In 2017, Sichuan Seda Dharma Assembly Raiders

People who want to go to Seda, how many hearts are a little reverence for the faith. Seda is a city with Buddhism. The grand ceremony was held four times a year in one year. The meritocracy of monks multiplies their merit. Although we are not believers, if we can see the holy sites of the Holy Land with our own eyes, we should not go to Sedah in vain.
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Through the vast snow-capped mountains, we pilgrimage all the way into the Buddhist holy sites Tathagata, visit the Tathagata, here to understand life and faith, to think of the soul and reincarnation. Seda holds four sessions of the Fa and one year from November 6 to November 14, 2017 is the fourth of the year. During this period Seda's average temperature is about 10 degrees, the weather is sunny, ideal for tourists to experience the grand ceremony of this Buddhist Dharma.

Faith Time - Scriptures fly, sentient beings pray

Fa-Fa is one of the most important buddhists in the year. Seda holds four Fa-conferences every year. The most recent Fa-Fa is the Bliss Faith , which takes place on Gregorian calendar from November 6 to November 14, 2017. During the Fa-rectification, monks and believers coming from all over the country gather in the Lao-wu-wu Ming Buddhist College. They chant, fast, pray, chant, honor, and support. If you are not a believer, do not worry, the Fa will accept everything With devout people, you should cherish reverence and pray with them. Use pious hearts to communicate with the gods and pray for the peace of the world and the happiness of all sentient beings. This down inner turmoil, return to rustic fun experience may only come to Seda to understand it.

Below is the exact time of the fourth consortium of Sertag 2017. Due to the history of the Tibetan calendar, the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year. We will update the following from time to time.

The first law meeting: January Moon god holding the law

Tibetan calendar: the first day of the first month, before and after a total of fifteen days
Gregorian calendar: February 27, 2017 - March 12
As time is during the Spring Festival, so usually not enough time friends can take the time to color Rame & Rive Buddhist Institute to watch the Fa.

The 2nd Dharma Council: The Vajrasawari Dharma Council of Sakya month in April

Tibetan calendar: beginning of eighth day of April, before and after a total of eight days
Gregorian calendar: June 2, 2017 -6 June 9

The 3rd Dharma Council: Dhahpyeun Cloud for Dharma Festival in June

Tibetan calendar: Beginning of June, a total of eight days
calendar: July 24, 2017 - July 31

The 4th Dharma Council: The Bliss Act in which the moon is falling in September

Tibetan calendar: September 18, a total of eight days
Gregorian calendar: November 6, 2017 November 14

Lirong Wu Ming Buddhist Institute by step by step the world

1. In the four festivals will be the largest in possession of the Tibetan Moon Luna month holding law.
2. Sedan's Fahui mainly concentrated in the spring, summer and autumn three seasons, these three seasons is very suitable for the solar terms of travel.
3. Participate in the Fa will need to pay attention: Law can not be noisy or loud laughter; law will be in progress do not eat; girls can not wear exposed, do not grease lipstick.

Listen to the teacher lectures - by the church doubts, life and death reincarnation

In order for the pilgrims meditation doubts, five out Buddhist Institute by the Church are Buddhist lesson every day, most of these courses are Buddhist Cang Yu taught, around 7:00 every night there is Chinese Buddhism class, the purpose is to take care of pilgrims Han. There are Khenpo and Gosvami taught daily in the Great Hall of the Church, and in order to take care of the Buddhist beginners, these contents will not be too esoteric Buddhism secret language, but a very simple truth, and then derive from the simple truth that we Thinking about life.
Guru lectures every day, Chinese classes generally start about 7 pm, each lecture lasts more than 2 hours.
There is no need to pay for classes. After that, there are questions from the Laylamas who can stay for advice or ask Khenpoa for support.

Before entering the lecture hall, we have to remember slippers, listening to the scriptures, but also must be kept quiet, and then you can meditate to listen to the interpretation of life, interpretation of misery.
Khenpo: Tibetan Buddhism presided over the title of the Lord, the equivalent of Han Buddhism temple Abbot.
Guru: Guru is a Buddhist teacher, is the most authoritative, direct, supreme teacher in monastic education or Buddhist education.

Guru Lecture by Wild Ass captain

In addition to the Dharma and Buddhist classes, Seda has these characteristics

Rong Rong Wu Ming Buddhist Institute: Sanskrit whisper, meditation refined

The location of Laimin Wu Ming Buddhist College is 4,000 meters above sea level, a place nearest to the nine-day goddess with mountains, blue sky, white clouds, golden temple, wind horse and mahogany house. The Buddhist College is the largest Buddhist college in the world. Among the vast mountains, a group of monks are devoting themselves to saving merit here and quietly talking to the gods and Buddhas in years.

