2018 Huangshan tour rape cauliflower guide

Since March, it is the season where rape blossoms are aspired. Hanzhong, Jingmen and Wuyuan..... The major rapeseed attractions have naturally become the most concentrated resort for tourists. In fact, why should those hot spots be crowded? In Huangshan, there are many attractions in Huizhou that can avoid large numbers of tourists, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of rape and the ancient villages of Huizhou.
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Huangshan where the most beautiful rape

When the spring came, the door was open, and the wind came in. The flowers came in. The colors came in. There was a large golden canola flower at the entrance of the house, a village in the pink wall, and a stream flowing in the mountains. This is where we live in Huizhou. The wind came, and you came. I will show you the beautiful sea of ​​flowers.

Lucun: The beautiful village next to Hongcun

The best flower viewing period: mid-March - mid-April, one-month period
Recommended reason: Characteristic ancient houses of Huizhou, rapeseed flowers between the black and white walls
Huangshan area has too many ancient villages, Lu village because Hongcun, West Due to the fact that he passed his name, it seems to be a bit "a sense of ignorance". Lu Village, also known as Lushan Village, is located in the Hongcun Township Village of Jing County, Anhui Province. It takes only about 10 minutes drive from Hongcun. The most typical and characteristic wood carving house in the village is the essence of Huizhou dwellings.

The village of Lu in spring is the most beautiful time. When the rape blossoms are opened, the opening of the door is a sea of ​​flowers. The whole village is in the sea of ​​flowers. There is a viewing platform opposite the village. It is also one of the Baijia photography spots in Huangshan City. This viewing platform is also the best place to photograph Lu village scenery.

Address: Lu Village, Hongcun Town, Luan County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province
Ticket: 38 yuan network
transportation: Take a taxi at the mouth of Hongcun Village, about 10 minutes drive

Xin'anjiang Landscape Gallery: Flowing Landscape Painting

Best flower viewing period: mid-March - mid-April, one-month period
Recommended reason: Viewing by boat, the most pleasant way to visit
Xin'anjiang Landscape Gallery is located in Lixian County, Huangshan City, with a total length of approximately 50 kilometers. The residential areas are dotted with green mountains and rivers, and the ecological environment on both sides is excellent. The three-dimensional ecological pattern of high-altitude forest, tea in mountains, low mountain fruit, and fish in the water is reflected in the ancient villages and ancient dwellings where the walls are divided. Golden canola flowers constitute a wonderful landscape painting.

The play area is mainly based on boat rides. You can admire along the river for the mountains, rivers, villages, and the "Fishing Scenery of the Ages." The turquoise waters of the Xin'an River flows through the mountains. In the spring season, peach blossoms, rape blossoms, pear flowers, and rhododendrons are blooming. The greenery on both sides is intoxicated.

Address: Huangshan City, Anhui Province Shexian deep Duzhen
Tickets: 128 yuan (including tickets tickets tickets)
Transportation: Shexian bus ride bound for deep Duzhen short shuttle fare 9 yuan, about 1 hour to reach the
sail Time: Two shifts per day, 9am and 13pm

Qi Yunshan: Map of Tai Chi Bagua in Rape Flower Field

Best flower viewing period: mid-March to early April, one-month period
Recommended reason: Taoist culture and pastoral scenery
Qiyun Mountain is located in Qiyunshan Town, Xiuning County, Huangshan City. It features Taoist culture and Danxia landforms. “Huangshan Baiyue A Jiangnan” is also known as Huangshan Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain, and is also known as the three famous mountains in southern Fujian. It is also called Wudang Mountain, Longhu Mountain and Qingcheng Mountain and is called the four famous mountains of Chinese Taoism.

Photo: Qi Yunshan by network

At the foot of this Taoist sacred hill, 360 acres of blooming rapeseed flowers in Nankeng Village present a giant "Taichi Eight Diagrams" pattern. At the scenic spot on the mountain, this pattern is clearly visible and clearly structured. It is embedded in the mountains and green waters, and it is a spectacular sight to the beautiful Huizhou people's residences.

Address: Qiyunshan Town, West of Xiuning County, Huangshan City
Tickets: 60 yuan
Transportation: Huangshan City Tunxi Bus Station or Railway Station Take a bus to Ye County or Qimen County, the fare is about ten yuan, 40 minutes

Shitan: A paradise for photography lovers

The best flower viewing period: From mid-March to early April, one-month period
Recommended reason: Ancient village of Shenshan, Wonderland of Yunhai and Huahai
Shitan Village of Xiakeng Town, Qixian County, Huangshan City, known as the sea of ​​clouds and fog, is known as Photography people's paradise. There are rape flowers in spring and summer sunflowers. If you are lucky, you can see the sea of ​​clouds at the same time. The mountains and fields of rapeseed flowers, the mountains and villages with whitewashed walls and shingles, flowing streams around the mountains, the scenery is beautiful.

