Turns Kunlun across the Hoh Xil, just to see the beauty of Seda (Gan Qingchuan line)

Gan Qing ring so popular, many small partners will choose to start from Gansu Xining, Central Loop draw a circle, and finally the end of the trip in Xining, so the play is really good, tourists do not go back, you can also play the ancient Silk Corridor Hexi Corridor Road, that except green circle, there are other games? Of course! And this line is more classic novel than green ring.
seda rong wing college

Why this line classic novelty?

From the map to see this line to Xining as a starting point, through the Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, and then from Golmud across the ancestral Kunlun Mountain Wushan, all the way through the restricted area of ​​life - Hoh Xil and Tibetan antelope wild ass Close to the same box, Longbao Beach National Nature Reserve to see the elegant grace of black-necked cranes, the source of the Three Rivers in Yushu looking for China Water Tower, and then rest in the town of Mani, see the town herdsmen wearing Saber leisurely, Lairong Buddhist College to see the house full of red mountains, listening to the Buddha legendary Miles, Celestial Heaven burial ground witnessed a celestial burial, perceived distance between life and death, Jinchuan Trinidad pear open season, reward Pear thousand mountains, and then the most beautiful village in China Dan Ba Zhaizhai feel the most primitive Tibetan style, and then enjoy the beautiful scenery Siguniang Mountain, Wolong Nature Reserve to see the giant panda awkward adorable, Yingxiu earthquake site was a disaster and the survival of the spiritual baptism, the end of the trip in Chengdu , Chengdu snack products, tour Kam town, visit the width of the alley.
This route covers the essence of Qinghai and western Sichuan attractions, natural scenery in Qinghai and western cultural attractions once to play.

What is this line to play?

Proposed carpool car or chartered free exercise. Rationale: Although this line is in good condition, there are many high-altitude sections and are unfamiliar with the road conditions. It is easy to cause accidents due to lack of driving experience. Carpooling trips are driven by old drivers who are familiar with this line. , And the driver free guide service, the driver's car is a nanny car, with treasure chest, treasure chest with mineral water, Qinghai yogurt, more Band-Aid, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-altitude sickness drugs, oxygen bags, etc., small Partner can enjoy nanny service.

Itinerary overview of this route

D2: Black Horse River - Chaka Salt Lake - Golmud (sink)
D3: Golmud - Kunlun Pass - crossing Hoh Xil - Quma Lai (sink) D1: Xining - Tar Temple - Qinghai Lake -
D4: Qumalai - Longbao Beach Nature Reserve - Xinzhai Kana Mani Dui - Princess Wencheng Temple - Yushu Dorm.
D5: Yushu - Tongtianhe - Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve - Shiqu County - Manizgano - Ganzi County
D6: Ganzi County - Seda Rongda College - Seda County
D7: Seda County - Seda Celestial Tomb - Seda Rongda College (Night Scenery) - Seda County (Accommodation)
D8: Sada County - Onda - Malcolm - Jinchuan (March and April can see the pear) (places)
D9: Jinchuan - Beauty Valley - Danba Zangzhai - Siguniangshan - Rilong Town Tibetan Zhai (
D10 ) Longzhai Tibetan Village - Wolong Nature Reserve - Yingxiu earthquake site - Chengdu end

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Detailed day trip

D1: Xining - Kumbum Monastery - Qinghai Lake - Black Horse River (Su, morning to see the sunrise)

Today's journey of 220 km
Morning 8 am, Xining, wander over, came to the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism, the hometown of Tsongkhapa, the hometown of Salzal, visit the first temple of the Yellow Temple of the six temples; eleven o'clock Xu, crossing the "West Sea screen" Mount Riyue; afternoon, the distance is snow-capped mountains, near the endless golden rape fields, China's largest and most beautiful inland lakes Qinghai Lake turned out to be the same, the Qilian Mountains, huge Natural picture roll leisurely in front of you ... ... overnight dark horse river, watching the sky star, listening to the waves hit the shore.

