Mount Emei Food Testing

Emei Mountain is located in Emeishan City, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, China. It is one of the “Four Famous Buddhist Mountains” in China. It is steep and has beautiful scenery. It is known as “The Emei World Show”.
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Emei Hilltop Guest House Dinner

Dishes review

Cutlery: simple and elegant! ! !

Hand peeled fresh bamboo shoots: signature dishes, absolutely delicious! ! Never eaten such a delicate bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots are picked on the mountain, very fresh, the first feeling after the entrance is tender, followed by fresh! And there are no extra accessories, completely fresh shoots to the limit!

Picture: Hand peeling fresh bamboo shoots.

big eater

Photo: Rice.

Snow konjac: signature dish, known as Don Juan meat, this is definitely the best dish to eat, snow konjac itself does not taste, but inside added meat, this combination of super classic, really is the taste of fresh burst ah.

Photo: Snow konjac.

Seaweed soup: The taste is normal.

Photo: seaweed soup.

Smoked pork ribs: Local specialties, but because of the sharpness of the shoot tip and snow konjac, it is so common.

Figure: Smoked ribs.

Overall evaluation

Recommended Degree: ★★★★★
Spicy index: 0 stars
per capita price: 70 yuan.
Must order food: hand peeled fresh bamboo shoots, snow konjac.
Location: Emeishanding Guest House restaurant.
Comments: This is highly recommended. Although it was the guest house dinner, and it did not give us hope at the beginning, the result was amazing! ! ! Therefore, as a food item, don't let the environment of the eating place affect it. The little-known corner may have amazing taste! ! !

Two hair ice powder

Figure: Two hair ice powder.

Dishes review

Ice powder: In addition to the cool and cool taste, it does not taste really good.

Figure: Ice powder.

Chicken: Similar to Mala Tang's way of eating, what to eat in order to take what, and finally count the money according to the number of signatures. Here you can eat a lot of animal visceral things, such as the sow's uterine wall, boar Tintin, chicken's. . . forget it. I'm done here.

Picture: pheasant chicken.

Overall evaluation

Recommended Degree: ★
Spicy Index: ★★
Average Price : 35.5 RMB.
Must order food: pheasant chicken.
Location: Dongxin Road Old Street.
Comments: broiled chicken broth string, and the bottom of the soup is recycled, the string of the last guest points in the bottom of the soup, the next guests continue to use this soup, unsanitary, not recommend.

Ermao Ice Powder (Delicious Street Shop)

Ermao ice powder is a famous restaurant on the tasty street, a favorite of local people. The ice powder is crystal clear, accompanied by thick, chocolate-colored honey juice with brown sugar, which is delicious and hot. The friendly price of two dollars in a bowl has also become a reason for many repeat customers. There is also a string of selling, spicy and icey tastes that are unforgettable.

Dongmen bean curd

Photo: Dongmen bean curd.

Restaurant Reviews

Beef bean curd brain

Picture: Beef curd.

Overall evaluation

Recommended Degree: ★ ★
Spiciness Index: O Star
Average Price : 8 yuan.
Must order food: tofu brain.
Venue: No. 233, 239 Dongshan Road, and it is very close to Ermao Bing across a road.
Comments: Growing in the north, from bean curd snacks only tofu and halogen, where the tofu brain in addition to tofu, there are all kinds of meat, very fresh, you can try next.

Dongmen bean curd

Beef bean curd has enough beef in its head, seven pieces. The bean curd of Emei is a thick and fragrant spice.

Emeishan Snack Street

Restaurant Reviews

Everything is not delicious.

Figure: Snacks.

Overall evaluation

Recommended degree: ★ ★
Spicy index: 0 stars
per capita price: 15 yuan.
Must order food: None.
Location: At the foot of Emei Mountain, near the bus terminal.
Comments: The snack street has been commercialized, and everything is not good, except that there is nothing worth going near from the hotel.

Wang Hao Er Ji Liu Niang

Overall evaluation

Recommended Degree: ★★★
Spiciness Index: 0 stars
per capita price: 25 yuan.
Must order food: sweet duck.
Location: Hing Fat Street.
Comments: eat less or very good to eat, eat too much tired, there is no legendary taste, Taobao has an online shop, you can eat at home, need Taobao shop private letter I.

Photo: Wang Haoer Ji Liu Niang.

Wang Haoer Ji Liulu

Easy old gossip foot beef

Picture: Easy old gossip foot beef.

Awkward beef kitchen, you need to order food here, choose what you want to eat, the boss to do it again.

Picture: Kitchen.

Dishes review

The soup is really light and won't feel tired.

Picture: soup.

Lame beef

Figure: Lame beef.

Pepper: Just pepper, not a saucer, but Sichuan's pepper really deserves reputation. It's really delicious.

Picture: Chili peppers.

Fried liver: I don’t understand why I’m going to Sichuan to eat fried liver.

Figure: Fried liver.

Overall evaluation

Recommended degree: ★ ★ ★
Spicy index: 0 stars
per capita price: 25 yuan.
Must order food: lame beef.
Location: Juzhu Street, Leshan City.
Comments: The locals are very fond of eating. A shop that is inquired from many local people also has a high expectation and feels very general. However, it is indeed one of the local foods in Leshan. Passing can be tasted and eaten deliberately. Not recommended.

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