Return to the ancient capital of Pingyao, Shanxi

The adorable baby who followed his father's journey through the century and returned to the ancient capital of Shanxi Merchants Pingyao.

Follow the whereabouts of [Dad 5] to Pingyao Ancient City

Pingyao, this city, the ancient capital of 2800, inherited the legacy of the ancestors in the ups and downs of the hundred generations, with a strong sense of culture and a sense of history. Today, it is still full of vigor and vitality;

this city, covering only 2.25 square kilometers, is full of ancient streets, ancient shops, and ancient people's houses. It is the most complete preserved ancient Ming and Qing dynasties in China.

Two years ago I had been to Pingyao, that would have liked this ancient city, but now Pingyao feels that Pingyao has a more childlike interest, because where the father of the fire is not good, he also came to Pingyao for a picture, just before we arrived. Daddy came to Pingyao with five adorable babies to cross it. It's no wonder that the owner of our homestay was very excited to tell me that when they came to shoot, the whole city was sensational.

This time we follow the mark of where my father is going and look at the ancient town of Pingyao again. Let me first dramatize, this time they went to three places for sightseeing. They are the China First Escort, the largest ticket number in China - the Syndicate Ticket Number, and the fourth largest ancient county in China - Pingyao County. .

Pingyao, where are you?

Pingyao is located in Jinzhong, Shanxi is smart, Pingyao is even more. There are more than 400 well-preserved houses in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of Pingyao City. Many shops are still bright and new, and you can directly shoot costumes without setting.

Pingyao is in Jinzhong,
Pingyao is 600 kilometers away from Beijing, and the high-speed rail is 4 hours. The fare is 187 yuan. It is
no longer convenient to take the high-speed rail. In
September, the arrival of Pingyao is more lively because of where my father is. Many natives in Pingyao are talking about Meng. Baby, of course, the shooting scene is closed, but there are always able to see the adorable baby, cute to not work. I like Wu Zun very much. Unfortunately, I should wait a few days earlier. Now I can only wait for the program to air.

Pingyao City is of course very commercial. Some people do not like it, but I like it very much. It is very lively wherever you go. You walk through South Street, go all the way and go shopping. There are no less than a dozen kinds of snacks, and you can eat your broken belly. Haha

One-hundred-year residence--Jinzhong Guangyu Inn

In Pingyao you can easily live in a century-old residence, the price is very close to the people, we did not choose the characteristics of the main street of the bed and breakfast, Pingyao the whole city is not very large, walk can be completed, so we chose a relatively quiet [Jin Zhongguangyu Inn] All that was found in the small courtyard was a surprise. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties architecture, the rooms were clean and elegant. It was really nice to have a little song in the yard when it was all right.

Jinzhong Guangyu Inn
Address: No. 8 Dongshui Road , Gucheng City
Price: 200 or less, very good deal 噢

Pingyao Guangyu Inn was built in the 13th year of Qing Emperor Guangxu. It was rejected by former ancestor Yan Hongrong’s ancestors. Yuan Rishengchang’s resident slogans refused to spend thousands of dollars. After a series of repairs by Yan’s Song people, they formed a The most complete ancient dwellings with imposing and rich cultural connotations from Shanxi are located at No. 8 Dongshui Road in the ancient city, 100 meters to 500 meters away from downtown Mingqing Street, Rishengchang, Xianyi, Chenghuangmiao and other important sights. Really not walking distance.

The layout of the rooms is similar, everyone is free, big brothers are really comfortable.

South Street - Longji of Pingyao

Take a short break to the inn, walk to the South Street. South Street is the Longji of Pingyao City, the main commercial street here. It walks along a stone-paved street of at least 200 years old. It looks at the ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties on both sides. Occasionally, foreign tourists will pull the reality. .

South Street is one of the most prosperous commercial streets in ancient times. This not too long ancient street also completely preserves the remains of the Ming and Qing Dynasties stores, closely affixed with shops including ticket numbers, money houses, pawn shops, pharmacy shops, butcher shops, and satin shops, and today’s tourists can Buy native goods in Pingyao here, there are also specialty snack bar and souvenir shop.

