Volcano, hot springs, non-left, with children to Tengchong play can be rich?

It is especially important to choose a refreshing and refreshing trip in the summer of "just a little bit of a rustling." Tengchong is a small town in the southwest border, is also a favored a small town. Natural landscape and cultural landscape are very rich, the perfect city of habitat habitat, to Tengchong not only support the people can raise heart, please listen to the following small tour to fine ~
hot sea boilers by the tour of burma and burma

First, the beginning of Tengchong, will play top10

① natural geothermal hot springs wonders - hot sea

Recommended reason: China's second largest hot field, the best place in China geothermal convalescence, hot spring resort, bubble a variety of characteristics Tangchi, Yunnan eighteen strange "egg string to sell" the big roll hot spring eggs.
Tickets: 78 yuan / person  
Address: Tengchong City, 20 km southwest of the
traffic: Tengchong County Ring Road south of the line directly to the train, the fare 6 yuan. In the hot sea and the financial road intersection fare 5 yuan, full of people go. Scenic areas there are battery car, from the scenic entrance to the hot sea entrance, one-way 15 yuan, from 25 yuan, one-way travel about 5 minutes. You can also walk for about 15 minutes to the entrance.
Opening hours: 08: 00-20: 00 (winter: 08: 00-19: 00). Recommended tour time 2-3 hours.
Food Recommended: big roll pots, geothermal Sambo (sweet potatoes, peanuts and eggs)

② ten charm of the town of the first - Heshun town

Heshun town. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: small bridge water, cigarette people. Walking and Shun feel the vicissitudes of ancient town overseas Chinese culture, looking for "Beijing love story" familiar with the scene.
Tickets: 80 yuan / person ticket
address: Tengchong County, south of 4km
open time:  07: 30-19: 30
traffic: take the 6 bus to get off at Heshun town station about 150 meters straight to the ticket office.
Food Recommended: Song cake, Heshun mind, soil pot, save the big drive

pure tour of the town and the inn do not need to buy tickets and open all day, but Heshun Library, Ai Siqi and other cultural attractions need to buy tickets.

③ Natural Geological Museum - Tengchong Volcano Geopark

Volcano overlooking. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: one of China's four major volcanic groups, the volcano feel the history of change, lament the nature of the gods, take the hot air balloon to see the volcano true capacity. In the vicinity of the crater, visitors can also pick up the gray, red, black and other colors of the volcanic stone to commemorate.
The proportion of this volcanic stone is very light, called "pumice". A person can gently lift a large piece, into the water but will not sink. People say "stone deep sea" of the natural law, here is not efficacious.
Tickets: 54 yuan / Zhang, (including large empty mountain, small empty mountain, black mountain. Columnar joint and black fish river is not a separate ticket, with volcanic geological park tickets can be free to visit.)
Address: Volcano Geological Park is located in Tengchong City, Township, about 25 km from the city
Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00
Transportation: tourist bus station opposite volcanic bus bus can be reached volcano park
food Recommended: pork noodle

Blackfish River water flow. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Park to provide hot air balloon, gliding wing, all terrain vehicles, horse riding and other tourism and entertainment projects, are charged separately.

④ remember martyrs, do not forget the national shame - West Yunnan War Memorial Hall

Warrior in the cemetery. By the tour of Burma and Burma

West Yunnan Anti - Japanese War Memorial. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: accept the patriotic baptism. Remember the martyrs, forget the national humiliation, pay tribute to the war veterans.
Tickets: Free
Address: Tengchong County, Yunnan Province Tengchong County Teng Yue Tourism Cultural Park Diversion River Falls side of the hill on the
opening hours:  9: 00-17: 00, Monday all day closed adjustment, statutory holidays, important commemorative sunshine often open
traffic: city Within the ride 4 Road, 6 Road, the National War Cemetery to get off

1, the scenic area has a free instructor, but the number of requirements, only 30 or more, the park will arrange for free lecturers to explain. Peak holiday period required in order to enter the front line;
 2, when went to pay homage to the martyrs, can bring some items such as bouquets of worship, etc., to maintain silence in the hill, do not litter.

