Where do you come to Huangshan? Huangshan Mountain Down Hotel Accommodation Practical Guide

There are countless scenic spots in Huangshan City, including Huangshan Scenic Area, Jade Valley, Taiping Lake, and Caldera Falls. There are also typical Huizhou buildings in Hongcun, Xidi, Chengkan, and ancient Huizhou cultural and tourist areas. Leisurely shopping at Tunxi Old Street, Liyang Old Street, etc. The key point is, where is the most convenient choice for so many attractions?
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Travel to Huangshan City generally choose to live?

Accommodation in Huangshan City can be divided into four major parts: Huangshan Scenic Area (Peaktop), Huangshan Scenic Area (Downhill, which is also known as Tangkou), Hongcun Xidi Scenic Area, and the urban area Tunxi. You can choose according to your own itinerary. Or, second, arrange accommodation in advance.

Huangshan Scenic Area (Peak) How to choose a hotel?

Huangshan Scenic Area is very large. In order to fully appreciate the magnificent scenery of Huangshan Mountain, the time of day is definitely not enough, so it is generally necessary to stay in the mountains. The Mountain Hotel consists of six hotels (Beihai Hotel, Shilin Hotel, Xihai Hotel, Paiyunlou Hotel, Baiyun Hotel, and Yupinglou Hotel) under the banner of Guangmingdingshan and Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., as well as Baige Villa. According to the scenic environment, the characteristics of the room type, the tour route and other reasons, the general free-travel tourists will first choose Guangmingdingshan, Baiyun Hotel and Paiyunlou Hotel.

Huangshan County has a large number of accommodations, and there are a limited number of accommodation options on the mountain. Therefore, tourists who want to stay on Huangshan Mountain must make reservations for the hotel in advance. In addition, the scenic hotel prices will be based on the off-season (December - February) and peak season (March - November). ), holidays, weekends (Friday, Saturday), and non-weekends (Sunday-Thursday).

Guangmingdingshan, Baiyun Hotel

Nearby attractions: Guangmingding, Yufengfeng, Baibuyunti, Lotus Pavilion
Location: Tianhai Scenic Area
Recommended reason: The most popular viewing point of sunrise; Guangmingding is the second highest peak of Huangshan, 1860 meters above sea level
1, Guangmingdingshanzhuang: The preferred place to watch the sunrise

Guangmingding Villa is on the top of the light, and you will basically choose to live here when you watch the sunrise at Guangmingding. Guangmingding is the geographic demarcation line of the Huangshan Scenic Area before and after the sea. It can be said that it is one of the places where tourists can't walk past Huangshan Mountain. It should be noted that this Guangmingding is not the place where the martial arts in the “Heavenly Sword of the Dragon” is often contested. It is the second peak of Huangshan Mountain.  

2. Baiyun Hotel: The most suitable hotel

Sunrise Oriental by Scenic

Baiyun Hotel consists of Building 1 (3 stars), Building 2 (4 stars, main building), Building 3 (only multi-person rooms). The price of Building 1 is about 100 Yuan less than Building 2 and the accommodation conditions are almost the same. . Located about 300 meters below the summit of Huangshan Guangming, it is the only place that connects the mountains before and after Huangshan Mountain.  

Beihai Hotel and Shilin Hotel

Nearby attractions: Lion Peak, Shixin Peak, Miaobi Flower, Monkey Guanhai, Qingliangtai 
Location: North Seaview Area, Yungu Cableway Recently
Recommended Reason: Immediately after arriving from Houshan Yungu Temple, directly check into the hotel to drop off your luggage and make it easy to play. There are many Beisong pines, such as Black Tiger Pine and Lisong Pine. Lions Peak Terrace is an excellent place for viewing sunrise and sea of ​​clouds.
1. Beihai Hotel: Living in Beihai to Enjoy the Ambassador Service

Beihai Hotel by

Beihai Hotel (4 stars), as the main government reception unit in the scenic spot, has received many party and state leaders, domestic and foreign political leaders, and social celebrities over the years. There are Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, Annan, Sha Yifu, Lao She, Zhou Runfa, etc. . At present, the hotel is composed of Sanhua Fine House, Main Building, Gongyang Villa, Shuguang Chalet and Building No.8.  

2. Shilin Hotel: The First Photography Cultural Theme Hotel in China

Shilin Hotel by the hotel

The hotel is backed by Lion Peak, one kilometer away from Yungu cableway station and about 20 minutes' walk. It takes only 3 minutes to walk to Qingliangtai, a top 100 photography spot in Huangshan city. The hotel has a photography theme and has its own photo studio. The hotel's cool villa viewing platform is a great place to watch the sunset and sunset.

