Enjoying Snow Views and Folklore Festivals, Huangshan invites you to eat pigs and rice for years.

As the saying goes, after the Laba is a year, Huizhou people are extremely grand during the New Year. From the eighth day of the lunar month, they have been busy until the eighth of the first month. Before and after the Laba, every family began to kill the pigs, make rice bran, wrap the dumplings, pickle the cabbage, paste the Spring Festival couplets, New Year's Day, etc., full of ritual sense of folk activities are full of deep flavor, this winter together to live a lively Huizhou Huangshan it.
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Take you to enjoy the scenery

The Spring Festival of ancient Huizhou is from 23 days in New Year’s Eve to “busy year”; from the New Year’s Day to the half-month of the 15th month of the first month, it is the “new year” stage. In Huizhou, “the mountain is separated by the soil, the people do not stain him.” Even though the traditional customs of many places have been lost, there are still fresh and pure folk cultures in the village. What fun and interesting activities Huizhou has.

Huangshan’s victory over the year

The impression of the New Year always eat reunion dinner at home, relatives and friends walk around New Year, but have you ever thought of a family at the top of the Huangshan Hill a Spring Festival it. Every day holiday activities Huangshan scenic area will hold various activities, especially during the Chinese New Year, think about bees and bees gathered from all over the country to join together to have a new year's dinner, observe the old age, receive red envelopes, lucky draw, etc. Enough to lively.

As the saying goes, Huangshan has “five extincts”, odd pines, rocks, sea of ​​clouds, winter snow, and hot springs, of which winter snow is only visible in winter, and the probability of cloud sea in the winter is much higher than that in summer, and the beautiful haze, sea of ​​clouds and At sunrise, Huangshan is dressed as an adult fairyland. Not to mention the fact that it is also possible to soak in a warm spring, snow, hot springs and beautiful scenery in the snow, which is also a beautiful enjoyment.

Photo: Huangshan Hot Springs. (Photos from the Internet)

Huangshan Scenic Area
Address: Tangkou Town, Huangshan District, Huangshan City
Tickets: Off-season RMB 150; Peak season RMB 230
Cable Car Price:
Yuping Cable Car: Off-season RMB 75, Peak Season RMB 90 Yuan
Yungu Cable Car: Off-season RMB 65, Peak Season RMB 80
Opening Hours: Off-season 7 :30-16:00, peak season 6:00-17:00
Hours Reference: 1-3 days

Digging bamboo shoots to dig winter bamboo shoots

In the midwinter season, all the farming activities came to an end. The inability of the Huizhou mountain people began to dig bamboo shoots to dig bamboo shoots. This taste comes from the "natural gift" is undoubtedly delicious on the table in winter, Liang Shiqiu in "Ya She talk about eating and bamboo shoots" wrote: "The most beautiful winter bamboo shoots ... ... I have a favorite childhood dish, that is, winter bamboo shoot fried meat Silk, add a little wolfberry yellow fungus, poured a spoonful of Shaoxing wine in front of the pot, think it is supremely exquisite - but it must be my mother personally.

Picture: Winter bamboo shoots. (Photos from the Internet)

Digging bamboo shoots is a technique for living, because unlike bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots will be drilled on the ground. They are hidden in the soil. To find them, skills and experience are needed. How to dig winter bamboo shoots requires consulting local experienced villagers.

The bamboo shoots that are not eaten will be made into dried bamboo shoots. It is also a rare delicacy. As the most profound memory of Huizhou people is the bowl of noodles in the morning, the noodles are actually noodles in general, and the focus is on the toppings of the noodles - tofu Dried bamboo shoots and fried pork, especially during the New Year’s visit to relatives, a bowl of toppings and two tea leaves are the most common.

Figure: Toppings. (Photos from the Internet)

Huizhou Ancient City Appreciates Folk Customs

The ancient city of Huizhou is located in Jixian County of Huangshan City. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has always been the location of the Huizhou, the state, and the government. Therefore, the county government and the government are in the same city, forming a very unique city style. The city has Huizhou government buildings. , Xu Guo Shi Fang, Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall, Yu Liang Guyi and Hui Yuan and other attractions.