The biggest sign on South Street is this “city building”. The city building is also the center of the ancient city. It runs through the south and the south of the South Street, and has three cities of “early, noon and evening”. There is a well at the foot of the southeast of the city building. It is known as “Kimjeong Building” because it is known as “gold in the well”. The ancient city building is a three-story eucalyptus architecture pavilion with a height of 18 meters and a sophisticated structure. It crosses the South Street and is down the street. It connects people's houses to the east and west. There are brick ladders on the southeast side of the building to climb the second floor. There is a statue of a bodhisattva in it. There are paintings on both walls. It is a Guan Gong story.

In addition to many hand-work workshops on South Street, craftsmen began production at the door, and you can see all the production process. The hand-made things are precious. This scarf is said to be able to weave only two a day. In this way, the price of 68 yuan is really not expensive.

Shanxi produces vinegar. In this commercial street in Pingyao, you can see sellers selling vinegar everywhere. There will be brewing of the vinegar at the door. I see many tourists returning with 10 barrels and 8 barrels. Haha, I'm a little girl, really can't move.

Throughout the afternoon, we all wandered around South Street, eating and eating. It was so comfortable. Of course, sights, tickets, places, and prefectures are also places to visit. It is said that Dad's place is also a shot in these three places, but stay in tomorrow. We went to find out where Daddy’s location was.

North China's first Escort - Where does my father go?

The first Escort in North China pointed to the establishment of the three great places of “Tongxing”, “Taiwan” and “Changlong” established by Wang Zhengqing, Dai Eryi, and Zuo Erba in the light years in Pingyao, Jixian and Wenshui.

Here you can see the unique features of our country’s Escorts since the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. You can see where
the life of the dartmaster is
now where Daddy is going. It is said that the adorable dolls played games of this type and experienced the food of the dartmaster. drop

The Escort is divided into four parts: the middle, the rear, and the building courtyard. It fully and truly reproduces the unique features of the country's Escorts since the Qianlong period in the Qing Dynasty. Gunslinger Wang Zhengqing, iron legs left two, and Xingyi fist master Dai Ershen were famous warriors in the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty. There was a slogan: Wang Gun and Dai Jia Quan, and the left family slid on the leg, Daoguang Emperor backed him up and defeated the world. hand. The trio set up a separate recreation center to engage in cash delivery, dismissal, or goods transshipment to meet the needs of commercial banks to implement cash settlement at the same time, and thus once flourished.

This is the defensive suit of the defensive teacher of the year. It has a weight of 40 pounds and is really good. It has a meaning with the modern body armor. It is the ancients who have worked so hard. To get weapons again, it must be a strong man.

There is also an exhibition hall behind the Escort. It introduces the life story of the three outstanding figures and the information of the Escort Bureau. It not only understands the development of the bodyguard industry in China, but also knows the development history of the martial arts genres such as the Xingyi Boxing and Changquan in North China.

There is a martial arts court in the backyard, where contemporary martial arts enthusiasts often practice, and tourists often participate in activities. Where is the father's 5 recordings in this martial arts field, which can also be seen faintly at the time the props left by the game.

Maximum ticket number - synergy ticket number

Listening to our innkeeper, the second location for this daddy to go to is the No. 5 scene for this daddy. It's no wonder that the film crew chose this place. This is indeed the largest ticket number in Pingyao, with a very large underground vault, but this is not China's earliest, earliest China's first ticket number is not far from the "Sunrise Chang Ticket"

Collaboration is a unique ticket number in China's ticketing industry. It was founded in the six years of Qing Xianfeng (1856) and was retired from the Republic of China for 2 years (1913). Caidong Department Yuci Nie Store Wang Xing Pingyao Wang Zhicun Mi Xing. The initial capital of 36,000, two silver, 3,000 per share, 12 shares; medium-term capital of 120,000, and later increased to 240,000, while there are more than 400,000 provident funds. The total number is located in the west of the South Street of the bustling downtown in Pingyao Ancient City. It covers an area of ​​more than 2,800 square meters and has 33 sub-numbers. It is located throughout the country's large and medium-sized cities and the Port of Shangyu. The Caidong was the Yu Family of Yuci Village of Yuci County and Wangzhi Village of Yaoxian County of Yuci City. It was a celebration of “Landing in Wanfeng and rising in Xianfeng”.

Considering such a big ticket number, in 58 years, it was a pity that at most only a generation had been inherited. In such a large context, the ticket number has been rapidly developed, but it has also declined rapidly.

