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“Huangshan is a four-year scenic spot, but the winter scene is better.” In winter Huangshan, there are rare snow scenes, fog, and sea of ​​clouds. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you can’t imagine how beautiful it is. Many bees and bees who want to come to Huangshan to see the snow scene will have such misunderstandings. Will Huangshan close the mountains in winter? Will it be cold? Will mountain roads be slippery? After you read this guide, you will know.
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Four things to watch for one omission


I believe that the vast majority of bees and bees that go to Huangshan, watching the sunrise is the biggest motivation to get up early in the winter. All the people are still, and the light of the sun when it comes out will dye the sky and the clouds red, rich in warm colors and light, and this is undoubtedly the warmest hope of this winter. The opportunity to see the sunrise in Huangshan has a lot to do with the weather. In the winter, with less rainfall, the chance of watching a perfect sunrise is even greater.

Best view of winter sunrise: Guangmingding, Shixinfeng, Gongyangshan
Viewing location and relationship with the Peak Hotel:
Shilin Hotel, Beihai Hotel: Lion Peak 10 minutes, Shixin Peak 30 minutes, Gongyangshan 30 minutes
row Yunlou Hotel, Xihai Hotel: Danxia Peak 15 minutes, Lion Peak 30 minutes
Guangmingding Villa: Guangmingding
Baiyun Hotel: 15 minutes Guangmingding, 20 minutes of Yufeng Peak
Yupinglou Hotel: Yupingfeng

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In addition to the multi-person bed room in the Peak Hotel, other room types are basically provided with free down jackets. During the winter sunrise time from 5:30am to 6am, the exact time of sunrise and the probability of sunrise will be announced in advance in the lobby of the Peak Hotel.

Cloud sea

Winter snowfall is frequent in Huangshan in winter. After the snow is often accompanied by wonders of the sea of ​​clouds, the large and small peaks of Huangshan Mountain and thousands of ridges and rivers are all submerged in the snow and waves of Yuntao. They are magnificent and endless. By obstructing the layers, we can see the rugged rocks and the ancient pine trees. The Tiandu Peak and Guangmingding have become isolated islands in the vast sea of ​​clouds.

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Every year from November to May of the second year is an ideal season for the cloud of the Huangshan Mountain.

Snow scene

In the cold winter, as the rising snowflake became romantic, Huangshan was a snowy world. Light and lingering snowflakes danced and all mountains and rivers were baptized with ice and snow. During this period, it became a world of snow that was isolated from the world and belonged to you and this period of time. It was only then that "Yuzhu supported the sky, Qionghua was full of trees, and entered the curling. I do not know where the world is." artistic conception.

Lotus Peak Xuepu by Ye Yongzhong; Dream Huangshan by Wang Xiaoxi

Tips: The
average snow period in Huangshan is around November 10, and the average snow day is April 10. From December to March the following year, the mountains are covered with snow, of which the most prosperous period is from December to February. It is also the best season for winter tourism.


A cold wind from the night, 10,000 trees silver flowers. Huangshan haze is a major sign of winter travel in Huangshan Mountain. The haze is a natural phenomenon that the fog in the air condenses on the branches and other objects with the wind. The light and white mist hangs in the woods and looks like a silver sacred tree. It looks across the Huangshan Mountains. It is a world of silver. Especially in the sunny sunshine, a variety of beautiful ice cream flowers look particularly good.

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Winter Tour Huangshan Recommended Reasons

People less Jingmei

After entering the winter, cold and cold, even if you get up, you need courage. The enthusiasm of everybody to go out to the waves is gone. Together with the factors of snowfall and freezing, the sights of various attractions are not as good as before, and the scenic spots can enter. Sex and safety are also not guaranteed, resulting in a low season for winter tourism. This time to Huangshan not only queued up people, but also appreciate the unique snow scene.

cheap price

During the peak season (March 1 - November 30): Tickets for Yungu and Taiping cableway will cost 80 yuan each for a single journey; tickets for Yuping cableway will cost 90 yuan each, and tickets for the West Lake Grand Canyon will be 100 yuan each.
Winter Tour (December 1 - February 28): Tickets for Yungu and Taiping cableway will cost 65 yuan for one way. Tickets for Yuping cableway will cost 75 yuan for one way. Tickets for the West Sea Grand Canyon Cableway will cost 80 yuan each.
During the peak season, hotel stays on the Huangshan Peak are basically in short supply, especially on the weekends (Friday and Saturday) and holidays. It is hard to find a room in winter and it will not happen in winter, and the room price is also Will be a lot less than the peak season.

