From Kangding to Seda, give yourself a journey of precipitation

Always urban life hustle and bustle, living in the city for a long time the whole person is impetuous, always looking forward to find a place away from the hustle and bustle of the body and heart can calm down. In the southwest of China, there is still a quiet peace that has not been broken by too many people.

First, Kangding - Happy yo yo mountain and clouds

That year, a "Kangding Love Song" so that all people have heard of Kangding mountains and clouds incomparable longing for. In fact, Kangding is not only a yo-yo horse and yo-yo cloud, but also perennial tranquil temples and devout Tibetans.
In Kangding will do a few things: ascension Masan, visit the museum of non-heritage in Ganzi, tour South no Temple, see the tower of the temple, taste local snacks.

1. Happy Mountain area

Will go to the reason: Happy Valley is the most famous Kangding one of the most lively attractions. "Kangding love song" is sung in the Happy Valley. Happy Hill, also known as colored Haizishan, Tibetan called "Ram," meaning "Fairy Hill." Here spring, summer, autumn and winter can come. However, if the lunar calendar in April comes more than you can see the scenery, you can also participate in the Lunar New Year in the first eight lunar month Buddha Buddha day. On April 8, the local people will go to Mount Happy Valley to worship incense and worship Buddha, turn mountain and worship God, perform Tibetan operas, jump in pots and dances, and race for archery.

Ganzi Museum of non-heritage is also Happy Valley Mountain scenic area. There are Tibetan costumes, stone carvings, cattle and cashmere knitwear, car models, Thangka, Tibetan medicine and many Tibetan exhibits of historical and cultural heritage. Is the most intuitive place to feel the Tibetan history, Tibetan culture and the development and changes in the lifestyle of Tibetan people.
Transportation: Happy Valley is located in the southern Kangding City, you can chartered, by car or take the bus to the Happy Valley. Driving route for the Shanghai Nie line - the new front street - Huan Shan Road, along the South Ring Road about 1.3 km will be able to reach Happy Valley area. Take the bus, then take 1 or 2 to get off at the Princess Bridge Station, opposite the station is Happy Valley Scenic. The Museum of Non-Heritage Ganzi Museum is located at the foot of the cable car station.
Recommended tour time: a day or so.

2. South no Temple - here to see Tibetans turn mountain kowtow kneeling prayer

Will go to the reason: South no Temple for Gelupa Temple, Kangding is one of the ten Kingdoms. It is also the place to go to the mountains when it is turned to the mountain on April 8. Other than the April 8 rotation, there will be prayers at other times of the year, such as the Dharma Remembrance Association, the Vajrayana and Winter Decisions. The back of the temple can also see a lot of released animals. Since this is a journey of sedimentation, it is also necessary to observe and experience the significance of Buddhism in Tibet to Tibetans in addition to seeing the scenery. Only by seeing the believers walking for thousands of miles to the Buddha in their own mind, turning their heads and kneeling and praying, will we understand the significance of the faith to the Tibetan believers.
Means of transportation: Nanwu Temple is also located in Kangding south, take the bus No. 1 get off at Namwonsa Station. Self-driving route for the Shanghai Nie line - the new front street - Central Shan Road - South Horse Temple - South Temple Village. Chartered the same convenience.
Recommended tour time: one to two hours.

3. Tower public scenic area - and Seda County, Sapporo Temple Five Ming Fuli Institute of the famous "Jokhang Temple"

Will go to the reason: There are many scenic spots in the scenic area, many mountains, rivers, temples and Tibetan houses located in the scenic area, the summer and autumn to the beautiful scenery. Center scenic lhakang is a Sakya monastery in Ganzi with Seda La Wing Temple Five Ming Buddhist Institute as important as the big temple. There is also a statue of Sakyamuni in the temple that is the same as that of the Jokhang Temple. Therefore, the temple of the Tatung is also called the "Little Jokhang Temple." Every year, the first lunar month of Tibetan calendar, April, June and December will be held with the rule of law. In addition, Tibetan Buddhism will be held in the second half of June and will also dance activities. Tibetan mid-July to early August will also have a grassland on the pavement activities.
Transportation: Tower public area 110 kilometers away from Kangding City, a long distance, there is no direct bus, suggested chartered, carpool or by car. Drive along the Sichuan-Tibet Road over the mountainous pass over the Xinduqiao can drive north.
Recommended tour time: one to two hours.