The Synergy Ticket Number is now the largest Qianyuan Yard in Pingyao. There are six yards before and after, and each courtyard has different functions. For example, a courtyard branch cabinet room, general account room, and inter-temporal room are equivalent to the current accounting room. A good procedure to get the cash in the cabinet room is equivalent to the present cashier's office; the third house is divided into the cooperative room, the sacrificial room, and the manager's room. It is the office of the management staff, and the fourth house is the living area of ​​the employees. No matter the number or the semicolon, From the treasurer, down to the employee must live in the ticket number.

Synergy is not China's first ticket number, but why they can develop the fastest, because at that time Cixi came out

The museum also displayed ancient artifacts such as small scales and original horns watermarks used to weigh silver, and it was even more than a five-story pagoda made by Emperor Qianlong in the 9th year of Qianlong. According to legend, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing, and the Empress Dowager Cixi fled to the area and rewarded him with a celebration. The five-story pagoda not only symbolizes the prosperity and prosperity of Fulu Shou, but also represents the five elements of the Jinmu Shuihutu.

There are north and south wing rooms in each of the houses, and there are back yards after the halls. In the backyard, with the features of the terrain, there are five down kiln buildings facing south to the south. There is a hanging flower door as a side door. Each side has a shadow wall and the back door leads to Garden Street. There are five backyard buildings, and there is a sky bridge in front of the house. There is a roll-style pavilion on the bridge. The bridge is the highlight of the celebration - a sinking house courtyard.

The most characteristic of the celebration is the underground vault. There are only four kiln houses in the courtyard where the silver is piled, and there is one on both sides of the passage. The total construction area is over 200 square meters. In addition, it is not only large, but also allows visitors to go to the vault to visit, to hold a big hold of silver ingot to appreciate the feeling of money.

Inside this dragon column, it is said that if you touch it in a circle, you will be able to make money, so how can you miss it?

It is said that the shareholder Wang Jia, after withdrawing capital from the ticket number, instead of investing in salt industry, tobacco shop, groceries, etc., but his followers do not live up to expectations, are all infected with drug addiction, only by changing the seller's production for a living, the last generation of Wang's family Wang Qi, finally, was actually killed and starved to death on the streets.

Not far from the Synopsis ticket number is the originator of China's ticket number - the record of Rishengchang, people who come to Pingyao will go to "Sunrise Chang" to see. This is not a world-famous tourism landscape, but the first ticket in Chinese history, ending the history of escorting silver in thousands of years, making it possible to “make the world go”.

The ticket number is a type of financial institution that emerged in the Qing Dynasty, and the earliest ticket number started was the Rishengchang ticket number. Its predecessor was Xiyucheng Pigment Village, and Caidong was Lishi of Xiada Bocun in Pingyao. For the time being, businessmen in Shanxi Pingyao, Jiexiu, Jixian, Taigu and Yuci counties opened a variety of shops in Beijing. When the accounts were closed at the end of each year, they must bring some silver to their hometown. It is both high and insecure and often goes wrong. Xi Yucheng’s manager Zhang Leiyue took the lead in deciding to manage the bank and silver, that is, not to transfer money from Beijing to his hometown, but to hand over the current bank to the Beijing semicolon, and then from Beijing to Pingyao, to Xiyu Cheng Pigment Village. Cash is cashed. Pigment Village collects part of the remittance fee. With more and more people requesting funds, business has become more and more prosperous, and Xiyucheng Pigment Store has been changed to a special account for deposits, loans, and remittances.

In the exhibition hall of the back hall, you can also see the earliest bill at the time. Take the lamp and take out the words of Rishengchangji.

Four Corners Tower, 72 Blocks Viewing the Fighter Building - The Spirit of the Ancient City Wall

Pingyao is a complete city surrounded by a circle of ancient city walls. It is a city wall with an early history and largest scale in the West. Joe is the most complete county-level ancient city wall in China. Four turrets, six city gates, 72 watched enemy buildings, and 3,000 squatters. These figures have put together an ancient wall of prosperity.

Greetings, arches, Taihe, pro-han, Yongding, Fengyi. Listening to the nicknames of the six gates has given people a respect. Imagine if you did not have the prestige of yesterday, where did you come today?

