located in Kyrgyzstan village.

3, Basong measures

Basongo Scenic Area

Basong is the god of the lake, is the largest barrier in the southeast of the lake. Although the Basong is not one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, but the Basongzao Scenic Spot sets snow-capped mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls pastures, cultural relics and monuments, the ancient temples as a whole, different scenery, four different, is the first batch of AAAA class tourist area The

Basongo Lake Line: Resort - Tajiu Village - Bugong Village - Disaster Cave - Seeking Cave - Shaha Mead - Tsai Gao Village - Duoqin Bar - Jiaba Village - Bude Mountain View Terrace - Resort

Basong measures in Nyingchi, surrounded by the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, Lulang Linhai and other scenic areas worth a visit. If you feel inconvenient, you can participate in travel agents Nyingchi trip, travel arrangements can refer to the following lines.

Five, Tibet not only turn water, there turn the towers to the towers

1, turn the mountain

The custom of turning from the bloated teachings is handed down from the ancient elephant male era. In the Tibetan area, the mountain is solemn and sacred. In the local most famous turn mountain is undoubtedly Gangrenpu Qi, Ma is the year of Gang Rinpoche's Benming years, Tibetan calendar horse year round, the equivalent of 13 years in other years, monks believers how to miss. Gang Rinpoche is the world recognized mountain, is said to bypass this mountain circle, ranging from purifying the mind, the weight can be into a Buddha immortal. Some people say that this mountain is very spiritual, around the mountain walk, you can achieve a wish, such as young people find true love, the elderly do not hurt the waist does not acid.
Turn the mountain, you do not have eyes, just your heart, bow to walk, head to mouth, mouth to heart, with the mind low call, whisper and chant. Purely feeling, the whole process is a spiritual journey, in the spirit of time and space shuttle, not immersive, it is difficult to use words to express.

Hands together, creeping forward, how can you miss the following mountain line!

2, turn the stupa

Jokhang Temple corner

In Tibet, the main hall is to turn the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Tashilhunpo Temple. Pagoda generally have a turn, believers believe that the transfer is equivalent to chanting, is the disaster evacuation, repair merit the best way. Turn when the clockwise walk, turn to turn the wheel, turn the tube must also be clockwise, must not be reversed.

Tibet has a lot of turn through the line, one of the most famous is the Jokhang Temple of the three, that is, the outline, eight profile, forest profile. Include around the Basilica of the Jokhang Temple, Bazhou is around the entire Jokhang Temple, Lin Ruo is around the old city of Lhasa, in the three lines, the eight professors are the most. If you want to shoot worshipers, then you have to go to Barkhor Street. To remind you, when shooting the Tibetan people, we must get their consent.

Concluding remarks

Turn the water to the pagoda, not just wash their own mind, but also let us find themselves. Tibet, pilgrimage trip, the body is not moving, the heart is far, there is a holiday you, if you intend to come to Tibet, I was Tashi, waiting for you in Tibet, meet!

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