2 days to play Emei, Leshan, have a good scenery all year round

Youdao is "Emei world show", "the landscape of the world in Shu, Shu wins Jia said ... ..." To Sichuan, if you want to feel the beauty of the land of abundance, you can not but visit Mount Emei, while it across the water from the east Leshan is more Giant Buddha, monuments, food in one, travel mountains and water, opera worship the temple, it is worth the experience.
emei golden summit and the sea of clouds by xiao long

First, Mount Emei, Leshan welcome throughout the year

Today's Leshan City and its jurisdiction Emeishan City, located southwest of Chengdu, about 150 kilometers, about 2-3 hours drive, Leshan and Mount Emei about 50 kilometers away, about 40-60 minutes by car. Here ancient times known as Jiazhou (Jiading), today it is a national historical and cultural city and key scenic tourist city. High mountains and wonderful water here, a considerable winter snow, summer can be summer, autumn and winter tours to see flowers take pictures, all year round are very suitable for young people, parents, family travel to play. Starting from Chengdu, accommodation Emeishan or Leshan, spending three days and nights per capita consumption of 500 yuan, if you want to experience in depth, more than 1,000 yuan per capita more than enough.

Emei Shan

Mount Emei dominates in the Emeishan City in the southwestern part of the Sichuan Basin, and in fact includes four large mountains, such as Daye, Er'e, San'ao and Four-eights. However, people usually refer to Mount Emei as the Peak, with the highest peak of 3099 meters above the top of Wanfo Peak, "above the Five Sacred Mountains and Xiuku Kyushu." Mountain plant diversity, cute animals are also frequented, is a colorful biological world. Mount Emei is also one of the four most famous Buddhist monasteries in China. At the foot of the mountain, the temple is the temple of Samantabhadra, while the famous temples include Fuhu Temple, Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion and Huazang Temple. With its "male, show, god, wonder, spirit" and deep Buddhist culture, become the United Nations world natural and cultural double heritage.

Spring and Autumn is the best tourist season Emei Shan , and throughout the year for a rich landscape for people to experience - 
Spring: Rhododendron: Lei Dongping 4-5 months, Wanfo Ding 5-6
summer: summer: 6- October 
Autumn: Autumn leaves: October 
Winter: Snow play: 11 - March next year
Saint lantern: the lunar month or early night, when the rain showers 
Monkey: Year-round
sunrise: summer 6:00, winter 7 : 00
Clouds: 9: 00-10: 00,15: 00-16: 00
Fo Guang: 9: 00-10: 00,15: 00-16: 00

Millennium encounter Buddha light


Leshan Emeishan only 50 km. The territory of rich natural resources, rivers aspect, with Minjiang River, Dadu River, Qingyi River and many small rivers, Leshan, Mount Emei and other high and low mountains, known as "the landscape of the world in Shu, Shu Sheng Jia said." The world's highest stone Buddha, Leshan Giant Buddha, the world's cultural heritage is located here.
Leshan winter cold summer heat, suitable for spring and autumn play.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Second, how to Emeishan, Leshan

Public Transport: Chengdu - Emeishan, Leshan

Aircraft: The nearest airport to Emeishan Scenic Area is Shuangliu Airport in Chengdu, only 120 km away. There are also Mianyang and Chongqing airports. There are several domestic and international flights every day.
Intercity train: From Chengdu, take the Mianle intercity train. From Sichuan Province, take the high speed rail from Xinjin, Pengshan, Meizhou, Leshan and other places.
Bus: Take a bus from Chengdu Xinnanmen Station every hour for two hours. You can reach Mt. Emei Jiuzhu (long-distance) passenger transportation center and the tourist passenger transportation center within the scenic area. After getting off, you will arrive at the core area of ​​Emei Mountain. After getting off at Jiuzhu Bus Terminal, you can take a taxi or 8 bus to the scenic area.

Emeishan - Leshan traffic between:
from Leshan Central Station, Xiao Dam Station departure, there are direct access to Mount Emei cars. Leshan Central Station every 10 minutes a class, about 30 minutes by car, fare 8 yuan. Emei Mountain Scenic Area and Leshan there are direct car scenic spots, every class, fare 10 yuan.