The seventy-two seats of the enemy’s building were lined up and stretched out of sight. The red lanterns hanging from the top of the Kuixing Building are sun-dried and rainy. They are contaminated by dust and dust. The color has become dim and old, but it is still faintly charming. Lined with this turbulent city, like Ba Wang Yu Ji, there is a kind of hard and soft beauty. As the passing years of water, the dynasties will change, and Yan Yan will eventually transform its bones. Only this ancient city wall, the town guardian city river, smiled at the spring breeze.

Many tourists will go to the city wall early in the morning and do not want people to crowd in. In fact, they can choose to come here in the evening, and they will not receive tickets after work. The grey walls are even more vicissitudes in the setting sun. When the lights came up early, they outlined the outlines of the walls and the turrets, adding a sense of mystery. You can also rent a bicycle and walk around the ancient city wall of Pingyao. It's very pleasant. You must be beautiful.

Pingyao County 衙--One of the Four Great Ancient Counties

Pingyao County, as one of China’s four major ancient counties, is truly luxurious. It is totally different from the prefectures that I had imagined. I heard that where is Daddy’s come here and it’s time to imagine. Imagine that Xiao Meng’s children will not cross the county. Jingle returned to the small judge.

At the gate of the gate, the double-deck palace is decorated with the majesty of the feudal power. The dungeon makes people feel the gloomy and cruel punishment, and the view of the backyard is beautiful. From a county, you can see the truth when you are old...

Entering the gates of the prefecture, it does not lead directly to the lobby. Instead, it passes through a second barrier between the gate and the lobby. This is the gate of ceremonies specially built in the prefecture, called the gate. The door is usually closed, and will only be opened when the county seats, greets guests, and holds major celebrations.

The lobby is the main building of the prefecture. It is the hall where the prefectural government holds some important ceremonies, hearing major cases, and meeting senior officials. Note: There is a little more in the word “civil”. This is an implicit expression of Chinese characters and is more meaning to the people.

The screen in the center of the lobby is painted with a landscape of sunrise. Shanzheng, Shuiqing, and Riming are symbols of clearing and correctness, and they have the same meaning as “hanging mirrors” in the hanging scroll, which means that the people’s counties are told to be honest and just.

The Second Hall (the 19th year of the Ming Dynasty) is a place where the county office routinely summons subordinates and conducts small-scale research on civil cases. The middle screen shows the “Songhe Yannian Map”, which is a little bit more than the lobby's “Landscape of the Sun and the Sun”. The signature on the koan is only black, and there is no red signature. There is no death penalty here. of.

Suspended above the screen is the "Thinking House", formerly known as "Retreat". The county seated in the church, looked up and can see the opposite side of the screen hanging on the "Tian Li, national law, human feelings" six characters, the six characters to remind the county to weigh the three cases, make it legal, reasonable and fit.

Inside the house - also known as "Qian Shen Tang", told the county officials here to be diligent and cautious.

The daily life of the prefecture. In the middle is the living room. At that time, secret cases and undisclosed cases were examined here. The room for the east and west rooms is a guest room where guests are accommodated by superiors or fellow students.
Between the eastern tip is the bedroom and the western tip is the study. The imperial court system is very strict. There are two avoidance systems. The first is geographical avoidance. Provincial officials are not allowed to serve as officials in this province. They must go to an official place other than 500 miles away. They must not bring their families and their families cannot visit him. A term may not be allowed to stay for a long period of time. Only during the 20th lunar month of the lunar month and the 20th lunar month of the following year is the seal period. For a month of vacation in Zhixian, you can go home to visit relatives. The second is that relatives are evasive and relatives cannot be officials within five hundred miles. In this case, the latter will evade and the small ones avoid, avoiding the formation of local protection forces and threatening the imperial powers.

There is also a point of view in the county, which is jail, prison - "heavy prison", "light prison", "female prison", "Prison Temple", "children's room." Office space, in the coat room. The prison guard was a potter, a criminal officer of the era, and he invented the prison. Whenever he was on the first day or the fifteenth, prisoners of prisoners came to worship him.

There are suffocating prisons, and tortures of various types of people are chilling and terrifying.

The light prison is an imitation cave building. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and it has a fire. There are no windows in the prison cell, and there are no windows in it. When the door is closed, it is dark, and the walls are particularly thick. It is twice as thick as ordinary cells.

We also “lived” the whole process of a county magistrate’s ascending case. These scenes that were originally only seen on film and television are now alive and interesting. 
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