Shitan in the spring belongs to canola, peach and pear blossoms. On the hillside, in the valley, beside the ancient house, there are patches and lines everywhere. Golden rape is the main color in this palette. The mountains are not high, but the buildings of Yunwu, Huahai and Huizhou styles are mixed with a mountain beam. Just like the fairyland on earth, the middle of March to early April is the best season to photograph the sea of ​​clouds and the sea of ​​Shitan Village.

Address: Shitan Village, Xiakeng Town, Qixian County, Huangshan City.
Tickets: Free
Transportation: Public transport is inconvenient, mainly self-driving or chartered vehicles. The mountainous road is narrow. When driving in peak season, it is necessary to park at the parking lot under the mountain. Usually, you can drive uphill.

Huangshan, Laiyuan Best Flower-seeking Route Recommended

There are many attractions in Huangshan to see rapeseed flowers, especially the early spring peach blossoms and the golden rape flowers. A block of high-rise, patchwork Huizhou people dwells in it. The pastoral scenery complements the ancient folk residences.

Line 1: Xidi + Hongcun + Wuyuan

DAY1: Xidi and the Hongcun Village in the “Painting Village” are undoubtedly the most beautiful time in the spring. When the flowers are blossoming, Huang Cancan's canola is accompanied by distant mountains, near water, walls, and tiles. Fun, a picture of natural ink painting. In addition, there are many ancient villages with unique features scattered around the villages of Xidi and Hongcun. Lu Village, Kecun and Nanping have a variety of canola flowers, attracting many photographers and painters.

Picture: Ke Cun by network

DAY2: Huangshan City is not far from Wuyuan. Most tourists will choose Huangshan City as the destination to visit Huangshan, Hongcun, Huizhou, and other attractions. Then spend a day playing Wuyuan.

Line two: Qiyunshan + ancestral source + wooden pear 硔

DAY1: Qiyun Mountain is not high. It does not require much physical strength. You can use the time of day to go up and down the mountain and enjoy the scenery while you walk. It will be more interesting than sitting on the cableway, especially the Spring Tea on both sides of the Spring Road. , but also see the busy scene of the villagers picking tea.
DAY2: Zuyuan and Muliku are all photographs of Huangshan Baijia. Compared with other ticket attractions, these two times have more rural flavors. There are golden yellow rapes and pink walls on the terraced terraces. The floating green smoke is more poetic. The two villages are not far from each other. Driving takes only about twenty minutes. There are also ancient roads connecting the two villages. If you are interested, you can walk on foot.

Line 3: Xin'anjiang Landscape Gallery + Xinpaifang Baojia Garden + Huizhou Ancient City

DAY1: The Xin'anjiang Landscape Gallery is known as the “Oriental Danube River” and sits on a boat cruise to enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river. The boat is in the middle of the river and the people are in the middle of the scenery. After finishing the boat and visiting the Baojia Garden of the Xianpaifang, listen to it and see it. In the ancient history of Huizhou, the Huizhou merchants in the business circles for more than three hundred years have moved one by one.
DAY2: Huizhou Ancient City is the birthplace of "Hui Studies", one of the three major local schools in China. It is also one of the four ancient cities in China. The scenic spots in the city include Huiyuan, Yuliangba, Xuguo Shifang and Taibailou.

Line 4: Tang Mo + Shitan + Wuyuan + Lingshan

Taking Tangmo as a residence destination, you can go to Shitan to admire cauliflower, and you can also go to the Yangcai Tulou to see alternative buildings in Huizhou. Shitan and Yangcao Tulou are just a day away, and they stay in Tangmo at night. On the second day, go to the nearby Wuyuan and Lingshan bikes to enjoy pastoral and terraced rape.

For many non-locals, Wuyuan is the first choice for oil-receiving cauliflower. In fact, the Huangshan area also has beautiful and distinctive oil-reserve cauliflower spots. Compared with Wuyuan, Huangshan is the birthplace of Hui culture. The atmosphere of a more dense emblem culture, and various features of the size of the attractions, will not produce aesthetic fatigue, so this year's spring to Huizhou flowers, do not miss its most beautiful season.

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