Kangding food: Kangding is a combination of Tibetan culture and the Han culture. Kangding local diet combines the characteristics of Tibetan and Han nationality. In Kangding food alley in the aftertaste snack bar can taste local snacks. In the east along the river there is also a famous brand name Wangjialuan shop monopoly yak meat, there are vacuum packaging of beef in the store for sale. Kangding County West Street there is a Xiaolan jelly monopoly Kangding local most famous jelly, is also worth a taste.
Kangding accommodation: Kangding as a tourist city has many places to stay. However, according to the location of the scenic area recommended to live near the bus station.

Second, Daofu

Although Daofu is not as big as Kangding, it is also one of the places where many people who visit Sichuan-Tibet line will go through.

Huiyuan Temple

Must go to the ground: Huiyuan Temple far-reaching impact in Tibet, because the Seventh Dalai Lama Ge Sang Gyatso had refuge in Huiyuan Temple. Then the eleventh Dalai Lama Kaizu Gyatso was born in Huiyuan Temple. It is of great significance to Tibetan Buddhism. Huiyuan Temple has a collection of a variety of valuable cultural relics, each year for a variety of sacrificial activities through the 245 days, the large law will have the first lunar month "Mulangchin Bu" in June "Asian" and November " Ann but ". During the Fa-san, worshipers from all over came to worship, sutras and lively.
Transportation: Huiyuan Temple is located in Dadu County, the town of Bamei, public transport is not well developed. Can chartered, carpool or by car. By car along the 303 provincial highway (S303) Bati to Danba direction eight kilometers can arrive.
Recommended tour time: one to two hours

Daofu diet: in the long-distance optical cable branch in Bamei town of Southeast China has a man named Manor Hotel Sichuan Museum can try. Or you can go to taste the taste of Sichuan Qionglai noodle soup.
Daofu accommodation: in the town of Bamei according to their preferences to choose a place to live.

Third, furnace Huo

Luhuo County is the old revolutionary base area, but also the ancient Tea Horse Road must pass through the city.

Casa Lake Scenic Area - Large perch waterfowl and flocks of cattle and sheep

Will go to the rationale: Here is the largest waterfowl habitat of Northwest Sichuan Road, but also the mother lake. There is a dedicated observatory along the road for tourists to take pictures. Here you can see the large perch of waterfowl, pasturing herdsmen and flocks of cattle and sheep. Lake scenery excellent. In addition, the Casa Lake scenic area there are monks Kaixin Gu hospital and Casa Shan Temple. One of the Kashan Temple can visit. Visitors can go in and see the monk's living environment.
Transportation: Casa Lake is located 70 kilometers west of Huo Hu County. Can chartered, carpool. If you take public transport there will be cross-Lake Pasa crossing the shuttle bus, but to be optimistic about the departure time. By car along the National Road 317 Danba to Dege direction.
Recommended tour time: about half a day.

furnace Huo diet: Luhuo County, there are many places to eat, you can find a local restaurant or eat in the hotel where you live.
Furnace Huo accommodation: It is recommended to live in the west of Luhuo County, this area will be closer to some.

Fourth, Seda - the final stop of the sedimentary journey

Seda is one of the hottest places in the Sichuan-Tibet line in recent years. One of the most important reasons is that there is the Suda Lama Wu Ming Buddhist College, the largest Buddhist college in the world, and the celestial cemetery open to the public, Seda - Celestial day.
In the Tathagata do a few things: the altar city, listen to the Buddhist scriptures at the Buddhist Institute, see the day burial, turn the pagoda, vegetarian vegetarian.

1. Year Dragon Temple - prayer around the pagoda, sincerely wish

Will go to the reason: Professor of Law in the Dragon Temple to practice the style, every year a lot of destined disciples rushed to the Year of the Dragon Temple. Dragon Temple is located in the Sedo steppe, surrounded by beautiful and peaceful environment. In addition to the temple in Tibet can understand the purity of detached Buddha Temple can also sincerely prayer around the pagoda wish.
Traffic: Long Temple is located in Long County, Seda County. The entire Seda tourist transport is chartered, carpool or by car. By car, then follow the County Road 404 north to reach.
Recommended tour time: about half a day.

2. Deng Deng Qu Deng Pagoda - Turret blessing, beautiful sunset shot

Will go to the ground: Dunden Quinton Stupa means "down devil tower." Is the largest pagoda in the area, which contains various precious Tibetan scriptures, Buddhism books, statues, etc., bless the people in Tibet safe and happy, well-fed. You can see the sunrise here in the morning, or watch the sunset near the pagoda in the evening (open from 7:00 to 5:00). No matter take pictures, look at the scenery or turn pagoda prayer is a good choice.
How to get there: Take a 1.5 km southeast walk from Seda County along the Golden Horse Avenue.
Recommended tour time: two to three hours.