Paiyunlou Hotel and Xihai Hotel

Nearby attractions: Paiyunting, Feilaishi, Danxiafeng, Xihai Grand Canyon
Location: West Seaview Area, Danxia Peak, next to Paiyun Pavilion, entrance to West Sea Grand Canyon
Recommended reason: North Seaview area to Xihai Grand Canyon, fly The only way to visit the stone and Guangmingding attractions; to watch the sea of ​​clouds, sunrise and sunset, odd pine rock 
1, Paiyunlou Hotel: the best choice for the tour of the West Grand Canyon

Paiyunlou Hotel by the Internet

The price of standard rooms and single rooms in Paiyunlou Hotel (4 stars) is the same as that of the Yupinglou Hotel. It is much cheaper than other hotels, more economical, and it has a particularly good location at the entrance of the Grand Canyon of the West Sea. 

2. Xihai Hotel: the only five-star hotel on the mountain

Xihai Hotel by Network

Xihai Hotel has two buildings, the South Building is called Xihai Hotel (5 stars) and the North Building is called Xihai Mountain Villa (4 stars). The south building is the best hotel with the best mountain conditions. The only five-star hotel has a higher price than the Villa. Hotel prices are cheap. Approximately one hour walk from Yungu Temple cableway.  

Yupinglou Hotel

Nearby attractions: Yingkesong, Tiandufeng, Lianhuafeng
Location: Wenshuyuan Site, Yuping Building Scenic Spot
Recommended reason: The nearest hotel to the guest bustle and Yuping cableway; the only star hotel in Qianshan.
Yupinglou Hotel: Culture-themed hotel next to welcoming pine

Yupinglou Guesthouse by the hotel

Yupinglou Hotel is next to Yingke Song and it is about 500 meters away from the Yuping cableway. For those who have a special feeling and frail elderly guests, it is best to stay here. In July 1979, Deng Xiaoping Deng Huangshan had stayed here, and Xu Xiake had stayed in Wenshuyuan (the old site of Yupinglou Hotel) during his stay in Huangshan.  

How to choose a hotel in Huangshan Scenic Area (Yamaishi, Tangkou)?

There are 3 gates in Huangshan Scenic Area. Because of the route, 99% of the tourists choose to climb the south gate, that is, Tangkou Town.
Advantages: In general, local facilities such as catering, specialty supermarkets, gas stations, banks, etc. are all perfect.
Disadvantages: There are no recreational facilities and can only be used as a temporary accommodation point to
choose accommodation in Tangkou: 
1. Arrived in the scenic area The time is late, only the second day of climbing; 
2, after the afternoon down the hill to play around the attractions; 
3, first play around attractions, the next day up the mountain.

Huangshan Panorama Hotel: Affordable Theme Hotel

Huangshan Panorama Hotel by the hotel

Nearby attractions: Emerald Valley, Jiulong Waterfall, Taiping Lake
Geographical Location: Building 4, Zhaixi Tourism and Commercial Street, Tangkou Town, Huangshan Scenic Area, near high-speed exit.
Recommended reason: Budget hotel, good service, affordable, nearby attractions, convenient transportation
is very close to  the transfer center, drive about 3 minutes or so, all guests in the hotel as long as the hotel in the Tangkou area will arrange transfers, a People are the same. Hotel rooms are simple and stylish, relatively small and fresh, themed rooms, in addition to the hotel has parking, free parking.  

Huangshan Fengda International Hotel: Tourist Resort

Huangshan Fengda International Hotel by Design

Nearby attractions: Emerald Valley, Jiulong Waterfall, Fenghuangyuan, Shimenxia
Location: Beside Shimenxia Scenic Spot, Tanjiaqiao Town, Huangshan District, Huangshan City , close to the Tongjiaqiao Expressway of Tonghuang Expressway.
Recommended reason: Beautiful hotel environment, complete facilities, convenient transportation, vast world The 12-story Entertainment Center
Hotel is a half-hour drive from Tangkou Town (Huangshan South Gate) and is ideal for self-drive. It is the only luxury hotel in Huangshan Scenic Area. The hotel environment is plentiful, with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hot springs, playgrounds, etc. Staying for two days will not feel bored.  

Hongcun, Xidi scenic how to choose a hotel?

To experience the charm of Jiangnan Water Village, it is best to stay in the scenic area for one night and enjoy the night scenery. At night, the area will be quiet and feel a lot of frogs in the evening. Hongcun and Xidi are very close to each other and you can choose where you like to live.

