Mount Emei food, accommodation and play recommended

Summer to avoid the summer and winter, take the heart recommended near Chengdu, driving two and a half hours to Emeishan Qiliping, is the best gift to send themselves and their families in winter.
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Eat in Emeishan

Recommendation 1: hanging chicken

The first meal of Qiliping’s is the hanging pan-chicken . The restaurant is really interesting. Putting a tent in the ice and snow, and putting on the curtain, it is a cubicle. If you think about sitting there for a while, you may want to get cold and hiccup. Who knows how to put a baking pot on the bottom of the table?

Picture: Hanging pot chicken.

Hanging pan chickens are literally "hanging pan" chickens. Pans are full of chickens and organic vegetables from the Mid-levels. I haven't started yet. It's delicious, and you can enjoy the difference between half-mountain chicken and ordinary chicken. Maybe it is normal to feed the whole grains and run all over the country. The chicken tastes delicious and very chewy. There are all kinds of organic vegetables in the Mid-Levels. Even picky, like my mother, has a delicious meal.

Picture: Hanging pot chicken.

With some small dishes, a meal is more pleasing

Picture: Brown sugar.

Recommendation 2: Heishuzhuang Western Restaurant

The second meal was the Heishuzhuang Western Restaurant in Qiliping . The restaurant was decorated very carefully and many details were lovely.

Photo: Heishuzhuang Western Restaurant.

Order two salads, mushroom soup, three-point steak, one lamb chop, and one onion ring. The taste of each dish is very good, subverting me the idea that “the area can only make do with eating”.

Photo: Heishuzhuang Western Restaurant.

Recommendation 3: Organic Chinese Restaurant

The next meal was organic Chinese restaurant, ordering a few home-cooked meals, just enough for four people. The most favorite is to stir the kidneys, and several people will not be able to use the empty pan after the three-by-two, five-by-two, and then add the pan-kids chicken and fried twice-cooked pork. The dishes are organic farms from the Mid-levels, and each one is fresh.

Picture: Onion rings.

Live in Mount Emei

Recommendation 1: Zen Tea Hotel

On the first night, the Zen Tea Hotel was not attracted to the entrance but was attracted by the entrance. It was like hanging in the woods and straying into a secluded poetry home.

Photo: Zen Tea Hotel.

Once in the room, he was caught in the eye by the beauty outside the window. He screamed and rushed to the balcony and couldn't wait to take many photos. From the terrace, you can see the beautiful view of Qiliping. The stacked and ancient houses, together with the white snow flakes on top, suddenly seem to return to the era of those verses.

Photo: Zen Tea Hotel.

Excitement comes from the balcony and scrutinizes the room. When you first entered the door, there was a sense of incomprehensibility, and after a visit, you came to know that this comfortable sensory experience came from the fine details of every detail. Geothermal heating does not feel dry, each corner is full of design sense, incomparable harmony color...

Photo: Zen Tea Hotel.

The tea set on the table is as delicate as a set of crafts. The room has a lot of small details that people can't put it down.

Photo: Zen Tea Hotel.

The most favorite place is geothermal heating. It is always outside on snow and ice. The room is still warm like spring. Walking barefoot on the ground does not feel cold, but the feet are warm and itchy.

Photo: Zen Tea Hotel rooms.

Recommendation 2: Panda Theme Hotel

In order to experience the different room types of mind here, I changed the Su Panda theme hotel on the second night . How to say it, as if it was coming back to the childhood era of innocence, large swathes of pure green color like the grove that often used to play.

Photo: Panda theme hotel.

The bed is very cute on the bed.

Photo: Panda theme hotel.

There are panda elements in every corner of the room.

Recommendation 3: Dream Princess and Prince Hotel

Dream Princess and Prince Hotel: Two and a half days' journey, but unfortunately there is no extra time to stay here. The exterior of the hotel is a huge castle, and every girl's heart can be satisfied in one second.