By car

Provide a most convenient route by car, the entire about 212 kilometers, 1.5 hours by car.
Chengdu - Leshan - Emei Peng Bridge (full speed) - Mount Emei area.

With the group

Chengdu travel with the group now has a daily departure tour, and Chengdu area door package transfer, a lot of peace of mind.

Third, experience Mount Emei

Wonderful scene (sunrise, sea of ​​clouds, Golden Summit, Buddha)

Golden Summit is the second highest peak of Mount Emei, Emei peak and Wan Foding neighbor. There are up to 48 meters of gold on the top ten sides of the Buddha, gold, silver, copper temple, Shen Ya Cliff and other famous attractions, when you stand here overlooking, when the weather is good, you can also see the Chengdu Plain tribute Gala snow mountains. Here is the most concentrated temples and classic landscape place.
The sunrise and sea ​​of ​​clouds here are already very spectacular, and the Buddha light is worth the wait. The appearance of Buddha Light, which combines the many natural factors of sunlight, terrain and sea of ​​clouds, can only be admired in a handful of places where these conditions are met. In the afternoon of summer or early winter, a rainbow aura will appear in the clouds under the golden dome, and the center is as clear as a mirror. The viewer is facing the western sun, and sometimes he will find himself in the aura of the figure, in the Golden Summit, an average of every five days or so there may be a Buddha light.

Emeishan Golden Dome by 阿凡驴

Reggae monkey

Emei Ecological Monkey District is located under Hong Chun Ping, Qingyin Pavilion on the "first-line days," is currently China's largest natural wild monkey area. The monkey area has a plank road, pavilion, rope bridge, to facilitate the tourists view monkey, monkey. Monkey King is the real owner of Mount Emei, quite spiritual, but also no lack of fierce, Monkey can be purchased at the Monkey Food point of sale in advance to buy some monkey food, while taking good care of personal items.

Snow monkey by Xiao Nizi

Buddhism affinity (Buddhist Temple, reported that the temple, voiceless Pavilion)

Buddha Buddhist Temple in the Ming Dynasty infinite division to create, took 15 years to complete. The temple has multiple main hall and more than 140 temples, the momentum is quite magnificent. Because of the Temple of Compassion Hall dedicated a 12-meter-high Avalokitesvara Avalokitesvara bronze statue, the Ming emperor Empress Dowager Ming Empress Dowager named the temple name "Great Buddha Temple." Now here is the first stop to Emei blessing, worship.

Buddha Buddhist Temple by Fragrance of the dust

Bao Temple is located at the foot of Mount Emei, is the gateway to the mountains, but also the first mountain temple, the largest temple. As the temple of Samantabhadra, here is the core of Mount Emei Buddhist activities. Temple collection of a variety of ceramic jade, literature and calligraphy and painting, metal utensils and the Warring States Period unearthed weapons, artifacts, the temple has the Ming Dynasty Wanli years built copper Huayan tower and 4,700 small Buddha statues, Jing "; Temple outside the Lotus brass bell," Emei ten King "of the" sacred plot night bell. " The temple is rich in incense all the year round and is worth the visit to those who believe in Buddhism and who believe in causal marriage.

Voiceless Court is located in the heart of cattle under the ridge, Zuo Tong Hong Chun Ping, Xianfeng Temple, right Bailongdong, Wannian Temple, is the mountain worship, must-see sightseeing. Although the temple is not large, but because of the terrain, mountains and water around the scenery is extremely beautiful, 堪称 Chinese Buddhist temple garden architecture model.
Emei one of ten Kingdoms Shuangqiaosheng next to the mountain there are two stone bridge on both sides of the volley leap, there is a stream under the bridge gallop in this area is very suitable for photography.    

Voice Pavilion by Zhongshan Wolf

Scenic tour routes

Mount Emei is divided into low mountain area, Zhongshan District, high mountain three parts. The low mountainous area is centered on Baoguo Temple. Zhongshan District consists of ring-shaped mountains centered around Bailongjiang and Heilongjiang, with the entrance of Wannian Temple. The high mountainous area is the Lei Dongping, Jinding and Wanfoding lines. Visitors can hike in low mountainous areas, hard-climbing mountain range, ride, ropeway play high mountain. If you want to travel within a day, the best tour by car.

