See the last grand scene before the transformation of Seda Buddhist Academy

Seda has been demolished, is to reform, not to tear down, the future will no longer be the world's largest Buddhist institute. In order to leave no regrets, take advantage of the last time, we go to a Seda ~
manshan red top temple   seda wu ming buddhist institute

Se Tathagata College is facing demolition

Since April this year, Seda Buddhist College will carry out a wave of reconstruction. The dense red house will be demolished more than half, leaving only 6000 houses and 5,000 monks. The demolition of this time because the Buddhist Institute has always been a serious security risk, such as aging facilities and equipment, natural disasters, fire threats. After the re-planning will be completed fire exits, markets, restaurants, bathing, etc., but unfortunately the size of the magnificent Redwood Monastery will become smaller, the future of the color will be not the same as before.

Seda and Seda Wu Ming Buddhism Institute

Seda County is located in the northeast of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, at the junction of Sichuan and Qinghai. We usually say that the color is actually refers to the color of five Ming Buddhist College, located in Seda County, Luo Ruo town, about 20 km from Seda County.

Sedan what are the special landscape?

Regardless of religion, regardless of faith, Seda is a worthwhile place. With the hustle and bustle of the big city life is far away, we can look up the spectacular Red Mountain Temple Manshan, go to the altar pass enlightenment, and trumpeters on a "Buddhist" class, go to the cemetery to realize a life and death reincarnation, these are Is a valuable travel experience. 

10 million huts in the red ocean

Seda Wu Ming Buddhist Institute is the world's largest Buddhist institute, a few kilometers of valleys covered with dense huts. Here, everyone will be shocked by the red monk in front of you. Nowadays, the red house of the Buddhist College has been demolished, and the monks are gradually leaving. If one day no such large-scale magenta buildings can be seen again, do you not see any regret?

Devout believers


If the red house is Seda's shell, then the monks are the soul of Seda. The monks and youngsters who practice in Seda are both young and old, no matter in the seasons, whether it is the sunny rain or the snow, they have an obsession in their hearts, and all the weathers are turned into prayer beads twirling their fingertips. Whenever the Buddhist institute in the early morning is smoky, Tibetans also start to bow down and turn in the mandala. On the way to Seda, pilgrims walked along the way.

3. Cadaverne heaven cemetery Tian cemetery

Celestial bench with vultures

Many people come to Seda, will go to see the unique burial ceremony in Tibet. Before the celestial burial, the lamas chant the scriptures, transcendental souls to the heavens, and then sent the deceased to the celestial burial ground. The celestial burial division cut the body with a knife, provoking the vultures pecking and the scene was extremely shocking. Tibetan people think that people come from nature, and finally return to nature, life is a reincarnation.

01. Visitors to watch from the celestial burial ground there will be some distance, there will be a piece of cloth block celestial burial ground, only to see the process of celestial burial, so it will not be too horrible.
02. Pay attention to the corpse can not be taken during celestial burial, which is disrespect to the dead, but you can shoot vultures.
03. It is best to bring a mask, or smell the body's taste.
04. Seda Wu Ming Buddha Institute parking lot near the cemetery to the van, about 10 yuan / person back and forth.

How to get to Seda?

1. Shuttle: Chengdu New South Gate bus station has a direct shuttle to the Tatsu, you can log in Sichuan ticketing network for inquiry and purchase.
2. By car:
① Chengdu - Wenchuan - Markang - Onda - Seda, this is a recent route.
② Chengdu - Siguniangshan - Danba - Bamei - Daofu - furnace Huo - Onda - Seda
Chengdu - Ya'an - Kangding - Xinduqiao - Bamei - Daofu - furnace Huo - Onda - Seda
3. With the group or chartered (recommended): Chengdu to Seda distance farther, dark ice pavement, and are high altitude, the winter to Seda recommendations With the regiment or chartered car, the old driver by car, more safe and secure, can stop on the road to play.

color up the current train, plane.

Where to live in color?