⑤ species gene bank - North Sea wetlands

Beihai wetland spring. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Beihai wetland winter. By the tour of Burma and Burma

 Recommended reason: the water grassland, "the only subtropical volcanic barrier lake marsh wetlands, the entire meadow is floating in the whole lake, it is called the grass or sea. It is a variety of grass through the grass Millions of years of continuous growth in series, the average thickness of about one meter or so, the thickest place has two meters, like this thickness of the grass row in the country is very rare.
Tickets: 110 yuan / person, rowing 40 Yuan / person, grass row 80 yuan / person
Address: Tengchong City Beihai Township North Sea wetland (12.5 km north west)
Opening hours: 09: 00-18: 00
Transportation: Tengchong city without bus direct, you can drive or take a taxi You can also go to the West Bus Terminal to the North Sea van, 5 yuan can be reached.
Specialties: characteristics of farm food, grilled fish, drunk shrimp, copper Luo pot rice (children please eat drunk shrimp)  

⑥ village in the forest, forest in the village - ginkgo village

Ginkgo Village House. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Ginkgo Village Autumn. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: in the "tree tree autumn sound, mountain cold" in the late autumn, there is a place, you must go ~ that is quiet dream Tengchong ginkgo village! Every late autumn, front of the house, yellow leaves fly, unusually beautiful. Ginkgo Village, the biggest charm lies in the "village in the forest, the tree at home, people in the painting." Said Ginkgo Village is a side of the Pure Land, where you can let the soul between the golden free and elegant, you can be pure like a child, innocent, enjoy Sahuan.
Tickets: 40 yuan / person battery car one-way 15 / times, two-way 20 yuan / times
Address: Tengchong solid East Town Jiangdong Village
Opening time: 08: 00-18: 00
Traffic: 11 - 12 months from the city to Ginkgo Village Car, to the tourist bus station across the ride, but also by car or take a taxi to.
Specialties:  Berry stewed chicken 

Tengchong flowers all year round with their own characteristics
1 - 2 months early Harmony Village Tea Garden Camellia; in
late February - April travel sector million acres of rape flowers ;
5 - October Beihai wetland to enjoy the North Hailan, experience the gods of grass on the fly;
July-August Heshun Shanghe, lotus, sigh, "then endless days of lotus Bi," "between fish play lotus";
at the end of October-December tour golden ginkgo village, product features mince feast relax, Shoot pretty brush burst friends circle.

⑦ do not have the bow flower from the scattered - stacked waterfall

Stacked waterfall. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: the only city waterfalls, waterfalls from more than 30 meters of high rock on the fall, the sound of thunder, splashing, magnificent, forming a "no bangs and flowers from the scattered," the magnificent landscape, in the sun show a seven-color rainbow ,very beautiful.
Tickets: 20 yuan / person
Address: 1 km west of Tengchong City, walking up to the
opening hours: 08: 00 ~ 17: 00
Transportation: the city ​​by 4 Road, 6 Road, You can also walk around.
Food Recommended: "Li Qin bean powder shop" is located in the stacked diagonally across the river, which is a 70-year history of Tengchong popular snack bar, the main owner of the morning soybean milk powder, noon at the main powder.

⑧ pray for the Holy Land - Yunfeng Mountain

Yunfeng Mountain Clouds. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: Tengchong the most spiritual mountain, mountain high valley deep, steep steep, fairy wind around. Known as "Heavenly manpower to do its best" reputation, enjoy the "empty emperor Que", "air fairy" reputation. Mountains hanging rock cliff between the "ladder three fold" known as Tengchong twelve King of the first.
Tickets: tickets 60 yuan / person, two-way cableway 160 yuan / person, one-way cableway 90 yuan / person, tour bus 5 yuan / person
Address: Tengchong County Dian town of Pu Village Village
Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 30
Transportation: Tengchong city without bus direct, you can drive or take a taxi to

Yunfeng Mountain Snow. By the tour of Burma and Burma

can bring a cup to Yunfeng Mountain ladder feet free of charge to take water, it is said that this is immortal Oh, drink evil after evil, gods blessing.