Hot and cold experience (hot springs + skiing)

Emei Lei Dongping natural ski area is located in Lei Dongping yard flat open area on the right side. Here 2500 meters above sea level, snow year up to 150 days, soft snow, all ages. In addition to skiing, you can also fight snowballs, rent skis, take a sled dog and more.
Emeishan has China's largest open-air radon hot spring , large amount of water, good water quality, mining temperature up to 60 ℃, rare high-quality radon hot springs, known as the "aristocratic spa." At present, there are three radon hot spring entertainment areas in Lingxiu Hot Spring, Hongzhu Hot Spring and Yoga Hot Spring in the scenic area. From afternoon till early morning, when you bid farewell to the crowded city and busy work, or during the day hiking and skiing return, , Will be able to eliminate a tired, get great relaxation.

Live in Mount Emei

Generally choose to live in low mountainous areas, there are Mount Emei yard, Lake View Impression, Playful Monkey, Mount Emei Hotel, Red Pearl Spa Center, Teddy Bear Hotel, etc. to choose from.

Fourth, Mount Emei practical information

Ticket information

Into the mountain tickets: 185 yuan season / person, off-season 110 yuan / person (off-season 11-12 months).
Jinding return 120 yuan / person, off-season 60 yuan / person (off-season 11-12 months).
Wannian temple uplink cableway 65 yuan / person, off-season 30 yuan / person (off-season 11-12 months). 
Monkey insurance 5 yuan / person.
Wannian Temple tickets 10 yuan / person.
Cable insurance 5 yuan / person / paragraph * 3 paragraph 15 yuan / person.

Scenic area traffic

Bus:  fare 1-1.5 yuan
5 way A line: Mount Emei - the world famous - Emeishan Hot Springs Hotel - reported Temple - Fu Hu Temple.
5 B line: Mount Emei - Buddha Square.
8 Road: Crystal Square - Railway Station - Buddha Buddhist Temple Tourist Area (Yi Town) - Buddha Road - Emeishan Station (South Square) - Spa junction - the world famous.
11 Road: Emeishan Station - Hong Chun Road - Big Buddha Road - North Bus Terminal - Temple Flying Hall.
Conventional Travel Bus: Fu Hu Temple - Bao Guo Temple - Emeishan Station - Buddha Buddhist Temple - Buddha Buddhist Temple Tourism Area (Yi Town) - Emei Railway Station - Chinese medicine Expo Park - Nam Shing junction (Crystal Square) - East Lake Wetland Park - Park - North Bus Terminal - Temple Flying Hall.
1-way travel CMB Line: Emeishan Station - reported the country Temple - Lei Dongping - Wannian Si - Wu Xian Gang (Qingyin Pavilion) - Bao Temple Station (Huang Wan Station) - Emeishan Station.
2-way travel business car routes: According to tourist demand direct access to the various attractions Emeishan (Qingyinge, Wannianji, zero kilometers).

Sightseeing vehicles
at Temple passenger transportation center: near Temple, the first shanting, Emeishan Museum, Cliff, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism Cultural Corridor, Welcome Plaza, "St. plot Evening Bell" kiosks and other attractions play;
five significant Kong yard: close Qingyinge, Sky, natural ecological monkey area and other attractions play;
years Temple parking lot: close to the Temple of years, and then walk to the heart rate up, or down to Bailongdong, Qingyinge and other attractions play;
zero kilometer yard
Lei Tung Ping Road: Near Leidongping, which leads to the induction hall, and then walk or take the cableway to Jinding.
Emeishan scenic area has two commonly used cableway:
Wannian ropeway (from years to the Wannian Temple parking lot)
Golden Roof Ropeway (by the cited Hall to the Golden Summit)  

Emeishan City starting from 5 yuan, playing billing table.