Lirong Wu Ming Buddhist Institute by cat big coffee

1. Visitors to the tour to strictly observe the precepts of the Buddhist Institute, to keep quiet, do not disturb the practice of the monks to practice the normal practice.
2. Buddhism in the Buddhist shall not kill fake liquor, may not smoke, fight, fight, talk and love.

Celestial burial: life and death reincarnation, all things one

Celestine Cemetery is located on a hillside near the Buddhist College.
Celestial burial is a traditional Tibetan funeral, refers to the body of the dead eagle eagle. Buddhism believes that the human soul is immortal. The body after death is no more than a bladder. It is the most noble offering that the eagle eagle owns in this bladder. It reflects the supreme realm of Mahāyāna buddhism-devotion.

Celestial day

1. Celestial burial can give us great soul shock, watching the celestial burial requires a certain amount of guts and mental capacity, faint caution.
2. Celestial burial site has a strong smell, may cause viewer discomfort, if you mind if this is best to avoid watching.
3. Because the funeral is a Tibetan funeral scene, so the whole scene to maintain the solemn solemn, not allowed to take pictures, noisy.

Mandalas: Thousands of revolutions, I reincarnation

Mandala is located on the highest peak of Wu Ming Buddhist College. It is not only the highest place of Wu Ming Buddhist College, but also the most magnificent place.
The altar has a total of three layers, the first floor is a corridor, which placed countless prayer wheels, every day numerous innocent believers in the long knock head, turn by the meridians, accumulate merit, pray for the afterlife, The second floor is filled with different Buddha and Buddha, the third floor is dedicated to the Tantric statues that are not usually seen. The first tranche of the mandala is 10800 laps, the second laziness is 1080 laps, the third is 108 lakhs. The dense tube carries the dense world of wishes, the Six-word Daming curse, another turn, soon after another, the bustling world, in the end is nothing but an empty, only faith and soul, world forever.

Mandalas by 7 seconds memory

Sedan night scenery: the moon is as old as heaven and earth

If Sedan's daytime is a painting, then night is a dream.
Satan in the look at the night of Seda is no better. When twilight Sihe, the light along the mandrel of the altar lit a little bit, the light of the mahogany house is also shining like a star twinkling, the colorful Seda seems like a galaxy gorgeous bright. The sky is completely dark, the color of the lights completely lit, the sky of the moon is completely bright and bright ... ... that moment, you do not know that they are in the sky or in the world, the color is the reflection of the stars, the stars are also color Tathagata reflection, you stand in this totally between heaven and earth, overlooking sentient beings.

Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in Tibet, so when watching the color of night must pay attention to keep warm and cold.

Sedan night view by kin

Siu Karni Temple: Bodhisattva, all living standards

Located in Guanyinqiao District, Jinchuan County, the hometown of the Siu Siu Temple is the four-arm Avalokiteshvara, a famous holy site of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetans regard it as "the second Potala Palace." King Angry, Bodhisattva, all because of compassion, all because of the unbearable, every year millions of followers come thousands of miles, only for the wish, I hope to get the blessing and compassion of Goddess of Mercy.

Siu Karnan Temple by7 seconds memory

Seda how to go?

Senda lines

As Seda is located in western Sichuan , so other provinces ALICE to Seda I recommend departure from Chengdu , so that both to ensure convenient transportation, but also help the ALICE ready to Tibet needs. The whole trip to and from about 3 to 4 days, along the way to provide accommodation is not much, so I suggest the first day of the Guanyinqiao, you can overnight Kuanyin Bridge, the second day to reach Seda, to watch the cemetery and the mandala, On the third day, return to Guanyin Bridge, visit the Siu Nga Temple, the fourth day return to Chengdu.

After reaching Seda, you can walk directly in the Buddhist Institute, Buddhist Institute bus, the cost of 2-3 yuan / person. If you want to go to heaven to see the funeral cemetery at night, the local ferry provided the bus at a price of 40 yuan. Upon arrival at Guanyin Bridge, there is also a local bus to Choi Si Kwan Yin Temple at a price of 50-60 RMB.  