⑨ to Fengshan National Forest Park

Come to the mountain. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: Laifeng Mountain Park, the main scenic area for a shield-like volcanic cone, the shape of elephants, the legend of Phoenix to this name. Tengchong twelve King of the "Laifeng Qing Lan" refers to that is here. Natural oxygen bar, wash lung paradise. Park vegetation lush variety, the forest coverage rate as high as 90% or more, with its unique natural landscape and cultural landscape, known as the mosaic in the edge of the first city of a green pearl. Peak has been built in the Qing dynasty light years pen tower, the mountain has Tengchong most famous Buddhist holy land to the temple, was built in the Qing Dynasty, is the only one of the white jade temple.
Tickets: free
address: in Tengchong city, can be reached on the
opening hours: all days of the skyline when the opening of the New Year when the
traffic: take the bus 2 in the county town office, to Guanting Road direction straight, or walk to

Laifeng camellia base. By the tour of Burma and Burma

January-February each year to Fengshan camellia base free of charge, enjoy the camellia colorful.

⑩ Qiluo town

Qiluo town small commissary. By Vera

Recommended reason: blue sky and white clouds, bridges, brick green tiles, old trees and withered vine. The ancient heavy eaves-style building smoke curl, field drop and lonely duck flying, grass on the bow gnawing head moo moo, rugged stone road children playing slapstick, a good quiet and harmonious life picture.
Tickets: Free
Address: 4 km southeast of Tengchong
opening hours: all day
traffic: take bus 2 in Qiluo off, or taxi to

Teng flash the United States, the United States was so intoxicated. Tengchong haste is not up, but also "eat a fat one" play. To participate in the day to play down more comfortable and comfortable, do not have to worry about arranging the trip, but also to avoid the long queues of the troubles, followed by online orders will be more secure.

Tengchong tourist attractions distribution. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Tengchong tourist attractions distribution. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Second, experience the "non-left" feast

① make pottery - experience the fun of playing mud

Soil and ceramic products. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Making earth pottery experience. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: County Zhizhi: "pottery production mainly concentrated in the station area of ​​the kiln kiln, burning earth pottery, has more than 500 years of history." According to information, bowl kiln pottery production process, in the Ming Dynasty by the Central Plains The Under the guidance of the technician, make their own soil pottery it
Tickets: 30 yuan / hour  
Address: Tengchong City Ma Station Township Sanlian Village
traffic: about 50 km from the county, there is no bus, the proposed chartered or by car to drive, about 1 hour by car.
Opening hours: all day

② oil paper umbrella - making a small umbrella of their own

Recommended reason: a lot of people on the first understanding of paper umbrella, mostly from high school textbooks included in the "rain Lane" know. Dai Wang Shu pen oil paper umbrella, and seems to be the same as the clove girl, with Resentment, melancholy and confused temperament. So that in today's film and photographic works, accompanied by oil paper umbrella appear mostly water, alley, there are dressed in cheongsam slender girl. Oil paper umbrella has become a romantic and literary label.
Xingyang village production of paper umbrella history, can be traced back to the Qing Emperor Kangxi sixty years. Nearly 300 years of time, the umbrella technology has been passed for more than ten generations.
Tickets: 240 yuan /
Address: Tengchong County town of Xingyang Village
traffic: about 50 km from the county, no bus, the proposed charter or by car to drive, about 1 hour by car. If you do not want to travel too busy to take the bus can be 4 bus ride in Gaoligong International Travel City Station 200 meters to the new store to experience, family-run tour recommended new store experience.
Opening hours: all day

Oil paper umbrella DIY. By the tour of Burma and Burma

DIY painting paper umbrella can not be taken after the day, the master to complete the final process made after the finished product can be taken away.

