White Fantasy at the foot of the Great Wall - Huaibei International Ski Resort

With the approach of the end of the year and the arrival of the snow season, skiing has become the most popular sport for people in winter. Huaibei Ski Resort is located in the northeast of Beijing's urban area and has always been highly praised by veteran ski enthusiasts. It has always been attractive due to its unique features such as safety guarantees, complete facilities, the most beautiful scenery, the best quality, the best snow quality, and the four seasons operation. With all directions.
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In addition to everything that a high-quality snow site has, the visitors of Huaibei Snow Resort can also enjoy a unique treatment: enjoy the smoothness at the foot of the Great Wall. The ski resort is surrounded by mountains, the Ming Great Wall is surrounded by snow fields, and the beauty of the Great Wall of Mutianyu is unobstructed. It is also possible to admire the unique “clamp flat” landscape in the Great Wall, accompanied by up to 1 The thickness of rice is a perfect representation of the magnificent artistic concept of "Yanshan Snowflake."

First, the snow scene

1. Introduction to the ski resort

Huaibei Ski Resort

Located in the Huairou District of Beijing, the Huaibei Ski Resort is uniquely located. The ski resort is well-developed and equipped with a total area of ​​9.6 square kilometers and a snow cover area of ​​100,000 square meters. The snow course is up to 3800 meters in length. There are 7 snow trails, including 4 primary roads, 1 middle road and 2 senior roads. The gap is 238 meters. There are 1200 meters of sightseeing cable cars and 6 trails. . In addition, there is a ski park, a snow playground, and a wealth of special facilities. The ski area provides a series of perfect facilities such as ski shops, restaurants, and snow villas, providing skiers with convenient, thoughtful and high-quality services.

2, snow features

Huaibei Ski Resort

The “oldest” ski resort is the
only ski resort in Beijing that has registered “international”. The Huaibei International Ski Resort was built in 2000 by Sino-Hong Kong joint venture. It is one of the earliest ski resorts in Beijing and has accumulated countless good years. Word of mouth and praise.
The best quality
Huaibei Ski Resort uses the CODY service system to meet the needs of skiers by constructing a computer network and an all-weather service system. Any problems can be quickly handled. Snow-park service personnel can also be rushed to the scene at any time to provide efficient skiers. Perfect Service.
The best snow quality
Huaibei Ski Resort is surrounded by the Yanshan Mountains and forms a typical small basin climate. Artificial snow is produced with surface water. The water temperature and humidity are moderate, making it possible to build snow in mid-November each year. It is powdery, not soft or hard, and is most suitable for skiing.
Four Seasons Management The
resort is located in Beijing's Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area and has a large number of landscapes and entertainment projects. After the summit, it is able to enjoy the panoramic views of Beijing. Not only can visitors come here to experience the winter powder snow, but they can also enjoy various types of equipment, and experience camping in the wild, Zhagaodu, and mountain cs.

3, snow market price reference

Huaibei Ski Resort, with its high-quality resources and facilities, is also transparent, clear, and concessional in terms of price. It has been unanimously endorsed by tourists. The following is the official price of the ski resorts for the 2016-2017 year for readers' reference.

Price Rule 1

Price details 2

Second, the traffic profile

The transportation facilities around the Huaibei Ski Resort are perfect. Whether it is by bus, train or by car, you can smoothly reach the ski resort and start your smooth journey. Visitors who are not in Beijing can fly to the Capital Airport first, and then use the developed transportation system to reach the starting points and begin the ski journey.

1. Bus lines

Ski resort interior

As the most widely used route, the bus line is both convenient and affordable, and it is a very direct and fast way. Among them, the following three routes are recommended for snowmen.
    1. Take bus 936 from Dongzhimen directly to Huaibei Ski Resort.
    2. Dongzhimen Junction takes 916 (quickly) to get off at Yangjiayuan, and the opposite side of the road is replaced with 864 to get off at the river defense.
    3. Huairou Yujiayuan Get off at H11 Kutanikou.

2. Self-driving lines

Self-driving is also a very flexible way to allow you to arrange your own trip freely. It is an hour's drive from downtown Beijing (about 800 parking spaces can be used at the same time in the ski area).

Driving directions

1. Take the Jingcheng Expressway - Huairou Export (No. 14) from the urban area. After paying, go straight on Jingmi Expressway Jingji Road and Yanqi Lake Exit - over Yanqi Lake (go straight 5 km) - Huaibei International Ski Resort .
    2. Dongzhimen walk to Jingshun Road - dry willow tree roundabout (Huairou direction) - open road around the island take Fengning direction exit - over Yanqi Lake (go straight 5 kilometers) - Huaibei Ski Resort.

3, train schedule

In addition to public transportation and self-driving, the trains can also reach the ski resorts. Many departures from Beijing also stop in Huairou North. After leaving the station, there are more vehicles available to reach the destination.

Ski resort interior

K275 Beijing North Railway Station (Xizhimen) - Huairou North (07:39-09:45)
4471 Beijing North Railway Station (Xizhimen) -Huairou North (09:12-11:37)
2621 Beijing North Railway Station ( Xizhimen)——HuaiRou North (10:22-12:08)
6461 Times Beijing Railway Station (Jianguomen)-HuaiRou North (11:41-13:30)
1801 Times Beijing North Railway Station (Xizhimen) -Huairou North (13:47-15:31)
2101 Beijing North Railway Station (Xizhimen)
-Huairou North (14:09-15:53) K1189 Beijing North Railway Station (Xizhimen)-Huairou North (16:03-17) :29 points)
K1015 Times Beijing North Railway Station(Xizhimen)——HuaiRou North(18:18-20:02)
1456 Times Beijing North Railway Station(Xizhimen)——HuaiRou North(20:21-21:58)


The accommodations at Huaibei Ski Resort are also free and varied. The ski resorts can slide into and out of the doorways of some of Europe’s top ski resorts, making skiing trips quick and easy. The ski resort has also imported 11 brand new wooden villas from Finland and the United States as a whole. It is full of style, and the diversified layout provides visitors with an exclusive ski experience of different styles.

Huaibei Ski Resort

In addition to the hotels in the ski resorts, visitors can also choose to visit various farmhouses in the surrounding areas to fully experience the local culture and customs, and further enrich the Huaibei ski tour. At the same time, because of the convenient transportation of the ski resort and its proximity to the urban area, visitors can use their well-developed transportation system in Beijing to select their own accommodation according to their preferences and arrangements.

Fourth, food overview

The Huaibei Ski Resort boasts a wide range of cuisines. There are Chinese and Western restaurants that can accommodate up to 800 people, as well as cafés and other styled service facilities, providing skiers with a wide range of culinary experiences. In addition, Huaibei Ski Resort also cooperates with Korean restaurant operators to provide services that meet international standards and a variety of delicious and attractive Korean foods.

Huaibei Ski Resort

At the same time, there are various kinds of farm dishes and Huairou local specialties on the ski resort and surrounding areas, which can meet the various needs of different guests. Numerous tourists have praised the variety of Chinese and foreign cuisines here, and more people call it "Beijing's most delicious ski resort."


There are so many wonderful excitement at Huaibei Ski Resort. The rich and colorful projects here can make your winter season full of endless possibilities. Whether it is longing for sports, family trips or friends gatherings, I believe this ski resort will leave you unforgettable. Memories.

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