The interior also used a lot of pink princess elements. Hey, which girl's heart did not live in a pink and tender little princess?

Tour in Emeishan

Must do 1: soak in the cold winter "ice and snow hot springs"

From Chengdu to Emei Banshan Qiliping, the road is smooth and smooth. In the middle of the road passing through Kekeshan High School, we took a rest and took a lunch in Meishan. If you are traveling normally, it will take about two and a half hours from Chengdu to Qiliping. I did not expect that I could see the white snow scene just after going up the mountain. After I arrived at Qiliping, I was ignoring the beauty of the snow scene despite the image.

Since it was directed at the ice-and-ice hot springs, Keke's stay in the Kung-Fu area bypassed the hot spring area behind the front desk to explore the wind. The hot springs are divided into indoor hot springs and outdoor hot springs. It is natural for snow-covered days to experience ice-cold hot springs. The outside is snow-covered and snow-covered, but inside is steam and steaming. If there is a box of luggage in the car, it needs to be Settled in, get ready to change clothes for a long time before the pool to soak a bubble.

Photo: Qiliping International Resort Spa.

There are all kinds of animal decorations on the edge of the pool. The favorite is the monkeys. There is a sense of lively spirits lingering in the woods. Soak in the pool to feel the surrounding forest and animal decorations, and there is a sense of intimacy with the natural distance.

Figure: Animal decorations.

The glimpse of the daytime is already fascinating, and when it comes time to change clothes in the evening, it is astounding by the sight of the eye, and this is when you come to realize the dream of "Fantasy Ice and Snow Spa". Compared with the open atmosphere during the day, the flowers, grass, pond, and wood are all in the light at night, adding a touch of style.

Figure: Hot spring fog.

A dressing room feels the coldness of the outside, screaming to rush into the pool, but it is tempting to be attracted by the sight of a large tree at the entrance and the above projection, a Christmas tree, a pool of water lilies, a carousel, flying cherry blossoms... ... A tree and a projection can bring people back to that happy and simple era.

Photo: Spa at night.

After strolling around, they found that these small and cute animals were acting or scratching their heads or lifting their eyes to look at people like eating. The more they looked at them, the more they felt happy in their hearts.

Figure: Animal statue.

Some pools are also equipped with massage chairs. They say that people are comfortable and lying on the beach and enjoying the moon while lying comfortably in the hot springs. It is just a matter of some sort of similarity.

All chilliness and discomfort were dispelled in the water for one second. Surrounded by warm hot spring water, the body's comfort immediately makes people sigh. In winter, it's most suitable for hot springs.

Must do 2: Climb Forest Zen Buddhism "Cleanheart"

The goodness of Zen Buddhism in the Qiliping Forest has long been heard. During the first two years of his summer, friends came to Qiliping to escape from the heat. After returning, they praised the air in the Zen Buddhism as particularly refreshing. When the smoke lingers like a fairyland, "It's like leaving the world as independent, feathering and becoming immortal." But that's just a feeling. So the mind has been chanting this fairy-like Zen.

Picture: Zen.

When I came here, I heard that there was no lingering smoke in the winter and I was a bit disappointed in my heart. But when it comes to safety, it is still necessary to feel it. However, as soon as the door was pushed into the first step, the disappointment in his heart immediately disappeared. Yes, it's beautiful in the summer when the smoke is lingering in the fairyland, but in the winter, the snow and ice is another magnificent atmosphere. Fortunately, it was relatively early in Zen Buddhism that it was slightly open. Every step had not yet been stepped on. It was like stepping into the picture, and it was not enough to disturb the beauty.

Picture: Snow on Zen road.

Japan's Cryptocarpus enters the sky with awe-inspiring power, and Zen Buddhism gradually empties upwards. After climbing up, I looked up at the end of the willow fir, and then looked back at the way out of time, but it really gave birth to a bit of "Zen" feeling. People are always the easiest to achieve the deepest harmony with nature. Far from the haze of the city and the haze of the winter, in the Zen path of Qiliping in the Mid-Levels, in the snowy cedar forest, I can only hear the voice of my heart.

