Great price cuts for tickets! Winter Huangshan is worth your visit!

"The famous mountains in and out of the thin sea are nothing like the Huangshan of the emblem. When you climb Huangshan, there are no mountains in the world, and the view is endless!"

From December 1 to February 28 of the following year , a three-month “wonderland of the world” Huangshan offensive ferocious struck! At this time of year, tickets for the Huangshan Scenic Area will be reduced from 230 yuan to 150 yuan . In this case, a super detailed and detailed Raiders of the Huangshan Mountain has also been carefully arranged, hoping to help everyone.

Where is it worth playing?

- Tunxi Old Street and Liyang Old Street -

Tunxi Old Street and Liyang Old Street were built in the Eastern Han Dynasty in Jianan for thirteen years. The ancient saying “Liyang in the Tang and Song Dynasties and Tunxi in the Ming and Qing Dynasties” was used by the Liyang dynasty in the Tang and Song Dynasties. Abandoned by the years until 2013, Liyang Lane, which has been built for three years, has revived the old streets.

- Huangshan, Anhui -

Huangshan is a world heritage of both cultural and natural heritage. It is also a global geological park, and is also one of China's ten most famous mountains. It has a geological history of 800 million years. Its unique geological landscape, including peak forest landscapes and glacial remains, has earned Huangshan the title of “First Wonder of the World”. Mountain" title.

Scenic internal traffic:

1. Maps of Huangshan Scenic Area, surrounding small scenic spots including Emerald Valley and Jiulong Waterfall are all charged separately.

2, because Huangshan is very large, so go to the top of Huangshan Mountain must first take the special line (Huangshan Transfer Center, Dongling Transfer Center, South Gate Transfer Center) to reach the ticket office in Huangshan (also the cableway uphill), the three marked in the figure The transfer center is directly connected to the ticket office and cableway at Huangshan. Therefore, according to the location of their accommodation, the nearest transfer center should be selected to the ticket office.

3, Huangshan Scenic Area In addition to the bus outside the bus, the general innkeeper will drive guests to the transfer center to ride a car, transfer the ticket price of 20 yuan.

4. The two thick red lines are the ropeways of the mountain before and after the mountain (it takes two and a half minutes to walk up the mountain), so the actual route taken after the mountain is also the thick red circle in the figure.

5. This is a trekking route after taking the cableway uphill. Because it is off-season, the West Sea route has not been opened. One day is enough to travel. It takes about 5 minutes to walk around.

6. The cableway on the left of the map is in front of the mountain. The front hill is very steep and the scenery is good. The cableway on the right side of the map is behind the mountain. The back hill is relatively gentle. The general route for the general off-season day trip is on the mountain after the mountain.

- Hongcun -

Hongcun was included in the World Cultural Heritage List and enjoys the reputation of “Country in Chinese Paintings”. Since then, the town has preserved more than 140 houses in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has been called by Chinese and foreign construction experts as “a pearl of Chinese tradition” and “research on China. Textbook of Ancient Water History."

What is worth eating?

Huizhou cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines in the country. Anhui cuisine is good at cooking, stewing, steaming, simmering in cooking methods, paying attention to seasoning, heavy fire, and promoting original flavor. Heavy oil, to nourish the stomach and skin; heavy color, in order to enhance the aesthetic effect, to achieve the "color, smell and taste" a unified effect.

The specialties are: Huangshan Heluo, Maodoufu, Stink Catfish, Huangshan Shuangshi, Native Chicken Soup, and sesame seed cake.

Huangshan sesame cake: This is one of the special snacks to be tasted in Huangshan, which is one of the special snacks that you must taste in Huangshan. You can see how to sell sesame cake every few days. Generally, plain sesame cake is made from plum dried vegetables and fat pork through complicated processes. to make.

Huangshan's sesame cake will subvert your cognition of sesame cake all the time. For the first time, you will see such a small sesame seed cake, 1 yuan and 2 yuan in non-attraction spots.

Huangshan Wusong: As long as the figure above, you can go to Huangshan to taste.

Where is it suitable for living?