 Tickets: Tar Temple 80 yuan; Riyue Mountain 40 yuan (not recommended to purchase tickets, the appearance can be); Qingjian Lake Erlang sword scenic 100 yuan (drivers can bring small partners from the local herders private land into the Qinghai Lake, each People 10-20 yuan)
Aspect today: the founder of Gelugpa Tsongkhapa birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism Kumbum Monastery, China's largest lagoon Qinghai Lake, Overnight Black Horse River Tibetan style hotel to see the sky stars

Qinghai Lake

D2: Black Horse River - Chaka Salt Lake - Golmud (sink)

550 kilometers journey today.
Morning and Chaoyang to a perfect date, open the door, you will find the clouds on the horizon has emerged. Qinghai Lake before sunrise, quiet, beautiful, serene, the sky fire cloud, half blue sky, the lake is not calm, everything is totally natural.
In the Qinghai Lake, watch the "Sunrise River red wins the fire, the Spring River green, such as blue," the beauty of
eating breakfast, crossed the rubber hill, came to China's Bolivia - Chaka Salt Lake, the sky white clouds long distance Cangshan Zheng Rong, blue sky and white clouds, snow-capped mountains into the lake, picturesque. Surrounded by grass, herds like pearls spilled. Wander the lake, like the sky of the sky.
From the tea Lake Salt Lake to Golmud all the way to enjoy the desert Gobi desert style, there are wild black goji, or to pick it up to taste the speculation as "soft gold" Black Wolf?
Overnight Golmud town, walk to find local cuisine

Tickets: Tea card Salt Lake tickets 70 yuan / person, 51 before going to the tea card Salt Lake Mohe salt can be entered from the ticket 50 yuan a car
Aspect today: the concept of sunrise Qinghai Lake, and the Chaoyang of the plateau to a perfect date , Sky card Chaka Lake chase their own reflection, if the luck is good, you can see the illusion of a mirage.

Tea card Salt Lake real reflection

D3: Golmud - Kunlun Pass - Crossing Hoh Xil - Qumalai

Itinerary today about 480 km.
After breakfast, starting from Golmud, visit Kunlun Mountain world-class National Geological Park, and then crossed the Wushan ancestors Kunshan Mountain, Kunlun Mountains feel the majestic atmosphere, standing in the Kunlun Mountains can be far misty clouds of jade Everest, all the way through the national Nature reserve - Hoh Xil.
Hoh Xil also known as the "life of the restricted area", with the plateau elves Tibetan antelope, wild donkey at close range. Crossing the source of the Yangtze River and overnight accommodation in the first county where the source of the Yellow River is located - Qumalai County and Qumalai County are located in the jurisdiction of the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province and belong to the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The area is sparsely populated with a population of 98% The above is Tibetan.

Tickets: No tickets for today's trip.
Today's Aspect: Preview Kunlun Mountain world-class geoparks, over the Kunlun Mountains, feel the majestic Wanshan ancestral magnificence, far-sighted Jade Everest; lifetime to complete their own life through the restricted area, and the Highland Tibetan antelope near the The same frame.

Restricted area of ​​life - Hoh Xil

D4: Qu Ma Lai - Longbao Lake - New Village Mani - Princess Wencheng Temple - Yushu

300 kilometers journey today.
After breakfast starting from Qumalai County, Longbao Lake, Longbao Lake National Nature Reserve by the world's bird experts hailed as "hometown of black-necked cranes," 3 to 4 months a year, black-necked cranes, bar-headed geese , Brown headed gull, wild goose, red duck and more than ten kinds of migratory birds flying from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau here interest, nesting, spawning, breeding offspring. The unique geographical environment of Longbao Beach National Nature Reserve has rare and exotic animals and valuable medicinal materials of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Xintiandi
Mani City is the largest Mani Dui in the world. After about 200 years, "Has formed a height of 1.5 meters Well stone wall surrounded by a larger than the size of a football field it Stone City, the city towering tower of red majesty, solemn and sacred. It is said that there are 2.5 billion stones here, becoming the representative of Tibetan religious culture. Also known as the Stone Library.
Princess Wencheng is a place where Princess Wencheng spent most of his time in Tibet. After the Tang Dynasty Tibetans built a memorial for Princess Wencheng, this temple is a symbol of solidarity between the two ethnic groups in Han and Tibet. It is a Buddhist temple where worshipers pay homage to incense , Enduring.
Jin Wencheng Princess Temple Yamaguchi hung a huge color prayer flags, wind streamers move, spectacular scenes, stirring.
Overnight in Yushu City, Yushu because of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in 2010 and into people's attention. After seven years of reconstruction, now Yushu has rejuvenated, Yushu has a wealth of tourism resources, geographically and in Tibet are very similar.