Snow climbing day matters needing attention

How to wear

Must pay attention to cold and warm, but it is best not to wear thick coats and boots these, we recommend down jackets and warm underwear and other light clothes, otherwise it will be very tired when climbing, and the process of climbing is easy to sweat, choose to facilitate the wear Clothes.

Huangshan Snow Scene by Liu Liu

Tips: In
the winter of Huangshan Mountain, the north wind whistles and ice and snow are not as imaginable as everyone thinks. In fact, the winter weather is characterized by cold and cold, mainly because the temperature difference is small, and it is always between 4-6°C. Two airs are dry and there is no haze. The winter scenery does not have the feeling of depression and sluggishness. It is often more beautiful than in spring and summer.

2, with what to eat

It takes more energy to climb mountains in snowy weather. It is better to bring some high-calorie foods such as chocolate and biscuits. In addition, you can carry a cup of hot water with you. Do not drink cold mineral water as much as possible and it is easy to catch a cold.

3, anti-skid measures

If the road is slippery in the snow, even if the road is cleared of de-icing, it will inevitably encounter snow-slippery areas. It is advisable to wear non-slip sneakers or hiking shoes. Before going uphill, you can buy a climbing stick.

Huangshan Scenic Area

Huangshan Mountain is one of the most famous mountains in China since ancient times. Chisong, rocks, sea of ​​clouds, and hot springs are known as the "four musts" of Huangshan Mountain. In addition, haze, snow scene, sunrise is also a tourist will not miss the landscape, the ancients have the "Five Sacred Mountains return to see mountains, Huangshan return not see Yue" statement. The mountain is divided into several major scenic spots: hot spring scenic spot, Yuping scenic spot, Baiyun scenic spot, North Seaview area, Dream (West Sea) scenic spot, and Songgu scenic spot. Each scenic spot has its own unique features. Among them, the Dreamy Scenic Area (Xihai Grand Canyon) has been newly developed in recent years and is also a popular spot for tourists. Scenic spots before the mountains and back mountains. Qianshan refers to Ciguang Pavilion to Guangmingding, which is the area of ​​hot springs, Yupinglou and Tianhai Scenic Area. The main attractions include Yingkesong, Banshansi, Tiandufeng, Yupinglou, Lianhuafeng, Yixiantian and Yufengfeng; It refers to Yungu Temple to Guangmingding, which is the Beihai and Xihai Scenic Area. The main scenic spots include Shixin Peak, Lion Peak, Paiyun Pavilion, Xihai Grand Canyon, Feilai Stone, and Songgu Estate. Among the many scenes, the world is nostalgic for different landscapes such as "Three Strange and Five Absolute". The scenic area is divided into South Gate, West Gate and North Gate. The vast majority of tourists will enter and exit from the South Gate. The South Gate will also have two entrances and exits to the front of the mountain. They are all close to Tangkou Town at the foot of the mountain. Tips · Tourists in the Huangshan Scenic Area are full, and they have to queue up for a long time when driving out of the mountain. It is advisable not to leave the mountain at noon or in the evening, and to avoid people in advance. · The weather in the mountains is changeable, it often rains, and there is a large temperature difference between the mountain and the mountain. It is recommended to prepare raincoats and warm clothing during play. · It is recommended to bring some food up the mountain. The food on the hill is expensive. · There are many places on the top of the mountain, which are basically concentrated in Guangmingdingtianhai, Paiyunting, Baieiling, and Beihai. Guangmingtiantianhai is the best place to watch the sunrise.

Where did you climb Huangshan?

Hot springs - the warmest memory of this winter

Into the winter, just think of the warm and welcoming spa bath, it has already made people feel comfortable and comfortable, not to mention climbing the mountains after fatigue, in the beautiful scenery of the mountains, in the water vapor transpiration, close eyes, slow Take a deep breath several times to truly release your mind and body. In addition to this, you can also be a SPA of the United States and the United States, sweeping away the hardships of travel.