First, Seda, celestial burial platform, Temple of God on the 4th tour

From Chengdu to the color of more easy to play spend 4 days. On the first day, Chengdu departs on Wen Duong Expressway. Upon arrival at Guanyinqiao Town by Malcolm, you can visit the Siu Karnjian Temple. The second day starting from the town of Guanyinqiao, Weng Da reached through Wonda reached five Ming Buddhist College, Guan days burial, tour Wuming Buddhist College. Day 3 After visiting the morning scene of the Buddhist College, return to Guanyinqiao via Onda. Day 4 From Guanyinqiao Town to Malcolm, visit Jiarong Tibetan-style residence - Xisuo, via Wenchuan Dujiangyan to return to Chengdu.
The tour schedule is as follows:
D1: Chengdu - Wenchuan - Malcolm - Guanyin Bridge
D2: Guanyin Bridge - Weng Da - Wu Ming Buddhist College -
Seda D3: Seda - Seerba Tibetan Zang - Guanyin Bridge
D4: Guanyinqiao - Malcolm - Wenchuan - Chengdu

Second, Seda, Xinduqiao 4-day tour (317 + 318 tour line)

If you do not want to go back , you can choose Seda + Xinduqiao 4, you can feel the beauty of Seda Buddha red, you can also enjoy the light and shadow of the new scenic Xinduqiao, walk in 317 State Road, Chengdu, 318 State Road Xinduqiao to Chengdu section, feel "Chinese landscape Avenue."
Itineraries are as follows:
D1: Chengdu - Wenchuan - Malcolm - Guanyinqiao
D2: Guanyinqiao - Weng Da - Wu Ming Buddhist College - Seda County / Buddhist College
D3: Buddhist College / Houda - Luhuo - Daofu - Tower Public - Xinduqiao
D4: Xinduqiao - Kangding - Luding - Chengdu

Xinduqiao the most beautiful season in June-November, which was the most beautiful in October.

Third, Seda, celestial burial Taiwan, Guanyin Temple 3-day tour

If you do not have much time, you can choose a small holiday, or weekend spell the day can also be Fun Sertar. Three-day drive longer, be mentally prepared oh.
Itinerary is as follows:
D1: Chengdu - Wenchuan - Malcolm - Goddess of Mercy Town
D2: Guanyin Bridge - Weng Da - Wu Ming Buddha College - Seda County / Buddha College
D3: Buddhist College / County - Guanyinqiao - Li County - Chengdu

To Seda's Notes:
1. Seda higher elevation, large temperature difference between day and night, light, the climate is relatively dry, so before starting to prepare high anti-drug, stomach medicine, cold medicine and sunscreen and moisturizing skin care products .
2. Due to the incomplete infrastructure in Tibet, travelers should prepare their own scrubbing supplies, flashlights and drinking water.
3 Seda terrain complex, more wildlife, we pay more attention to the surrounding environment, to avoid beast attack accident.
4. We must respect the customs and beliefs of Tibetan people and avoid conflicts with people in Tibetan areas because of their customs and habits.   

About eating this matter

There are many dishes on the plateau. If you want to taste the local specialties, the Tibetan clay pot is a very good choice.
Tibetan soil pot soup is made of yak bone soup, nutrient-rich, and then with the local unique yak meat, Tibetan incense pork pieces and wild mountain vegetables and other vegetables, very delicious. In general, if you eat with your friends, the cost per person ranges from 60 to 100 yuan.
If you are not accustomed to the local diet, there are many fried dishes restaurants, general price of 30 yuan of vegetables, meat dishes 40-50 per month.
In addition to restaurants outside, Seda Wuda Ming Buddhist Institute of Ramey also provide visitors with food and beverage, clean, 20 yuan for a buffet, but because it is a Buddhist college restaurant, so basically are vegetarian.

Tibetan soil pot by the picture from the network

About accommodation

In Seda county if it is to live CYTS words about the price, then the price range of 40-60 dollars a night, a normal hotel, the minimum should 180-200 a night. Live in the county can also see the night sunrise Buddha Institute, you can play a taxi to the county seat, and the teacher to discuss the good round-trip costs.
If you live in the Buddhist college, only one Buddhist temple Rong hotel , multi-room public toilet, and often appear full room state.

Laval Hotel , Foshan University, there is no online booking, can not be booked in advance, only to the Buddhist Institute to go to their own reservations.

Wu Ming Buddhist Institute of Ramee hotel by step one world

Time and budget preparation

Time: Seda Wu Ming Buddhist Institute at an altitude of 4000 meters, belonging to the plateau climate, the seasons are relatively low temperature, 5-11 months is more suitable to go to the season, the temperature is comfortable, cool summer is good.
Budget: Costs to go to the free exercise of color for four days 800 to 2,000 yuan, with the group costs 700 to 1,000 yuan. Sedan only cash machines in the county, the law often appear during the light state, it is best to prepare enough cash in advance.


Heart is soul, look up and see Wandering wandering heaven sky, take a look at the distant mountains, standing here as if to reach out to encounter the blue sky, our hearts can not be filled with a solemn and sacred torrent , Life and faith, between all things.
To Seda, to find that touch of "red" shock !!!

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