Tickets: Princess Wencheng Temple: 20 yuan / person
Aspect today: Longbao Beach National Nature Reserve concept of graceful black-necked cranes, the new village of Ghana Mani visit the stone library, feel the power of faith, Princess Wen Temple crossing Time and space to find the old track of the princess.

Yushu city under the night

D5: Yushu - Tongtianhe - Three Rivers - Manigang - Ganzi (sink)

About 460 kilometers journey today.
Starting from the Yushu state through the Milky Way and the source of the Three Rivers, Tong Tianhe is a steep and spectacular scenery. Since ancient times, Xining has been connecting Yushu and Qinghai to Tibet. It is also a major moat in the upper reaches of the Tongtianhe River. Tongtianhe is the "Journey to the West" in the Buddhist monks and mentors learn through a big river, which is one of Tang monk mentoring eighty-one.
Yushu is the source of Three Rivers, that is, the birthplace of the Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lancang River. 25% of the Yangtze River, 49% of the Yellow River, Lancang 15% of the water comes from this area, known as "China Water Tower."
Arrived at noon, Manila, a mysterious and poignant western town, from ancient to now is a post, a street, a few rows of Tibetan bungalows. Lunch and rest in the town, pedestrians in the town are typical of the Kham, the first red string rope, wearing a long body wearing a knife. There is more riding a horse to the herdsman town, like the plot in many western movies.
Overnight in Ganzi County, Ganzi County is located in the northern part of Ganzi Prefecture, "Ganzi" for the temple name, meaning white and beautiful place.

 Tickets: Today's trip without tickets costs
Today's Aspect: Today will be out of the province of Qinghai Province to Sichuan Province, first in the sky through the river to find the monk Sun Taiwan, and then look for the source of China Water Tower in the Three Rivers arrived at noon waiting photographers, all Raiders In the town written by Mani Gunge, lunch break in town, overnight stay in Ganzi County.

Manitouge town

D6: Ganzi County - Seda Rong College - Seda

Itinerary today about 200 kilometers.
Early morning accompanied by the early morning mist of the western Sichuan Plateau, enjoy breakfast in Ganzi County, after all the way accompanied by Western Sichuan scenery to Seda Rong Rong College, the holy and mysterious Seda, built by the mountain red monk, Datura flower put on the ground overlooking the heart of the sea of ​​hearts. Perhaps you are not Buddhist believers, but come here just walk away, it is enough for a thousand years. Nowadays, in order to ensure the personal safety of the local monks, they are being demolished and reduced so as to reduce the density of houses. Therefore, we may not see such scenes in the future. It is better to remodel before using his eyes to record his appearance.
Night Seda County, County origin, the textual research, mainly due to the early years have been found in the pond of a horse-shaped gold named, it is "Golden Horse," said.

Tickets: Today's trip without tickets costs
Aspect today: SITA Tathagata Rongrong Institute view of the sky house, listen to the Buddha legendary Miles, see Buddha incense, insight into the power of faith, it is learned, Seda Rongrong Institute for the safety of monks The local monks will be repatriated during the demolition, reconstruction and reconstruction. Therefore, it is not true that the Siddhartala Buddhist Institute, which was later seen, is a Buddhist institute. Therefore, it is better to look at the original appearance of a Buddhist institute before it is reconstructed.

D7: Seda County - Seda Celestial Day - Buddha Institute (night shot) - Seda

Today's journey of 70 km, because of 
this trip, Seda will be two days, all the way to the boat may bring a few Laughton, today can come to a perfect natural wake up, throw away the tiredness of the journey, after eating lunch, Go to Tathagata celestial cemetery, Tathagata celestial cemetery every day at three o'clock in the afternoon a burial ceremony, witnessed a celestial burial distance between life and death.
Celestial cemetery was built on the relatively flat terrain of the Mid-Levels gentle slope, next to a small white tower, surrounded by a fence with iron fence as big as a flat basketball court, it is where the celestial burial.
The core of celestial burial is the eternal immortality and reincarnation. The death is the separation of an immortal soul and an old body. It is a different transformation of the heterogenous space. The Tibetans advocate celestial burial, which is regarded as the most honorable The bodhisattva, embodies the Mahayana Buddhism the highest realm - sacrifice.
Quiet night instead of the noise of the day, Seda Rongrong College ushered in Chan Chau Xinghe moment, achievements of the Buddhist Institute another shocking moment.

