Xi'an city will go to the attractions, these places can feel the charm of the ancient capital!

Many people are the impression of Xi'an tourist attractions are terracotta warriors and horses, Huaqing Palace and the like, these attractions are not in the urban areas of Xi'an, traffic back and forth more trouble, time spent more long. If you are nervous, there is no time to travel around, it does not matter. Shopping in Xi'an these urban attractions, you can also enjoy the charm of this ancient capital!

One, ride in the ancient city wall to ride for a ride

If you are sitting on the train "Moreover," to Xi'an, then the ancient city walls will definitely become your city with Xi'an, "the first intimate contact." Was built in the Sui and Tang Dynasties of Xi'an wall, is China's most complete existing ancient city wall building. Xi'an city walls are four main gate: Changle door (East Gate), Yongning Gate (South Gate), Andingmen (Simon), Anguang door (north door), these four can board the wall. From the Republic of China for the convenience of access and has opened up more gates, and now the walls of Xi'an has a large and small city gate 18, Xi'an Railway Station is located in the northwest of the liberation of the door.  

The best way to play the walls of Xi'an is of course the ride, the walls above the distance there is a bike rental point, the price is about a single bike 45 yuan / 2 hours, double bike 90 yuan / 2 hours during the day can be in any The rent is also car, but after 19:00 only in the South Gate also car. You can also buy a smart tour guide online, while listening to explain the side of the ride on the wall, absolutely cool ~    

Bicycles on the walls of the city

: Traffic
1. Suntech door from the nearest city wall in Xi'an Railway Station tour
after take 321,323,402,405, K600 waiting for the bus to the "South Gate Station" 2. the city from the south gate board walls
Walls Tickets 54 yuan, 27 yuan tickets; cycling costs another account
opening time:
8: 00-22: 00, but only after 18:00 can not be on

Second, the return of the street to eat enough food

Xi'an is absolutely the land of Sanqin food, where the birth of mutton steamed bun, Rouga Mo, oil splashed surface, biangbiang face a lot of people to see the name of the saliva of food. And Hui Street as the famous food culture district of Xi'an, Xi'an is the most concentrated snack of snacks, but also to Xi'an will go to the place.

Muslim street food map map by swing eat Well Well incense

Old rice big rain bubble steamed bread

Old rice home bubble map by Alva Jiu Jiu

Old rice family bubble steamed, it is said that in Xi'an is an old bubble steamed restaurant, all kinds of stores opened in Xi'an, just in the Muslim street there are several, but also on the Mango Taiwan "every day up." Eat authentic bubble steamed, to their own bun patience to break into small pieces of small children, and then call the waiter to go to cook, is said to be not really Xi'an, from the size of the Bun can easily distinguish, are Said anxious to eat hot tofu, in fact, anxious also can not eat a good bubble steamed ah ~

Sheng Zhixian Ma sauce stuffed leather shop


Liangpi can be said to be all over the country's snacks, but the brewing may you can only eat in Xi'an to. It is said that the difference between the skin and Liangpi is Liangpi's dough and gluten washed with water, and the gluten in the leather in the leather, so the wine is more chewy chewy, the homemade handmade original raw sesame into the sauce, The oil of the coffee shop in the white above the skin, had to show the color of the meal, and this time coupled with the secret of the dozens of seasoning modulation of the oil poured into the spicy; white leather, coffee sauce, with red glowing sesame Spicy, that feeling do not mention; tune on a eat in the mouth, the whole body feel comfortable, how can this be a delicious can describe the ~

Jia San Guan Tang package

Jia San Guan Tang package map by leaves leaves _Yolanda

Jia San Guan Tang Bao is also the name of the largest, the most iconic one of the Xi'an snacks, although all Guantang package, but with the Jiangnan Guantang package difference is not small. Jia San Guan Tang package stuffing are beef and mutton, look like Jiangnan dumplings as exquisite small, reveals a northwest uninhibited uninhibited. Eat soup bag, the first skin to puncture, first soup, then the skin and meat to eat. Taste is absolutely super ~ ~

Set a small crisp meat

Set the small crisp meat map by leaves leaves _Yolanda

The small bowl of small yellow meat, bowl quite historical flavor, looks a little handsome, but the taste is absolutely amazing , You can use "Huanen delicious" to describe these four words! Did not imagine the greasy, but also with a little bit of taste of the hemp, the gravy poured into the rice, matched with this spicy oil, leaching sesame seeds, mix together to eat, that taste really is absolutely!

ride 4,7,8,15,32,43,45,201,205,206,215,218,221,222,251,300,604,611,612,612 interval, K630, K706, tour 8 (610) road bus in the "bell tower" station that is to get off.
Opening Hours:
All Day

Third, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square feel the largest fountain in Asia

Big Wild Goose Figure by Babe Love Travel

Big Wild Goose Pagoda is located in the Great Cien Temple inside, so the Big Wild Goose Pagoda also known as the Great Temple It is said that this year was built in order to hide his Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, is the earliest, the largest Tang Dynasty Quartet pavilion tower. Big Wild Goose Pagoda can be the summit, lean on a railing, Changan style panoramic view. Even if you are not so cold on the Buddhist culture, the Wild Goose Pagoda is worth a go, because the Big Wild Goose Pagoda on the square is known as Asia's first music fountain, the scene is very spectacular, many large shopping malls around the night is a wonderful select.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda by Narcissus_Z

take bus 5,19,21,22,27,41 Road, etc. in the "Wild Goose Pagoda" station that is to get off.
50% of the Great Enze Temple, Dayan tower tower 50 yuan, it is recommended in advance booking online can offer a lot.
Opening hours:
Big Wild Goose Pagoda Cairns 8: 00-17: 00, the square open all day.