③ Hand Paper Museum - Learning Ancient Chinese Papermaking

Ancient paper. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: the famous painter Xu Beihong had Tengchong ancient production of Xuan paper full of praise, saying that it is not only the various strengths of rice paper, but also to prevent smuggling, the town of the town of Xinzhuang Village Long handwritten more won the "national intangible culture heritage". In many places, paper mills became synonymous with damage to the environment. But in the ancient city Tengchong, ancient law paper is still in harmony with the environment, a generation of craftsmen obscure to produce high-quality paper, in the art of inheritance left their mark.
Paper making process: Peeling - soaking - bleaching - cooking - crushing - paper - drying paper and other 20 processes.
Tickets: 10 yuan / Zhang
Address: Tengchong City sector new village
traffic: about 70 km from the county, there is no bus, the proposed charter or by car to drive, about 1 and a half hours by car. With children do not want to go so far by 4 bus ride in Gaoligong International Travel City Station 200 meters before the new store to experience.
Opening hours: all day

④ Liu Yong Zhou shadow play

Liu Yongzhou shadow experience. By the tour of Burma and Burma

 Recommended reason: the modern "film ancestor", Tengchong shadow play is the Ming Hongwu years from the Huguang, Sichuan area incoming, well documented history has been 200 years, still maintain regular performance activities. In the era of television has not yet universal, it is the villagers "handmade film". Shadow more made of leather, body larger, about 50 cm high, simple shape, round with much more.
Tickets: 228 yuan / person
Address: Tengchong City Gaoligong International Tourism City Dream Tengchong Grand Theater next to
traffic: take the 4 bus in the Gaoligong International Tourism City Station to get off about 200 meters before the
opening time: the first ( 18: 10-19: 00) The second field (19: 40-20: 30)

Tengchong non-distribution map. By the tour of Burma and Burma

In this ever-changing era, we can inherit things less and less, ingenuity inherited the word in the time gradually lost ... ... from Tengchong City, about ten minutes of the car, came to this in the mountains and green water shade Of the Gaoligong cultural and creative industrial park, antique street next to an alley, Tengchong several concentrated non-station signs as if carrying the time engraved blowing. Here is the collection of Tengchong non-material cultural heritage of the shadow, the old cloth shoes, rattan, root carving, buckwheat art series, oil paper umbrella, hand paper, soil pottery and other "non-left" a street. With children inheritance is not the same art, let them get more fun in hands.

Third, the natural SPA - Tengchong "about bubble"

Yung Chun Hot Spring Village

Angel hot spring. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: with children to go out, to Angsong Hot Spring Village to avoid the car tossing back and forth, where the perfect combination of hot springs and the hotel. Angsana Hot Springs has a children's pool, designed for children in the spa center to provide a happy paradise, as well as books, toys for children to use, is the first choice for children's entertainment and learning. 
Price: 358 yuan / person
Address: Tengchong City, North Sea Township
traffic: about 10 km from the county, there is no bus, it is recommended to chartered or by car to drive about 15 minutes by car.
Opening hours: 10: 00-12: 00
Hot spring type: carbonated spring

② Tengchong hot sea hot springs

Bath Valley Spa. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: hot sea park spring more, more famous for the hot sea bath and beauty pool. Beauty pool, also known as immortal bath, located in the hot sea bath river left, water temperature 45 ℃, flow 3.2L / S. The pool is crystal clear. Most of the warm water from the pearl spring, drum spring, glasses spring, pregnant tire wells.
Tickets: 278 / person
Address: Baoshan City, Tengchong County, 20 kilometers southwest of
Hours: 10: 00- 01:00
Spa Type: carbonated spring