Map: Huizhou Ancient City. (Image from Xue Zi)

In addition to ancient landmarks such as ancient towers, ancient streets, ancient dams, and ancient plaques, there are also various folk activities. The magistrates tour the streets, jump bell towers, Sanjie monuments, Huizhou marriages, and bells pray for joy.

Photo: Huizhou ancient city folk activities. (Image from Xue Zi)

Huizhou Ancient City
Address: Qixian County, Huangshan City
Ticket: RMB 100
Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00

Qiyunshan New Year pray for wealth

“Blessed is the world, wishing Qiyun Mountain”, Qiyunshan, one of China's four famous mountain of famous religions, was once hailed by the Emperor Qianlong as “the best in the world and the first mountain in the south of the Yangtze River”. Xu Xiake also twice went to Qiyun Mountain. The Danxia landform, the Cliff stone carving, the Taoist culture of the school, and the beautiful pastoral scenery are all synonymous with Qiyun Mountain. However, as one of the inherited parts of the Huizhou culture, Qiyun Mountain has its unique customs activities.

Photo: Qiyunshan Yuxu Palace. (Photos from the area)

Before and after the Spring Festival, the Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area will hold a large-scale Spring Festival blessing. There will be a series of activities such as the Taoist Prayer Meeting, Xuanwutouxiang, Fortuna Parade, guessing riddles, and the Spring Festival. In the New Year's Day, the "New Year's Eve" knocks on the head and burns the head incense for the new year. It can also be used for the blessings and the blessing of the New Year's blessings.

Qi Yunshan
Address: 15 kilometers west of Xiuning County, Huangshan City
Tickets: 55 yuan
Opening hours: 08:00-17:00

Busy eating a pig rice

Huizhou's annual taste began with the lively pig meal, which was the highlight of the year before. At the end of the twelfth lunar month, the villagers began to choose a good day to kill the pigs and lay down a rich feast. They invited friends and family to come and have a good meal of a hog meal to show off the old. Yearly taste.

The must-eat pig dishes include refreshing stir-fried pork liver, delicious popcorn, delicious sauerkraut pork, oil but not greasy rice flour steamed meat, taste authentic braised large intestine, young and old radish pork and so on. Nowadays, people who raise pigs are not as many as they used to be. So now if only one pig is killed, the neighbors will buy a lot of them. The remaining owners will make bacon and ham.

Handwritten Spring Festival couples and peaches

In Ganxian County, there is a custom of eating peaches every year in the winter and the lunar month of the winter. The best new rice is ground into flour, kneaded, caked, steamed, and red. The food mold is made of jujube wood and mahogany. Into the shape of the peach shape, the above patterns are different, there are kylin child, birthday star Xingfu and ingot, etc., do a good job of eating peaches can be eaten throughout the baking can also be fried to eat, similar to rice cakes.

Writing Spring Festival couplet Spring Festival couplets are traditional Chinese New Year custom, sitting in a fire pit, eating refreshments, and eating peaches in the old house patio, and cooking Chinese New Year dishes in a fire stove, and praying for drums in the ancestral hall to feel Huizhou's richness. Yearly taste.

Photo: Xidi Scenic Area Spring Festival couplets. (Photos from the area)

Play line recommended

Hongcun - Nanping - Huangshan 2, 3 days tour

D1: Hongcun Enjoying Scenery, Nanping Writing Couplet Drums Praying Fuhong
Village and Nanping are located in the territory of Yixian County, Huangshan City. Hongcun is said to be “Chinese Village in the Painting” and is the most representative traditional Huizhou ancient village; Nanping It is famous for the ancestral hall culture, and many famous films such as "Chrysanthemum Bean" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" were filmed here. It was called China Film Village. You can spend a day here to enjoy the scenery, go to the ancestral temple to worship, write couplets, drums and blessings, and learn to learn with the craftsmen.