Fourth, the small wild goose side watching a shadow play

Little Wild Goose Pagoda Figure by hedgehog

Little Wild Goose Pagoda is located in the temple, so also known as "recommended Buddha Temple", was built in the Tang Dynasty. In the long years, the small wild goose tower has experienced more than 1,200 years of wind and rain invasion and more than 70 earthquakes of the test, the history has experienced three times the clutch. Ming Dynasty, once the earthquake in Shaanxi, the small wild goose pits first split. After a few decades, once again a major earthquake, actually make the original gap "God together" the. Then there are two such phenomena. It is also worth mentioning that the small wild goose pagoda here there are shadow play performances, including a bowl bowl, old cavity, eyebrows and other operas, are the old artist performances, especially in Shaanxi characteristics.

Shadow picture by the elephant nest users

take 21 Road, 402 Road and other public transport in the "Little Wild Goose Pagoda" station that is to get off.
Baofu Temple free of charge, tickets received by ID card;
boarded young goose pagoda 30 yuan.
Opening hours:
9: 00-17: 00

Five, in the big Tang Furong Garden feel the prosperity of the bloom

Datang Furong Garden by JOJO take you to the world

Datang Furong Garden is a theme park of modern architecture. Do not see the "modern construction" of the words on the first to feel the conflict, Datang Furong Garden and other boring imitation of the garden is not the same! do you remember? "Run man" Xi'an that period, at night tear brand name is in this shot! Recommended afternoon at three or four o'clock in the afternoon, the first visit to the garden, and then remember to see the evening "Dream Tang" performance, stay at night to see the water curtain movie, and then visit the park night. Datang Furong Garden night than the day to be more beautiful, in the light irradiation, the building and the scenery Xiangying Hui, the perfect re-engraved the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty scene.

Map of Datang Furong Garden

Datang Furong Garden Ximen (Royal Garden Gate) bus station route bus: 21,22,23,24,44,212,224,237,526,609,715,720, overnight line 4, tour 4, tour 9 Road;
Datang Furong Park South Gate bus station route bus: 21,22,23,24,212,237,307,601,609,715,720, overnight line 4, tour 4, tour 8 Road
The full price of 120 yuan / person, student tickets 60 yuan / person, off-season fare of 90 yuan
Opening hours:
9: 00-22: 00 (Qingyuan 21:30)
Winter 9: 00-21: 30 (Qingyuan 20 : 30)

"Dream Tang" performance time is 17: 15-18: 25, water curtain film performance time is 19: 45-20: 08, arrange the time, both do not miss!

Six, to Shaanxi Bo touch Xi'an history

Shan Bo Terracotta Figure by the sea Central Village

Shaanxi History Museum, is the legendary "Shaanxi Bo", here and the National Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum and said the three major museums. In short, came to Xi'an, here is definitely to understand the history and culture of the ancient capital of the 13 must go to the station. Shan Bo great, want to carefully read or still need to be quite a long time. Moreover, the implementation of Shanbo "free of charge" tickets are limited time limit issued, we must remember to bring early ID card to line up. If you do not want to line up and too lazy to wait, you can choose to buy treasures or Tang Dynasty murals treasures tickets, so not only treasures and Tang Dynasty murals treasures, but also visit Shan Bo, is more cost-effective. Yes, do not be willing to spend money, be sure to ask a manual explanation or voice guide machine, while listening to the side of the tour, than to see their own to have more than a harvest.

Shan Bo collection by the people who follow the kite

1, take 5,24,27, travel 8 and other buses in the "Cuihua Road (Shaanxi History Museum)" Station to get off to
2, Metro Line 2 to Xiaozhai station, after the station to the east That is, to the
free and free implementation of the "free of charge", limited daily limited time to issue free tickets 4000 (14:00 a day limit 2,500, the next limit of 1500), finished so far. FIT (with ID card or valid document) to visit one person limit a vote, the day is valid, expired. Treasure Museum costs 20 yuan / per person; Tang Dynasty fresco treasures 150 yuan / person.
Explain the cost:
A, manual explanation: the basic display of Chinese to explain 100 yuan, English or Japanese to explain 150 yuan; Datang treasures showcase Chinese show 50 yuan, English or Japanese to explain 100 yuan; Tang Dynasty fresco treasures Chinese explain 50 yuan.
B, automatic voice navigation machine: deposit 100 yuan, the basic display rent 30 yuan / Taiwan, the basic display and Datang treasures special exhibition rent 30 yuan / Taiwan.
Opening hours: open
every Tuesday to Sunday, during the opening period, the morning invoice deadline to lunch break, after 13:00 pm to continue the invoice;
winter (November 15 - the following year on March 15) 9: 00-17: 30 (16:00 stop invoice), summer (March 16 - November 14) 8: 30-18: 00 (16:30 to stop the invoice);
Monday all day closed renovation (except national statutory holidays)

Itinerary recommended

D1: Shaanxi Bo → City Wall → Hui Street
D2: small wild goose tower → Big Wild Goose Pagoda → Datang Furong Garden

Concluding remarks

Rolling red emperors are, long years people town. This sentence for Xi'an is indeed a very appropriate expression. Here both Qiong Lou Yuyu Royal Palace, there are Hui people in the streets of various people snacks. Xi'an charm how much, you have to personally feel!