Wuzhen "dating" guide, so you check!

Wuzhen is a place to read your heart, there are always some beautiful people are the collection, perhaps to find a microcosm in Wuzhen. The story you place here is a reason you can not leave and come back. The town, gave the best place for the story to happen.
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Meet with Wuzhen in 7000 years ago

Tan Bay site

Meet Wuzhen 7000 years ago, that is the Neolithic Tanjiawan. "Majiabang Culture" elaborates on the beauty of formal simplicity. Ruins, has always been buried countless stories, weeds in the three stone story as a prequel, opened the veil of history. Wood mortise structure of the housing, that is, enlightenment of wisdom; a balanced pottery, it is the formation of human spiritual needs and aesthetic awareness.

Figure: Tan Jiawan ruins.


Address: Wujia Town, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province Floating Lanqiao Tanjiawan Group.

Meet Wuzhen in 1500 years ago

Zhao Ming College

Wuzhen met in 1500 years ago, it is the Southern Liang Dynasty. Here, Xiao Tong presided over the compilation of the earliest anthology of anthologies of poetry and prose in China (also known as "Selected Works of Zhao Ming"). What catches the eye is the Ming Dynasty Wanli years "the legacy of the Six Dynasties" stone arch. "Wanli years", the earliest cognition originated in "Wanli fifteen years", from thence to stay in my heart. The main building of the vestibule is the old private school, one after another of the tourists relive the mood at that time; backyard is Zhaoming College Library, is a long river of accumulation, is to Wuzhen intoxicated cultural atmosphere of the quiet place.

Figure: Zhao Ming College.


Opening hours
Summer time 8: 00-17: 00 (Wednesday to Saturday); 8: 00-21: 00 (Sun - Tuesday).
Winter 8: 00-17: 00 (Sunday-Wednesday); 8: 00-21: 00 (Thursday-Saturday).
Fufeng Pavilion adjust business hours and Zhaoming synchronization.
Tel: 0573-88731184.
Address: No. 236 West Street, Wuzhen.

Meet the Republic 100 years ago

Natural wood dyeing plant

Figure: Wuzhen grass color stained Square.

"Sheng Yuan" Dye workshop is the order of Wuzhen - eloquent. Here the original three family dye house, due to mutual strife, the three are deteriorating, the business can not go on. A wealthy businessman surnamed Sheng took the opportunity to swallow the three dye houses, the establishment of the "Shengyuan" dye house. Due to the blue calico dye used in tea, mulberry bark, black mulberry leaves, Banlangen, Impatiens and other raw materials of herbs, so the dye mill is also known as the "grass color of the dye Square."

Bridge Bridge

Figure: Bridge Bridge.

Placed in the creek among the awning boat like a hand slowly started its reel. The story is like a sketch of the calendar as painted, the river port is 23 children, dead leaves for the boat to go; further forward, the left attic window closed, presumably boudoir; as the river drifted bridge, the bridge Is the hawker is picking, I do not know what is being sold; a long bouquet of wine drifted into the Wuzhen is the "three white wine" it, I hope not drunk nor awake ......


Herb natural color dyeing workshop
opening hours
8: 00-17: 30 (daylight saving time); 8:00 --- 17:00 (winter time).
Daylight saving weekends 8: 00-22: 00; winter weekends 8:00 --- 21:30.
Address: Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang Wuzhen Xinda Square on the 18th.

Bridge Bridge
Opening hours: all day.
Address: Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang Wu Xizha scenic area.

Meet Wuzhen at this moment

Mu Xin Art Museum

Encounter with Wuzhen Today, it is Mu Xin Art Museum. Mr. said: the map is flat, the history is long, the art is sharp. His "wind, water, a bridge" is really at hand. The sun slowly, is his like, simple beauty, like the lock before, beautiful appearance, you lock, people will understand. Museum of art is like living, can not use words to express, wait for you to fine it.

Figure: Mu Xin Art Museum.


Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 30; Closed on Monday, the normal holidays open.
Tickets: 15 yuan.

Meet Wuzhen in the future

Meet Wuzhen tomorrow, it is the Wuzhen art - is the festival of theaters, is an art exhibition, Art space.

Art space

Throughout last year's "International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition", Ann Hamilton's "chirp", Cui You Jean "cave guardian" is Olaval Eliasson's installation "reverse panorama room" , Is Yin Xiuzhen's "introspective cavity." Strolling along Hongqiao Road coincides with the "Art Exhibition of Infinite Boundless Beauty". Along the guideline, Li Guijun happened to meet Teacher Li Guofang very much.

Figure: Art space.

At first glance is Ai Xuan's "wasteland", the little girl and the yellow dog with the boundless thick snow wasteland, gives a great contrast, the feeling of silence arises spontaneously. Ai Xuan is the earliest known because Feng Xiaogang's collection of "holy mountain." Ai Xuan, son of the poet Ai Qing, is also the Tibetan Plateau's children, there is a thick vicissitudes of the United States.

Figure: Art Space Exhibition.

Love should belong to Xia Junna "Tang and Song" - poignant, Resentment, but reveals a trace of stubborn, is the story I look forward to. Surprising than in the second floor found the same paragraph screen. All this, I really like it. Of course, there are a lot of works that can not be understood.


Exhibition Address : Wuzhen Art Space (Hongxiang Road, Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang City, 69).

Wuzhen met with the tip of the tongue

"Emerald No." - black plum juice

Figure: ebony green.

Recommended reason: the signature Wuzhen drinks.

Kum Kee Shop - Umi Rice

Figure: Kam Kee cake shop.

Recommended reason: taste buds beat is the fragrance of nature.

Scholar lamb - scholar lamb noodles

Figure: scholar lamb noodles.

Recommended reason: the old son of lamb, is the heritage of taste.

"Zi La La Fry shop" - small Mazi turnip cake

Figure: Zi La 啦 fried shop.

Recommended reason: popular explosion oh.

Old Street Wine Shop - plum wine

Figure: Street wine shop.

Recommended reason: the boss is a funny person.

"Lady Po handmade" - plum cake

Figure: plum cake.

Recommended reason: childhood taste.

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