Sedate past and present, irrelevant religion is only faith

The red kings, the blue sky; penance of the monks, honest Tibetans; there are the legend of the Golden Horse, but also the living God of the snow-covered tribes of God; grasslands, lakes and mountains, plateau, celestial burial and vulture; here also Has been sung by generations Gesar King. If you want to glance over the beauty of the western Sichuan Plateau beauty, then you should come to Seda, this will be an absolute cure journey.
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Where is the color?

Seda is located in the northeast of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province and bordered by Dari and Banma in Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province. It is a pure animal husbandry county dominated by Tibetans. About 650 km from Chengdu. Before 2002, the highway was not smooth, so the original state of life has remained here. Currently, it is only accessible by road to Seda, and there are no airports and railways.

In this magical land, the legendary bamboo mountain, 4961 meters above sea level, stands towering in the ponds prairie; colorful colored sea, like a dazzling pearl; color song, mud song, Du Qu, up to Qu 4 Crossing the river and passing through the river meandering meandering crisscross; Wanru Ming mirror Haizi lakes dotted. The temples of different styles and the prayer flags at the crossroads of the cliffs render the mysterious Tibetan Buddhist culture of the Buddha. The picturesque natural and humanistic picture of the plateau is depicted here. When you set foot on this holy land , Like a real return to nature, into a magical world.  

Seda best travel time

Seda long summer without color, taking into account the temperature and traffic conditions, May-October is the best season to Seda tourism , after November snow, but the winter roads are snow-capped, inconvenient traffic. Thousands of people gather in Seda during January, April, June and September each year. Tensions and tickets are very tight. If you are traveling in this segment, you must book your ticket and place of stay in advance.  

What to play mainly to Seda?

Visit the largest Buddhist college in the world

Wu Ming Buddhism Institute is the largest Buddhist institute in the world. It is not necessary for you to spend a day with the monks in your daily life and to listen to a Buddhist scripture course. It seems that every monk practicing in the body contains a kind of soft power that can transform the violent temperament of the outside world into an invisible form so that the exhausted traveler's irritable mood can be returned to ease and indifference. When you see young schoolchildren hopping together in the dusk of the back of the hill, when you are reminded by the back of a corner of the clothes dust, when you see them enjoy the pictures in your camera happy smile when you are The girl who passed by in a daze against a flower praised it for beauty with you ... You sigh, there are really some people who live in such a pure way in such a pure way that you are then Pure light slowly infected, no longer withdrawn and manic, no longer sad and care about. Only in places such as Seda, you will personally experience the emotional proximity between people.

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Turn the mountain water transfer to the pagoda

No matter where you are in Seda, as long as you look up, you will always see the pagodas everywhere. There is also the Tibetan pagoda, the highest Tibetan Buddhist pagoda in the Tibetan region, called the Demon Tower . The tower was built in the Tibetan Iron Year of the Pig (1913), for the town demon evil, disaster relief, Purdue beings, peace and prosperity of the prophecies and presided over the construction. Turn ah, turn out a continuous Dharma, linger in the altitude of 4 kilometers above the sky, lit the faith.

The Dunden Quinton Stuff by image courtesy of The Internet

Listen to a class with the lama and Juemu

Come to the world's largest Buddhist institute, naturally, a Dharma class. Generally speaking, the Buddhist college courses are all prepared for the monks, but many courses are open-ended and tourists can listen to them. Beside the mandalas and in many parts of the Buddhist institutes there is a list of courses that can be arranged according to the schedule. The Tibetan and Han nationalities in the college are separated from each other. The Han Chinese Academy's classics hall to the right of Longquan Water usually begins at 19:30. Male and female monks in public use separate cloth to sit separately from the left and right entrance to enter, but do not go wrong Oh. If you want to listen to Tibetan courses passing through the temple, you can also walk in all directions and the monks will not stop them. However, you must observe the order peacefully.  

