Known as the most beautiful polar town, the locals teach you how to play Tengchong

Tengchong is located in the southwestern border of Yunnan Province, adjacent to Myanmar, making it the hometown of overseas Chinese. The Burmese Expeditionary Force wrote another kind of poem here. Of course, the most indulgent here is the perfect combination of volcanic geothermal spectacle and idyllic pastoral life. The beauty here is graceful and graceful. It seems that only the people who are willing to open it slowly reveal their feelings.
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Scenic attractions recommended

1 Heshun ancient town

Recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Heshun ancient town is the "Beijing love story" of the shooting place, Shen ice home - [Villa] Inn is still still operating. We strongly recommend that you Taobao a set of style clothing to take pictures of walking, the most recommended area is [Hwasun alley] and [section of filial piety] around the rural scenery, to Hush Shun library quietly stay in the most hilarious [Lee Home Lane] looking for snacks (sweet-scented osmanthus cake, bean flour), the evening to [Zhang Courtyard] to enjoy authentic cuisine, and then walk in the edge of Tian Kui, and then to the nearby 【Park Hotel】 soak a hot spring, your Hershun The journey is perfect. After the night, you can take a stroll to [Heshun Bar Culture Street], to [Unlimited] or [Martial Arts Fireworks] to listen to music, talk about life.

Opening hours: All day
Recommended time to play: Half day
80 yuan (If you do not go to the designated seven attractions - Heshun Library, Yuanlong Pavilion, Ai Siqi House, Wenchang Palace, Bento House Museum, Heshun Alley , Burma Museum of War, each of these places will be able to check the ticket for free), it is recommended paid tours, because the most representative of the peaceful areas of the core are subject to charges.
Battery car : 20 yuan / person, as Heshun scenic scattered, it is recommended to take a tour of the battery car.
1, Tengchong County to Heshun 4 km, direct delivery of a van, fare 3 yuan / person
2, the town take the 6 bus can reach the town, ticket 1 yuan
3, take a taxi from Tengchong County to Heshun town, car About 15 yuan fee 

2 hot sea


Recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Atami is Tengchong's most prestigious scenic spot, known as one of the six hot springs in the world, so Teng brewing hot springs, hot sea bathing spa is the best water quality is our first recommended hot springs experience. As the scenic area before and after the second half of a large scenic no scenic distance, it is recommended to take the return battery car.

Atsumi is not complicated to play, go straight up the hill and go through a variety of magical little hot springs, and finally reach the highest point of the [hot sea large pot], where you can use hot springs boiled eggs (to reach the big pan After you can buy, 10 yuan 5), eggs woven with grass knit, known as Yunnan strange 18. After a variety of mountain climbing tired, go down in the bath is not far from the hot springs, hot springs at the moment is definitely a big enjoyment of life.

Open time: 08: 30-17: 30
Suggested play time: half a day
Tickets: 78 yuan / person (you can buy Atami - Volcanic tickets, the price of 120 yuan / person can be used within 3 days)
Battery car: 30 yuan / person Return)
Bath Valley Hot Springs: water price of 268 yuan / person (hot springs within a simple self-service)
Public Transport
1, Tengchong County, southbound Central City Line has a direct car, ticket 6 yuan / person
2, Financial Street and the intersection of the Department of Yee Garden Hotel also have to face the fare of 5 yuan, full of people go
3, Tengchong County, take the 2 bus, the terminal is the Atami Sea, the fare 1 yuan
[ taxi
from Tengchong take a taxi to the Atami area, unilateral fare of 30 yuan 

3 Beihai wetland

Beihai wetlands

Recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★

Beihai Wetland is a volcanic dammed lake ecosystem 13 kilometers outside Tengchong County. The scenery varies from season to season. The most beautiful season is when the Beihai Lantern is open in late April, Yellowing is another scene. Beihai Wetland can take a normal cruise (electric), grass rowing and participate in their own step-by-step activities (put on waterproof clothing to "step on the grass" approach to fishing). Due to the beautiful scenery of the wetland itself, coupled with interactive activities, play experience better.

