Wuzhen for the first time? Eat and play simple tips

Located at the northern tip of Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, Wuzhen is a typical ancient town in the Yangtze River. It retains the style and pattern of ancient towns in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. It has a history of more than 1,300 years. Since 2014, Wuzhen has become the permanent site of the World Internet Conference.
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Popular Science: tips on Wuzhen

Official introduction is necessary, if the purpose of travel is to take pictures and enjoy the scenery, then the meaning is too thin.

Geographical composition

Wuzhen is divided into East Gate, South Gate, West Gate and North Gate. Among them, Dongzha and Xishan are tourist attractions. Due to the needs of tourism development, almost all the original inhabitants of Xizha have moved out of their ancestral homeland while the rest of the localities live in the area. East Gate to the theme of tourism and tourism, to experience the original ecological housing and culture; Xizha to business travel and leisure mainly is a more mature business and tourism areas, development and improvement, eating and drinking are very convenient; South Gate and North Gate Not yet fully developed, more primitive, currently free; East Gate tour charges.

Scenic brief

retains the original ecological architecture, can experience folk customs; with the group tourists are generally tour the East Gate.
【Tickets】 120 yuan / person.
【Opening Hours】 7: 00-18: 00
【Recommended Tour Duration】 3 hours.
commercial strong, more places to eat, drink, night beautiful, strong ornamental
[ticket] 150 yuan / person.
【Opening Hours】 9: 00-22: 00
【Recommended Tour Duration】 5 hours.
Things grid ticket
accommodation in the scenic area of ​​tourists also need to buy tickets, effective within a day, but can also play in the grid the next day, but the need for tickets for small attractions need to buy tickets again before they can enter.
【Tickets】 200 / person.
Special reminder to
play Wuzhen summer do not choose July, the temperature of nearly 40 degrees, what chilled drinks are pouring off your side as if burning a small stove, clothes will be sweat soaked (I was July travel experience Sharer).

Play: South Gate, East Gate and West Gate

Hotel strike, or return to our area: Wuzhen. Tour suggestions: Morning tour in the East Gate, after lunch can be back to the hotel after a meal nap, afternoon and evening tour Xishan. If you live in the area you can always visit it!

South Gate scenic area

We arrived in Wuzhen the same day when it was already at 7 o'clock in the evening, only 3 hours left from the Xizha scenic area, and the ticket was only valid for one day. Therefore, we decided to visit the east-west gate of Wuzhen on the second day. In the evening, Visit the free Nanchong.

Arrived in Nanzhao, the sky is late, because it is not a scenic spot, there is not much light, but the original ecological house and the street still left a deep impression on me.

Dongzha scenic area

The vicissitudes of the stone road leading to the depths of the ancient town, there are irregular grooves on the stone road, which is the traces of history and years left, with us to explore the mystery of the ancient town. There are a lot of small attractions in Dongzha. There are folk custom museums, the former residence of Mao Dun, the three white wineries, Jiangnan hundred beds, Jiangnan woodcarving hall, As a spoiler, the mystery is lost.

Three wine
boutiques are not afraid of alley deep! Went to the winery can smell the smell of wine, and "white rice, flour, white water," Wuzhen three spirits brewed. There are wine brewing wine sold, but also free to taste Oh.

Figure: three white wine shop.

Dyeing Square
embodies the wisdom of ancestors, heritage so far, people can not help but feel their exquisite techniques and skills, which is to witness the magical history, but also the pride of the nation.

Figure: dye cloth Square.

Mao Dun's former home,
Mao Dun, formerly known as Shen Dehong, was a pioneer of the New Culture Movement and a famous modern Chinese writer, literary critic, cultural activist and social activist. His masterpieces include "Midnight", "Spring Silkworm", etc. There are 98 pen names that have been used, and the pen list he once used can be seen in the former residence of Mao Dun. Mao Dun was born and grew up here, graduated from Peking University; established Mao Dun Literature Award in his later years to encourage the creation of contemporary novels.

Figure: former residence of Mao Dun.

Feel the culture and history of the baptism, or take a look at the natural beauty of it. East Gate to the tour-based, so overcrowded, almost move still, do not be fooled by the illusion of my photos, the camera is full of people. Full of imprint of the stone road, mottled walls and doors and windows at the moment does not seem vicissitudes, on the contrary, it has become a beautiful proof of history, people can not help but fascinated, feeling.

Figure: Wuzhen natural scenery.

Out from the Dongzha scenic spots, you can eat a lot of places, the price is very affordable; recalled Xuexiang accommodation, here is a well-deserved paradise ah, Wuzhen's tourism management is still doing very good!

Figure: Wuzhen scenery.