Buddha Institute

Ramee hotel BY thinking sweet7yang

La Rong Hotel is the only one in Seda Wu Ming Buddhism Institute. It is close to the best sightseeing spots in the city and Seda.
Standard Room 200 / room, bed 30,40,50 / person. The room has electric blankets, sleep at night will not be cold.

01. La Rong hotel can not be scheduled in advance, only to the scene and then set. If it is too late to Seda County, it is recommended to live in the county, the next morning Ramee hotel stay.
02. Rong hotel 4000 meters above sea level, if you can not adapt to high altitude, it is recommended to live in the city of Yamashita.

Seda county

Lost from the nearest town of Los If there is no accommodation, only hotels, Seda County, there are many hotel inn, in addition to holidays are better than scheduled, it is recommended to select the county during the holidays to Seda. County lower elevation, sleep at night than the Buddhist Institute comfortable.

Classic Seda line route on the 4th

Chengdu to Seda car need a full daytime, so to Seda travel at least three or four days. Take the loop do not have to go back, and the most beautiful scenery in western Sichuan on the road.

D1: Chengdu - Wenchuan - Malcolm - Guanyin Bridge
From Chengdu to Guanyin Bridge, half-way through many Qiangzhai and Zang Zhai, you can go to visit the road to see a lot of pilgrimages to the Tibetan people, you can go to the Guanyin Bridge Visit Guanyin Temple.

Figure Guanyin Temple

D2: Guanyinqiao - Donggar Temple - Luo Ruo town - Celestial Taiwan - Seda Wudaoling Buddha
morning departure from the Guanyinqiao, starting too early, be careful when the dark ice on the road. Go straight to Dongga Temple, very quiet temple, few tourists, but also to see the Golden Horse grassland and Seda panoramic view. After lunch in Los town, go to the celestial burial ground to see the burials. Celestial burial time at about 1:30 pm, after reading the celestial burial directly to Seda Buddha Institute. Foreign car can not enter the Buddhist Institute above, get off at the parking lot to take the local bus, 3 yuan / person, about 5 minutes to reach the finish line.

Figure East Temple Temple

Senda Wu Ming Buddhism College - Weng Da - Danba afternoon from the Buddha Institute, by Weng Tat, Luhuo, Daowu, Bamei arrived Danba, the scenery along the way is very beautiful, after Danba to visit a Habitat possession of cottage.
D4: Danba - Siguniangshan - Yingxiu - Chengdu The
last day of Danba, Siguniangshan, crossed Balang Mountain back to Chengdu, along the way there are snow-capped mountains.

Buddha College shooting Tips

Buddha Academy panorama best shot location

Go to Seda, we must take some more pictures, because perhaps tomorrow, Seda is not the appearance of the past.
There are some practical tips to take a photo at the Buddhist College:
01. The best place to take a panoramic view of the Buddhist Academy is to go west on the east side of the altar to the east (Mandalay Guest House on the east side of the altar) Fence, go in from the fence, where you can see 80% of Buddhist institutes.
02. The best time to take a panoramic picture of a Buddhist college is at 4:00 PM and 8:00 AM. Afternoon sun shines on the red house and is very shocking. In the morning, you can photograph the smoke curl scene at the Buddhist Institute.
03. Classroom early lessons, evening classes, debate the time to say hello in advance, this time you can get a lot of monks scene.
04. Shooting need to pay attention to, some monks do not like to be photographed, and some temple hall also prohibits taking pictures tips.

Concluding remarks, you have not set off yet?

Seda does not belong to the usual tourist destination, this is a pilgrimage path, the conditions are more difficult. We must respect the local customs, the turn is clockwise.
Buddhist College Buddhist College is where practicing, so are vegetarian, please do not eat meat here. No smoking, drinking, gambling! In the hotel Rong hotel can eat.
The precepts of the Buddhist institute are very strict, and the monks and daughters of men and women are quite distinct from each other and may not enter the opposite sex area without authorization.
Buddhist Institute has Han scriptures, you can go to listen to class, but men and women should sit separately.
Finally, taking advantage of the time, backpack, we go to see the last Buddhist College is better?

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