Hours: 08: 30-18: 30
Suggested play time: 2-3 hours
Tickets: 110 yuan
Cruise tickets: electric boat 40 yuan, 50 yuan hand boat, bamboo raft 60 yuan /
grass + fish + 80 yuan (Package)

Food Recommended:
1. Grilled fish in the scenic area: In the vicinity of the straw row of scenic spots within the rest, you can taste the North Sea grilled fish, 30 yuan / jin (including processing fee).
2. scenic outside】 【Changhe farmhouse: located in the vicinity of the Beihai wetland is a farmhouse restaurant, you can taste copper pot rice, grilled fish and other authentic food (Tel: 13577578247)
[ Transportation ]
Tengchong County has no bus directly to the city, you can take a taxi to Scenic (taxi prices will be high); or to the Simon Bus Terminal van, 5 yuan can be about 20 minutes; can also be driven by car, about 20 minutes to arrive.

4 West Yunnan War Memorial + State Cemetery

West Yunnan War Memorial + State Cemetery

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

The War Memorial in West Yunnan is a memorial hall dedicated to the construction of 200,000 expeditionary fighters for the War of Resistance Against Japan. Almost every tour group will go to visit it. Therefore, it is possible to tour the tour guides and guide the tour of Tengchong. Listen to explain. The memorial after leaving the left hand side is the national cemetery, which is to commemorate the martyrs to build the cemetery, solemn, it is worth a visit.

Opening hours: 09: 00-17: 00 (Closed on Mondays)
Suggested tour time: 2-3 hours
Admission: Free
within the main city, by foot, taxi or bus can quickly reach.

5 dream Tengchong

Dream Teng Chong

Recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★

If you are in Tengchong, will see a variety of coach on the [dream Tengchong] ads, the performance itself is very good, the stage effect is also very good, mainly about Tengchong history and culture, it is recommended.

Performance time: 17:40, 19:10 and 20:40 Three games (off-season may be canceled part of the scene)
Tickets: VIP tickets 288 yuan, a ticket 198 yuan, B votes 168 yuan
Gaoligong International Tourism City Fantasy Tengchong large Theater is located in the main city, taxi or bus can be reached.

6 Volcano Geopark

Volcano Geological Park

Recommended index ★ ★ ★

Tengchong is the most concentrated, the most spectacular and the most typical volcanic geothermal area in the country. It is one of the four largest volcanic groups in the country with 99 volcanoes. Among them, Volcano Geopark is a typical representative. Volcano Scenic Tickets include three sub-area: Volcano Geopark, columnar joints and black fish River, the three scenic areas are not together, you need to travel by car.

The core Volcanoes Geopark mainly play a large empty mountain, small empty mountains, geological museums and hot air balloons and other content, the size of empty mountain climb to the top of the ring can be seen along the caldera along the crater (green vegetation around the concave), as a large empty mountain and Climbing more tired (30 minutes), the landscape is similar, so the volcano suggested climbing small empty mountain (5-10 minutes), if you want to save energy you can choose to ride the mountain. Hot air balloons are only available daily until 11am and may be canceled due to the size of the wind, as well as the delta wing flying over from high altitude. From a safety point of view, it is not recommended to ride. You can then visit the Geological Museum to learn about volcanic eruptions.

If you are interested, you can drive (about 15 minutes by car) to continue to see [columnar joints] (recommended degree of general), across the mountain to watch this special landscape. Then continue driving (about 20 minutes drive) to 【Black River】 (From the bottom of the clear spring, there are black fish appear, so as a black fish River), here is mainly to enjoy the natural scenery and taste grilled fish, landscape general, such as No time is not recommended to go. 