Listen to a lesson with the lama and the psychic

Feel the funeral, the most solemn reincarnation ceremony

Celestial cemetery is one of the few cemetery open for people to watch the day, many Tibetans are in the vicinity of the celestial burial here. This is a very serious ceremony, ancient and mysterious. It is a road to heaven that is worshiped by Tibetan people.
The vultures, previously only seen on television, are very much here, usually with a wingspan of up to 1.5 meters, a big surprise. In addition to the body of the burial, they do not eat other animals, here is regarded as a condor.
You can feel the breath of death at a distance of several hundred meters from the celestial burial ground. If you watch the whole process, you will reevaluate the meaning of life, be rich and powerful, or be poor and have a low opinion. Visitors must maintain respect for the dead, do not undermine customs.

Vulture on the Cemetery by day. Images from the internet

Horse riding in the wild horse steppe

Golden Horse grassland , is the most famous natural pasture Ganzi Tibetan areas. Legend has it that in this rich and beautiful prairie, people once discovered horseshoe-shaped gold, and later people named it "Golden Horse" for blessing. The Tibetan language is Seda. It is also said that it was a horse left behind by King Gesar, so Seda must ride a prairie horse grassland.

Golden Horse Grassland by picture from the network

Hanging colorful prayer flags

Hanging prayer flags are a religious custom that has been circulating in Tibetan areas for thousands of years and has the virtues of self-cultivation and benefiting all sentient beings. It is called prayer flags because the prayer flags are printed on top of these prayer flags. In the eyes of those who believe in Tibetan Buddhism, each time the prayer flags are blown by the wind, they read the verses above. The gods and all the gods protect all the people who make and fly the prayer flags. Where there are prayer flags, there are good and auspicious things.  

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Turn the altar city - Shifang Buddhas and Buddhas clean place

At the highest peak of the Buddhist College, there is a magnificent building called the Mandala . The upper part of the temple is the place where the temple is rotated. It is said that if you have any disease, it will be good to turn a hundred laps here. Every day there is a lot of people come to this devout prayer. One, two, three, a lifetime do not know how many repetitions of this action! One hundred thousand times only for a return! The night is deep, there are still people around the mandala. This is their pursuit of life, this is their dream!  

Mandala By Pictures from the Internet

Worship Tatsu Dongga Temple

Donggar, in the Tibetan language is the meaning of white conch, Donggar Temple hence its name. Donggar Temple is one of the famous monasteries of the Tibetan Buddhism Ningma white jade inheritance, is the first of the thirteen temples in ancient and modern Serta, is the largest and most influential Gelupa Temple in the East Asia, The temple of great significance. Temple there is the late Qing Dynasty artifacts Sun Buddha Thangka. Temple mural carving art has a unique ornamental value.

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Access to Seda (public transport, car, charter)

Seda traffic is very inconvenient, only by car or chartered by car. Foreign tourists generally need to first arrive in Chengdu, and then take the shuttle to. If you can not buy the shuttle can also be asked in Wuhou Temple to Seda chartered there more Tibetan people, usually 200-300 yuan / person. If all the way smoothly, from Chengdu to Seda also need a full day, if the weather is not good, or traffic jams then need to Malcolm or Kangding stop for a night, the next day to reach Seda.
If you want to fly, the nearest airport is Kangding Airport, either directly from the airport chartered (hard to find the car willing to go, will be expensive, no one carpool), or Kangding sit the next day shuttle to Seda , This way also need 2 days, the cost is high, not recommended.