1. Tunxi District: It is recommended that you live in Laoyang Old Street. Liyang Old Street is a large commercial complex that eats, drinks, and is very livable.

2, Huangshan Scenic Area: Do not leave the transfer center too far on the line, Huangshan Inn generally have free shuttle service.

3, Hongcun: You can live in the village can also live outside the village, the hotel facilities outside the village will be better, the general hotel or inn on the first floor are restaurants, you can eat in the local a la carte.

Practical information

| Transportation |

Distribution maps of Huangshan attractions, including Huangshan Scenic Area, Hongcun, Xidi and Tunxi District

1. Huangshan Railway Station, Bus Terminal, Huangshan North Station (High Speed ​​Rail Station), and Huangshan Airport are all relatively close. Traffic in various scenic spots is still relatively convenient. The tourist line is still quite numerous. Huangshan North Station has access to various regions. Green bus.

2. The journey from Tunxi District to Huangshan Scenic Area is 1 hour, and Huangshan Scenic Area to Hongcun is 40 minutes.

3. Huangshan North Station - Tunxi Old Street : Huangshan North Station takes a special line to the Tunxi District (urban) bus terminal for about 20 minutes. The bus terminal is close to Tunxi Old Street and is 10 minutes drive away.

4. Tunxi Old Street - Huangshan Scenic Area : Take a taxi from Tunxi Old Street to Tunxi Bus Terminal (10 minutes), then take the special line to the Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center, which takes 1 hour and costs 17 yuan. 20 minutes.

5, Huangshan Scenic Area - Hongcun : about 1 hour 1 class, in the Dongling switch station and Huangshan transfer center have a direct shuttle, fare 20 yuan, to Hongcun parking lot. As early as possible, many people will have no seats. However, there are many private chartered vehicles in the Huangshan Scenic Area. You can also go to Hongcun and the price is similar. It is not very expensive.

Tickets |

1. No tickets are required for Tunxi Old Street and Liyang Old Street.

2, Hongcun tickets online order 94 yuan, effective on the 3rd, into Hongcun need to produce ID cards, 24 hours someone check.

3. Tickets for Huangshan:
Seasonal price of 230 yuan (from March 1 to November 30
each year ) Off-season price of 150 yuan (December 1 to February 28 every year)
Tickets are valid for two days . Tickets are purchased on major websites. Try to see if you need to buy a ticket one day in advance.

4. Tickets for the Huangshan Cableway:
(1) Yungu Cableway: The
peak season price is 80 yuan (from March 1 to November 30
each year ) The off-season price is 65 yuan (from December 1 to February 28 every year)
(2) Yuping cableway: The
peak season price is 90 yuan (from March 1 to November 30
each year ) The off-season price is 75 yuan (December 1 to February 28 every year) The
cable car takes about 8 minutes to get to the top of the mountain.
Cableway opening hours: 8:00 am - 5 pm, try to advance.

5, Emerald Valley + Kowloon waterfall, online shopping 120 yuan, 60 yuan each to buy.


1, if the time can catch a friend to travel Huangshan a day, Liyang and Hongcun tour day, if the travel time is relatively abundant, it is recommended to spend a night in every place, slow down, in order to better taste Huangshan that leisurely.

2, Huangshan in winter is relatively cold, elevation is also high, the need to bring down jackets , ask the locals before the next snow on the Huangshan, if there is warm gloves, crutches, crampons are necessities, too slippery and easy to fall .

3, in the off-season to climb Huangshan best 6:30 or 6:45 departure , because the ride took more than half an hour in the past, but also to line up to buy tickets, the cable opening time is 8 o'clock, just a good time It is advisable to go early, otherwise you may wait for an hour or two for the sake of greed.

4. If you are lost in Hongcun, do not worry, teach you a move, Hongcun water system is very interesting, in the village of high water diversion into the village, so the water back into the village, Shunshui out of the village .

5, sesame seed best not to buy at the high-speed rail station , you are not delicious, there are sesame biscuits to eat hot only delicious, buy back to the micro-wave oven can be.

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