Opening hours: 08: 00-18: 00
Suggested play time: 1-2 hours
Admission: 54 yuan (including Volcano Park, columnar joints, black fish River)
Battery car: 15 yuan (not recommended)
Hot air balloon: 280 yuan / person 10 minutes, the holidays may be adjusted)
delta: 300 yuan / person (three minutes, is generally not recommended)
riding: 100 yuan / person (no stairs, is generally not recommended)
1. Tengchong county green car, ticket Price 5 yuan / person
2. Can take the 6-way car to the triangle, and then take the minibus to the volcano park, fare 7 yuan
3. Taxi directly to the park entrance, from 60 yuan

7 Gadong Ginkgo Village

Gu Dong Ginkgo Village

Recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ginkgo Village 40 kilometers from the city, is a thousand years old ginkgo village, a paradise for photographers, the best viewing period from mid-November to early December. There are a lot of farmhouse, ginkgo fruit boiled chicken is a must try gourmet food. Ginkgo village itself is not large, play is not complicated, the most suitable to find a favorite farmhouse slowly stop, enjoy the farm food. Due to the relatively large number of tourists from November to December each year, Ginkgo Village Farmstay accommodation is tight, and visitors who want to stay here need to book in advance (conditions are generally not recommended if no special preference). 

Opening hours: All day
Recommended play time: 2-3 hours
Tickets: 40 yuan
Take the bus station in Tengchong to the town of Gu Dong Dong, 8: 00-19: 00 every day about 15 minutes a car, drive 40 Minutes or so, arrived in Gudong town after the transfer of the East Pakistani bus, one-way around 7 yuan / person.

8 boundary rape

The world rape

Recommended index ★ ★ ★

Before and after the Spring Festival every year (around February), the town of Jintou has become a yellow ocean, where the festival will be held [rape], very lively. As one of the many rapeseed ornamental sites, the demarcation is famous as a "garden basin under the environmental protection of Gaoligongshan" and has become a new tourist destination. 

Opening hours: all day
Suggested play time: 2-3 hours
Tickets: 30 yuan (may be different each year)
At present the world rape flowers play area can only be chartered or by car (60 km, 1 hour). 

9 Yunfengshan

Yunfeng Mountain

Recommended index ★ ★ ★

Yunfeng Mountain is known as "Ling Mountain", as the local famous Taoism, more than 50 kilometers from the urban area. Many people piously choose to climb all the way to the Peak (more than 1,000), but because the stairs are too steep, most people are very difficult, it is recommended to take the cableway up the mountain, then still have to climb 40-50 minutes of stairs, the scenery in the mountains, For those who do not ascend the distance overlooking the hobby of tourists, you can choose to give up. ?

Opening hours: 09: 00-17: 00
Suggested play time: 3-4 hours
Tickets: 60 yuan, two-way cableway 160 yuan, one-way ropeway 90 yuan
Tengchong County directly to the Yunfengshan car, fare 15 about

10 Qiluo town

Qiluo town

Recommended index ★ ★ ★

Qiluo ancient town is a lot of people called no scenic Hwasun, but also caused some misunderstanding. Qiluo into the upper, middle and lower three villages, the so-called Qiluo tourists actually is [under Qiluo village], it is worth visiting the place is Shuiying Temple, Wenchang Palace, Li Guochen former residence, Qiluo Library, but Wenchang The palace is closed year-round, the library is open for a short time, so Qiluo mainly strolls pastoral scenery, but here the scenery and the normal field scenery is not much different, so under normal circumstances there is no need to make a special trip to.

Opening hours: all day
Suggested play time: 1-2 hours
Admission: Free
within the main city, by foot, taxi or bus can quickly reach.
Food Recommended:
1. Bento House Banquet (per capita 60 or more, Tengchong cuisine)
2. Caravan Court (per capita 60 or more, Tengchong cuisine)

11 Cherry Blossom Valley

Sakura Valley

Recommended index ★ ★ ★

Sakura Valley belongs to the Gaoligongshan Nature Reserve, 26 kilometers from the county seat, the scenic area includes cherry trees (2-3 months white cherry and 11-12 pink cherry), streams, waterfalls, hot springs (low temperature hot springs free bubble, the general feeling), etc. Different elements, but also once filmed the "ultimate challenge." However, due to the scenic road construction in 2017, muddy road access, the average speed of only 10-20 km / h, ordinary cars and buses are difficult to pass, it is not recommended before the road is repaired (is expected to be repaired in the second half of 2018 ). ?