Hongcun, Xidi Scenic Area by

Hongcun Shurentang Boutique Inn: Jiangnan Courtyard, Ganjiang South

Hongcun Shurentang Boutique Inn By The Hotel

Nearby attractions: Hongcun, Xidi, Nanping, Tachuan, Hongcun Aju Performance
Location: Within the Hongcun Scenic Area, next to the “Sharon Hall” attractions 
Recommended reason: beautiful environment, complete facilities, Jiangnan style
trees for ten years, Hundred years of tree people, Shurentang Inn is located in the scenic area near the "tree people" attractions, very easy to find, you can also let the wife meet in the village. Each room is decorated differently, more distinctive, and all are accompanied by the name of the room with artistic conception.

Chishu Wonderland Zhongkun International Hotel: A paradise in the water township

Chishu Wonderland Zhongkun International Hotel by the hotel

Nearby attractions: Hongcun, Hongcun Aju performances, Xidi
geographical location: Qishu Village , Hongcun Town , Pixian County, next to Chishu Lake 
Recommended reason: Yishanhu Lake, environment elegant
hotel is located in the beautiful Chishu Lake, the entire environment It is very large and consists of several independent Huizhou buildings. The scenery is like ink painting. Check out this hotel to enjoy the benefits of Hongcun, Nanping, Hongcun Aju.

Huangshan Shanxi Deliverance Hall: China's Ming and Qing Dynasties in the Scenic Area

Huangshan Shanxi Deportment Network

Nearby attractions: Hongcun, Xidi, Mukeng Zhuhai, Lucun 
Location: Pixian Xidi Scenic Spot  
Recommended reason: Huipai style, high cost performance, good location The
entire corridor is like the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China Museums, front and back yard rooms, restaurants, and halls are all typical Huizhou architecture. The location is easy to find. Just across the archway, you can see the door of Xidi. The room was clean and tidy and affordable.  

How to choose a hotel in downtown Tunxi?

The train station, bus station, airport, and Huangshan High-speed Rail North Station are all located in Tunxi City, so most of the tourists will stop in the downtown area whether they are arriving or returning. Not to mention Tunxi Old Street and Liyang Old Street. , delicious Hui cuisine, want to feel the local gas smoke, live here is more appropriate.

Liyang Old Street by Scenic Area

Huangshan Parkview Holiday Hotel: City Garden Resort

Huangshan Parkview Holiday Hotel by Design

Nearby attractions: Tunxi Old Street, Liyang Old Street, Huiyun Show
Location: No. 18 Xihai Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City 
Recommended reason: Convenient transportation, clean environment, good
hotel environment , relatively new hotel, complete facilities, clean and comfortable . About 15 minutes walk to Tunxi Old Street, about 8 minutes walk to Liyang Old Street. Huangshan Airport, railway station and bus station are all within about 10 minutes’ drive.  

Huangshan Zemeixuan Boutique Hotel: Boutique Hotel near High Speed ​​Rail

Huangshan Zemeixuan Boutique Hotel by the hotel

Nearby Sights: Tunxi Old Street, Liyang Old Street, Huashan Mysterious Cave 
Location: No. 68, Meilin Avenue, Tunxi District, adjacent to High Speed ​​Rail North Station 
Recommended reason: It is close to Huangshan High Speed ​​Rail North Station, arranges high-speed rail, and has an ancient quaint culture. A
low-key luxury connotation of a hotel, very close to the high-speed rail station, as long as the accommodation hotel will arrange a station. The interior decoration is emblem style, exquisite and elegant, flower and grass arrangement can feel the intention and care of the hotel management.

Butterfly Shang non-experience hotel: Unique creative room

Nearby attractions: Tunxi Old Street, Liyang Old Street, Huashan Mysterious Cave 
Location: No. 1-6, Xianrendong North Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City, China  
Recommended reason: Convenient transportation, New Huizhou architecture, and chic
hotel are located in the city center. It is very convenient, 5 minutes walk from the train station, 15 minutes walk from Tunxi Old Street, there are mountains and water in the hall is green plants, the taste of Jiangnan Water Village, the room is large, clean and sanitary.

Die Shang Non-Experience Hotel by Hotel

Huangshan International Hotel: Old five-star hotel

Huangshan International Hotel by the hotel

Nearby attractions: Tunxi Old Street, Liyang Old Street 
Location: No. 31, Huashan Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City.
Recommended reason: Old five-star hotel, convenient transportation, good location, beautiful environment, good service, the
hotel is 15 minutes drive from the airport, away from the train It takes 5 minutes by car and 5 minutes by car from the expressway. There is a bus to the high-speed rail station at the entrance. It takes only 5 minutes on foot from Tunxi Old Street and Liyang Old Street. The traffic is very convenient.  

As the saying goes, “The troops and horses are not moving, and food and grass are first.” It is very important to go out and stay in the Raiders for accommodation, especially during the tourist season. As an essential part of a travel accommodation, the hotel can be said to feel great. A wonderful stay experience can add a lot of color to the journey.

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