Picture: Willow fir.

Look back to the other side, as if it were the entrance to another fairyland. I think that people's easiest mood in the face of vast nature is awe.

Picture: Zen.

The longer you walk on Zen Buddhism, the more you feel the goodness of Zen Buddhism. The fresh air seems to be continuously giving energy to people and it has been going on for a long time even if my mother does not feel tired at all. A few southerners who hadn't seen the snow had jumped again and again in the snow. They also made snowballs together and tried their best to throw them to the far side, as if they were able to throw away all the unhappiness.

Picture: Zen.

During the daytime, the Zen forest walks through life and you can relax in the night to the dream hot springs. This is an extremely interesting half way lifestyle.

Must do 3: Visit Qili Town to experience the beauty of archaic

Photo: Qili Town.

When passing through the town of Qili, a town in the mid-levels of the hill, it was supposed to be a town full of commercial ambitions. When it was entered, it was a shock to the scene. “The red building is cold and rainy, and the beaded flicker is alone.” The images that were thought and thought in the previous verses are actually present in front of them.

Photo: Qili Town.

Even the restaurants and other shops in the town are all antique appearances. Passing by to see the accommodation in the town, it's a pity that I didn't know the beauty of the town before, so I didn't choose to stay in the town of Suqili, but I still have a regret. I have a chance to come back again next time.

As it is Kangyang Township, it is inevitably the theme of Kang Yang. The medical examination center can be seen at the entrance of Qili Town and wandering around the town. After a short while, you can see the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the pharmacy and the Chinese Medicine Museum. My mother walked and talked about the goodness of Qiliping. She had a lot of stability after coming here to sleep. The legendary five treasures (Mint Air, Eternal Spring, Millennium Pure Land, Yangshan, suitable temperature) and Qili Town, which is rich in medical resources, are a good time to relax in this season.

Must do 4: Stay in nature at the car camp

The wild camping tents in the car camp are particularly interesting, and the house is warm and dry, with a cup of tea and snow outside through a 360-degree floor-to-ceiling window. It seems to be living in nature. In the summer, large areas of green grass in the camp can be used for tents, football, fishing and camping.

Photo: Car camp.

Going around the rest of the car camp, I found some chic wood cabins, like the forest huts that often appear in foreign films.

Photo: Car camp.

Must do 5: Hang out here to meet "Landscapes everywhere"

Qiliping is like a huge treasure. In the direction you haven’t walked yet, you can find surprises from one place to another. The following picture of the boardwalk along the valley makes us pleasantly surprised. Relative to several other places, there are few people here and they are quiet. After dinner, they always like the family to come and walk together.

Photo: Valley Trail.

The Temple of the Five Signs of the Night is a warm touch between the snow and ice.

Picture: Five Temples.

The European style windmills on the landscape avenue can take people to the beauty of the Dutch windmill village in one second. When the weather is fine, you can see the sea of ​​clouds and the golden dome behind the landscape road. The landscape roads are full of flowers on both sides of the road. When the weather is warm, some sides are filled with a variety of flowers.

Figure: European style windmills.

The embedded 3D cave theater can experience 3D feeling with the naked eye, and the visual effect is very shocking. The full-screen immersive effect gives people an immersive, sensational sensation.

Photo: 3D Cave.

Must do 6: climb up the mountain to enjoy the “Golden Light”

Photo: Emeishan Jinding.

It is very convenient to go to Jinding from Qiliping. After all, it is Emei Mid-Levels. After checking out the next day, we decided to go to the Golden Summit before going down the hill. The Golden Summit has gone many times. Every time I go there are different feelings. Of course, the inner shock is all connected. Unfortunately, this time when the weather is not good, I can't take beautiful pictures, and I worry that the pictures I don't see well are some kind of disrespect to the Sichuan holy land. So let's put a photo of my friend Nic here for everyone to enjoy.

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