Opening hours: 08: 00-18: 30
Suggested play time: a day
Tickets: 90 yuan (including hot springs within the area)
Transportation: It is
recommended to drive or chartered to micro-minibuses can take 7 people, about 150 yuan, starting from Tengchong County, about Arrived at 1.5.

12 Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake

Recommended index ★ ★ ★

Located near the Beihai Wetland, Qinghai Lake is a volcanic dammed lake where only local people will go. With a very quiet environment, it has the feeling of being hidden outside the world. Together with the farm owner, Tasting roasted fish is a very pleasant escape from the world.

Opening hours: all day
Suggested play time: 2-3 hours
Admission: Free
bamboo raft: 20 yuan / person
Grilled fish: 30 yuan / kg (including processing fees)
Tengchong County no bus directly to the scenic taxi can take (Taxi prices will be high); also available by car, about 20 minutes to arrive.

13 Dieshuihe Falls

Stacking River Falls

Recommended index ★ ★

Dieshuihe Falls is known as the only city of the country's natural waterfalls, scenic spots smaller, not very special. Within 30 minutes enough to belong to the urban area tourist attractions, generally with the war memorial in western Yunnan play together, if no time can be determined to give up.

Opening hours: 08: 00-17: 00
Suggested play time: 30 minutes
Tickets: 20 yuan
Located in the main city, from the West Yunnan memorial hall is within walking distance. 

14 to Fengshan

To Fengshan

Recommended index ★ ★

Laifengshan is a free park located in the urban area itself does not have a high degree of tourist heat, all the way to climb the stairs, vegetation coverage is higher, more locals exercise places, good environment, suitable for the first day of arrival After the arrangement as an adaptive area. 

Opening hours: 08: 00-17: 30
Suggested play time: 1-2 hours
Admission: Free
within the main city, taxi or bus can be reached.

Food recommendation

Food recommendation

Heshun ancient town

The most compelling restaurant: Flower sister private kitchens (100 + per capita, exquisite and Shun dishes)
Best panoramic sunset restaurant: no landscape dining bar (per capita 40 +, Western food, coffee)
Most creative restaurant: season boss volcano Stone barbecue (per capita 40 +, barbecue)
Most local specialty restaurants: beef cattle bronze scoop beef (per capita 50 +, characteristics of beef hot pot)
Best pastoral style restaurant: Heshun family / Zhang Courtyard (60 + per capita, and Shun specialties )
most good value for money restaurant: Mum (more than 40 per capita, cis private kitchens)

2. High-end urban dining

1. High-end caravan restaurant
West Dong Garden Restaurant (☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆): Tuhao old, garden-style restaurant (per capita 80+, caravan)
Qiao Xiang vegetarian restaurant (☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆): chic small building, refined taste (80+ per capita, caravan dish)
near the pavilion restaurant (☆☆☆☆☆): all-wood restaurant, every corner is art (80+ per capita, caravan dish)
2. specialty restaurants
curved floor sub-dinner (☆☆ ☆☆): Bento House Characteristics of folk houses, private cuisine Authentic food (50 + per capita, Qiluo private kitchens)
Dynasty Wei copper scoop beef restaurant ( ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆): Tengchong characteristics Hot pot cuisine, with scoops When the unique experience of the pot Per capita 50 +, characteristics of beef hot pot)
3. Ecological Restaurant
Xin and eco-garden restaurant (☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆): Garden vegetables and fruits, the most ecological cuisine (per capita 50 +, local ecological fruit and vegetable cuisine)
Beihai wetland Changhe farmhouse (☆☆☆☆): Beihai grilled fish, drunk shrimp, copper pot ecological food (per capita 40 +, the main Beihai grilled fish and copper pot rice)
4. local specialty diner
Pingxing Park Restaurant (☆☆☆): only Locals like to go to the price of the restaurant (30 + per person, when Homemade fried dishes)
Long sister private kitchens (☆☆☆): local niche restaurants, tourists less (per capita 40+, local homemade fried dishes)