3. Dongga Temple

Will go to the reason: East Temple is a red temple, was founded in 1688 AD. Zhang Jingwu met here in 1951 with the 14th Dalai Lama. Every year in the temple, large and small Fa conferences will be held. During the Tibetan calendar, from the first to tenth lunches of March, the Lord praised the Buddhist activities such as monk chanting, Tibetan opera and hopping dance during the Dafa. Have time to watch and experience.
Transportation: Dongga Temple in Seda County, six kilometers northwest, there is no direct shuttle. Need chartered, by car or on foot. By car or walk as long as 039 County Road six kilometers west will be able to arrive.
Recommended tour time: three hours

4. Seda Lirong Wu Ming Buddhism Institute - the red house across the valley

Reasons to go: The Lalin Wu Ming Buddhist College is one of the largest Buddhist institutes in the world. Small red houses scattered throughout the valleys are home to monks, and monks are built by their own strength little by little, standing on the top of a mountain looking spectacular. At LWL, Wu Ming Buddhism Institute can intuitively feel the influence of a religion on its followers, and all those devout faces demonstrate the power of religion.
After reaching the top of the mountain, you can see the believers knocking heads and turning into altars in addition to taking photos and watching the scenery. You can even join them and turn to the altarpiece with them in order to eliminate their sins and make blessings.
Traffic: Buddha College in Seduo County, Luo Ruoxiang, about 20 kilometers from the county. Long-distance cars are generally only to Seda County, need chartered to. By car along the Golden Horse Road East to Buddha Faculty can be reached.
Recommended tour time: one day

5. Tianzanyitai - feel the Tibetan people's unique understanding of life

Will go to the reason: Celestial burial is a unique funeral custom of Tibetans, for the outside world is a very mysterious existence. At present, most celestial burial mound is not open to the outside world is not allowed outsiders to visit, and the Celestial Cemetery can be. Here you can intuitively feel the Tibetan people's unique understanding of life.
Means of transportation: Celestial cemetery 7 days southeast of Seda County, between the Buddhist College and Seda County, to the cemetery can choose to walk 5 km, you can also chartered to go. As you drive, you will see a fork that leads to Seda and Buddhism College respectively. You can reach Tianzhu District by going two kilometers to the junction of Seda.
Recommended tour time: about an hour.

Seda diet: Seda Buddha Institute every day at noon cloth fast, have the edge to catch up to eat. Can not catch up in the Buddhist Institute dining room, the food in the Buddhist Institute are vegetarian.
Seda accommodation: Seda is also a famous tourist city, there are many guest houses and hotels in the county to choose from. Buddha Institute also has hotels and accommodation. During the Fa-rectification period, the Buddhist Academy also arranges for the bhakta to offer accommodation to people who have no place to stay.

Five, plateau, Tibetan areas need to pay attention to what?

1. The whole journey is at a high altitude. People will have a plateau reaction, and the whole mountain is full. If you do not have drivers who are skilled in driving and can adapt to altitude sickness, you are not advised to go by car.
2. The temperature difference between morning and evening in the plateau area is relatively large, so no matter what the season, we must bring warm clothes. Summer to bring a full set of anti-UV sunscreen equipment, it is best to bring waterproof shoes and rain gear. Winter to bring the best fleece underwear, Jackets and down jackets. In addition it is best to bring a few warm baby spare.
3. Garze local there is no tour guide, need someone to explain the words can find a Chinese-speaking driver to explain the local customs and so on.
3. All Buddhist temples are not allowed to bring meat into it.
4. Buddhist institutes in the temple, monks and celestial cemetery funeral ceremony of the process is not free to take pictures.
5. Divination of men and women in Buddhist institutes, the opposite sex is not allowed to enter each other's accommodation. Be careful not to mistake.
6. If you take pictures at the Buddhist Academy at night mountain, remember to bring a good flashlight safety attention.
Celestial cemetery opening hours for the afternoon 1:00 to 4:00, cemetery ceremony specific starting time is not fixed.
8. By car to the celestial burial ground need to go ahead of schedule, otherwise there will be no parking lot location.

The whole trip about seven days, because it is a journey of precipitation so all the way to experience Tibetan Buddhism, in fact, there are some beautiful scenery in the area where this Raiders are not mentioned. For example, the picturesque Jiuzhaigou, Tibetan fairy tale world Danba, Panda Wolong and so on. And starting early spring season, you can also go to Wolong and Jinchuan to see the mountains and azaleas and pear. In short, no matter what time the scenery here departure will not disappoint.

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