3 days fine Tengchong, not to be missed attractions (including hotel recommended)

Although Tengchong is not large, it is a place worth savoring: volcanoes, hot springs, fresh air, warm sunshine, beautiful plants, and the gentle breeze in spring. Everything is so peaceful and beautiful.

Although the two days can also be played all over the famous attractions Tengchong, but still suggest that if you have time, here for a small stay for some time, slowly understand everything Tengchong.

Tengchong weather

Tengchong all year round are suitable for tourism, the four seasons such as spring, but the temperature difference between morning and evening big, noon when the sun is very hot, you can reach 28 degrees, wear short sleeves can be cold at night when only 10 degrees, you can wear a Piece sweater or thick coat! So travel to Tengchong must bring a good coat, otherwise it will be very cold at night!

Go to Tengchong

All flights to Tengchong airport need to transfer in Kunming, from Kunming to Tengchong flight several times a day, less than 1 hour flight distance.
Tengchong Airport is very small, the plane did not take the air walkway or car to pick up, but we all walk to the luggage office ... ...
arrived at Tengchong when it is already 6 o'clock in the evening, the sky is still very bright, the weather is particularly good, Sky blue, clouds high, breathing has become very fresh.
It is said that it will not start until 8 o'clock in the evening until the sun is so bright ~

Tengchong stay

The trip we are staying in Tengchong Century Golden Resources Hotel, which is a newly built five-star hotel, located in Tengchong villa area, from the attractions are relatively close, but the surrounding a bit desolate.
Rooms are large, the equipment is also very complete, the price is not expensive, although less of the local characteristics, but in general the cost is relatively high, living fairly comfortable.

Next to the bathtub is a large floor-to-ceiling window, it is a piece of small villas to see that there is a small, there is a circular artificial lake, there are fountains on the lake, is said to be lucky to see the water screen movie

Volcanic geothermal park

Our first stop is the famous Tengchong volcanic geothermal park.
Tengchong is the most typical young active volcano geothermal area in China and one of the four largest volcanoes in China.
Tengchong a total of 97 volcanoes, looking around, can see the mountains are all volcanoes,
and each volcano is dormant active volcano, the last eruption and now separated by 7000 years.
Volcanic geothermal park has two huge crater can visit, namely, a large empty mountain and small empty mountain.
Two volcano scenery almost, if only choose a climb, then recommend climbing small empty mountain, better climb, the scenery is also better-looking.
Of course, if both physical strength and time are sufficient, you can climb and climb both!
You can choose to walk up the mountain, you can also take the car battery. Battery car one-way toll 10 yuan.
In addition you can also choose to ride down the mountain, if the weather is good, come here at 10 o'clock in the morning to enjoy the volcano hot air balloon view, the scenery is very beautiful ~
Park Tickets: 40 yuan / person  
Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 00

At the entrance of the park, souvenirs made from various volcanic stones are sold.

There is also a volcanic geological museum at the entrance to explain a variety of knowledge related to Tengchong volcano.
After about 15 minutes to visit the museum, and then began climbing friends ~

We climbed a small space, sitting a battery car, the car can not go directly to the top, but very close to the crater.

Huge sleeping deep in the crater ~ have slept 7000 years, oh.
Around the crater lap for about 20 minutes, surrounded by flowers, very beautiful.

We choose to ride down the mountain, children are the first horse riding, very happy!

Black fish river

Blackfish River is a underground river, is the Tengchong volcano after the lava flow in the role of lava blocking the river, so that groundwater out of the surface and the formation of the river.
Blackfish River Juquan crystal clear throughout the year, but the flow is not reduced, is a natural high-quality mineral water.
In the summer and autumn, often out of a black fish, so named "black fish River."

Crystal clear water, roadside stall vendors drink directly on the river, the natural ice ~

Atami hot springs

Tengchong about more than 80 hot springs, boiling springs all over, especially in the Atami most representative, the heat will be shrouded in white fog here, everywhere you can see the hot springs whirring, the maximum water temperature of 102 Degree is the best place for geothermal healing in China. Many Springs gas springs, one of the most spectacular is the big pan, there are pregnant women pool, beautiful pool, each spring has its own name and story.

In addition, Atami also built a number of nursing homes, bathrooms, etc., you can take a bath here, hot springs, but also a good experience.

Climbed to the big pan side, you can buy a bunch of eggs or potatoes, placed next to a large steamer, the use of big roll out of hot boiled egg eating ~
about 10 minutes to steamed eggs, halfway do not open Cover, if someone opened the lid, add a minute.
Egg steamed out of raw and cooked to a very good degree very good ~ very good ~
eggs can be bought in the mountains, you can buy near the big pan, but the mountains will be more expensive.

After reading a variety of hot pools, plus climbing, we all feel tired and hot, and quickly go to bubble spa ~
Tengchong hot springs can be a lot of places, all grades have, there are several light and heat sea there Spa Spa, like bubble can stay for a few days in this mountain, bubble Spa By the way

Hot sea bath valley hot spring

This time we went to hot sea bathing hot springs, from the big roll down the pot, then to the hot sea bath Spa ~ 
want to hot springs students remember to bring bathing suits, hot springs here swimwear selling more expensive.

It is recommended to buy a package online, ¥ 268 元 Including:
1. Hot Sea Scenic adult electronic ticket a
2. Bath Spa Tickets
3. Big tilapia bait wire meal

if it is recommended on the door directly to the ticket.
Children are less than 1.2 half price, less than 1 meter tall baby hot spring is free.