West gate area

5:00 departure to the West Gate, West Gate to watch the daytime, evening even more beautiful, the sunset is at 7 o'clock, so choose the best start 5:00, so the beauty of day and night can be panoramic view of the. At this point outside has been relatively cool (heart feeling, in fact, only dropped from 40 degrees to 38 degrees).

Figure: Xizha scenic area.

The houses on both sides of the road are all run by business, food, local drinks, literary atmosphere similar to the Nanluoguxiang shops, bars, everything here and Lijiang night a bit like, but Lijiang is a bar, more noisy ; Here is more quiet, even heard the most is the sound of shyness; the night is coming, with a little light from the sky pulled away, Wuzhen began to show us the wonderful side of the other.

Figure: night view of Wuzhen.

When the night completely drained, the lights lit the town, sitting on the waterfront, and beloved person holding hands talking, then what a beautiful picture.

Figure: night view of Wuzhen.

Food: Town impression Hotel

Tour NanGang in a restaurant called "town impression" with the meal. My companion said it was the most delicious meal to eat in the scenic area. The boss was very warm and patient. He introduced us to the specialty dishes and places where Wuzhen can play. We ordered steamed white fish and fragrant dried maranton heads.

Figure: Town impression.

Recommended dishes

Steamed fish: the taste is very delicious, preserved the authenticity of the fish, put a little soy sauce.

Figure: steamed fish.

Dry fragrant head of Malan: belong to the local wild herbs, the taste is very unique, it is worth a try.
It is worth mentioning that this shop also has free chrysanthemum tea, in the sweaty summer evening, to drink chrysanthemum tea, very quench their thirst, so free to advertise the boss it! The key is the boss I do not know (definitely my conscience recommended).

Figure: fragrant dry head.

Business information

Business hours: 9:00 ~ 22:00.
Address: 148 Xinhua Road, Wuzhen.

Accommodation: Wuzhen Blue Lotus flower boutique inn

Wuzhen accommodation by Wuzhen scenic area unified management, grade from the star hotel to CYTS are. Wuzhen a lot of hotels to choose from, so the competition is fierce, relatively high cost, the theme of the hotel accommodation costs around 200, the environment is good.

Figure: Wuzhen blue lotus boutique hotel.

Hotel facilities

Hotel facilities Hotel partial younger, fashion; lobby with audio, projection and other equipment; can rest in the lobby, chat, songs, tea, coffee, reading, watching movies; elegant environment, the key is that these are all free.

Figure: Wuzhen blue lotus boutique hotel.

hotel service

The boss also offers freshly ground coffee, limited to two cups per room per day, slightly rough shape, but the taste is like; in such a petty bourgeoisie environment, looking at the book, drinking coffee, so you do not consciously relax the tight nerves Holiday so meaningful! Hotel owner from the northeast, people are very warm, very comfortable to get along together; the key is out from the scenic tired, give the boss a call, there will be a car to pick you up!

Figure: Wuzhen Blue Lotus boutique Inn free coffee.

Saying the boss looks very foolish, does not meet the impression of young artists (should be braided, back a guitar), but from the furnishings to the dining room furniture to feel the strong literary atmosphere; to the boss's taste or Hit a score of 99, do not play full score is not want to make the boss too proud, leave some room for improvement.

Hotel decoration

After visiting the hotel's art hall, it's time to look at my room! The hotel rooms are named after 24 solar terms, each with its own characteristics; I booked a small room, to the shop owner to help me upgrade to a large free room. Below is the corridor leading to each room, is not even the hall is very pleasing?

Figure: hotel corridor.

hotel room

The room I live in is called "Equinox". As soon as I enter the room, I am deeply attracted by the luxurious bed and the tatami at the window. If it is not limited, I have to stay for a month. Bed is the key to the quality of sleep, the comfort of this bed can definitely get five-star praise.

Figure: hotel room.

Tatami on the window is the selling point of this room, sitting in front of the tatami on a pot of tea, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way to travel, happiness index burst into tears!

Figure: hotel room.

Bathroom shower nozzle a lot of water, shower really hearty; Wei Lu Shi hand sanitizer, my favorite brand; bath and shampoo smell is also very good smell; towel also printed "blue lotus" four A word, though not a five-star hotel, but can do all the details in place, experience and star hotel comparable, so I had to use more ink to express feelings.

Traffic: only the car can reach Wuzhen

The only way to get to Wuzhen is by car. Want to arrive in Wuzhen can first arrived in Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and other surrounding cities and then take the car; I arrived by bus from Suzhou South Station Wuzhen, from Suzhou to Wuzhen car 8: 00-17: 00 have , Fare 35 yuan, drive 2 hours. If you take a tour bus, you can directly reach the scenic entrance; If you take an ordinary bus, will arrive Wuzhen station, you need to take the bus to the scenic area, the distance is not very far away. Many hotels in Wuzhen there are pick-up service, can request hotel shuttle.

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