Zhouzhuang water town top tips

Zhouzhuang, known as "China's first water town." Surrounded by water, due to the river into the town, well shaped well preserved 14 ancient stone bridge, more than 60% of residential houses are still the Ming and Qing architectural style. Wu Nong soft language, grandma tea, "bridges people" into the picture.
zhouzhuang water town

Traffic Guide

You can take a shuttle bus to / from Zhouzhuang at North Station of Suzhou Railway Station or North Bus Station.

From Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Kunshan and other places also have direct shuttle to Zhouzhuang, about 1 to 2 hours, please check http://www.zhouzhuang.net/

Play guide

  1. Cruise boat trip: Listen to the boating master Jiangnan song, a great charm of the water. Different routes of cruise prices vary, please check http://www.zhouzhuang.net/ycgh_tool.php?label=10&aid=410
  2. Taste snacks: There are many specialties in Zhouzhuang, of which there are 10,000, Lady Po tea, white razor clam most famous.
  3. Waterfront: If you intend to live in Zhouzhuang night, it is recommended to choose Linjiangju B & B, experience the real "pillow Jiangnan."

Zhouzhuang ten King

  1. Shuangqiaoshan: commonly known as Key Bridge, from a stone arch Bridge and a Shiyongqiao Yong Bridge composition, the stone bridge in the river side by side, it is very chic.
  2. Shen Hall: Shen million three descendants of the built, seven into five towers, Jiangnan Water Town, a model of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the legendary land of the southern rich man.
  3. Zhang Hall: Zhouzhuang more complete preservation of the Ming Dynasty architecture, is more typical of southern residence hall lobby pattern.
  4. Fu'an Bridge: The town's oldest bridge, located in the eastern end of the city, is a typical bridge building.
  5. Quanfu speak Temple: a typical garden temple, respectively, in order to commemorate the famous Tang poet Liu Yuxi, Lu Guimeng and Western Jin Dynasty writer Ji quarter built.
  6. Mi House: According to the bridge was founded in the late Qing Dynasty, Ming Chongzhen years of construction. Once as China's first progressive revolutionary literature group - the base of Nanshe.
  7. Zhouzhuang Museum: The museum mainly displays folk life utensils, tools, etc., as well as some well-known Chinese black pottery unearthed in the local area.
  8. Zhouzhuang Fang: A simple and elegant fixed-style boats, parked in the Sea of Zhouzhuang Yunhai Baidie Lake.
  9. Cheng Road Abbey: Zhouzhuang famous Taoist temple, it is a Taoist Holy Land, with Lao Zi's "moral" as the main classic, the pursuit of self-cultivation, immortality.
  10. God of Wealth: Zhouzhuang rich Guiyuan based on historical data and history, well-designed in the original site, well-built, well-furnished imitation Ming-style buildings.

Opening hours

The town is open all day.

Ticket information

100 yuan, including the Shen Zhen Shen Hall, Hall and other 15 attractions.

Contact information

Address: Suzhou Kunshan Zhouzhuang Quanfu Road

Tel: 0512-57212109

Official website: http: //www.zhouzhuang.net/

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