Public transit

1, Chengdu -
Seda Chengdu Chadian long-distance stations have direct access to Seda bus. Tickets through the Sichuan car passenger ticketing network can be booked three days in advance on the day of travel. Shuttle that day to Seda, the end of Seda County. Senda Wu Ming Buddhist Institute not far from Seda County, the two about 20km distance, Chengdu or Malcolm to Seda shuttle will pass the intersection of Buddhist college, tell the driver in advance to get off, so do not have to go to the county seat After the turn back. From the county there are many cars bound for the Buddhist Institute, usually 7 yuan / person.
2, Chengdu - Kangding - Seda on the
first day arrived from Chengdu New South Gate bus station arrived Kangding, night stay in the local one night; the
second day arrived by car through the furnace Seda.
Chengdu New South Gate to Kangding car an hour by car, fare 139 yuan.
Kangding Seda shuttle only in the morning a class, starting at 6:00 in the morning, the fare 131 yuan. One day in advance through Sichuan passenger ticket network to buy tickets.
3, Chengdu - Malcolm - Seda
Chengdu chadianzi Station to Malcolm trips (day 6: 30,7: 30,8: 30,10: 00,12: 305 class, 131 yuan, about 7 hours), night Live Malcolm. On the second day early in the morning to take Markar to Seda shuttle (6:30 departure, 98 yuan, about 7 hours).
Malcolm has 2 quite far from the bus terminal. The shuttle bus to Seda departs from Sanjiazhai Coach Terminal, while the bus terminal to Malcolm in Chengdu is Malcolm Coach Terminal. Locals call them a bus stop and a bus stop, taking care not to go wrong. Fortunately, the two terminals have been networked, although the bus stops may be different, but both sides can buy the same class of votes.

1, above Chengdu - Seda, Chengdu - Malcolm, Chengdu - Kangding, Kangding - Seda tickets are available through the Sichuan car ticketing network, Sichuan car passenger ticket booking.
2, Buddhist Institute to the celestial burial chartered 60 yuan / car, Seda celadon chartered about 80 yuan / car, Seda County to Buddha College carpool 7-10 yuan / person.
3, bus riders mixed, not stop along the way, for tourists to travel very not free.

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By car

Self-driving Seda is a very good choice, many tourists hope that by self-drive to the Buddha Seda, along the way you can also enjoy the magnificent scenery of the western Sichuan Plateau, but the western Sichuan mountain road insurance, driving a car dangerous, the route is more complicated, not familiar Traffic or driving novice, do not recommend driving. And the local high altitude, easy to drive fatigue. If not fully prepared, then please do not rush to go. Malcolm to Seda section of the car condition is not very good, close to Seda road worse, driving a friend suggested SUV to go.
Onda to Seda 80 km or so is also a road repair, concurrent traffic control, but now some time is unilateral traffic, poor road conditions, travel about 9 hours.
The specific self-driving lines are as follows:
1. Chengdu (high speed, 60km) - Yingxiu (G317, 260km) - Malcolm (G317,200km) - Onda Village (V18 County Road, 63km) College. 
The whole journey of 580km takes at least 12 hours when using it. Chengdu - Yingxiu's high speed is better to go. Under the high speed, it is possible to encounter traffic jams. The country road is not good and the number of cars is too much. Therefore, the speed will not be fast. Wenchuan - Malcolm better condition, the car is not much, the scenery is not bad you can enjoy it. Malcolm - Seda's poor road conditions, especially after the country road under the village of Onda, the road is very poor.
2. Chengdu (Chengya Expressway, 130km) - Ya'an (State Road 318, 194km) - Kangding (State Road 318, 75.8km) - Xinduqiao (215km, 213km) - Luhuo (State Road 317, 72km ) - Weng Dazhen (V18 County Road, 63km) - Seda Lirong Wuming Buddhist Institute.
The whole 742km, full drive at least 16 hours, Chengdu to Yaan is a high speed, very fast; out of Ya'an on the 318 National Road, Luding Road until the truck will be more, the road is relatively narrow, easy to traffic jam. The Kangding arrived in Xinduqiao, this section of the road are very good scenery, you can consider Kangding or Xinduqiao stay one night. Xinduqiao - furnace Huo is 215 provincial highway, will go through the tower grassland, poor road conditions, but all the way the scenery, you can walk while playing. Furnace to color of the road is not good, especially from the village road under the Weng Da after the road is very poor.  