Fifth, experience Leshan

Leshan Giant Buddha , also known as Lingyun Giant Buddha, is located in Lesing City, Sichuan Province, south side of the Minjiang River Lingyun Temple side, near the Dadu River, Tsing Yi River and Minjiang River confluence. The Buddha is a statue of a Maitreya Buddha built on the mountain. It passes through a height of 71 meters and is the largest sculpture in China. It was cut in the first year of Kaiyuan (713) in the Tang Dynasty and completed in the 1930 (803) of Zhenyuan, About ninety years. Leshan Giant Buddha and Lingyuashan, Wuyushan, giant reclining Buddha and other attractions composed of Leshan Giant Buddha scenic spot.
Here, visitors can take a boat view of Buddha , or hiking mountaineering Buddha . The two are different experiences. The sightseeing boat can see the silhouette of the Buddha statues and the reclining Buddha in the distance. It has a wide field of view and does not consume physical exertion. The Buddha statue can enter the Buddha scenic spot closer to the Buddha, and many people should deliberately touch it Buddha feet. Close to the Buddha, you can walk the Buddha scenic area, visit Lingyun Temple.  

Leshan Giant Buddha has hiking trail by afan donkey

Scenic tour routes

Opposite the Big Buddha boat dock
Buddha scenic tickets to mountaineering

Six, Leshan practical information

Ticket information

Leshan Giant Buddha tickets 90 yuan / person (including Leshan Giant Buddha, Wuyou Temple, Ma Hao Cliff, etc.), discount tickets 50 yuan / person, cruise tickets 70 yuan / person (tour of Leshan Giant Buddha panorama, Sleeping Buddha, Sanjiang)

Scenic area traffic

The city take the 13 bus to get off at the Dafosi Station
Leshan City by taxi to the Buddha, fare about 6 yuan
Ferry from Leshan Port to the Buddha, the fare 1 yuan / person
Leshan can take cruises to watch Leshan Buddha, 50-70 yuan / person / time, tour time of about 15 minutes, because there is no dock, the ship will not dock, visitors can only enjoy the Leshan Giant Buddha on board

Play all over Mount Emei, Leshan, just a weekend!

Want to play all over Mount Emei and Leshan, at least 2 days, of which 1 night stay in Mount Emei.
Day 1: Chengdu - Leshan Giant Buddha - Mount Emei In the
morning, visit the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area to visit Lingyun Temple and Buddha Cultural Boutique Pavilion - Buddhist Hall Jiahong, Xingyutang, Wanfulou Building.
Emeishan arrived in the afternoon tour to experience the local leisure and pleasant slow life, but also eat snacks Emei.
Evening recommended to see a walk into the impression Emei pot party, while tasting Sichuan snacks, hot pot, while enjoying Yi folk song and dance, stunt performances.

Day 2 : Hotel - Emeishan Golden Summit - Emeishan Mid-Levels - Chengdu
Morning ride the mountain, worship Emei Golden Summit, feel the essence of the entire Mount Emei.
In the afternoon, visit Emei Mid-levels Scenic Area (Wannian Temple, etc.), and then visit the legendary white lady monastery - Bailongdong; scenic Qingyin Pavilion, first-line days, and finally Monkey in the ecological monkey district. Then you can end the trip, return to Chengdu.

Seven, Mount Emei and Leshan cuisine

Since ancient times, Jiazhou Meizhou is the birthplace of a variety of specialties in Sichuan, Dongpo elbow, Dongpo fish, leaf rake, barbecue, roasted rabbit, yellow spicy Ding ...... especially a variety of snacks, dazzling. If you have time, the following shops should not be missed:
Leshan Kai
Shueishan Leshan Feng Sanjie Rocker
Le Beef Leshan Ye
Fu Laishan Jiumei
Emei Emei leaf rake summary
Emeishan Suji Old City Fragrant stilt foot beef
Emei cattle cattle small bamboo sign Spicy
Emeishan Ming snacks
Emeishan Chai a street fire chicken


There are so many throughout the year around Chengdu can go to leisure children, there are so many delicious food expensive waiting for delicious diners, say what should be arranged to feel the time ~

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