③ mountain hot springs - cherry valley

Cherry valley wind pool. By melody

Recommended reason: a collection of Gaoligongshan subtropical broadleaf forests, natural hot springs group, different forms of waterfalls, streams, rocks and other strange geological and landscape natural landscape. Growing different plants at different elevations, from the top of the mountain to the valley of the ferns, vines, etc., as well as the growth of the millennium hardwood giant trees, Gaoligongshan is a microcosm of the natural landscape.
Tickets: tickets 90 yuan / person (tickets include hot spring charges)
Address: Tengchong City, North Village Shuangpo Village
Opening hours: 08: 00 ~ 18: 30
Transportation: Tengchong city without bus direct, you can drive or take a taxi to. About 20km from Tengchong City.
Hot spring type: carbonated spring

④ lotus hot springs

Lotus hot springs. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: unique hot spring resources and natural ecological pastoral scenery, is an international boutique resort hotel. There are sulfur spring, kaolin spring, carbonated spring, sodium chloride and other types of high-quality mineral springs, rich in flow, rich in beneficial to the human body a variety of trace elements, the treatment, sports, skin has a special effect.
Tickets: 268 yuan / person
Address: Tengchong City Lotus Town and Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture Lianghe County junction (24KM City)
Opening hours: 9: 00-24: 00
Transportation: There is a free shuttle to the city
Hot spring type: Sulfur spring, kaolin spring, carbonic acid spring, sodium oxide spring

⑤ and Shun Bo Lian Hot Springs

And Shun Bo Lian Hot Springs. By the tour of Burma and Burma

Recommended reason: set the world of natural human essence in a town corner, the spring is a hot spring, water quality crystal lubrication, the water contains a variety of beneficial to human health elements, are high-quality medical hot springs.
Tickets: 298 yuan / person
Address: Tengchong Heshun town Zhangjiapo (4KM from the city)
Opening hours: 12: 00-23: 00
Transportation: 6 bus to Heshun
hot spring type: sulfur spring, carbonated spring,

⑥ cucumber green hot springs

Cucumber Green Spa. By Nordic idlers

Recommended reason: Tengchong people commonly known as "grandmother's cucumber Qing", the local people said: cucumber green hot springs, is heaven and earth to give them the best doctor, is the nature of their best prescription.
Tickets: 198 yuan / person
Address: Tengchong Shimizu Shapo Village (hot sea area next to)
Opening hours: 08: 00--00: 00 (morning)
Transportation: Tengchong County Ring Road south of the green car direct, votes Price 6 yuan. In the hot sea and the financial road junction of the Yi Garden Hotel can also go, the fare 5 yuan, full of people go. Get off at hot sea and go straight for 1.5 km.
 Hot spring type: carbonated spring  

Tengchong Hot Springs Distribution Map. By the tour of Burma and Burma

hot springs Note:
1. Hot spring swimwear prices are high, please bring their own swimsuit, in order to accept the natural SPA moisture;
2. Hot springs before you wear metal jewelry, otherwise it will react with the minerals in the water fade;
3. Do not empty or too full bath, in order to avoid dizziness, vomiting, dyspepsia, fatigue and other symptoms;
4 patients with hypertension, diabetics, pregnant women, the menstrual period women do hot springs;
5. hot springs will So that water loss, please drink more water;
6. hot spring time should not be too long, generally not more than 2 hours.

Hot spring tickets can be hot spring area tickets can also be online tickets, personal recommended online booking, because the online ticket prices are generally cheaper than the hot springs, and easy to operate, that is, that is easy to use, refund is also convenient.
 "Wenrun Baoshan, the United States and jade soup" to Teng brewing hot springs, wash a fatigue, let your body take a nap.

Fourth, the conclusion

"One day, I will leave all my tiredness and ideals, with my camera and computer, away from the bustling, to the open." Everyone has a dream around the world, personally to feel the world of a flower A tree, a grass and a tree. Where the blue sky is clear, where the air clean can wash the lungs, where people are naive romantic, kind and kind. Here is a great "hot spring pilgrimage", to Tengchong, do not go abroad to enjoy the national natural SPA moisture. As long as you want, with this Raiders, you can start at any time ~ ~ ~