To Wuzhen must do a few things, with practical Raiders

Light and shadow bridges people, full of life is full of smiles. Time has changed many things, but has not changed here. Wuzhen living in a dream, pillow Zhenjiang Wuzhen.
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Wuzhen attractions overview

The whole time spent a day or two here is the best, Wuzhen is divided into east, west, south, north gate. East, West Gate is a fee, but also the most famous scenic spot. Now completely standardized management, so no need to worry about the phenomenon of arbitrary charges.
West Gate more attractions, and services are better and more convenient, the East Gate and West Gate in fact almost the same point of view are about the same building, but there is a local street trading trinkets, relative to the West Gate More ancient. East Gate also went, less tourists, the basic did not shoot any photos, because they are almost the same, if the time is limited, you can only go straight to see the West Gate.

Take advantage of the misty rain and misty encounter Encounter this Jiangnan Water Village, when you enter the door you will see a service hall, online booking in advance Wuzhen inside the bed and breakfast, go directly to the front desk check-in, saying there are a lot of handsome front desk beauty.

Figure: Wuzhen sauce factory.

Have to say that since the G20 summit, Wuzhen has been rectified into a full-scale management, do not have to worry about the phenomenon of arbitrary charges, immediately after the ticket into the group there is a group of handsome guys running in uniform is the way to open and take the lead, the driver driving the area The car followed us in, patiently asked us to address, even if only two people decided to drive, one second do not have to wait.

Figure: dye cloth Square.

Someone may ask what sort of travel route would be the most appropriate? In fact, you have come to understand, alley there can not be more and more, even if carefully arranged will take care of the fork in the road, will suddenly I do not know where to go, with all the way to find a destination as bold and casual body Immersion, where the most to do slow down leisurely enough.

To Wuzhen must do

Find a tea shop tea

Find a tea house and a pair of people on the tea side, sitting on the riverside drinking tea scenery, beauty and beauty of drunk, a pot of green tea, water and sit, take advantage of this great time, remove all Tired, to find a clean place, by a meter warm sun, hand-held tea, safe day ... ... occasionally canoe across the window from time to time, occasional Meng pet slipped in the corner, occasionally pedestrians Stop on the other side! ! !

Figure: Wuzhen.

See the night view of Wuzhen Xizha

Figure: West Gate night scene.

To Wuzhen had to experience the night view of the Xizha. Night, Wuzhen in the light of the whole show is particularly moving, if the Wuzhen during the day is graceful Jiangnan women, then the more advent of night more charming, people in this alternate alternation of morning and night indulge in, and suddenly if the dream .

Go to the lantern square to see the lantern

The place to look for is the lantern square, which is full of longing for the Chinese traditional culture and craftsmanship. Here you will see artisans sitting carefully in the shop making lamp, an array of items.

Figure: Lantern Square.

Relax in the bar at night to relax

Bar Street is also the place to go at night, every night comes, accompanied by bursts of guitar sound, Bar Street began to lively, wandering here, the Chinese lantern, fireworks, markets such as the day, Ambilight, brilliant, bizarre ~~~

Figure: night view of Wuzhen.

Like the ballad came from the window, like the wandering singer Qing Li Xuan, like to come here to find the story or tell the story of people. . . If you come, please leave Wuzhen your story okay? !

Post to Wuzhen post office letter

Wuzhen post office reason to recommend this place is that it has great feelings, this is a post office opened from the Guangxu years, from the arch to the interior are full of sense of the times. You can write a postcard, stamp the postmark of Wuzhen, send it to relatives or friends in the distance, and think that they have received the greetings from the elegant southern Jiangshu village. At that time, what a surprise and touched you.

Figure: Wuzhen post office.

Wuzhen common sense

Best travel time

4 ~ May, that is, before and after the Ching Ming Wuzhen, has an infinite good Jiangnan Chun King, I heard there will be a variety of very unique customs activities. 10 to December is also the best time, it is picking season Chrysanthemum.


Figure: Wuzhen Otake screen.

To Wuzhen have to appreciate is the night view of the West Gate, and if you miss this feast it can be considered a white trip Wuzhen. Accommodation, then recommend the West Gate, Wuzhen night wandering pillow can sleep in the Yangtze River.
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Figure: Wuzhen bridge water.

Wuzhen food to be missed

Here must say that the environment here is beautiful, fair price, not to mention the health. Because it is a unified planning and management, so here's the store will not pick up passengers, all things are clearly marked price, and sometimes even umbrellas and grocery stores will be prepared for you intimate. Breakfast is free (self-service).

White water fish

Rich in whitewater fish in the Wuzhen waters, so basically are drawn on the spot, immediately after killing kill cooking, to ensure the delicious fish.

Figure: white water fish.

Set the cake

Figure: Ding Sheng cake.

Braised lamb

Figure: braised lamb.

Aunts cake

Figure: aunts cake.

Sanzhen sauce chicken

Figure: Sanzhen sauce chicken.

Lotus leaf steamed meat

Figure: lotus leaf steamed meat.

Wuzhen traffic arrived


Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport has a direct bus to Wuzhen, about 2 hours by car, the fare at 38 yuan.

Figure: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport bus to Wuzhen timetable.


The train to Tongxiang station, the train station directly to Wuzhen bus, k282 bus, about half an hour's ride, fare at 5 yuan, every half hour trip, the first bus from 7:40 to 17:50.


By car is the most convenient, many places have direct access to the bus, you can go directly to the Internet.

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