Huangshan Hot Spring by network

Huangshan Hot Springs, also known as Huangshan Piaoxue Hot Springs, is one of the five quintessential places in Huangshan. It is also known as China's “Hot Springs Sanqi” in Huaqing Hot Springs and tranquil jasper springs in Sheshan.
Location: Huangshan Hot Spring Resort, Huangshan Scenic Spot, Huangshan City
Opening hours: 11:00-23:00

Huangshan Hot Spring

Huangshan Hot Spring is located under the peak of Huangshan Ziyun. The ancient name "Chusha Spring" is one of the "Five Extremes" of Huangshan Mountain. It has a history of a thousand years and is known as the "spring of the world." The hot spring area features more than 30 different features such as bubble pool ore bath, Yaozhenxuan (Chinese Herbal Spring), coffee spring, milk spring, red wine spring, famous wood soup and so on. After a hard day at Huangshan, it is a good choice to relax and relax.

You Hongcun - Restoring the original quiet and peaceful village

There are always a lot of Hongcun tourists on weekdays, and you can't wait for you to stop at the taste and be pushed forward by the crowd. The noisy Hongcun people feel less beautiful. With few people in the winter, they are no longer crowded. They can take a closer look at the walls of the Ming Dynasty and the sculptures of the late Qing Dynasty. The Wang family's family training, the private entrance to the village gate, the furnishings in the hall, and the lady’s boudoir.

Hongcun Moongaze by night

Address: Hongcun Scenic Spot, Hongcun Town, Li County, Huangshan City
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours a day
Price: Adult ticket 94 yuan

Hongcun Scenic Area

Hongcun is located in the southwest of Huangshan in Anhui Province, 11 kilometers southwest of the county seat of the county. It was originally a necessary place for Jingxian to go to Beijing for business. Hongcun is the most representative village in the Huizhou dwelling village. It is known as the “village in Chinese painting” and Oscar’s best foreign film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was shot here – Nanhu Bridge outside the village. It was Li Mubai’s bridge that led the horses; the village’s marshland was a place where Yu Jiaolong had some water. From the overall appearance, Hongcun is a peculiar cow-shaped ancient village. The water shed was dubbed as a cow's intestine due to its slenderness and twists and turns. The south lake became a tripe, and the lunar marshes were oxtails. They were three places in the village. Classic landscape. The local villagers are accustomed to the guests who come here to visit, or do things themselves, or enthusiastically solicit business. The gray walls and black tiles in the streets and alleys, the quietly carved old buildings, and the green stone slabs that run water are fascinating scenery. In Hongcun, you can quietly paint and paint, you can drill the most beautiful moments in the alley, or sit on the edge of the South Lake, see the weeping willow Yiyi, sink into the painting.

Watching Hui Yun - a shocking feast

It is divided into five chapters, starting from the folklore stories of Huangshan, Hui Opera, Hui Shang, Seven Fairies and Dong Yong, and depicts a vivid picture of Huangshan. The stage effect is very good. Modern dance combines traditional arts such as acrobatics and opera.

Performance address: Xiangxi Grand Theater, 29 Xihai Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City.
Performance time: 20:00—21:10 (at 19:30, admission is possible).

Eat food - eat Anhui cuisine, tongue on the tip of Anhui

You must not miss the authentic Hui cuisine to visit Huangshan, stink squid, tofu, shiji stone ear, etc., taste these authentic flavor dishes only in Huangshan not only taste enjoyment, but also after the end of the journey to leave Huangshan One's thought of a good memory. In Tunxi Old Street and Liyang Old Street in Huangshan, there are many nice Hui Restaurant.

Huangshan Cuisine by Network

The Huangshan Mountain in winter is the most beautiful and romantic season of the year. The sight of thousands of trees and pears blossoms like the world of Qiongzhiyuye. The beauty of the people makes people linger and love. Winter Tour Huangshan not only lingers in the vast snow scene, but also the Huangshan winter unique charm, charm and melody.

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