Western Sichuan Plateau by picture from the network

Baotuan or ginseng

Chengdu round trip from Seda is generally 4 days, of which 2.5 days are hurry, only 1.5 days in the tour, you can take a bus in the new South Gate or Chadianzi Station, of course, specific departure times, departure time you need to Ticket office confirmed that the road is far away, it seems to be 16 hours, it is recommended in Chengdu reported that the local travel agencies to tell the truth, in the Tibetan plateau car ride if the whole ride would be very unreliable, at least a lot of time would be wasted, it is not recommended Free exercise, if you are crowded then chartered, if fewer people report to the group. Do not feel free to go to these places to save money than newspaper, on the contrary.  

Seda monk By Pictures from the Internet

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How about the road to Seda by car?

Up to now, the urban section of Wengda to Seda County has completed the construction of G548; G317 line furnace Huo Onda section only the old collapse of the bridge and the tunnel has not yet opened to traffic, G317 line Malcon to Onda section is still under construction, is expected Completion February 2017. In addition, Malcolm, Kangding direction Seda line have different degrees of traffic control, given the high degree of attention we all have on the Satta traffic conditions, we sort out the traffic conditions of the major lines of traffic instructions.

Chengdu by Malcolm to Seda

Red section needs special attention, [red section] State Road 317 line Guanyinqiao to Ganzi Yier Yatang junction (Guanyinqiao former Hongwei Forestry Bureau to Orta Ganzi community) Time: April 13, 2016 to October 30 days. The daily control is from 8:00 to 20:00. Traffic control closed during the implementation of the construction, once every 3 hours release, the rest of the normal passage. After last year's partial backfilling of the damaged roads, basically all the models can now pass smoothly. However, in the case of last resort we still do not recommend car by this section to Seda. Please allow time to consider the choice of Kangding or Aba bypass direction.    

Chengdu departure by Aba, long governance to Seda

This route is excellent throughout the road. Aba God seat along the village, Aba Prairie, the annual gem, Lake Dreux and other plateau meadow scenery is also very good scenery of the car line.
Need to remind everyone that please note that the red line shown in the figure, by the Bama County please follow this route. After reaching Bama County, go straight to the gas station at the entrance of the county along the main road; follow the signs of "Zhinin Township Government in Baima County" or set up "Chiwu Poor"; Long reach the color of the township; from "red my poor" straight to reach the year after the Longxiang Township to Saturn;

Chengdu departure by Kangding, furnace Huo to Tatsu

Into the rainy season, the national highway 318 Ya'an territory collapse debris flow frequent, it is recommended that the red line on the map shown: By asbestos detour. Furnace Huo Onda section of the old Folding Hill Bridge and the tunnel has not yet opened to traffic, need to travel a section of earth and stone pavement, suitable for all vehicular traffic, and the other provincial highway 215 line Kangding City, Tarong Town to Daofu County Road due to the implementation of traffic control , Control time: May 16, 2016 to October 31, 2016. Among them, from May 16 to June 15, the implementation of a half-width intermittent traffic control; June 16 to October 31, daily 08:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 18:00 for the whole closed During the traffic control period, passenger cars and small motor vehicles will be released from 12:00 to 13:00 and all motor vehicles will be released from 18:00 to 08:00 the next day.

Where else can you go besides Seda?