Bath Valley Spa environment is very good, the locker room is very large and clean, after a good swimsuit it is best to use water first, and then into the hot springs.
Each hot spring is marked with water temperature and efficacy, because it is hot spring water, so the water has a touch of sulfur smell.
In addition to hot springs, as well as geothermal fumigation, massage services and geothermal snacks, after soaking in the couch can take a break, eat free fruits and snacks, very comfortable.

Spa pool edge free drinking water everywhere, favorite sour papaya juice, sour taste good drink ~
There straw hat can shade, very caring service.

In addition to buy online package also can choose another hot spring: Tengchong beauty pool.
This can be seen near the big pan, (this picture below).
Looks pretty good, but the online evaluation is not as good as we go to Bath Spa, it seems more people, but also hot spring pool in general.

Soak in the hot springs, take a rest, and then go to enjoy the package included in the big roast tilapia ~
is Tengchong one of the characteristics of food, more like noodles, but the taste is more special, very tasty soup.

Brown street gamble stone

Brown Street is an antique building
has been set gambling stone, tea, clubbing, food-based tourism and leisure centers.
All-wood structure of the antique building built by the water, twists and turns and patchwork, coupled with a small bridge across the water, in the water under the action of constantly flip waterwheel, or individual or forest Zhulinzhulin, in full bloom Bougainvillea abound, a beautiful landscape of Jiangnan Water Village. And for it took a rather distinctive name: "brown street."

Stroll in the town streets, where to see the modern and traditional intertwined inside, shops one by one closely linked, when you see inside the jade, agate, jade goods, it is estimated that there must be millions of family property. Small small square in the middle stands a very tall pole, with colorful flags above it, under the pole is a pot of charcoal has been exhausted, we can see here last night may have opened a bonfire party, and this tall pole May be local, ethnic performances on Dao Shan, under the fire sea show. Bet stone here is famous, because of the existence of gambling stone there is an undercurrent feeling. Of course, this is also betting stone fun and culture.

Palm Street is the most lively night, all kinds of bars and restaurants, night will be a lot of people ~

Go inside a little, you can see all kinds of jade shops, but the most attractive home, than a pile of uncut stone, locals call gambling stone.
Stone size, the price varies, before buying a flashlight can take a photo, see if there are jade color, but according to the color does not mean there is no good jade, can only explain the stone outside the layer Relatively thick, can not see inside things.
Stone from dozens of pieces to thousands of pieces have bought after the owner will help you cut, if it is priceless jade earned!

Will be placed around the good jade has been cut, but the price has been cut are more expensive, there is no cut, do not know what is the stone in the end is cheaper, pick up depends on the vision + luck!

We also picked a small stone is not too expensive, let the children have fun playing.
Children picked a good conscience, in fact, he did not understand what jade is in the end, but sincerely hope that there can be treasure!
I think he may think this is similar to the twisting machine!

After picking a good master to help us cut, there are indeed jade, luck is not bad, but in the end what is the quality of jade can not see clearly, unless completely planed, cutting and grinding to judge.
We let the master help us to slightly polish a bit, hit a hole in the above, put on the rope, made a hand playing pieces ~
children holding a good time ~ We told him to touch each day in his hand, Will be able to become a smooth jade ~ later

Stacking River Falls

Dianshuihe Falls area is not big, from the top of the waterfall down the stairs down to reach the bottom of the waterfall, visit enough time 1 hour.
The waterfall is 46 meters high and the view is still spectacular.

Tickets: 10 yuan / person
Opening hours: 08:00 ~ 17:00

Lai Fung Shan Forest Park

Lai Fung Shan is also a volcano, one of Tengchong twelve King of "Lai Feng Qing Lan" refers to is here.
From the foot of the mountain climb to the peak takes about 1 hour, or more strenuous.
Lai Fung Shan Park is free and open, do not need to buy tickets.

Climbing up the mountain road, the trees around look very good, there is no trace of artificial polish.

Can see the wild mushrooms and small animals ~

Climbed to the top of a mountain tower, but locked, if you climb up should be overlooking Tengchong scenery.
There is no special view of the Peak, a little disappointed.

Heshun ancient town

Heshun ancient town is located 4 kilometers southwest of Tengchong County, due to the stream around the village, it changed its name to "river shun", then take "Shi and Min Shun" meaning, Yahua for the present name, now known as the town.
Tickets 80 yuan / person (including Heshun Library, Yuanlong Pavilion, Ai Siqi House, Wenchang Palace, Bento House Museum, Burma Anti-Japanese War Museum)
, there are many characteristics of the ancient town bed, the price at 100 yuan About from left to right, if you have time to stay here for a few days, will be very comfortable.

The scenery of the ancient town is very good, although some places are more concentrated commercial atmosphere, but the overall is still very beautiful.

Not far from the door of the place is the famous Bar Street, is definitely a good place for a daze!

Beihai wetlands

Tengchong Beihai Wetland Reserve, located in the county northwest to the city, 12.5 kilometers away from the city, hitting Township territory. It is one of the 33 national key wetlands nationwide and the only national wetland reserve in Yunnan Province.
Opening hours 09: 00 ~ 18: 00
ticket price 110.00 yuan

Plants here are grown above the water, is said to step on the grass, it will be soft and comfortable.
However, for safety and plant growth considerations, tourists are now forbidden to step on the grass.

This large wetland is surrounded by volcanoes around and plants and animals are enjoying their growth here, really enjoying it.

Although you can not step on the grass, but still can sit in a boat ride around.

Boating lake, just like being in the prairie. Only this piece of "prairie" is floating in the water.

Starting in April each year, there will be a large purple purple Hyacinth bloom, very beautiful ~

The trip is a hurry, in many places did not have time to taste slowly, first introduced here, I hope the next opportunity to play for a few days, live in a bed and breakfast, the sun, lazy here ~

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