Photo: Hongcun marsh sun ham. (Photos from the Internet)

Address: Hongcun County, Huangshan City 
Tickets: 104 yuan   
Opening hours: 7:30-23:30

Address: Nanping Village, Biyang Town, Li County, Huangshan City
Ticket: 43RMB
Opening Hours: 7:00-17:30

D2: At the summit of Huangshan Mountain,
Huangshan Dongxue, one of the “five exclusions”, has the strongest appeal to the bees and bees of Huangshan tourism. Huangshan Mountain is the most prosperous period from December to February every year. It is also the best period for winter tourism. At this time, hot springs are the most suitable. Besides, there are haze, sea of ​​clouds and sunrise. At this time, the ticket prices and hotel accommodation prices are the lowest in the whole year.

Photo: Huangshan Dongxue. (Photos from the area)

Tips: The
Huangshan Scenic Spot Xihai Grand Canyon, Tiandu Peak, and Lotus Peak are closed in the winter. If you hurry up and stay at the top of the hill in the province, you will have enough time to spend a day in Huangshan Mountain. If you want to visit Huangshan Mountain slowly, see Sunrise and sunset, then 2 days just right.

Chengkan - Tangmo - Huizhou Ancient City Tour on the 2nd

D1: Visiting Cantang Modality, Digging Bamboo Shoots
in the Mountains The two scenic spots of Chengkan and Tangmo are in the Huizhou District of Huangshan City and are very close to each other. Chengkan is the oldest and most complete preserved ancient Fengshui Village in Huangshan, and Tang Die is known as the “First Village of China's Shuikou Garden”. In Tangkan, we went through the millennium with “Where is my father?”. I went to Tangshan to experience the digging of bamboo shoots with the villagers. At night, I was able to live in the Tangmo area and taste delicious local dishes.

Picture: It is Kankan winter scene. (Photos from the area)

Address: Chengkan Township, Huizhou District, Huangshan City 
Ticket: 107RMB
Opening hours: 7:30 - 17:00

Tang Mo
Address: Tangmo Village, Qiankou Town, Huizhou District, Huangshan City 
Ticket: RMB 80
Opening Hours 7:30-17:30

D2: Huizhou ancient city joins in lively performances The
ancient city of Huizhou is one of the four well-preserved ancient cities in China. It is reputed as “Zhou Lu in the Southeast, a state of etiquette”. In January and February of each year, Huizhou ancient city will hold local folk performances. The tour of the prefecture, the melodrama of the "San Jie Bei", and the jump bell will be both lively and fun. In addition, there will be a bell to pray and a shake. The barge enjoys traditional activities such as Huizhou Shanshui, which are very characteristic of Huizhou.

Map: Huizhou Ancient City. (Image from Xue Zi)

Pingshan - Xidi - Qiyunshan - Old Street 2nd Tour

D1: Eating and killing pig rice and visiting ancient villages are
located in the county of Huangshan City. Although Pingshan is not famous for Hongcun and Xidi, it is also the classic Jiangnan water town with few people. It is compared with Hongcun’s water features. In ancient residential architecture superior.
Go Ping Shan to experience Huizhou hospitality etiquette "tin plaid tea", taste Huizhou unique refreshments, experience the folk characteristics of "fighting peaches", enjoy the farmer's home "killing pig rice." After dinner, go to Xidi Ancient Village and enjoy the charm of Huizhou architecture.

Photo: Xidi. (Photos from the area)

Address: Pingshan Village, You County, Huangshan City 
Ticket: RMB 50
Opening Hours: 7:30-17:30

Address: Xidi Village, Yi County, Huangshan City
Tickets: RMB 104
Opening Hours: 7:30-23:30

D2: Qiyunshan Shangxiang pray for the Fortune God
Qiyunshan is not as physically exhausted as Huangshan. The day's play time is just right. It is very suitable for the whole family to embark on the road. He walks along the ancient road where Xu Xiake once climbed, and sees the spectacular cliff stone carvings. After dinner, you can go to Liyang Old Street and Tunxi Old Street to stroll around and feel the atmosphere of the New Year, which is like a lively Huizhou people.

Photo: Qi Yunshan. (Photos from the area)

When we were living in the city and began to repeat 10,000 times, “the current year is much less”, the ancient and traditional Huizhou small town attracts bees and bees from all over the world. The recommended route is suitable for 2-3 days, of course, everyone can also arrange freely according to their own travel time.

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