Day1: Chengdu - Wenchuan - Malcolm - Guanyinqiao Town places: Guanyinqiao
Day2: Guanyinqiao town - Seda Lirong Wu Ming Buddha College - Seda City: Seda County
Day3: Seda - Furnace Huo - Ganzi place: Ganzi
Day4: Ganzi - Litang - Daocheng places: Daocheng
Day5: Daocheng - Shangri-La Town - Yading Village Accommodation: Aden Village
Day6: Aden - Shangri-La City - Daocheng places: Daocheng
Day7 : Inagi - Litang - Yajiang - Xinduqiao - Kangding - Luding places: Luding
Day8: Luding - Ya'an - Chengdu

Color of travel notes

Seda tourism does not belong to the usual tourist routes, but rather heavy humane color. Here are different customs and habits, so please also with enough respect travel.
1, There are many religious buildings in Tibetan areas, such as temples, white pagodas, simmering mulberry mounds and the like, which can not be climbed or can not be turned counterclockwise (except some Bonded areas such as Danba and Kowloon).
2, prayer flags are also holy things, if prayer flags are dragged on the ground, Tibetan compatriots will also be lifted up from below.
3, most of the temple hall have tips for taking pictures, please comply.
4, on the mountain side, the river can see a lot of carved statues and scriptures, you can not step on top oh. Some small color stone please do not take away.
5, if it is to take portraits, please ask other people if permission. If the other party is not willing to take pictures, please respect the wishes of others.
6, the college is monks and nuns to learn and practice place, all monks and nuns vegetarian. There are restaurants in the Buddhist Academy which provide simple food but do not provide meat, onion and garlic seasoning. Many tourists have the habit of preparing their own meat or spices. Respect local customs and do not eat in public places. Monks in the temple chanting study, visitors do not enter, without consent, please do not arbitrarily in the temple or the monks, locals take pictures. In Buddhist institutes, there are special places for practicing Buddhism (nuns) and places for monks to retreat from. Outside the door are hung outsiders do not enter the brand, please curiosity, please do not rush into it! 
7, Wuming Buddhism Institute divided into three quarters, Lama, lay three residential areas, the district strict rules, especially men and women should not be mixed, no one should not enter the opposite sex area, otherwise it violated the college commandments. No smoking, drinking, gambling in Buddhist institutes!
8, Seda County Hospital has a county hospital, People's Hospital and a number of clinics. Wu Ming Buddhism Institute has a hospital for Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine, both of which are located next to the comprehensive building. There is also a Tibetan pharmacy on the side of the altar.
9, Tatsu celestial burial time: Tathagata cemetery celestial burial ceremony will be held daily, the ceremony time between 13: 00-15: 00.
Senda Wu Ming Buddhist Institute Khenpo Teaching hours: Seda La Rong Wu Ming Buddhist Institute Sodaji Khenpo will be held in the complex from time to time to teach, the course is Chinese, to Seda visitors can also participate in the curriculum total off. Course hours are generally 19: 00-21: 00. Due to the uncertain dates of the courses, we suggest that you ask more about the local monks. Most of the local Tibetan language, most monks do not speak Chinese, only the exchange of gestures, some people can speak simple Chinese. However, locals are very honest and honest, you can find more people to ask.
10, how to deal with high reaction: altitude sickness varies from person to person, it is difficult to predict. Each person's response manifests differently. It is recommended to enter the plateau, not overeating, so as not to aggravate the burden of digestive organs, do not drink and smoke, do not do strenuous exercise, in order to adapt more quickly to the environment. Eat more vegetables, fruits and other vitamin-rich substances, more water. Prevent cold caused by a cold. Plateau temperature difference is particularly large, it is easy to catch cold and cold, rather a little hot, can not be cold, wear more clothes. In the event of altitude sickness without panic, depending on the degree of response targeted treatment. If the reaction is low, can be taken to rest, drink plenty of water, less exercise, usually disappear or weakened after a period of time.


Some people love to mountaineering, perhaps not to conquer the pleasure, purely for that period of climbing process. Some people go to Seda, may not be devout religious beliefs, just to meet. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the top of the hill overlooking the full house covered by monks and nuns built a red house, the first moment of stunning, and then to that kind of serene atmosphere. Perhaps, to Seda reason is that.
Longda sky, licking ya belief, crimson coloring, pitch down, do not repair the afterlife, only for the audience.

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