108 kinds of food in Pingyao, how to eat in the ancient city?

Pingyao how can we not eat food, Shanxi pasta world known,
Pingyao claims there are 108 kinds of snacks, the main characteristics of pasta food.
In the streets of Ming and Qing Dynasties can taste the local snacks Pingyao.

Pingyao What delicious it, let us count:
Pingyao beef, Cao smoked elbow, called the chickens, bowl care child, sauce Plum meat, Pingyao large dishes, the foreskin surface, grip yo, oil cakes, boiled knots, paste Collapsible, picky, sliced ​​noodles, scissors noodles, rub fish, stone cakes, dipped in sharp tips, dipped in flakes, noodles topped, cat ears, corn cakes, and rice, diced lumps, Zi, cool cake, pasta, rice, tea, corn fried, wine dates, ramen, distilled rice tofu, dried noodles, yellow vegetables fire, noodles Kaolaolao, decoction package, red batter, rub Tofu brain, etc.

Well, it seems there is no 108 species, if you can not eat, the following is my favorite:

First, Pingyao beef

Far famous specialty, a special processing sauce beef, almost every restaurant in Pingyao, street stalls can also be bought. Pingyao beef taste and color are very light, tender taste, but picky point that seems to lack the real beef flavor. If you want to buy a little home, you can choose the vacuum packaging, the highest quality of Guan Yun licensing.

Second, bubble oil cake

Bubble cake is very famous in Pingyao, stuffing is Zaoni, bean paste, made with fried, golden color, the outer coke tender, soft and sweet. Sweet girl to the ancient city is a must

Third, Pingyao bowl off

Pingyao bowls by the Qing Emperor Guangxu Chengnan Castle chef Dong Xuan pioneer, dating back more than 100 years of history. Twenty-six years Guangxu (1900), the Empress Dowager Cixi Xi Anping via Pingyao, tasting this food, full of praise. Reward given on the spot. So, bowl care reputation, become a place to eat.
I Pingyao 2 days, no less than three or four wrist rests, restaurants, street stalls, and really delicious.

This is hidden in a strip of alley in South Street, but alcohol is not afraid of the alley deep ah, a lot of people line up, the boss wearing a clear clothing too attractive, tell you a bowl of 5 yuan, the price back about ten years ago.

Street stand a copy of the wrist rest, I love this port.

Fourth, face Kaolaolao

莜 栲 栳 栳 栳: noodles with high nutritional value made of noodles, knead fine, knead the dough, a rub, and then to a finger on the winding, it becomes a roll. Volume 莜 noodles 栲 栳 栳, erected in the cage steamed Serve

Fifth, vanilla meat

Vanilla meat: Walking in the ancient city of Pingyao streets, often can see the street selling "vanilla meat" stalls. Fire on the steamer, steaming rack with a roll of cornmeal sack wrapped with a bag of vanilla meat. Herb meat has beef, pork, chicken, donkey and other flavors; its practice is to wrap the meat with bean curd skin, into the corn bran net bag, and then simmered with vanilla. About 5 yuan a. In fact, I think this price is slightly higher, the taste is a bit strange.

Six, sea buckthorn juice

Seabuckthorn common name vinegar, because of its extraordinary vitality and become a model of economic crops in arid areas. Hippophae sour sweet and refreshing, there are certain medicinal effect, the street can see a bottle of bottle of sea buckthorn Yang, 10 3 bottles of the price is really cost-effective.

Other recommended street vendors

This roast pork hand, very authentic, many home chains, this is the main stalls, looking for good Oh.

Pingyao ancient city restaurants have long yam processed dishes, diverse practices, the most common and most unique is a honey long yam, put sea buckthorn fruit, it is delicious.

Finally, the recommended is the big sausage, here called the king intestine, 15 yuan a, I had felt very expensive, but the entrance to know, are fine meat, five complete starch. Too great value, eat the top dead you. Haha.

Super recommended, look for this, also in the South Main Street, very conspicuous.

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