 Tickets: No tickets for
today 's trip Costs Aspect today: The sky cemetery feel the distance between life and death, sentiment belief, sentiment of the true meaning of life; view of the color Dalai Rong Buddhist Institute, around in the Buddha sound around a star in the world .

Night under the Sada Rong Wing Buddhist Institute

D8: Seda - Malcolm - Jinchuan (March and April can see the pear) (places)

360 kilometers journey today.
The morning set off from Seda County, Onda to Malcolm, all the way to enjoy the natural scenery on both sides of the road, and finally to Jinchuan, said the world's most beautiful April day, perhaps only really read Jinchuan spring really understand, Pear blossom "really mean. Pear pear muffled acres, a distant view of the sea of ​​clouds, near the ice sculptures jade bone, rich floral.
Choose a blue sky and white clouds, the weather is sunny day, boarded the height, see the mountains, see clouds, see flowers, look here life.

Tickets: No tickets for
today 's trip costs Aspect today: To enjoy the natural scenery in western Sichuan, look Jinchuan pear open Manshan, looking for memories in the memory of the past who is a gentleman, the time is gentle and gentle, ease the spring breeze.

Jinchuan diffuse mountain pear

D9: Jinchuan - Beauty Valley - Danba Tibetan Walled - Siguniangshan town (sink)

Today, about 280 km journey
after breakfast from Jinchuan, the snow-capped mountains, grasslands, Zi, hot springs, rivers, Tibetan villages, towers, monastery and other natural and cultural landscape rich variety of Danba beautiful valley seeking beauty footprint;
and then to Danba Tibet Walled in April, Danba blossoming flowers, mountains and green flowers, nature and the color of Tibetan integration, and occasionally several strains of the same bright peach blossom, dotted the entire village. Pear tree under a tea, comfortable as a fairy. Danba Tibetan Village is also known as the most beautiful country in China. In the
afternoon, it drives to Siguniangshan Siguniang Mountain, which is located in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and consists of four long peaks covered by snow and ice. As the first drapery, handsome four young girls.
Day long town of Zang Longzhai, experience Tibetan style.

Tickets: Siguniangshan 120 yuan / person
Aspect today: China's most beautiful village Danba Tibetan walnut tree under a tea, and listen to Yin; Siguniangshan look at the most beautiful Xuefeng, heaven and earth to wear.

D10: Siguniangshan Town - Wolong Nature Reserve - Yingxiu Earthquake Site - Chengdu

About 210km today
, it departs from Siguniang Mountain Town to Wolong Nature Reserve. Wolong Nature Reserve is also known as "the hometown of Panda." It is the largest natural reserve in Sichuan Province with complex natural conditions and rare animals and plants. , Here to see the pudgy Meng state giant pandas.
Arrived at noon, the Yingxiu earthquake site, May 12, 2008, where the experience of a catastrophe, after the earthquake, many scholars have proposed the establishment of a museum on the site of the earthquake, the purpose is to dig out a higher humane value, so come Visitors really get a soul shock and baptism, and finally the end of the trip in Chengdu, open the gluttonous trip to eat it! Chengdu cuisine, the beauty of Chengdu, Chengdu, the rain will give the journey to add the last touch of gentle bright colors, a happy trip!

Tickets: Wolong Nature Reserve tickets 80 yuan / person, Yingxiu Address site 10 yuan / person
Aspect today: Wolong Nature Reserve to see the clumsy state of the pondering adorable treasure; Yingxiu earthquake site was a disaster and the survival of the baptism of the spiritual baptism; Chengdu Looking for food on the tongue (after the end of Chengdu, if guests want to return to Xining, the driver can be brought back to Xining for free)

Earthquake site

If this line can not impress you, what are the following?


Such a 10-day trip, from Qinghai to Sichuan, chased down in the Chaka Salt Lake, crossed the Kunlun Pass, walked through Hoh Xil, looked at Manchuria Red House in Seda, felt the power and piety of faith, and realized the distance between life and death, Earthquake site was a life rebirth, this journey is not only travel, is the heart of travel, is a real practice.

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