Hotel recommended

A five-star hotel
Tengchong Guanfang Hotel, Tengchong Qianlizi riding a single Hot Springs Hotel, Tengchong Century Golden Resources Hotel (600 yuan)
two or four-star hotel
Tengchong Fengsheng Summer Palace Hotel, Tengchong Holiday Inn East Somerset, Henson Impression Holiday Inn (about 300 yuan)
Three, Heshun Inn
Heshun five cloud Fengsheng Inn, Heshun early Bird's Nest Inn, Heshun met light luxury bed and breakfast, and Shun Sea Yan Wen Hostel (400-800 per month)
Fourth, hot springs Enjoy
Tengchong as a kingdom of geothermal heat, one of the six hot springs in the world, if you do not soak in a hot spring, it means you will not come to Tengchong. We recommend hot springs place is as follows:
(a) hot sea bathing valley hot springs (278 yuan): the best water, play + enjoy both correct
(two) Angsana Hot Spring (350 yuan): the location away from the city, but the environment Very good, after all, the brand in, experience is good, more suitable for traveling by car.
(C) Bailian Hot Spring (335 yuan): located in the scenic area of ​​Heshun, better location, comparable grade and Angsana, the experience of good effect, suitable for tourists living in the ancient town of Heshun.
(Four) lotus hot spring (260 yuan): lotus hot spring is more famous Tengchong hot springs holy land, the heat is less than the first three, the relative people are less, so by some tourists, recommended degree.

Comparison of the pros and cons of travel modes

With the group? Chartered? Zijia You Self-help travel? The advantages and disadvantages of existing travel methods, we give you a clear proposal.

(A) with the group tour:
Advantages: low prices, guides, meals, worry and
disadvantages: Routines, hidden shopping, meals low, fast pace, hurt God
(2) chartered tour:
Advantages: easy travel, flexible travel , Rhythm controllable
Disadvantages: large differences in vehicle sources, difficult to grasp the status of the vehicle information, hard to judge the quality of drivers
(3) Zijia You
: travel convenience, flexible travel, controllable rhythm, the cost is relatively low
Disadvantages: inadequate local car rental package, Difficult to control the condition of the car, the traffic is not familiar with the large ticket expenses
(D) self-help travel:
Advantages: low cost, flexible travel, strong autonomy
Disadvantages: traffic inconvenience, time uncontrollable, the possibility of routine, local ways to solve the problem Limited
after reading the analysis, is not found, in fact, each have their own advantages and disadvantages of their own choice of the above conditions are difficult to meet? Now, we have the fifth option - private custom, family independent travel!
(E) private custom:
Advantages: the most professional itinerary, personalized choice of accommodation, independent car comfort experience, private family enjoyment, the public can choose the cost-effective
disadvantages: we are not familiar with the travel mode, Price concerns due to lack of understanding

The four most recommended Tengchong family leisure travel routes

Play a: 4 days 3 nights Tengchong family leisure tour 

Recommended reason: Do not want to miss the classic gameplay, do not want mediocre vacation, get into the sea of ​​people, in addition to recommend you to Tengchong Mei Mei Hot Springs, but also to change the Republic of China wind apparel Beauty, to Chashan products thunder tea, learn to make snacks Songhua cake, coupled with the natural scenery of each season are arranged differently, your Tengchong certainly not the same as others.

Game 2: Tengchong 5 days 4 nights deep leisure tour

Recommended reason: If the 4-day experience of Tengchong tour also feel not enough flavor, then we will take you into the small river coffee farm Nu River, making a cup of coffee personally, and then visit the Dai village , Eat a peacock feast worth the best value, looking for Asia's largest banyan tree.

Game 3: Tengchong Ruiliman 5 days 4 nights family leisure tour

Recommended reason: Tengchong Ruili Mangshi, Yunnan and Myanmar border is the best ring game, we provide you with a interpretation of the border culture, enjoy the Villa Spa, taste of small grains of coffee , Understand the national religion of three-dimensional travel.

Game 4: Tengchong Ruiliang 6 days 5 nights Shuangfei family leisure travel within the province

Recommended reason: Taking into account Tengchong / Mangshi City is limited to direct flights, Kunming to Tengchong no train, the car travel more than 10 hours, so we provided departure from Kunming Double-flight version of the product, so travel more convenient.

If you have more customized travel needs, please contact the Tropic of Cancer customized travel agencies.

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